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‘Baghban (Gardener),
who tends to his garden.’ ‘A father who starts a family..’ ‘..with sweat and toil to make
his roses and wards thrive.’ ‘He loves not just the trees..’ ‘..but their shadow too.’ ‘For he hopes that one day..’ ‘..when he’s tired of life..’ ‘ is this very shade
that will prove useful for him.’ ‘To the thirsty earth,
the clouds bring rain.’ ‘Seasons come and go.’ ‘The gardener gifts his garden
a new fragrance every season.’ “The gardener cares about
every flower in his garden.’ “The gardener cares about
every flower in his garden.’ “He stands guard every moment,
protecting every leaf and branch.” “In the gardener lives God.” “In the gardener lives God.” “In the gardener lives God.” “In the gardener lives God.” “In the gardener lives God.” “Wake up,
traveller. It is morning..” Come on. It’s time for
our morning walk. Come on. Good morning. – Morning. Hello. Where are the others? Fast asleep! “Wake up, traveller..”
– Brother! I’ve been shouting for awhile.
Can’t you walk a bit slowly? How are you, Ram Avtar? Come. But you said you weren’t in
the habit of getting up early. Yes, I did. But what can I do? With your loud voice
early in the morning.. can wake up the
whole neighbourhood. And I live right behind your house. Yes, you do. You’ve given me the house on rent. You are the landlord.
You can evict me whenever you wish. I’ll vacate the house if you insist. Look! Don’t spoil my
mood early in the day. You call yourself my brother,
while you toy with my emotions. You’ll vacate the house. I will. One day, I’ll vacate your house.
– We’ll see. Hello. – Hello, Mr. Bedi. You need to look for another
excuse to pick a fight. I’m tired doing the same thing
for the last 25 years. Am I wrong, Tito? Why do you take the donkey
out for a walk everyday? What rubbish. Tito’s a dog. I was asking your dog. – What?! There! He had the last word! Never mind. I’ll fix
our friend tomorrow. Come on. Sit quietly. So you’re up!
– What can I do? When you leave for your walk.. ..I’m in such a deep sleep
that I just can’t open my eyes. Come here, Pooja!
You know why I go for a walk? Good health?
– Not at all. So that I can see
your smiling face.. ..when I return. Sit. In that case, I’ll make
sure this lasts forever. Really? Let’s have some sweets.
– I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. A tigress doesn’t brush
her teeth. Eat it. – No.. Eat! These sweets are really
delicious. Here. It broke. You will never improve. – Never. Listen. Here you are. What am I going to do with it?
– Tie it. Do I know how to tie it? You’re a grown-up man.
Why don’t you learn? If I learn to tie it,
then what will you do? You will never improve!
– Why should I? Listen. – Yes? I keep it right in front of you.. ..and you still forget it every day. I don’t forget it.
I deliberately leave it there. Why? – Because the Goddess of Wealth
blesses our income. May I go now? Like they say, “I’m just coming,
madam!” – Come soon. I’ll stay back, if you insist.
– You will never improve. Morning. Hello, Mr. Raj. How are you? – Fine. Has your grandson’s fever subsided?
– Yes, sir. Good. He could keep
flattering me with his words. Couldn’t he take a
day off from work? No. He can’t see beyond his work. Morning. – Hello. What’s up, mister? You look worried. Can I help?
– What can I say? As soon as I withdraw money,
I’ve got to rush to the hospital. My daughter-in-law has been
admitted to the labour ward. I don’t understand.
– Why does that upset you? We have an ATM. You’ll have
immediate access to your funds. Really? – Yes. ‘To my loving husband.’ Who am I writing this for? It’s okay if he forgot this morning. But he could’ve called from work. When he returns this evening.
I won’t talk to him. Our branch in Nainital can send a
pay order to the child’s school. We’ll adjust it against
Mr. Thadani’s account. Problem solved. Wow, Mr. Malhotra! Everyone has a brain, but you put
yours to work at the right time. Take my advice and start
a business of your own. Not a bad idea, sir.
But my problem is.. ..I’ve got into the habit of
having someone boss over me. You, her and the wife at home. Yes. Yes. Good dog. You’re a magician. Before I ring the bell,
you know it’s me. Whether you ring the bell or not.. ..your footsteps
ring a bell in my heart. Really?! So let’s.. – No! Not today. Why not?
– I’m angry. Really? In that case,
I’m also angry. Why?
– You tell me first. It’s evening already,
and you haven’t wished me yet. Did you wish me?
How could you forget? I forgot?
– Yes! Come here. I forgot? – Yes.
– Then what’s that? I’ve been cleaning the house,
baking a cake and.. Oh, so you haven’t forgotten? Does anyone forget to breathe? Pooja, without you,
I merely existed. My heart started beating only
after you came into my life. And today, many years ago
was when you came into my life. And I shall
remember this day forever. Congratulations on our
fortieth wedding anniversary. Fortieth. Yes. – Don’t be funny. I haven’t
taken a good look at you yet. Let me take a look.
Wow! You’re beautiful. Why don’t the both of us go out
for a candlelit dinner tonight? Champagne, and I. How about it?
– Hey! How did you get here?
– What could we do? You’ve forgotten that you have four
sons and three daughters-in-laws. A grandson and a granddaughter. But regardless.. ..Mr. and Mrs. Raj Malhotra have
taken off for a candlelit dinner. Are you going to keep talking?
Come here. – Hey, father. Hi, Mom. Hello, Dad. When did you arrive?
We didn’t know you were here. Dad.
– Thank you so much. Thanks a lot. – Dad! Dad! Rohit. Come here. How could we miss your
40th anniversary, Dad? Hello, Dad.
– Thank you, son. Hello, Mom! – Who isn’t here? Karan! Come here. I’m the youngest.
I was waiting for my turn. Wrong, uncle. I’m the youngest. Come here. Where’s Payal? Payal!
– Hey, Payal! Oh, love, forget the phone.
Come here. Come on. Come on! She’s growing up to be
just like her mother! Ajju got married early,
just like you. Good for him. Why? – Why? His daughter has grown up before
his hair has started greying! Don’t say that. You never know. I’m superstitious
about our little girl. You kids have made us happy by
surprising us. – Right, Dad. Now make us happy by throwing
a party for us. – Yes. Party. Party. Okay, done. So, I said, “Come.” – How? And I said, “Move the grinder.”
He refused. I picked up the double-barrel
and fired. Good evening, Bedi.
– Good evening, sir. Good evening, sir. Hello. – Hello. Mr. Bedi, they are..? – They’re the
roses from Mr. Malhotra’s garden. Is it?
– This is Mr. Rawal, our boss. That’s son number one, Ajay. Hello. – Son number two, Sanjay. Son number three, Rohit,
and son number four.. – Karan. Karan. That was incorrect. – Why? Whatever their names may be.. ..they’re the most loyal sons. Very well said. That’s okay.
