BA Film and Theatre Making

I’ve always been interested
in film and drama. They do go hand-in-hand which I
think is overlooked quite a bit sometimes. Our course, it was that
kind of perfect division of what I wanted to do. One main benefit of
studying film and drama is that you find it’s
very easy for them to actually
influence each other. When I tend to do practical
things with drama, I find film is a big influence,
whether I incorporate music from films or even just styles. It’s a benefit to the
students that they don’t have to specifically dive into
one kind of area of practise. Before here, I wouldn’t have
had as much experience probably with lighting and sound. It’s literally
just a case of, you can go in head first and
just learn as you go along. I have had, hands on work
in both film and the drama side of things. Within film, you can go
into recording live sound. You can go into camera work. You can go into cinematography
and there are so many kind of different areas of film. Queens brings in, obviously, a
lot of lecturers and visitors that have had
practical experience in the actual working
world of film and drama. I think hearing from
their experiences encourages us to go out and form
our own opinions on matters. It’s that freedom just to go
out and think nothing is set and it can be interpreted
so many different ways. Players is a brilliant
society for someone who wants to gain new skills,
especially because there’s obviously acting opportunities. There’s crew opportunities. I’m working as a
lighting operator on a production
that is currently on at the minute with Players. It’s been really interesting
to work around and see how much lighting actually
does affect the show. I have many more
options presented to me than if I did either one
of the single courses. This kind of gives
me a grounding in many different
areas of both subjects. Recently, with Game
of Thrones and, obviously, there are a
lot more big film projects filming in Northern Ireland. There are so many opportunities,
film and drama-wise. Anyone who’s considering a
career in visual or audio elements, I think film and
theatre the course is ideal for them, because even aside
from being involved with drama and film, it is kind of
practically the best source of experience I think they’re
probably going to get, certainly in Northern
Ireland anyway.

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