BAAGHI – Episode 1 | Urdu1 Drama | Saba Qamar, Osman Khalid Butt, Sarmad Khoosat, Ali Kazmi

When my hair embellishments will sell I’ll buy my brother a new sweater Sister I’m getting late, can I leave Wait Open your eye, Close your mouth Almost done Touchwood, my brother is looking so good Listen Travel carefully, don’t talk to strangers You tell me this daily And you forget this daily See, you forgot your book again, fool Put your bag on Don’t come to the door to see off me Why? My friends make fun of me Why do they say? They say, you are adult now
and still your sister holds your hand and drop you off Your friends are stupid! Let’s leave now Give me my pocket money Now you don’t feel ashamed off asking me for money But you feel ashamed when your sister holds your hand you feel ashamed,10 rupees are enough No, give me 20 rupees There you go Travel safe Now you don’t start roaming around in the morning Where do I have to go mom What would have gone wrong if you would have let me study You would have become a threat to our customs You’re already shameless enough Now, start doing laundry Do laundry, do dusting, do dishes Get a book published on all these responsibilities Put reins on your tongue Otherwise you will be beaten up after marriage Who will beat me up No one can touch me If someone will beat me I’ll beat him back Don’t talk much Start doing laundry, after taking tea How can I make a cup of tea? there is no fire Walk carefully lady! you could have hit by rikshaw Sister make your bed first, then watch TV I have already made my bed That’s the only thing I do whole day,
you guys litter and I clean That’s my life I wonder how rich people keep their house clean Sister, today we will leave chicken for lunch Okay! Who is brining chicken Father will bring chicken Father was telling mother that he will bring chicken for dinner Okay But today is not even Friday Then why father is bring chicken Because Father’s friend along with his son is coming from a nearby village Is he the same boy who was learning hair cutting from father I don’t know But I know he is the same guy If father is arranging diner for him There is definitely something wrong What do you mean I mean father wants me to marry him But father is forgetting I’m Fauzia Batool I won’t marry him Of course you will be Chaudhry’s sister-in-law I wish But their son is already committed Of course Ladies of this age are so shameless You guys just read newspaper,
Do some work Don’t talk much, you might get hurt Of course I’ll work when
I’ll get a job Instead of talking, do some work Your wife complained to Chaudhry Sahab If you left home next time I’ll break your legs What do you think I can not bring you back
from your parents’ house Let’s go back Shameless man You have made fun of me in front of whole village Why you are getting so angry while everyone else is silent Everyone is shameless But I’m not Fauzia She is always complaining Okay She works for 4 hours on farms and
considers me good for nothing Okay Oh!! She considers you wrong True that All women are same I think they should study till 10th grade
and then they should get married And spend rest of their lives They are not going to be appointed as governor And if someone will be appointed as governor, She will get you arrested first Do you like food and other managements And this Fauzia, She never stays calm Stop this music It’s not good at all Let’s sing Let’s start Traditional song She is life of a party She is a lovely person Excuse me, i have check something Stop singing now! This is so humiliating We have no reputation in this village What happened? I’m telling you Raheem That girl is out of our hands Who? You are asking who Your sister Fauzia She was dancing shamelessly at wedding ceremony at Chadhry’s house She didn’t cared about our family honor Ignore her Because of her i’ve to listen a lot Just ignore her How can i ignore what happened Everyone was staring at her Even she took her scarf off as well She didn’t respected our family honor Why you are crying? Stoping crying Is she back? No, she stayed there for food Let her come back today! I will deal with her, if father stays out of the matter Oh God Shameless woman Stop crying Stop it! Sister! do you have any chicken piece in your plate Yes, good ones Sister this big Don’t eat this one Father loves leg piece You already have had enough, stop eating now But I’m still hungry, let me eat I’ll beat you, stop eating Let’s go sister, we have enough food for whole family Let’s go now! Let’s go sister Your dance is so good i just want to keep looking at you You put stage on fire Be my princess, I’ll keep you happy Sister, hold this bag What are you saying? We were talking to each other No one even took your name, why you are getting angry? So, you