But where’s their father? Wow. What are you staring at?
Come and fasten it. You know, I was right. – What? You are a magician, indeed. You know how to hold
time in your fist. Which is why you’re still 20
and I’m already 60. It isn’t time. It’s your
love I’ve held in my fist. Love is the magic that
keeps you young forever. In that case, we’re going
to be young all our lives. Ajay, go and see if the
bride and groom are ready. Okay.
– The newly-weds haven’t left.. ..for their honeymoon already,
have they? – Hey. Look at those smiles. Congratulations on
your anniversary, Raj. Thank you. You too.
– Thank you. Raj. – Yes. If we celebrate British
traditions such as honeymoons.. ..birthdays and anniversaries.. Yes. – But we tend to forget another
lovely little custom of theirs? Which custom? Where the groom carries his bride.. ..across the threshold
of his house. – Wow. Wow. That’s a good idea.
– That’s a great idea, Mr. Rawal. What are you waiting for? Carry her.
– What? Are you joking? Look at how old Raj is.
– I’m not there yet. If you put pressure on your waist,
you could find yourself in trouble. Hey. You think I’ve grown old? – No. I’ve gone senile?
– No! I’m still young enough.
You want me to carry her? Yes.
– Come on, madam. No. – Hey, Listen! Look.. Hey, beautiful..well, never mind. Plan number two. Come on. Come on. “My beloved, my pretty lady.. ..come on.” “My beloved, my pretty lady.. ..come on.” “Your walk is so enticing.” “You’re stunning.” “Your walk is so enticing.” “You’re stunning.” “My beloved, my pretty lady..” “..I would die without you.” “Your walk is so enticing.” “You’re stunning.” “My handsome love.” “You dance wonderfully well.” “My beloved, my pretty lady.. “..come on.” “You’re as lovely as the moon.” “You’re the most beautiful one.” “You’re the one I could die for.” “You’re the one I need.” “You’re my dream, my destiny.” “You’re the moon among the stars.” “You’re brighter than the stars.” “You’re the most
beautiful of them all.” “Oh, beloved..” “Oh, beloved..” “Oh, beloved..” “Your walk is so enticing.” “You’re stunning.” “My handsome love.” “You dance wonderfully well.” “My beloved, my pretty lady..” “..come on.” “My beloved, my pretty lady..” “..come on.” Oh, that’s sweet of you. Thank you. No, she will hit me. “I lost my heart,
while looking for my beloved.” “I sacrificed myself
so I could have you.” “Your beauty lit up..” “ humble abode.” “You are the one
I continue to breathe for.” “It’s you that keeps me young.” “In your thick tresses..” “..I find my heaven, my world.” “Oh, beloved..” “Oh, beloved..” “Your walk is so enticing.” “You look amazing.” “Your walk is so enticing.” “You’re stunning.” “My beloved, my pretty lady..” “I would surely die without you.” “Your walk is so enticing.” “You’re stunning.” “My handsome love.” “You dance wonderfully well.” “My beloved, my pretty lady..” “..come on.” “My beloved, my pretty lady..” “..come on.” “My beloved, my pretty lady..” “..come on.” “Oh, beloved..” “Oh, beloved..” “Oh, beloved..” “Oh, beloved..” “Oh, beloved..” “Oh, beloved..” “Oh, beloved..” Hey.. – It is not
possible to say no to him. Excuse me. Am I right?
– Hello. You are my father, my mother. You are my friend, my confidante. Alok. My son. – Alok! Hello, father.
– May you live a long life. Talk to your mother.
She’s dying to talk to you. Hello.
– Hello, Mom. My respects. I pray to God that you keep
smiling forever and be together. Thank you, son.
You’re through with your education. When are you coming to India? We miss you so much. I miss you all too. With your blessings,
I’ve found a very nice job here. I’m trying to get transferred
to India in a month or two. That’s wonderful! Come back soon. We’ll find a pretty girl
and get you married to her. Why are you laughing? I’ve found someone already. He’s found someone? – What? It’s up to you to decide
whether she’s pretty or not. So send us a photo quickly.
What’s her name? I’ve couriered them.
You should receive them by tomorrow. Her name is Arpita.
– Lovely name. Thanks, Mom.
– Thanks, son. Good-bye. Let’s go. I found the courage
to talk to my parents. Yes. And if they
don’t approve of me.. ..will you still marry me? Arpita. They picked up an orphan
from the streets. I’m where I am today
because of them. They’re my Gods. It’s true. If they didn’t
approve of this marriage.. ..I wouldn’t go ahead with it. But it’s also true that
I’ll stay single all my life. I’ll love you all
my life. I promise. It’s this very attitude that
makes me love you so much. Whether we get married or not,
I’ll always be yours. I love you.
– I love you too. Have they gone to bed?
– Yes. Ajju and Kiran are
sleeping in our room. Is it? And Sanjay and Rohit? In the room downstairs.
– Where’s the poor bachelor Karan? Karan’s sleeping in the
hall with Rahul and Payal. That’s fine, but where
are we sleeping tonight? We? Come with me.
– Come. This is where we’re sleeping.
– Here? Why? It’s not good enough? Oh, no. First-class. People unnecessarily go to
places like London, Paris.. ..New York and so on
for their honeymoon. This is a great place. We must leave now,
Dad. We had a great time. When are you coming back?
– Whenever you say? On Diwali
(Festival of lights). – Yes. But Holi’s(Festival of colour)
is before Diwali. – Oh, yes. They have to come. – Write to
us soon. We miss you all a lot. Okay, Dad. – Bye, Dad. Bye.
– God bless you. Bye.
– Mom. Love you. Bye. Listen. – Yes. Don’t forget to call
once you get home. – Sure. Bye, Dad. Bye, Mom. – Bye. It’s hardly been 24 hours and
the house feels lonely again. But these 24 hours
gave us so much joy. Sanju wasn’t to be seen. Is he
staying over for a few days? His train doesn’t leave
for a little while. – I see. And he.. – He? He needs Rs. 50,000. – Rs. 50,000? He wants to take a
loan to buy a car. What do you call the
initial contribution? The down payment. – Yes. He was hesitating to tell you.
– To tell me? I see. Sanju. Yes, Dad. What happened? I’m very angry with you. – Angry? I..
– What you have done is very wrong. Dad, I was only..
– Sit down. Since when has your
mother been playing.. ..arbitrator between the two of us? If there’s anything
you need, tell me. Why hesitate? I thought, maybe, you will.. Son, I’m your father.
And as long as I live.. children need not
worry about anything. Go to Delhi without any worry.
The money will follow you there. Okay? – Thanks. Don’t you want to have breakfast?
