Backstage with… ‘Ballet Girls’ Jody, Shakira, & Isobel | Billy Elliot The Musical

I play Tracey Atkinson and my name’s Isobel
Brook. My name is Shakira Simpson and I play Margaret
Gormley. My name’s Jody Zimmerman and I play Tina Harmer. Margaret Gormley’s quite a moody character.
She doesn’t really like anyone in the class but she pretends she doesn’t like ballet when she actually does but she doesn’t want anyone to know. Tina Harmer, she’s basically in competition
with another girl in the class called Sharon Percy and they’re both ballet girls who dance
on pointe and they’re both sort of meant to be the best in the class so they’re like in
competition and trying to get the teacher’s attention. My character’s quite greedy, she always has
like a pie because she never gets time for breakfast. She’s quite close to Debbie and
she doesn’t really like Mrs Wilkinson ’cause she gets picked on a lot. I like all the costumes, they’re all bright
colours. Don’t know, I just really like the 80’s thing. Yeah, I like our pink in Shine. These are the headdresses that go with the
pink tutus. We’ve got leotards, like pink leotards. Some
have got sleeves, some aren’t, and the really nice, shiny pink glittery tutus. [ISOBEL] My favourite bit of the show is when Dad discovers Billy because it’s such a tense moment, and everyone’s like ‘Oh my god, what’s he going to do, what’s happening?.’ It’s quite fun that bit. My favourite part of the show is when Dad
decides to go back to work, because it’s quite like a sad and emotional part of the show
because Tony, the brother, doesn’t like the fact that Billy’s dancing, at the same time
he’s trying to fight the strike as well and he finds out that Dad’s going to go back and
he thinks he’s never going to see him again because the miner’s don’t like the ‘scabs’,
the people who go back to work. My favourite part of the show is at the very
end, after the finale, when we’ve all done all the tap. As soon as you finish you just
hear the whole audience just screaming. And we turn around and do the bows and everyone’s
just standing up and clapping, they’re all smiling. It feels good to know that you’re
the reason that they’re smiling and everything. That’s probably my favourite bit. [SPEAKING OVER EACH OTHER] It means a lot.
It means so, so much. It’s going to be hard leaving, it’s just your
life now. We’ve all been here for so long, it’s like
our second home, we’re always here all the time. It’s so good to know that out of so many people
we got the advantage, not advantage, the opportunity to be in the show because it’s such a good
show, there’s so many people who want to be in it and do this kind of thing, so many people who want to dance and sing and act, and it’s all three of those things. And we got the opportunity to do it. It feels amazing when you’re on the stage
and the chaperones are like our second Mum, we’re like sisters. Even opening sometimes, when I walk out and
see everyone there I’m like ‘Wow!’ I’m actually here and people are watching me and everyone
else, so it’s like a community like a whole big family. For everyone.


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