Backyard Theatre: Toy Story Performance | Disney Family

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our backyard theater. We are proud to present to you, a scene from Toy Story. Thank you and enjoy the show. And, action! Woody, that spaceship is in
your spot! This is a mistake. Andy was just
excited. It’ doesn’t look like a mistake. Oh no! Have you been replaced? No, I haven’t been replaced. Sound of spaceship opening Buzz Lightyear to Star Command. Come in Star Command. Why don’t they answer me? Hello! Who goes there? Howdy. My name is Woody and
you’re in Andy’s room. I’m Buzz Lightyear, a Space Ranger. I’m so happy you’re not a dinosaur! Mr. Lightyear, what does a Space Ranger do? He’s not a Space Ranger. He doesn’t fight evil or fly! Excuse me! I CAN fly. See! That is so cool! How come you don’t have wings, Woody? Those are cardboard. You can’t fly! Yes, I can. Okay, then. Prove it! I will! Stand back. To infinity and beyond!


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