Back to School Mr. Bean | Episode 11 | Mr. Bean Official

Left, right, left, right! Left, right, left, right! (RESERVED) D’you want a push? Oh, er, yes please. Thank you. – Get in. – Right. I’ll get in. I’m in. Eyes front. Right. What the hell do you think you’re doing? Hey! Right side! What do you think you’re doing? What do you think you’re doing? You what? Ah… ah… ah…! Boo! Ooh! Oh! Oh! – OK? – Yes. Oh, how kind. Ah, bonjour! c’est formidable. But I think… l? Ah, bonjour! Please, come in. Welcome! Asseyez-vous. Sit down. Please. L? Du fruit. Ah… inspire! Ah… banana. Magnifique. But I think… Detail. Detail! OK, class, please. Changez. L? Monsieur. What? Don’t. Don’t be shy. Don’t be shy. Let me look. Ahh. The face, eh? The body… o? The body? The body? Eh? The breasts? You must look. Look. The beauty. Feel it, feel it. And draw. Inspire. Right! Is he in here, then? Out! Non, non, non. You must look. OK, thanks a lot for coming, everybody. Um… before we start learning any throws, etc, And the first thing that you’ve just got to make sure that you can fall OK. So, I’ll check all your break-falls one by one. Start with you. Just step forward. That’s good. OK, we start with a bow… Good… Then just take hold…that’s nice… and the throw. That’s it. Good one. Back with the others. Right, nice. Next one, please. That’s good. OK, again… It’s a bow and… That’s nice. Good. Back with the others. There we go. OK, can I have the next one, please? Next one, please. Just step forward, then. Onto the mat. There we are. And the other foot, yeah? That’s good. That’s all right. Now… OK, here we… Just come back onto the mat. There we go. It’s all right. Now, first the bow… The bow… All right… and then…then I take hold. It’s all right. Just trust me. Just, just… Just calm down, all right? Just stand here. That’s it. No, no one’s going to get hurt. That’s it. Good. OK. – So we bow… – Yeah, we bow… Just one big bow… then the throw. OK, so one nice, big, big bow… …and then… Hey, stop it! Stop! Stop it! Oi! Oi! Get off!What are you doing? Oh! Oh, God! No! ‘Right.’ ‘Er… ‘Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, ‘and welcome to the demonstration… ‘


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