– Yes, Dad. Mr. Malhotra. This loan that you’ve
taken against your gratuity.. do realise there
will be nothing left.. your account after this? There’s no question of turning
down a sincere employee like you. But you’re also my friend. You’ve always encouraged
people to invest in our schemes. But you haven’t thought
about your own future. Whatever you earned, you spent.. meeting your children’s needs. But the truth is,
after ones’ retirement.. ..their savings are
their greatest strength. My strength is the smile
on my children’s faces, sir. What good is money if doesn’t come
to my children’s aid? In any case.. ..I’m not worried about what
will happen after my retirement. By God’s grace, I have four sons,
four priceless fixed deposits. Four fixed deposits
and eight able hands.. ..are more than
enough for my support. Mr. – Mr. Raj Malhotra.
This is for you. Thank you. My dear lady. The flight
might be delayed in taking off.. ..but you will never be
late in opening the door! Why are you messing with the teapot? Let it be. Give me your hand. Wow. That was quick? As a father, one has
to do his sons’ bidding. Our children shouldn’t
have to worry about money. Whose letter is it?
– Alok’s. It must be the girl’s pictures. You’re still such a kid. Let me see.
– Lovely girl, isn’t she? Yes. Beautiful couple. I’m glad Alok will also settle down. But you left no stone unturned
in making him what he is today. No, Pooja. I’ve done nothing. This kid always had the desire
to reach for the skies. I’ve only encouraged him. It seems as if it happened
only yesterday, isn’t it? On my mother’s death anniversary.. ..the two of us were coming
out of the orphanage.. ..when a sweet little voice
made us freeze in our path. Sir! Want a shoeshine? Please, sir. I’ll give it a
great shine for just one rupee. Is that your book, son? Yes, sir. I want to study a lot. People say, education is
essential for being successful. So, I shine shoes.
Please let me do it, sir. What is your name? They call me Chotu at the orphanage. Although, when I enrol myself in
school, I’ll register as Alok. Alok! Do you know what Alok means? – Yes. The manager says Alok means light. Who are you talking to? You’re still here, sir? – Yes. This child shall be referred
to as Alok, not Chhotu. – Okay. He wants to study and do
something with his life. And I’m sure that he will. Alok, come here. I’ll send you to school, son. You can study as much as you want. And to do that,
you won’t need this. Enough. God bless you. The child touched my heart that day. True. And he did what he wanted to. With his sincerity and
your loving support.. ..Alok has even managed to
go abroad for his education. And now.. Hello. – Hello, Mom. Alok? You’ll live a very long life! We were just talking about you.
– Set it down. Let me also hear. Hello.. Ask her about the photographs.
– Yes. Mom.. – Ask her. Mom.. – Ask her if she’s
received the envelope! Mom, that envelope.. Young man, are you asking us about
the photographs or the envelope? Hello, Dad. I must tell you,
we’ve received both. So what do you think?
– She’s okay. Although, the nose is a
bit small, she’s plump.. ..and the eyes. Pooja..
– Why are you troubling him? Alok, he’s only joking. Arpita is very sweet. – Thanks. Let’s not delay something this
auspicious. Get married immediately. Without your presence? Think that we’re there.
That we’re with you. You have our blessings.
It’s impossible for us to be there. We’ll wait for the day when you
come home with our daughter-in-law. As you wish, Dad. Bless you. “Never before..” “..have I been in such a state.” “I’ve lost my sleep.
I’m losing my peace.” “Something’s happening.” “Something’s happening.” “Never before..” “..have I been in such a state.” “I’ve lost my sleep.
I’m losing my peace.” “Something’s happening.” “Something’s happening.” “How do I express my feelings
about my first love?” “How do I express my feelings
about my first love?” “How do I express my thirst?” “I’m restless. I’m wild.” “My heart dreams of someone.” “Something’s happening.” “Something’s happening.” “My love, we met on
the path of love.” “My love, we met on
the path of love.” “My heart’s every desire
has been fulfilled.” “Let there be no
distance between us anymore.” “In the shade of your tresses,
I’m going to sleep.” “Something’s happening.” “Something’s happening.” “Never before..” “..was I in such a state.” “I’ve lost my sleep.
I’m losing my peace.” “Something’s happening.” “Something’s happening.” “Something’s happening.” “Something’s happening.” “Something’s happening.” “Something’s happening.” Today’s not a holiday..’s the bank deserted? What’s all this? Mr. Malhotra, today is
your last day at the office. And everyone here says that
it’ll be very lonely without you. Raj, you’ve been a part of
everyone’s ups and downs. You were always around to talk to. But today, everyone will
listen and you will talk. What do I say? It’s been 30 years, 365 days.. ..and eight hours each day. I’ve spent a major
part of my life here.. ..with your love and affection. I’m sad to be leaving. But that’s the rule of life. One goes away and another
comes to take his place. When I leave, someone
else will come here.. ..with a new name,
a new face and a new spirit. And I’ll go elsewhere
and take up another job. There’s my new boss. She’s vexed.
And wears the expression.. You’ll never improve! – Never. Raj Malhotra isn’t going to improve. Come. – Mr. Malhotra, we’re all
very sad that you’re retiring. Why don’t you take
an extension of another two years.. ..and continue with us? Absolutely. Mr. Rawal, in our busy lives.. ..we forget to appreciate life.
We consume it in a hurry. Now, I want to take it easy
and enjoy the rest of my life.. ..with my wife and kids. As you wish. Should you ever have the need,
please remember.. ..that the doors of this office
and our hearts are open forever. Thank you. ‘Dear son. Lots of love to you.’ ‘Your mummy and I
miss you all very much.’ ‘I miss you more than ever as
I have a lot of free time now.’ ‘I’ve retired. I want to make
some decisions for the future.’ ‘We want you to help
us with our decisions.’ ‘Holi is coming up next
week. If you could come over..’ ‘ would not only brighten the
festival, but we could also chat.’ ‘Lots of love. Papa.’ Hello. – Hello,
brother. Sanjay here. Yes, Sanjay? Have you received papa’s letter?
– Yes. So have you decided to go? Your sister-in-law
says we must all go. Dad has retired. He must have received his
gratuity and provident fund. It’s such large sum of money.
We should talk to him. We’ll even celebrate
Holi there. “When music is made..” Wonderful! “The air resonates with drum beats.” Wonderful! “When hearts meet..” “ colour blends into another.” “Play with colours, brave heroes.” “The brave play with colours.” “They play with colours.” “The brave play with colours.” “They play with colours.” “The brave play with colours.” “They play with colours.” “Play with colours, brave heroes.” “The brave play with colours.” “Here come the husbands
and the wives.” “Here come the husbands
and the wives.” “Here come the husbands
and the wives.” “The brave play in a
care-free manner.” “They play with colours.” “The brave play with colours.” “They play with colours.
