Bacantes – TERCEIRO ATO PARTE 1 – Teatro Oficina

Third act – Part I It’s the Human Ship
Warm, warrior ship from the Mangue It’s the Human Ship
Warm, warrior ship from the Mangue Happy is the one who crosses the tempest in the middle of the Sea And docks in the port Safe! Many, many compete In many, many ways “Phower” and Happiness numerous are the Hopes some fortunately come to mortals other ones vanish… But… who enjoys life lived every day I declare, is the happy one. What is the most beautiful gift
that the gods give for the mortals? What is more beautiful? And what is more friendly? Having the enemy’s head in our hands! And the wisdom of playing for him to see standing Our Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory! What is the most beautiful gift
that the gods give for the mortals? What is more beautiful? And what is more friendly? It is what is lived here An eternal present We are in the wide open sea In a year’s plan, 5th day of december, 2016. Here the past is piled up Try to forget the year we’re in Yes, you’re right. We are in the wide open sea Oh, you, who can’t hold yourself in distress to see what is forbidden
to those who don’t know how to see and who wants what he doesn’t want Out of the palace! And present yourself before our eyes
dressed as a woman Bacchant, maenad, spy of the Mother
Aunts and Company With you… Pentheu! The son of Equion! But you look just like the daughters of Kadmos! I’m seeing everything double: the sun, double! The Seven Gates of Thebes also double! And you’re turning a bull in front of me. You’ve always been a beast In your head, two pointed parts Horns are growing! You’ve just turned into a bull! Right in front of me! Now we’re in the presence of the god Before you couldn’t tell, now he guides you and you can see
what you couldn’t before Afterall who do I look like the most? Do I have the face of aunt Ino or of my mother Agave? Looking at you, it seems like
I am before the Three Sisters Your aunts Inoleta and Auctonieta and your mother, Agaveta… and look what do I see !? You left out the place a lock
I had just put away in your turban !!! It was there, by the time I was taken
I was nodding as to bacch out … and then I think it got out of place. It is up to me to recompose you Keep your head up! There. Fix it! I’m entirely in your hands Your belt is loose The skirt, very long, is catching in the heels and then the folds will not fit well… I’m also thinking that, but only on the right
side because on the left it fits well it’s great! When, in spite of what you want, I show that the Bacchae are women
who are aware of themselves will you think I’m your best friend? And in order to look more like them, should I take the Thyrsus
with the right hand or the left? It has to be with the right hand, At the same time, you raise the left foot. Ready! Can you guide me through the road I am the only man in Thebes with this courage! You bear this city’s burden by yourself all by yourself There await fightings deserved and worthy of you. Only I can give you what you want. Follow me I am you savior guide
on the way there Another one will bring you back The one that gave birth to me? Before everyone’s eyes under the light of the Sun! That’s why I am going there for! You’ll be carried back… Yeah! More… On the hands of your mother That sounds delicious! What pleasure is this that I’ve never felt and with which you want to satisfy me? With certain pleasures, you deserve more. I’ll take them, because I deserve them! You are hard, so hard. And such a hard pain is your destiny But you will find the glory of being lift up and touching the sky! Open your arms and sing, Agave, Kadmos daughters I’m already taking this
young man to the final fight which who will win is me. Ebrios! the rest let it go: the fates are fated Run fast, dog’s rage! Run to the hills and to the Thyacters to the Companies where the Three Sisters daughters of Kadmos work Excite the dog’s rage against the one who with our own parangoles pretend to be a Bacchae dressed as a transvestite camouflaged as a woman come to spy as a rat? come to spy as a rat? I’m with the bitch rage! I’m with the bitch rage! I’m with the bitch rage! I’m with the bitch rage! It’s him! And he’s come to spy Who is that Kadmeu Kadmeas That has just entered the hill… To spy on our Thyacter… Kadmeeas Bacchae! Invaded our concentration Penetrated our area He is watching us To mock our ritual! Bacchae Kadmeas! Kadmeas! Kadmeas! Who is he? Who is he? Who is he? Which mother gave birth to him? No. He is not a son born
from a Woman’s blood But from a Lion’s! Maybe! Or from a matron! gorgon, libic, witch marching woman, patroller, bacchanologist, mistress, The Iron Lady! Come, fair visible justice of Shango Visible light Shine now! With a shiny axe Cuts off the neck of this young man Who does not know how to date Who wants to be my spy and tells me that I still have to control my heart… Working against the alliance I found one day… in a white stone of Justice and Adoration in a white stone of Justice and Adoration I’ll eat him! I’ll eat him entirely! This son of the land of the Dragon! I’ll eat him with brown sauce! But not his heart For him to learn that when I want it I am bad! that when I want it I am bad! Bromios, look at the guy! Bromios, look at the goat! There he comes, his head is full, new deceptions His heart was beaten by jealousy Sent by a very annoying Eshu! To invade our orgy To suicide our activities To rape the bacchanal of his mother! Ave Semele! There he comes, invader of the ritual Willing to beat through rudeness Those who abound sweetness Guy