BA (Hons) Technical Theatre at London South Bank University

Theatre technologies is a new course that
we are running for the first time this year, the course is designed in order to equip the
students with practical skills, but also we are assisting on their creativity and one
part of the course is also dedicated to their academic skills so the course is designed
to create some sort of students, graduates who will be able to follow different pathways
so they can, when they finish this course they can work in professional theatres doing
technical tasks but they can also work on their own, they can create their theatre companies
and if they wish to follow, if they wish to do an MA, we a providing also, the support
for that, so they are academically ready to pursue further education in that respect. The key benefits of this course is that we
are providing them with the knowledge in traditional theatre making in a sense that they learn
traditional theatre skills like; lighting, sound design and video but one of the, I think
the points that we are offering here which are unique for this course is that we’re really
looking into the future and we are assisting in using latest technology and using lots
of computer based learning in order to equip our students to be ready for the 21st century
basically. So i think one of the key points is students are in position to learn about
emerging technologies as the really emerge because we are doing lots of research here
and we are testing different projection materials and different stuff and i think in that respect
that LSBU is a unique space in that sense. The best part of studying at LSBU has got
to be the location, like we’re in London, it’s the heart of where theatre is, we’ve
got the Old Vic just up the road and a bus away you’ve got the national, the barbican
and for this course especially and like theatre, like you’ve got to be in London. This is
where it’s all at. Graduates from this course can pursue different
careers in theatre making, they can easily take roles in technical theatre , they can
work as lighting designers, lighting operators, sound designers, they can do stage management,
but alongside they can work in any entertainment industry because they are equipped with the
basic tools that any creative industry requires, so they can work in music industry then can
work as VJ’s or in film industry so the course is providing really good sound basis
for many different career paths.

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