– It’s Holi!” “The brave play with colours.” “They play with colours.” “The brave play with colours.” “They play with colours.” “He feels no shame.
He forgets how old he is.” “He feels no shame.
He forgets how old he is.” “At 60, he flirts with me.” “At 60, he flirts with me.” “He applies colour on my face.” “My love is mischievous, indeed.” “He applies colour on my face.” “My love is mischievous, indeed.” “He sprays colours on my veil.” “The brave play with colours.” “He sprays colours on my veil.” “The brave play with colours.” “The brave play with colours.” “They play with colours.” “Here come the husbands and wives.” “The brave play in a
care-free manner.” “They play with colours.
– It’s Holi!” “The brave play with colours.” “They play with colours.” “This season cover me in colour.” “Don’t cover me!” “I swore to stay away from you.” Oh, Uncle! “She sizes me from head to toe.” “My love won’t look in my heart.” “She sizes me from head to toe.” “My love won’t look in my heart.” “I’m old, but I’m young at heart.” “I’m old, but I’m young at heart.” “Take me in your arms.
Let your anklets chime.” “Take me in your arms.
Let your anklets chime.” “It’s true that the
brave play with colours.” “They play with colours.” “It’s true that the
brave play with colours.” “They play with colours.” “The brave play with..” “The brave play with..” “The brave play with colours.” “The brave play with colours.” “They play with colours.” “Here come the husbands
and the wives.” “Here come the husbands
and the wives.” “The brave play in
a carefree manner.” “They play with colours.” “The brave play with colours.” “They play with colours.” “The brave play with colours.” “They play with colours.” “The brave play with colours.” “They play with colours.” “The brave play with colours.” “They play with colours.” “The brave play with colours.” “They play with colours.” Come on. Dinner’s about
to be served. Sit! Sit! Grandpa. – Yes? Why do you always sit on that chair? Because it’s meant for
the head of the family.. ..and I’m the head of this family.
– How? How? This dining table
is like a huge tree. Your grandma, who’s
about to sit there.. the root of the tree. She holds the tree together. And your grandpa
is the strong stem.. ..who keeps a watch over everyone. How about mummy,
papa, uncle and aunt? They’re the branches
of this mighty tree. And before you ask me what
you and sister Payal are.. ..let me tell you, you are the
sweet fruits this tree has borne! Here comes the food.
– Show me what is cooked today. Wow. Sweetmeats.
– This bowl is for me. No one else is getting it. Mom, that’s not fair! Forget it, Rohit. Everyone knows
that the biggest branch.. Ajju, is mom’s favourite. Make do with water. Wow, Mom! Dessert. Don’t worry. I’ve made something
special for each one of you. How about me? You can eat the leftovers. – Really? What a wonderful family
you’ve given me. Dad, there was something
you wanted to say. Yes. But before I say it,
there’s something I want to ask you. Go ahead. I’ve always believed that
I have very good sons. What I want to know is
whether our children.. ..consider their mom
and dad to be any good. Dad, you’re the limit. I don’t think anyone in the world
has better parents than you. We are very lucky to have loving
and caring parents like you. Thank you. Now I can say what I want to. It’s just that.. If we had to account
for everything that.. ..we’ve collected
over the last 40 years.. ..we would come to the conclusion
that in the struggle of life.. ..we could never be together,
despite wanting to. It was almost as if we didn’t
know when you had grown up.. ..and gone your own ways. The happiness we shared
in living together.. ..came to us incrementally. And we looked forward.. the times we could be together. But now I have retired. And I have all the
time in the world. And now, I want to make up for.. ..what I lost in the last 40 years.. giving you our love,
and receiving yours.. staying with you. Until now.. ..we’ve made a lot
of decisions for you. But now, we want you to
take this decision for us. Your parents don’t want to
stay away from you anymore. They want to live with you. Now you must decide.. ..when, with whom and for how
long we’re supposed to stay. That’s all I had to say. You want to discuss
it among yourselves? Go ahead. We’ll go out. Come on, Pooja.
Let the kids get to work. What? Why’s everyone looking at me? The two of us have a
lot of problems, anyway. Living in a city is very expensive.
You know how it is. And we have to get.. ..our daughter married in a
couple of years. What about that? Absolutely. It’s just not possible. I’d definitely take them with me. But Reena goes to work and.. No way! Work in the office all day.. ..and put up with the arrogance
of my in-laws at home! That’s not happening. I’ve just started a new life.
I’m still spreading myself thin. I’ve got to change addresses
every eleven months. Karan, why don’t you take them? You’ll be looked
after and so will they. Wow, sister-in-law. Thanks for
the suggestion, but no thanks. I can barely look after myself.
How will I take care of them? The kids are taking a lot of
time in making their decision. They must be fighting over
who’ll take us home first. Oh, yes. Possibly. Did you think of something? What are we going to do? What else, Kiran? We’ll have to take them with us. They have no one here. For years, we have lived
as we wanted to, Ajay. It’s not easy to start over, is it? One minute. Can’t mummy and
daddy continue to live here? And whatever help they need, we..
– What are you saying, sister-in-law? Dad will never accept any help. I have an idea. Brother, you take mummy with you. And I’ll take papa. Six months later,
papa will go to Rohit’s place.. ..and mummy will go to Karan’s. They’ll get to live with all of us
and that won’t burden anyone either. What do you think? That’s a terrible idea, brother. You know that.. ..they will never
agree to live apart. That’s what my husband’s getting at. They won’t agree to live apart. Therefore, they won’t come
live with us. End of problem. Exactly. – Very good. They’ll be happy where they are
and we’ll be happy in our homes. Here they are. Sorry to have kept the
two of you waiting, Dad. Actually, we couldn’t decide.. ..which one of us you’ll
be living with first. Karan said that if mom and dad
live with everyone in turns.. ..his turn would
come after two years. Of course! Why
should I wait for so long? Hey, Karan, I come before you. I wish I could have mummy
and papa with me forever! So, considering everybody’s
feelings, we’ve decided that.. ..papa will live with us and
mummy will stay with Kiran. After six months,
papa can move to Rohit’s house.. ..and mummy can go to Karan’s. That way, all of us
will have your love. What do you think?
– Yes! Impossible! They don’t want to share our love!
They want to split us! Listen to me.
– No, I won’t. I can’t leave you and that’s it. Look, you are misunderstanding
your own flesh and blood. That’s just what I regret! Despite being flesh and
blood and a part of us.. ..they don’t understand
that their parents one entity. God has united us as one entity
and they want to separate us? That’s not how it is. – I don’t
want to listen to anything. Go and tell your children
that we are happy where we are. I never needed their support in the
past and nor will I in the future. What’re you saying?
What’s their fault? They have yearned for
our love for so many years. To have our love, they’ve found
a way. So why are you so angry? Please don’t doubt our
children’s intentions. Please don’t break their heart. I place you under my oath.