were talking about your sister then It’s not good to talk about your mother and sister on roads People will consider it wrong Mind your language My name is Fauzia Batool Remember that As if you’re thug of a village Father! I’ve brought rice from wedding Don’t you feel ashamed of dancing in front of whole village What’s to be ashamed of in it It was just people of village and family members And those boys who staring you Who told you that? See, how she talks to me As if you are very polite to me Don’t hit me Stop this non sense Everyone can hear your guys People can hear my voice only, Have you seen her actions, soon everyone will notice, what your daughter is doing Should I tell you, what she has done? Tell him Tell him what wrong I’m doing Whatever your wife tells you to say, you start saying it Wrong deeds Whenever I come home, there is always this situation I don’t want to come to home Fauzia’s mother Give me something to eat Father I have brought rice from wedding ceremony for you, they are still hot Eat You never consider her mistakes wrong Let him be, Father See, there is a chicken piece in it, have this leg piece Eat and let him be Come Raheem, no one is going to listen to you I’ll get a glass of water for you You are the one who has spoiled her, one day you will regret your decision Let’s go They all are shameless As if you have a lot of shame Just let him be Father, have some water Rice tastes good Mother, come have some Rice are still warm, have some Give them to your father, I already have had enough of it Why are so angry? What else you want me to do? Your brother is absolutely right What he is right about? He says what his wife asks him to say She is jealous of me, jinxed Is the picture clear Sister Cursed Picture is still not clear Rotate the antIna here Still not visible Go inside and see carefully Yes! i can see Now? No picture again No, picture is still not clear Check now Now? Yes Are you sure? It came and gone I’ll miss madam’s program Check now? No, disappeared again That’s the problem You fool! She is unable to check, go check yourself I’ll miss my program Tell me if it’s clear Yes, it’s clear, come down! Thank God! It’s still okay, right? Yes Picture is gone again What? it’s still not clear That’s a destruction I can’t watch the program today Yes! don’t you have any work to do? What are you looking at? Seeing you is also a work I think you don’t remember last time when I beat you up I will beat you up with the same sugarcane you are eating I don’t mind, anything for you Picture is clear, come fast! Stay here! i will talk to your mother and she will straight you up My name is Fauzia Batool, stay there, I’ll do what i’m saying Stay! I’m coming Let’s go First i’ll watch madam’s program, then I’ll deal with you guys Brother, didn’t bring chair yet Brother TV will fell off, come fast Put the TV back after watching program Okay Mother Sister! why do you like madam Noor Jahan so much? I don’t know, I’m seeing her since childhood I remember all her songs Oh! I wish I could sing and become famous like madam You will see one day You will be beaten up Come and prepare meal Your father will come early today, he mentioned before leaving Mother! you always wish ill for me Why I’ll be beaten up , you will see One day Your daughter will be famous Like madam Noor Jahan You will be famous like singers and dancers You can be famous by doing good deeds too What’s wrong with singing And what’s right in it? I want you to get married I don’t want to get married I’ll sing and get famous That’s enough of your day dreaming Start preparing meal Mother, I’ll do that after watching program You will never behave Why you are staring me? I want to talk to you mother Since when you started asking for permission I’m not asking your permission mother! I’m telling you, get me married Why you are asking me to get you married suddenly? It’s not sudden, Mother! I’m asking you for a long time to get me married Work for some days Save money for your marriage first then i’ll get you married Mother! i don’t like what you are saying What is all this, save money and stuff Okay! tell me do you like someone? There are lots of girls in village By the way, I like Fauzia Facepalm If you ever called her name I’ll not tolerate that witch Don’t call her witch, Mother What else I should call her? fairy If she will come to this house, I’ll not tolerate her, I’m telling you it’s a no from my side Oh Mother, listen to me Fauzia I’m giving you such a nice news and you are just singing What’s the news and why it is making you restless A new shop of cosmetics is opened I saw it today But i don’t have any money I went there Shopkeeper has brought very nice stuff from Dubai Okay, what he have? Everything of your choice Lipstick, whitening creams and bangles Hair embellishments , everything Swear? Yes, your swear Even I didn’t had any money But i still went there for window shopping Let’s go together Why? We will have fun Okay, if you say so You will go like this? No, I’ll get ready Show me that whitening cream Not this, can’t you see Yes, this one I’m asking for There you go What? What happened? you have never seen a girl before? No, no
