BA (Hons) Musical Theatre at Leeds College of Music

This Musical Theatre course is for those
who are wishing to study Musical Theatre at a Conservatoire level course with an
aim to go into the professional industry. We are looking for those who have a
serious career ambition in performing or working professionally within the
Musical Theatre industry. The Musical Theatre scene here in Leeds is pretty
diverse and varied I mean you’ve got the Grand Theatre which has got a whole host
of musicals that have mostly started in London and work their way through. The Leeds Playhouse we make musicals of all kind of shapes the size is some big which
have gone into the West End some more smaller chamber versions and also
shows for families which you’ve got music in it so there’s a real host of
stuff going on. I think it’s really exciting that there
is a Musical Threatre course gonna be launched here because I
think there is a huge swell of people who had who are kind of desperate for
that training and unfortunately quite often that means they have to leave
Leeds and go elsewhere and it’s really really brilliant that that’s going to be
happening here in the city. The environment here at Leeds College of
Music is exceptional for Musical Theatre students and relatively unique in the
industry, it’s an opportunity for students to look at other musicians as
collaborators. Our Musical Theatre course is designed
to deliver truly integrated training for an integrated performer, the idea in this
is that students should be able to combine their skills within singing,
dancing and acting effectively to be able to tell story and perform to the
best of their ability. Today’s workshop has been an acting through song masterclass. In the workshop today I’ve just found that I’ve really found a new way
of looking at the song that I was singing a way that I would never
normally have thought to portray it. Within a normal week on this Musical Theatre course students will take classes in acting, acting techniques, acting through
song, as well within their singing they’ll have lessons in singing
technique, ensemble singing and repertoire development. Adding to that
they will have weekly one-to-one private singing lessons throughout the duration
of the course. I’ve just learned how to kind of engage with your audience and share a journey through song. Students will have specialist training
in dance including ballet, tap and jazz. It has broadened my skills to a level
now where I feel like I am more confident within my acting and able to take out into auditions and into the professional world. The course is already pre-approved
and pre-accredited by Spotlight and Equity which means our students will
have direct industry progression once they graduate. Our new course is being
housed within the brand new Quarry Hill development, it’s a £60 million investment within the centre of Leeds. We will have state-of-the-art dance
studios, music ensemble rooms, a full-scale rehearsal studio, as well as
various drama rehearsal rooms. Adam’s been great, he really knows
his stuff, you really take in everything that he’s saying, he’s great fun. What this course will do is hopefully inform the Musical Theatre training in a way
that other more maybe traditional Musical Theatre courses or lot longer
established ones maybe are a little bit more conventional perhaps and I think that’s
a really exciting opportunity particularly for Leeds. I feel like the north is up and coming, I recently moved from London back up to
here because I feel like you don’t necessarily need to be in London. The
fact that there’s a course that’s launching in Leeds, there’s so much going
on around Leeds City Centre itself. I’m really confident the training here will
set people up to go out into the profession with a real range of skills
in their toolkit. I’ve absolutely loved my time so far at
Leeds College of Music. Leeds College of Music is
really great I’ve loved it since I got here, the facilities are
amazing. Everybody is so passionate about their instrument,
or the way they teach and put everything across. It’s such a lovely
community to be a part of. As a new Musical Theatre course in a
Conservatoire, we get to create the rulebook, we get to respond to what the
industry needs right now as opposed to being locked into the traditions of
British Musical Theatre training of the last 25, 50 years. It’s about preparing
students for the complexity of that industry, the way in which it changes, to
be flexible to be resilient and most importantly to have a long lasting
career, not a one shot but to go out there and really see this as their
vocation. Musical Theatre has the opportunity to do that Our training is informed
by current research, by current trends within all of the facets of a
Musical Theatre performer, which means that these students are prepared for
today’s industry and the industry in three years time
when they go out to graduate.

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