Babe, the Sheep-Pig in Rehearsal

[ ♪ UPBEAT TRADITIONAL FOLK MUSIC] [LAUGHTER] A pig? Herding sheep? [LAUGHTER] [SOFT YORKSHIRE ACCENT] I suppose I’m the star… of the show. Which is exciting! – The story of Babe is about a pig. Who goes to live on a farm with the Hoggets. Who is adopted by a sheepdog. Because he’s adopted by a sheepdog he starts to act like a sheepdog. [LAUGHING] Talking pigs? Are you alright, dear? My biggest dream is what the play is based on. Which is to become a champion sheep-herder. – It’s a really really exciting story and we’ve bought it to life by using an amazing cast. Of puppeteer, singer, actors, musicians to tell the story Singing sheep? I- I- I- don’t know what to think! From unlikely places extraordinary people can be made. I’d like to meet me fans… my public. It’s fun. There’s music. Laughter. – I suggest you get down to Polka Theatre. And watch Babe, the Sheep-Pig running from December ’til February. Right away! – Thank you! Bye!
– Bye – All the best.
– Alright…


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