Baahubali 2 Head Cut Scene | Baahubali 2 most awesome scene | Baahubali 2 BEST SCENE | FULL HD

Time for the king to arrive now who ever it may be.. go through the next line you can enter you go ahead come..come come many are waiting behind you you will be the next arrest her!! DEVSENA! Is there anything you wish to speak ? without a fair trial you have already handcuffed me and you have already guilty for the crime is this what you call juctice? you are guilty until proven innocent this is the law of maheshmati then throw your code of laws of into the fire irony is this that the kingdom is named Maheshwmati,,.eaning ultimate utopia devsena!! about our great,renowned kingdom.. if you utter another blasphemous word… if she’ can deride us right infront of you majesty! then, in your absence imagine how low she would have stooped the truth will mot be disclosed if asked polietly, your majesty yo are crossing your limits, baahubali when this court chained a woman in her final trimester this court already crossed it’s limits,mother what happened ,devasena? he made apass at the women he was about to grope me too so i chopped his fingers you did wrong devasena if one lays hand on any woman you should not chop his fingers you should chop his head BAAHUBALI !!!!! what audacity! how dare you insult my court since setupati was guilty he was perturbed and panic- striken because devasena spoke the tuth she was absolutely fearless his guilt has been proved,he was beheaded

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