You’re using cream What cream? What is it’s price? 200 Rupees 200 Rupees? so expensive See it carefully, it’s from Dubai Everyone says that but in reality it’s local, just have a label of Dubai No Ma’am, I have just came back from Dubai, everything is from there I had a shop in Dubai Then why did you came back? to rob people, you have stayed there and robbed rich people Look Ma’am Atmosphere is not the same Dubai now One should come back to his own country, it’s best Yes, you’re right After all you have to come back to your homeland You seems to be a nice boy and good looking too Reduce price of this cream, you are asking for too much money Listen, I’m buying this cream But trust me I don’t believe you It’s okay sister, pay me whatever you think is right price for this cream But still, I’m spending too much but I like your product Brother! cream Put it in a shopping bag I’m saying this for so long Greetings Auntie Do it fast All men are same He is from Dubai but still the same Thank you, come again Wait for me Fauzia Bring that for me Why you are in hurry so much?
Do it fast Greetings May I help you I’m looking around Me too I’ll let you know if I like something You have lots of product Show me this ring This one No, the next one There you go Everything is from Dubai Okay Show me that hair embellishment Yellow one There you go That’s also from Dubai People wear that in Dubai as well Yes But it’s not of good quality I make such a good quality embellishment It doesn’t look like, it’s from Dubai Wait, let me show you this This one You will like this It’s of A1 quality Made in Dubai This seems better This is good This one is good Listen You can bring the hair embellishments that you made to my shop I’ll sell them hmmm,,, do you have a mirror? Yes Here Can i put it on? Of course This whole shop is yours My friend is taking too long to come here! My friend told me about your shop By the way Red lipstick suits you No, it’s not good By the way, what’s it’s price? 100 Rupees But for you 50 Rupees You sell everything for free to everyone? No, no Just to people from neighbourhood How can you take money from people of your neighbourhood I’m not taking it, I don’t have money at the moment Please don’t do this, your are my neighbour, it’s your right Can I take it? You can give money whenever you want to What if I never pay Not a big deal Don’t give it Okay! then give one lipstick Give me then Of course , let me put it in a shopping bag I’m sure, you will like all products Should I add this yellow embellishment too No, no add black one Take this one too No Anything else? No Do come again! He was falling for you He never let me borrow anything It all depends on person’s luck I know that, you are luckier than me Wherever you go, everyone loves you I know but Fauzia Batool never gave her heart to anyone You know that too I know that Fauzia Batool hates all the boys from neighbourhood You have high standards You tell me are they good enough? By the way, Fauzia Batool is waiting for which prince There are a number of prince in this world I will find a prince By the way I’ll find my prince myself You will see I’ll show this world Fauzia Batool don’t need a prince She is prince herself I know, you are like this since childhood Listen, would you like to have a tea I want to leave a lunch I knew that always hungry, bye This rain is spoiling everything Go inside and put it where water is dripping Sister, bring another container Stand here I have asked Father so many times to fix roof Stop it Mother He is mad for Fauzia Fauzia don’t even care for him Oh God! he is my only son I’m devastated! Asma, what I should do? Oh God, Mother, why don’t you convince Sajid You can imagine what will happen if he’ll marry Fauzia, she is so claver She will make his life hell What do you think, I didn’t tried to convince him I threaten him that I’ll not forgive him But he replied I’ll marry Fauzia otherwise I’ll kill myself Oh God! what we will do Mother? I know him since childhood, he always do what he says If he will kill himself we will never be able to show our face to anyone Asma, do one thing Talk to your mother-in-law No mother, I’ll not talk to my mother-in-law She hates me Okay Then talk to Raheem Ask him to convince his parents Okay? Got it Look he is your brother Okay mother, I’ll try


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