BA (Hons) Drama and Theatre Arts

My name’s Emma Harris. I’m the Commercial Services Officer at Staffordshire University Students’ Union, which basically means that in my final year of study I was
elected by students to represent them and oversee the commercial outlook of the Students’ Union. I wanted to do Drama and so I looked at a lot of courses far away from home, and absolutely none of them interested me whatsoever. They didn’t offer the kind of things that I wanted. I had a Staffordshire University prospectus because I think they delivered to students in the area and I just said, “I really don’t know what to do”. We flicked open the page for Staffordshire University and found out that it did Drama and the Open Day was the next day. Went along and it was the course that I’d been dreaming of. It was exactly what I wanted so I had the university experience away from home I just moved ten miles down the road instead of two hundred.
It really met up to my expectations and a lot more and I found out a lot more about the theatre industry. I found out there’s a lot more than they teach you in school. It opened my eyes really to a whole kind of different world and I had so many experiences. The lecturers were very very enthusiastic and the course is interesting It’s diverse and I really don’t think there’s another course
like it in this country.

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