– See, now don’t do this to me. You know how your tears
and oaths weaken me. All right. Go ahead. Go and tell your children
whatever you want. We accept your decision. Let us know when and
where we are going. You guys were
rejoicing at your idea. See what happened. How were we to know that they want
to come to our houses so desperately.. ..that they’d even agree
to live separately? “The sun, who spread
sunshine in my rose garden.. ..why is it dark today?” “What did you seek? And what did
you get? The gardener thinks.” “What did you seek? And what did
you get? The gardener thinks.” “In the gardener lives God.” “In the gardener lives God.” “In the gardener lives God.” “In the gardener lives God.” “In the gardener lives God.” Karan!
– What? You’re still here?
Who’ll get a cab? Go on. Want me to fix the tie? I’m not going to
wear the tie. Never. Listen.Come here. I won’t be there with you. Have your medicines on time. You’re allergic to frozen foods. Don’t forget. Brother Ram Avtar says.. ..if the holy beads
remain near your heart.. ..your blood
pressure will be normal. You are the one who’s
closest to my heart, Pooja. There’s no room for these
holy beads or anything else. You will never improve. Yes, I won’t. Never. Where are mom and dad?
– Romancing inside. Mom, dad! Hurry up!
We’re getting late. “Who has lit the fire of sorrow?” “My fields are rendered wastelands.” “From a thriving garden of
life rises a sandstorm.” “What did you sow? What did
you reap,” thinks the gardener.” “What did you sow? What did
you reap,” thinks the gardener.” “In the gardener lives God.” “In the gardener lives God.” “In the gardener lives God.” “In the gardener lives God.” Wonderful, brother Raju. You’ve immensely repaid me for a
40-year old friendship and your love. What did you say to me? That we were friends as children.
We will not part even as old men. So what happened now? Where
is your friendship, love.. ..affection and loyalty? Ram Avtar, listen to me..
– I don’t want to listen to anything. You’re the biggest cheat. Without even a word, you’re
destroying all your relationships? Destroying relations?
With you and this house? This is the house
where I brought my wife. This is where my children
were born and brought up. Will I break relations with it?
No way. I have very fond memories
with you and this house. How can I sever ties with them? Tell me. Here you are. What will I do with it? Tell me. What will
I do with the keys? Must I erase my memories of
you and find a new tenant? No tenant is ever going to
live here. This is your house. And it will always be yours. I must leave now. I’ll take them with me. I can’t
see them stay apart and suffer. Good boy. Come, come. Stay with Karan. And
don’t bother him, okay? Mama.. Our taxi’s over there. Come on, Dad. Hey, Bunty! – Hey, Rahul. Come! Take that out too. Carefully.
– Okay. Check the luggage. How much? Eighty bucks. Sanju, take the bag. Hello. Hey, Tina!
What do I tell you? When we got there, we were told
that Sanju’s father has retired. He neither has a place
to stay, nor any money. What could I do?
I had to bring him along. Anyway, forget that.
Tell me how you are. ‘Please don’t doubt our
children’s intentions.’ ‘Please don’t break their heart.’ ‘I place you under my oath.’ Grandpa! Welcome home! Let’s go to our room!
– Our room? Yes, yours and mine! Come on!
– Come. Hello, sir.
– Hello, Lalita. Come, mother. Come on, Payal.
– I’ll be right back. Hello, madam.
– Hello. Is everything okay? Yes. Lalita, take mom’s luggage
to Payal’s room. – Okay. No way! I can’t share
my room with anyone. Payal, she’s your grandmother.
– So what? I don’t want to compromise my
privacy at any cost. Please. Sorry. This girl doesn’t even let me
into her room for a long time! What do you mean? Is mom
going to live in the hall? Don’t be upset, son.
I’ll manage anywhere. Just find a place to
keep my luggage. – Yes. Lalita, keep her
luggage in your room. And spread a new
bed sheet on the bed. In my room?
– Yes. You can sleep in the kitchen. Who does she think she is? With the luggage in my room,
where will I go? At this rate,
I’m going to move out soon! Dinner is served, Sanju. Grandpa. Dinner is ready! Okay! Here I come! Papa!
– Yes? That’s Sanju’s place.
Please sit there. All right. Sorry. Mummy, that chair is for
the head of the family. And grandpa is the head!
– That’s true, son. But the one who sits there
has a lot of work to do. Passing around the dishes,
looking into everyone’s plate. Let your papa do that!
Isn’t it? – Hi, Dad. Hello, son. – Hey, sunny boy. Give me a five! How was school? Fantastic, papa.
– Was it? Where were you, Reena?
I called your office. I was very busy.
Was it something important? Nothing important. I thought
we’d have a Chinese meal together. Don’t worry.
We’ll have lunch together tomorrow. Right now, eat what I’ve made. Stop it, Sanju.
You’ve done enough work. A bit more, Reena. No, I’ve got to wake
up early. Come on. Almost finished.
– Come on! Let’s go. – Come on. You want me to come running
after you? – Come. – Listen, son.. Hey, Dad. Good night.
– The telephone.. Could I..use it.. talk to your mother? Hello.
– Yes, it’s me. I’ve been waiting for your call.
Did you reach home safely? This is the first time I’m not
with you. I can’t sleep without you. I’m missing you very much.
How are you? Why don’t you speak? Say something. You and I are separated. What has life come to? “You and I are separated.” “What has life come to?” “You and I are separated.” “What has life come to?” “You are the only one I
see everywhere, my love.” “I get no sleep. I miss you.” “I get no sleep. I miss you.” “I can’t live without you anymore.” “You and I are separated.” “What has life come to?” It’s as if time has
come to a standstill. There’s gloom everywhere. I pine for you. I’m lonely, thirsting in soul. “Your face doesn’t fade
away from my vision.. “..for even a moment.” “Days and nights go by.. “A lonely life doesn’t go by.” “I can’t say a word to you,
even if I wish to.” “I can’t say a word to you,
even if I wish to.” “How do I express my sorrow?” “You and I are separated.” “What has life come to?” Okay. Bye. Don’t forget to write. “Whenever I hear footsteps.. “..I feel as if you have arrived.” “Like a whiff of fresh air.. “ have lent fragrance
to my breath.” “Those were the days when
we were always together.” “Those were the days when
we were always together.” “And there is so much
distance between us now.” “You and I are separated.” “What has life come to?” Hey! Stop! Stop! Good boy. Good dogs don’t bite
good people, son. I’m glad you stopped him, brother. He kept chasing me.
– But why was it chasing you? He was making me jog. Yes! This dog was part of my wife’s
dowry. It’s from my in-laws’ place. Oh! And I thought it
wanted to bite you. That’s my wife’s job.
