Backstage with… Ryan Collinson, ‘Billy’ | Billy Elliot The Musical

Hi, I’m Ryan Collinson. I play Billy Elliot
and I’m from Southport. Today I’ve got up, had breakfast, then done
school in the morning, got ready for my rehearsals and came to my rehearsals for acro to practice our techniques and all our acro we do in the show. I knew before the show a lot of acro, I’ve
done gymnastics since I was about 8 and represented the North West and the I came here and I’ve
just kept it up, really. Billy’s taught me everything I know. I did
6 ballet lessons and came here and I’ve always done street in my bedroom, I’ve always been
self-taught for street but they’ve taught me tap, ballet, jazz, everything. My favourite part would have to be Angry Dance
and Electricity. I like Angry Dance because it’s hard for your stamina but it also picks
it up in a way, like helps you, and you get to be angry! You get to be angry! I like Electricity because I get to show off
my acro, so it’s like the only bit in the show where I get to do a lot of acro. A minute ago I was doing my last piece of
acro, it’s called a run up the wall and it’s where you run up the wall and you do a back
flip out of it, and that’s like my end piece. It’s like a big finish move. I think the hardest part in the show for me
to learn was dream ballet ’cause I’ve hardly done any ballet before. So it was just, like,
getting taught ballet and learning the choreography so it was quite hard. But once you got it,
it’s a good feeling. I really like flying. It’s… I think it’s
the bit in the show where you feel like you’re free. It’s like, it’s fun. It’s a fun bit in the show, it’s not like you have to really, really concentrate. Me being Billy Elliot is like, is like…someone
getting, I dunno, £50million! For me. That’s just me personally.


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