Backstage with… Adam Vesperman, ‘Billy’ | Billy Elliot The Musical

I’m Adam Vesperman. I play Billy Elliot and
I’m from Seattle, Washington in the US. Right now, we’re flying which is part of Dream
Ballet. We have us, the younger Billy, and we have Older Billy which is a version of
us in the future. When I first started, lyrical contemporary
was my strength. I wasn’t a big fan of ballet but I did ballet for a couple of years before
I came. I’ve learned a lot of acro since I’ve been
here. Obviously I’ve learned how to fly! At first I didn’t really like flying ’cause
I got scared but ’cause I’m not much of a fan of roller coasters or anything. But now
I love flying. Dream Ballet is my favourite. Being Billy Elliot means to me everything.
In the show I’d rather be Billy Elliot than in any other show because Billy suits me the
most, and he’s the main character obviously. So, it’s really nice to have the moments where
you’re in the spotlight. I love dancing. Acro’s not my strongest suit
but I do do acro. I’ll keep all that up when I leave and dancing’s what I mostly want to


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