He only makes me run. But I’m surprised he
stopped at your voice. Yes, I have two dogs too. Tiger and Pinky. I also
take them for a stroll. I see. You’re new in Delhi? Yes, I came only yesterday
to stay with my son. – See. See that building there? Urvashi?
That’s the one. Whose flat?
– Sanjay Malhotra. Okay! Third floor. – Yes. So you’re Sanjay’s father?
– Yes, do you know him? Of course. He has a son, Rahul.
Very sweet kid! Yes.
– He comes to my music café. Music cafe?
– Behind the building. Archie’s Music Gallery. It’s mine.
– I see. It’s two in one. Listen to music
and drink coffee, if you wish to. Actually, it’s three in one. Really? – In the ‘hole inside,
there’s a library. Read whichever book you want to. You mean, one has to
get into a hole to read? No! Not “hole.”
A “big hole.” 20 by 20. Hole! – Oh! Hall! Hall! So you’re a Gujarati? Yes. But my wife speaks Hindi. I see! Two in one again. Brother! You’re comical! Why do you call me brother?
Do I look mota (Fat)? Not fat! In Gujarati,
mota means elder brother. Out of respect.
– What is your name? I’m Hemant Patel. Yes, I’m leaving. He’s
going to make me run. You must come to my music
cafe and drink my wife’s coffee. I’m leaving. First-class coffee! Come! Come! Kiran! Where are you? What is it?
– Am I getting any tea or not? I knew this was coming.
– What? You know, the maid has run
away after mummy arrived. What? What has mama got to do
with the maid running away? You don’t know how spoilt
the servants are nowadays. She refused to sleep in the kitchen! Why are you quiet? I’m not getting
up early to make tea for everybody. Let her make the tea for herself.
– Don’t be upset, Kiran. I’m here. I’m in the habit of working. I used to make tea for your papa. Now I’ll make it for my children. Reena! Hurry up! I’ll be delayed again
because of you! – What can I do? There’s one more person so
there’s extra work to do. I’ve got to cook for your father,
iron his clothes, get Rahul ready.. ..and there’s no one to help! Payal! – Bye, Mom! I’m going! – Bye, dear! Hi!
– Baby, what took you so long? Come, come! – Okay! Hello, baby. Okay, listen. Give me a kiss. No problem! Later! Mummy, I’m leaving
for the kitty party. Cook whatever you’d
like for yourself. But Payal..
– She has already left. She’ll return only in the evening
after her dance classes. Bye. Brother! Come! Yes! Come! This is my music café. – I see.
– Come on inside. The music cafe. Shanti! Shanti! Take care of your dowry
– I’m coming. Quiet, Johnny. You’re
always picking on him. What is it? Why’ve you been yelling? The dog’s been barking
and she says I’m yelling. This is Rahul’s grandpa. I told you
that I met him in the garden. I see.
– This is my wife. Hello! – Hello! Forgive me. You dropped
your lemons because of me. You speak very good Hindi.
– Please don’t embarrass me. Things will fall, brother. But she
broke some eggs the other day. Yes! She’s not just my wife,
she’s my life! My better-half. Please be seated. I’ll get
some great coffee for you. Could I have some tea instead? At least try the coffee that I make. He wants tea. So get him tea.
And make it well. The other day, you made tea and
the customer said, “Wonderful soup!” Look, Hemant, please! Just stop it! How would a monkey
know the stage is bent? God! If you must use
proverbs in Hindi.. least quote them accurately! Why do you mix them up?
– No, I always use single words. Lies! You decide, brother. You speak Hindi, right? The one he used just now,
wasn’t it a mix of two proverbs? Two.
– Two? How? How would a monkey
know the taste of ginger? Ginger! – The one who can’t
dance blames the dance floor. I mixed up ginger and
dance floor! I’m sorry! Heard that? Okay? I’ll get you some nice tea. The lemons! She left! Great! You indeed have
a cheerful place here. Isn’t it? Earlier we
pined for a child. And now there are so
many boys and girls around. We don’t have a child,
you see. – I see. Now see! Hey, kids, come here! Come! Hello.
– These are the kids. And this is Mr. Raj Malhotra. He’s like my elder brother.
Please be seated. This is Kapil. In London, his father..
– Has a publication. He has a publication.
And that’s Nili. Hi, uncle! – She’s fair, but
calls herself Nili (Blue). How are you, Mom?
– Fine, Ajju. Kiran. – She’s gone somewhere, son. She must’ve told you. – No. She must be coming. Can I say something, son? You must keep track of.. ..where your wife
and your daughter are. Your papa was always
concerned about these things. He was interfering, Mom.
It had a dominating nature. But I believe in complete freedom. Every human being must have the
right to lead the life he desires. But there’s need for
order in the family. And it’s your responsibility. Your papa always kept
the family under control. He maintained discipline. He kept the family together. Discipline doesn’t mean.. ..we start interfering
in each other’s lives.. ..and destroy their freedom. Whatever he did was
for our own well-being. It was only his love. When love crosses a certain limit,
it becomes suffocating, Mom. You mean, our love
for you was stifling? Come on! Why are you
getting into this argument?! You’re here as a guest for a
few days. So behave like a guest. I came here because
I thought it was my house. But you turned your
mother into a guest. Hey, Dad. You haven’t slept? I couldn’t sleep, but what are
you up to at 2am in the morning. I have to present a new
project at the office tomorrow. So I’ll have to
complete my work, won’t I? Can I help? It’s not your cup of tea, Dad.
– Why not? This is what I’ve been doing
for the last forty years. Forget it! How can you
compare your petty 9 to 5 job.. ..with the workload of a
multinational corporation like ours? In your generation, there
was no competition or stress. But we’ve got to stay
awake each night to survive. So you think things
were very easy for us? That we didn’t have any stress
in our lives? Of course we did. But despite that,
we gave the best to our work.. ..we worked hard for a living,
earned respect. I brought up four sons to lead a
life with their heads held high. Yes, Dad. But you
will have to admit.. ..that your sons had the ability,
the skill and the talent.. ..with which they paved a way for
themselves and achieved their goals. And built this house.
That’s not all. Right now, I’ve also
secured my future.. that I don’t have
to beg when I grow old. What happened? Why are you
looking at me like that? Oh, come on! You have to agree, whatever we are
today, we’ve done it on our own. In any case, what have you
done for us? – Sanju, come soon! Coming, sweetheart! Good night. ‘Your sons had the ability,
the skill and the talent..’ ‘..with which they paved a way for
themselves and achieved their goals.’ ‘And built this house.
