Backstage at SIX with Abby Mueller, Episode 5: Stage Tour!

♪ Welcome to the show to the historemix ♪ ♪ Switching up the flow
as we add the prefix ♪ ♪ Everybody knows that
we used to be six wives ♪ ♪ But now we’re ex wives ♪ – [Abby] Hey, oh yeah just candid. Hey guys, we have a question from Twitter. With the yas queen six two eight hashtag from Leah, Leah, Leah? She asks, if you had the chance to talk
to the queen you’re portraying what would you ask her? – Oh my gosh. – [Abby] Isn’t that a good question? – That is an awesome question
– That, oh that just made me
feel some type of things. – Well I know I would
ask Catherine of Aragon how did she do it, because she, to carry such grief and
heartache dealing with Henry and for her to have such integrity
and grace the entire time and also still wanting to, still feeling like she did wrong. There was a, what was it like a, she had a speech at the
Black Friar’s, I believe, that’s what it was called, so court. And just making her final
plea and being like hey, if I ever did anything wrong to make you wanna annul this marriage, please like, please let me know and I will go but, that’s why you have it in the song, it’s really brilliant. But I would just ask her like,
how did you keep your joy, how did your heart, how did you continue to
live after all of that and she just died with
dignity the entire time. Yeah, so good. That’s such a good question,
I have so many more though. – I think mine would be, one of the things that fascinated
me about Anna of Cleves besides her story and that
she’s a baller, was that, how do you, she was very selfless in her, after her, reign as a queen, her very
short lived reign as queen and like, how do you befriend a man that spoke down to you and just
degraded you in such a way? How do you befriend someone that, she not only forgave
him but befriended him and then was like, a sub-mother to his children,
like a really cool aunt and like, was there for the coronation
of Queen Elizabeth the first. And she came back and forth to to the palace whenever she wanted, but mostly she never went back home and I’ve always thought
it was interesting like, why did you never go back home ’cause she grew up in
a wonderful household with a wonderful family, her parents, her father, she had a
very liberal household and liberal in the way
of religiously speaking because that was really
big back then and so, I’ve always wondered
why she never just left and went back home and
lived a very fulfilled life and actually got married,
she never remarried again. She never, so what made her stay? What did she feel like
she missed if anything? What did she feel like she
had to prove, if anything? I think there’s a big question
mark and yes she’s this queen and all of this stuff and
she got all this stuff but what did she feel like she didn’t get, why she never went back home? – Good question. – Good question. – [Abby] Anna, do you wanna answer? – Sure. I think I would ask Catherine Parr ’cause we do so much talking about like, everything was bad and
Thomas was wonderful. And in the story that we tell on stage, it doesn’t actually go into how she got to marry Thomas
after Henry the eighth died. But I wanna know if
Thomas was worth the wait. Was he as good as “Six the Musical” and the
storybooks portray him as, as this like, love of her life, which maybe he genuinely was but like, you know how guys were
back then (wheezing) so I don’t know, I’m just curious, did she actually ever
find her happiness, truly, did that happen? I hope the answer’s yes but I don’t know. – [Abby] If you had the
chance to talk to Anne Boleyn, what would you ask her? – Man. – [Abby] It’s a good one, right? – I’d probably ask her what is her favorite music to dance to. And what her favorite store is. And what she likes to do to for self care. – [Abby] Good one. – Yeah. – [Abby] Yeah, I love that. (laughing) – That’s what I would ask her. (kissing noises) – [Abby] Hey Sam, if you had the chance
to talk to Kate Howard, what would you ask her? – I think I would probably ask her, I wouldn’t want it to be anything too deep ’cause I already know that her story’s sad so maybe I would ask her
what her favorite animal is? – [Abby] That’s a good one. (laughing) – If I could ask Jane Seymour
a question, I would ask her, did you love him? I want to know what was this man like? What was the truth, what
was the relationship? (knocking) Come in. – [Kate] It’s Kate. – [Abby] Come in, Kate. – Hi. – [Abby] How are you? – Good, how are you guys? – [Abby] I’m good. – I’m dropping off our in-ear monitors and our Timex trackers. So all the ladies wear a little tracker that
basically allows them to move about the stage and
as they move about the stage, you hear their voices
come from where they are. Pretty cool. – [Abby] That is very cool. – And then everybody also
has an in-ear monitor which they are listening to a, custom mix so whatever they wanna hear. – [Abby] Like Mozart, or like– – Like of this show.
– Kanye, oh right. – Of this show. – [Abby] Awesome. – [Kate] I mean, I’d be impressed
if y’all could do the show with Kanye.