with no swing That my independence will be your death. Come, goat! Who lives life alive, living mortals know and do not fight with the real immortal gods Justice and Heart dating with them in orgies in the horny Thyacters No, I’m not jealous of science I’m more of the joy to manufacture other poetry scandalous and accurate rehearsing my life sun to sun, moon to moon beauty, and adoration, and stellar in the Orgy of Thyacters with all the devils and all beatified of all and all mortal ages and of this time Come, fair visible justice of Shango Visible Shine now! With a shiny axe Cuts off the neck of this young man Who wants to be my spy Bacchanal Supervisor! Bacchanal Supervisor! Enough, enough Enough of God… Enough, enough Enough of God… I show you at everyone eyes in a shape of a bull of a dragon with many heads or a lion blowing flames Go Bacchus, to his encounter He who trespasses the Bacchae’s Thyacter Put your smile on his face Dress him up now With the lace of a mortal embrace With the lace of a mortal embrace Oh!… Great House! The happiest stage, the brightest one of the golden years of Brazylian Greece! Ah… House of Kadmos Kadmeu Who planted, in Earth’s Trance
the Teeth of the Dragon which gave a human harvest heroes without any character. Wolves! But I cry all pains I cry I am from the shed, from the Slave House but I cry I am faithful
in the pain of my boss Pentheu son of Equion… …died! Evoe! Bromios has shown: the God has more power
than the Thebans! How can you be happy with the misfortunes of your owners? ! Owners? I’m not from here I’m barbaric I’m Tati Quebra-Barraco I am shaking But I’m not afraid of owners neither of owner’s peons. I respect and I apologize, because who saw what I saw must forgive but do comedy with people’s tragedies is no good. Speak quickly, messenger! What is the message did you bring me? What kind of death this villain had? This man was living in his own obsession night and day Don’t allow anyone from the center or from the top of the mountains live in joy! Flashback! We left our homes here in Thebes we arrived at the border! We crossed the spring of Asopo falling in waterfalls we entered the canyon of the Cythaeron climbing It was Pentheus I, who was serving and the Foreigner who was taking us to watch “The Intimacy of the Bacchae” First stop: a valley of Herbs there, much caution, quiet tongue and foot stretched our neck to see
without being seen It was a hairy cave, watery from the discharge of streams where the Maenads are preparing for the bacchanal chanting to each other, a part of the Bachiana! Hey Brazylian, I can’t see nothing from here Should I climb the Cliff Peak or the pine? From the top I would see
better with more details the shamelessness and
corruption of the Maenads Then I would form an opinion. At this moment I see a miracle of the Foreigner: He grabs the tip of the pine trunk in his hand and points it to the sky and then down, to the black ground He puts Pentheus on the edge of the pine trunk and makes the tree go up Slowly Erected! Carefully for the other not to lose the mount until the trunk was Perfectly erected! Hard! Ponting high in the sky having in the tip of the spike the sitting King! He was seen before seeing anything As soon as he is seen
getting screwed at the top the Foreigner vanishes. My “Monkeys”! Surprise of the night: an Award! The one that mocks of our rituals is finally in our hands! I’m delivering our “Guest Actor”. Now you can punish! In the midst of these words, between heaven and earth bursts a light, a flame that shines blessed The air is silent, silent in the jungle, no sounds of goats, or leaves. When the Three Sisters,
daughters of Kadmos recognize the beat of Bacchus They run together, doves, gulls with nimble feet
and a well tuned beat Mother Agave, her blood sisters, All Bacchae Through the waterfalls of the valley Go jumping cliffs, releasing their fury by rebel ground carried by the breath of of God’s golden voice! Let’s make a circle, Menads! Let’s grab this trunk And let’s capture this Climbing beast before it goes around desecrating our blissful… …mysteries. The thousand little Bacchae hands grab the trunk of the pine and pull pull… pull. They stroke it, stroke it and rip it off the ground From the sky to where he was taken from the heights to the ground. Uttering a thousand moans Pentheus falls Pentheus recognizes
the horror of the situation and learns, but now is the last scene The First Lady of Tyato the Babalao Orisha, his mother, opens the Orgy. Dythyramb! Dythyramb! She throws herself to his son, the Goat Pentheus takes the guise of his head kicks off the mask of the face so his unfortunate mother would recognize and not kill his son And says, stroking the face of the little mother: Hello, Mom, it’s me, Mom, your Pentheu the one you gave birth to at the Palace Have pity on me, mother, from your Pentheus I was wrong, yes, but you should not pay for my mistakes with the sacrifice of your son But she, with the girl of her eyes turned upside down in ecstasy could not find the maternal heart she had It was there but she did not feel like she should because she was taken by Bacchus and couldn’t hear anything The shattered body lies here, there, part of it on the stones that are not even in the path part in the savannah bush trees so nobody can find it easily. The Heart, Dionysus took for himself The poor Head, the Award, fate decided ended up in the hands of his own Mother Victory, victory of our passion! Victory, victory of our passion! To be continued BACCHAE
Third act – Part I


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