That’s not all.’ ‘Right now, I have
also secured my future..’ ‘ that I don’t have to beg
before anyone when I grow old.’ True. What have we done for them? If we’ve fed our
children and ourselves.. ..gone to bed on a hungry stomach,
what have we done for you? If we have killed every
little desire we had.. fulfil all your needs.. ..what have we done for you? If we have sacrificed our
present for your future.. ..what have we done for you? We have done nothing for anyone. Nothing at all. ‘While following you during
the nuptial rounds, I thought..’ ‘..I was your shadow.’ ‘But you held my hand and said..’ ‘ are not my shadow,
but my better half..’ ‘ companion for life.’ ‘Separated from you,
I feel so incomplete.’ ‘Neither is it the same at
7am in the morning anymore..’ ‘..nor is it the
5:30 of the old times.’ ‘Nor do I find the
tea sweet without you.’ That is 283. – What about this? Uncle.
– What? That.. I’ll call you back. Brother. What happened? Is everything all right? – Oh, yes. I received a letter from my
wife and I got a little emotional. For the first time in 40 years, we
have been separated from each other. See? He’s missing sister-in-law.
– We are both missing each other. See how he misses his wife. And you! That’s not true, darling. I shed tears too,
when I’m separated from you. Really?
– Tears of joy! Stop joking and
learn something from him. Kapil. Uncle Raj can miss aunt and cry
even after 40 years of marriage. Will you also miss me like this?
– Look, children. If your love is true.. remains fresh and attractive
till you breathe your very last. After listening to you,
the kids have.. ..forgotten about Romeo
Juliet and become your fans. Yes. And they must too. All the legendary lovers
died pining for their beloveds. But our brother has been living
with his beloved for 40 years. Hey! What a love story. – The world
ought to know about this love story. You ought to write, uncle.
– Yes! Why don’t you write? Uncle, you must write about
your experiences, about your life. About your wife.
– About your love. Write about it, brother. But I’m not a writer. I can’t write! – You must write! Try.
– Not try. I simply can’t write. At least try. – I can’t write. ‘The world ought to know
about this love story.’ ‘You ought to write, uncle.
– Yes!’ ‘Uncle, you must write about
your experiences, about your life.’ ‘About your wife.
– About your love.’ ‘Write about it, brother.
– Absolutely.’ ‘Uncle, please!
– You must.’ “I think of the past..” “..whenever I’m alone.” “Silence speaks to me.” “I cry, away from prying eyes.” “It’s been ages
since I have smiled.” “It’s been ages
since I have smiled.” “Tears are now part of me.” “You and I are separated.” “What has life come to?” “You are the only one I
see everywhere, my love.” “Sleep eludes me. I can’t
stop thinking about you.” “Sleep eludes me. I can’t
stop thinking about you.” “I cannot live without you anymore.” Baby! Why do you
always have to go home? Anyway. I’ll see you tomorrow,
okay? – Okay! Take care. Bye! – Bye! Hey, gorgeous. Want a lift? Come. Payal, you’re late again today? Mummy! What happened? Why are you yelling? Make it clear to your mother, Daddy. Ask her not to be my mother! She keeps taunting me
and intruding every time! My life has become a living hell! Payal..
– Please keep quiet! And please stop interfering
in my personal life. Okay? Why are you
targeting my poor daughter? Payal is my daughter too.. – Mama! We have enough troubles
in our lives already. Why are you creating more problems? I say it because there ought
not to be anymore problems. Payal is a girl.
– Times have changed. There’s no difference
between men and women. Times never change for a woman. It was my duty to
caution you, and I did. We know our duties! Please don’t say
anything to Payal again! Sanju. Wake up, please. Sanju. What?
– You can drink and go to sleep. But what about me? Papa has hit
upon a new tune to disturb me. Go and ask him to stop
making that noise, please. I’ve got to get up early and
do the chores. I need to sleep. What a problem! Dad. What are you doing in
the middle of the night? I couldn’t go to sleep.
So I thought.. You get less sleep at
this age anyway, Dad. But that doesn’t mean
you won’t let others sleep. At least think about Reena. She’s the first to wake up, get
Rahul ready and cook for all of us. Please. It would be nice if
you could think about her. God! He’s going to
get me killed someday! Pritam!
– Yes, brother-in-law! Come here,
pipsqueak! – Coming! Coming! Didn’t I ask you to
write the accounts? That’s what I have done. Is this the accounts
or a love letter? I will write just as much as I can!
– You know nothing! Why are you yelling at him? Look! He’s scolding me! Why are you
scolding my Jittu, Hemant? Your Jittu’s going to
drive me bankrupt some day! Are these the accounts
or the will of a pauper? Where does he get the time?
The poor chap is busy all day. How will he find the time? He keeps
hovering around the girls’ tables! Pritam! – Hi! Coming! See how he ran away! Who’ll write the accounts now?
– Let me write it. I will! Brother will! Hello, brother. – Hello. You will keep the accounts?
– Why? Can’t I? I’m your brother after all. True, but on one condition. – What? You will quietly accept
whatever I put in your pocket. No, that’s not happening. Impossible.
– No? So this is not happening either.
Let me incur loss and go to prison. Makes no difference.
– All right. You win. I lose. A typewriter? – Yes. I started writing at the
children’s behest the other day. But I can’t get in the
mood to write at home. So if you don’t mind the noise.. What are you saying? Do you think I call you
“brother” for the sake of it? It comes from the depths
of my heart. – Absolutely. Sit wherever you want to. Is that place okay?
– Sure. Go ahead. – Anywhere you
wish to. – It’s all yours. Keep punching away
at the typewriter. It’s as melodious
as our music anyway. I’ll get you some tea. Sister Shanti, please add a
dash of ginger. – I’ll get it! Wow! That’s one step worse! It isn’t worse! It’s for the better! When will this man improve? She doesn’t know. I deliberately
make mistakes in the proverbs. Because whenever she corrects me,
there’s a lovely glow on her face. For that glow, I can
make mistakes all my life. Hemant. – Coming! I’ll be back. You’re lucky. Your wife is with
you to correct you. ‘Pooja, I think of
your smiling face..’ ‘..even as I try to
get on with my life.’ ‘But your letter made me cry.’ ‘I do miss you..’ ‘..but God has given me
some very good friends here.’ ‘The husband and wife run a café.’ ‘I spend the day with them.’ ‘But when it’s time to go home,
my feet refuse to move.’ ‘My heart just doesn’t
feel like going there.’ ‘After all, home is
where the heart is.’ ‘And my heart is with you,
thousands of miles away.’ ‘What else do I write? We wanted
to have our children’s love..’ ‘..but we have lost our own love.’ Papa, buy me a new pair of shoes.
This pair is so old. Please! All right, I’ll buy a pair for you.
– Today! Hurry up, Rahul. Good morning, Papa.
– Good morning. Come on, Rahul.
It’s getting late now. Morning, son.
– Morning, Papa. I’ve given him Rs. 1,500 for a
pair of shoes. Check the size. Okay. Here.
– Thanks. Raj Malhotra. – Yes. Your mummy’s love letter.
