Bad Fanfiction Theatre: Sonic and The Great War

*Applause* *Barely Audible* Good evening. Welcome, everyone, to yet another Bad Fanfiction Theatre. My name is master Gamington-Smythe III Now from my past readings… We’ve gone over some things which have been quite extraordinary. Some things, which have stimulated my mind quite superbly. However, my dear viewers, I believe I’ve found something that has now reached that EPIC LEVEL of quality. Something that has GRANDIOSE ambitions. Involving our favorite blue bolt, Sonic the Hedgehog. And many other proprieties that will be divulged in this tome that I’m about to read. And that is as follows. by the author KiritoxAsuna2002. A fine year. Good vintage. one day sonic was walking down the road with his best friend tails when all of the sudden a portal from portal 2 opened up anyways narutasha came out [she’s my naruto fan character] and she said that there was trouble going on in ponyville and they needed their help. {which is my second favorite game} Suddenly Yugi Motou appears and says then mario comes out of the sewer pipe with yoshi and says Yugi uses his card Death Gun “You think Death Gun can stop my signature move” Says mario as he smirks, Captain Price then shouts “Mario use Mega Punch” it was super effective Allow me to show you true power! Death Gun use Desert Eagle!” The attack was super effective. “Haha it is done! Now I will help you Sonic and crew.” Yugi now joining Sonic on his quest to protect ponyville. During this high excitement duel Tails spots something in the distant “Oh no it can’t be” says Narutasha. The war of the century was about to begin little did Captain Price know that by 360 noscoping Pokimashu he summoned a dark force from Brazil, “Sorry, but my guns are more powerful then even Narutashas shadow clone jutsu!” Yugi then uses his most powerful of cards, Darth Maul”Darth Maul, I choose you” Shadow laughs “You think Darth Maul can stop me!” Shadow then pulls out his most powerful card, Kirata of Gale Gun Online. Shadow now without a Digimond now has to use his last option. shadow sent out dragonite to fight kirata! But kirata didn’t want to fight. she had other things in mind. kirata yells all of a sudden narutasha and kirata are engayged in super hott sex! kirata starts licking narutasha’s vajayjay and narutasha starts to use her sexy jutsu. at that mroment kirata realized that it was working and she stared to moan!oh oh oh yea it was so fricking hot. (i have a boner right now and yeah i know what that is) anyway it was super hot because they boath started licking eachother’s boobis and started moaning. Oh yeah please give me more said kirata oh yeah i will said narutasha. All of a sudden she brings out a doublesided dildo and they started sticking it in their vajayjays and then they started to orgasm and it was super hot. (Wait, I’m not supposed to caption that?) (Okay) Oh my. *inaudible* Moving on. all of a sudden, eggman showed up! “hello shadow. remember me?” shadow then turned around and fired an rocket launcher! eggman says “not on my watch!” says shadow the evil demon! (such fanfic many wow) “crap” says Eggman. “i’ve got this” said rainbow dash and she zoomed in and started fighting dark fader. “Noooooo!” said applejack. “You monster! you killed her! I will avenge her death! Eggman was shocked. no one had ever killed dark fader before. well then, i’ll just have to use my ultimate attack! A nuke silo emerged out of the ground and eggman was about to launch it but then duke nukem showed up and he kicked eggman in the balls! “No need to thank me” said duke to sonic “ill be on my wauy now remember to kick ass and chew bubblegum!” but eggman got up. “now I have you you pesky hedgehog!” and he shot a feminization ray at sonic! Sonic then got boobs and was super sexy and turned into sasha [my fan character] then eggman started to beat up sonic, or should i say, sasha! But then, I showed up! that’;s right, me! THE AUTHOR! “How dare you beat the love of my life! and killed eggman! “that’ll teach him for messing with MY girlfriend! But then shadow showed up! “So Jeremy” he said “we meet again” “so we do” i said. “I’ll show you who’s boss!” “your too slow!” said shadow! but all of a sudden a sound coming from the east was playing and everyone stopped fighting. “What is this amazing sound?” Said Sasha. It was my favorite band, Skrillex! Shouted Skrillex. “No It can not be! I thought I killed you all!” Said Shadow. An even greater war was about to begin, but for now this episode is over tell me what you think! To be continued. *thunk* *sharp exhale* That was a raucous experience I must say! Tons of WAR, ACTION, DUBSTEP, “hott sex”! It’s got everything that one could possibly imagine. Everything in a perfect summation. KiritoxAsuna, I salute you. You, sir, have combined every possible franchise that I could think of Sonic, Mario, Call of Duty, and Skrillex Not forgetting My Little Pony. Sublime. Thank you, my friend. And I thank you on behalf of my viewers as well. Where I shall return. on the next Bad Fanfiction Theatre. Toodle-pip! *Applause* (My name is Joshua Milker and it was an honor to be able to caption this masterpiece.) (My name is Joshua Milker and it was an honor to be able to caption this masterpiece.) *scratching noises*


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