– Absolutely not, no it’s (mumbling) – That’d be pretty good. – [Abby] Cool, and you’re backstage? – I’m backstage most of the time. Once we open and we really get running, I’ll probably be out
front mixing the show, three times a week which means Josh, our
A1, will be back here doing what I’m doing. Just dropping off, checking in. – [Abby] Here in the bucket. Awesome.
– Here in the bucket. – [Abby] Awesome, thanks Kate. (speaking over each other) – [Rachel] Hey queens. I can’s say ‘yas queen’ like Abby can so I’m not even gonna try. I’m Rachel, I’m the
assistant stage manager. Abby is off being fabulous
and I’m a team player so I’m just gonna walk you
guys around a little bit. This is our ‘queens who inspire us’ wall. We put up, you know like, Beyonce, Ariana, Nicki Minaj is down there. But we also put up your fan art because your fan art
inspires us and we love it. All right, here we go. So Abby likes to travel
in her little videos so I am traveling right now
to a very, very special guest. Her name is Emma Bailey
and she designed this set. Oh yeah, uh-huh, all right here we go. There she is over here. There she is, hiding. The fabulous Emma Bailey. I probably should’ve asked
if I could walk on stage, but you know what, here we are. Who designed this set (cheering) So Emma, talk us through what went through your
mind designing this, how did you get started,
just tell us some fun facts. – So the set is a bit of
a mashup, I would say. Lucy, Jamie and myself had
a lot of pop references, we were all really excited to riff on. But obviously we wanted
to get a bit of a Tudor thing going on so this is the
kind of merging of two worlds, this kinda crazy pop LED aesthetic and– – If you guys could just go over– – Yeah.
– Yeah sorry Tim. – And, the kind of Tudor symbolism and references that we all know and love. Well maybe not in America,
but definitely in the U.K. So we’ve created a little Tudor court. We wanted the band to be
onstage ’cause they’re wicked and part of the action. So they’re very much part of the design. We wanted it to be a circle
’cause that’s really inclusive. And we wanted it to be democratic so there wasn’t any
hierarchy to who was the best so that the audience
could make that decision. But if you see the show, it
ends up slightly different to that, so, yeah, we have a bit of
a crown involved because it’s all about the queens up there. But a lot of sexy mesh ’cause we love transparencies and like, adding layers to what
you see in front of you. – [Rachel] Sexy mesh. – Sexy mesh, sexy Tudor mesh. And then round here is our kinda, is our, laser cut LED wall which we’re
all really excited about. That’s special to this show. And it curves around the whole back and is a special moment
that we reveal later on in “Six”.
– True. – Yeah it’s really exciting. But this is a Tudor design. So I tried to feed in little
moments that wasn’t overbearing or too religious or political but give you a flavor
of some of the history and things you might have seen at the time of Henry the eighth. – [Rachel] One of my favorite things, I know this is a combination
between you and lighting but you guys see those
beautiful lighting towers? I don’t think you all know what it takes to make a Broadway musical,
I wish I had more light but there are millions and
millions of cables back here to make these beautiful,
beautiful things work. – Is that better?
– Oh yeah, look at that, look at that,
this is for each light tower. For what you can see right here, there’s even so much more you cannot see. Emma what’s your favorite
part of this set? – Well we’ve talked about the sexy mesh, it is still not one of my favorites. And we now have a throne. – [Rachel] Oh my god, let’s go see it. – Well, it’s currently, hidden. – [Rachel] It’s currently hidden but we can at least go look
into the floor where it pops out – [Emma] I don’t wanna ruin the surprise for anyone.
– Oh that’s true. – [Emma] But you can’t see it. – [Rachel] You can’t see
it, but imagine a throne. – [Emma] There’s some sparkles (mumbling) (humming) – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Emma] It’s a good show stopping moment. – [Rachel] It’s a good
show stopping moment, and like, we’re not giving it away. You can’t tell where that
throne is coming from. I think you should come see the show. – Yeah, (speaking over each other) definitely.
– Yeah. – Other than that, it’s all
pretty great to be honest. – [Rachel] All right well, Emma thank you. Anything else you wanna say? (laughing) – Not really (laughing) – [Rachel] All right,
well this is Emma Bailey, our wonderful set designer and, this is the “Yas, Queen!”
vlog, so here we are. – Thanks Abby.
– Yeah. – Abby’s not here but, thanks Abby.
– You know what, we love her anyways. – Yeah (laughing)
– Okay, bye. ♪ Welcome to the show to the historemix ♪ ♪ Switching up the flow
as we add the prefix ♪ ♪ Everybody knows that
we used to be six wives ♪

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