BA Hons Drama and Performance at London South Bank University

Ed Richards: What LSBU has to offer is, a
wonderful amount of freedom to discover yourself as a practitioner. Jon Lee: Principally a course about making theatre, but it’s also about, enabling our students and empowering our students to be able to make decisions or make change in their lives. [Student performing] Charlie: At LSBU the modules and the drama
course and the tutors make it so easy to experiment and be yourself and you feel like you’re
in such a safe environment to, sort of just show the work that you care about. [Student performing] Gill Foster: We have two theatres, a 90 seat main house theatre and also a more intimate
30 seater studio theatre, so students can place their work in the environment that’s
most appropriate for the piece that they are doing. In addition, we have a full range of
fully equipped dance, drama rehearsal studios. We also have an excellent theatre technicals
team who are able to support students in their technical work. Our technicians are fully
trained, they’re from their professions, so students work in a professional industry environment
when they are here. Tom Davis: We are walking distance from several
theatres; you’ve got the National Theatre and the South Bank, you’ve got the Old Vic,
just 10 minutes up the road and the another 5 minutes and you’re hitting the London
West End. Gill Foster: Students have the benefits of
being emersed in a cultural environment. They can see theatre every night of the week if they want.
In addition to that, our location means that we are always receiving casting calls from theatre
companies, from TV companies, who would like our student to work as extras, supporting
cast members, community casts and they have the opportunity to participate in the life
of the industry before they leave us, which is an amazing opportunity. Tom Davis: I chose this course because the tutors are very encouraging to explore different
kinds of theatre, so we’ve studied practitions from Japan, we’ve studied German theatre,
we’ve studied French theatre, and it’s a really holistic approach to creating. Gill Foster: All the staff here are working professionals, with their own theatre practice and we think that’s very very important in terms of developing students’ careers and allowing
them to network with the administrator at a very early stage. Charlie: One of the main reasons that I actually looked at this course is because I knew that Frantic Assembly would come and work with us and do an intensive week. They’re really physical based theatre company that do a lot to do with sort of storytelling through movement of your body. Ed Richards: The LSBU student theatre company
is a brilliant opportunity in second year to kind of, just be a theatre company you
can just immerse yourself within a profession practice. Tom Davis: The drama society is although it is an external society it’s a chance for
creative students to all come together and practice musical or plays and the won’t
necessarily study on the course and I think it’s perfect extra-curricular activity. Charlie: I just feel very prepared to go into the arts industry. I think when I came to
LSBU I very much wanted to be an actor and was the only thing that I thought about and
now, you know, I just want write, I want to direct and I want to produce my own work and
I feel like that I can really do it now. Gill Foster: we treat every student as a unique
individual and during their time here, we take everybody on their own personal journey
of creative exploration and discovery. So that by the time that our graduates leave us they’re
very clear about the kind of theatre artist they want to be

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