Back to the Lab 2015: Breakin’ Convention Hip Hop Theatre Development Course

TASHAN: In order to have a theatre piece and to create something that someone can sit down and watch for 10, 20, 30… 40 minutes, 50 minutes or an hour is
what I struggle with, and that’s why I… came here, because I wanna know how I can do that. KLOE: I think it’s coming to a balance of having the vision I want portrayed
through the movement, and also having the inspiration and influence from the dancers that are in it BERKAVITCH: The opportunities to have things fail and then reworked and regroup and work out how it’s gonna work better I think
is completely necessary in everybody’s artistic process. SAM: What makes Back to the Lab really unique and
rare is the fact that it is for hip-hop dancers and dancers that may not have gone
through the route of formal training so I think all of the choreographers have realised hip hop can be really effective in theatre when it’s given that right direction JONATHAN: The thing about any theatre is that it has to be a place that you don’t assume what the effect of of that heightened event is gonna be – nobody does – not in any part of the theatre world would you assume you knew how it was
gonna work, so you’re always in the process of questioning, and it doesn’t matter how much you know of hip hop and how much it’s speaking in your body and resonating philosophically in your mind you still have to say: “What’s the theatre?” “Why would I go in there? Why would anybody come and watch me? What can a performance do?” BERKAVITCH: Sometimes I feel like the work needsd as long as the work
needs so having to condense what essentially
could have been 16 to 18 minutes into 10 has … led to some quite tough
choices and some very necessary sacrifices. TASHAN: You always need – which I’ve
learned over the years – an outside eye to see what you’re doing, and having
Jonathan and Jonzi giving you advice and given new different techniques and stuff,
it’s it’s a breath of fresh air Obviously it’s a shame that you don’t have that
24/7 so you gotta make the most of the two weeks. And what I’ve learnt this week
is that it doesn’t always have to have that effect for people to appreciate
what you do, and I just wanna appreciate my own work before anyone else does. JONATHAN: “The lab” in “Back to the Lab” means “laboratory;”
“laboratory” mean “shared research,” so everybody’s a leader. Where do they want to go?
Here’s a space: If you’re interested come and join us because we’re interested, we’re excited to find out what else you can do. ED: As well as working with Jonzi and Jonathan it’s just been… tremendously enlightening and
eye-opening as an experience, and it’s nice to have a little bit of pressure… But surrounded by really lovely people.


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