– From grandma! Grandma’s letter! Trouble-time. The glasses have broken. Sorry, grandpa.
– It’s okay, son. I’ll tell your
papa to have it fixed. Son. – Yes, Dad. My glasses have broken.
Will you have it fixed, please? I want to read your mother’s letter. It isn’t possible this month. It’s the end of the month.
We’re short of cash. Hope you understand. But next month for sure.
Promise, okay? Rahul, what’re you
doing here? Come on! Shanti, darling! What have you
cooked? That’s a lovely aroma. You needn’t be so happy.
It’s not for you. It’s for brother. Welcome!
– How are you? I’m okay. I have a bit of a bother
for you, Hemant. – Yes? I’ve received a letter from Pooja. But my glasses broke today and
they can’t be fixed immediately. But I must read this letter at
once. Will you read it for me? Read it.
– What’s the big deal? Come on. Sit. What happened?
– It’s in Hindi. And.. But never mind. When
will my wife help? Shanti. – Yes? Hindi! – Coming. Here, read it. It’s a letter from his wife. How can I read it?
– Stop acting funny. Brother’s so restless. Read it. Tell me something. Will you also read my letter as..
– No. May God never separate you. He mustn’t ever do this to you. Read it. ‘Listen, love.’ ‘You always say that
I make you cry with my letters.’ ‘But you made me cry this time.’ ‘Why did you say that
you’ve lost your love?’ ‘As long as you and I are alive,
how can our love ever be lost?’ ‘Never.’ ‘You know what?
I hope you won’t laugh.’ ‘Earlier, whenever I used to
get ready before the mirror..’ ‘..I always felt as if
you were watching me..’ ‘..saying the eyeliner
looks very nice in my eyes.’ ‘A blue-coloured sari
(Indian dress) looks lovely on me.’ ‘To be honest, I don’t feel
like dressing up anymore.’ ‘Whom will I dress for?’ ‘Who will look at me?’ No, brother. I can’t read anymore. Read it when your glasses are fixed. Hey! Who brought this? Daddy? No! I! You? Where did you
get the money from? Dad had given me money
for a pair of shoes. Yes. – But I can manage with
these for another two months. You’ve got to read
grandma’s letter, isn’t it? So go ahead. Don’t feel shy! ‘Away from you, I feel as if
I’m standing at a place..’ ‘..that is plunged in darkness.’ ‘There was neither a soothing
voice, nor your comforting arms..’ ‘..nor even sleep. There
was only anticipation.’ Mischievous boy! You are lying
to me? You’re trying to cheat me? One slap and you’ll straighten out! Is this what you have learnt? Next time you do this,
I’ll break your legs! What happened, daughter-in-law?
– Please don’t interfere! He is already spoilt because of you! He has started lying and cheating. He spent the money for his
shoes on your glasses today. Soon he’ll sell household stuff
for some need of yours! – Mummy! Come on inside! “Come on,” I said! – Grandpa! “Shut up,” I said! Get in! Hello!
– I have a small problem, brother. What happened? – I brought those
dogs here and they ran away today. What do I do now?
Must I inform mom and dad or.. Why make an issue out
of something so trivial? Where will they go anyway?
They’ve got to come back home. No, uncle, I’m really scared. Look, he really loves you.
– But uncle, how do I believe him? Nili, will you be my Valentine? Come on! Say yes! Come on! Say yes!
– Yes! Yes! Hey! What did I tell you?
– Thank you, uncle! What’s all this for?
Is it something special? Today’s a special day, uncle! Why?
– It’s Valentine’s Day. What’s that? – Let
me explain, brother. On Valentine’s Day, boys lie
to girls that they love them! What rubbish! Why are you getting angry?
You’re not my girlfriend. You’re my wife. Then it’s okay.
– Does it happen every year? The boy sinks with life! Life that is saved
means millions earned. Cut. The mole sinks the ship. You ought to call aunt today. – No. Oh yes, you must!
– What will I say to her? Hello. – Hello, Pooja. Pooja. Pooja. Say something more. What? – Ask her! Will you be my.. Will you be my.. – Valentine. Valentine.
– You’re too much. For 40 years I’ve
been your Valentine! That’s not happening. I asked you in English,
so reply to me in English. Will you be my Valentine? Yes.
– Yes. Yes! It’s Valentine’s Day. Uncle, please sing.
– Please sing a song for us. You sing very well. “They’re blowing again.” “The winds of love
are blowing again.” “They’re blowing again.” “The winds of love
are blowing again.” “The winds of love
are blowing again.” “The winds of love
are blowing again.” “I have a crazy heart.” “I have a crazy heart.” “It looks for my beloved
in every lane and street.” “The winds of love
are blowing again.” “The winds of love
are blowing again.” “All eternal lovers.” “All eternal lovers.” “Be he a lover or king.” “The excitement of
love grips every heart.” “The winds of love
are blowing again.” “The winds of love
are blowing again.” “I shall love you forever.” “I can’t forget you for a moment.” “I shall love you forever.” “I can’t forget you for a moment.” “I have spent my days in your love.” “My heart has longed for you.” “They’re blowing again.” “The winds of love
are blowing again.” “I have a crazy heart.” “It looks for my beloved
in every lane and street.” “They’re blowing again.” “The winds of love
are blowing again.” “The winds of love
are blowing again.” Hello! What’s the venue? Resort or Retreat? Resort. Okay. – Payal.. ..where are you going at
night? That too, dressed this way? So, you’re ridiculing me again? You’ll never improve. You’ve spoilt my mood. “There’s mischief, there’s charm,
this youth is intoxicating.” “Come into my arms, see how
I have been pining for you.” “They’re blowing again.” “The winds of love
are blowing again.” “I have a crazy heart.” “I have a crazy heart.” “It looks for my beloved
in every lane and street.” “They’re blowing again.” “The winds of love
are blowing again.” First you set my blood on fire
by wearing those skimpy dresses.. give me those inviting looks.. ..and then you zone me out! Hey, you old hag! You can’t speak to
me in that manner. How dare you touch my daughter! What did you think? She’s a tramp? That there’s no one
to take care of her? You think you can get
her into your clutches.. giving her a ride in your car? You think you can
do anything to her? If I see you around our house ever
again or see you looking at her.. ..I’ll gorge your eyes out!
I’ll have you sent to jail! She’s my daughter. Get out from here! Out! Get lost! This is the limit! It’s 3am
and Payal hasn’t returned yet. She’s never so late. Did you try her mobile?
– I did. It’s switched off. There she is. Payal! Mummy. You and Payal? Mummy.. – Actually, Kiran..
I had heard about Valentine’s Day. And since I’m in Bombay.. ..I thought I’d see first-hand
what it’s all about. I told her to take me out. But you should’ve
noticed the time, Payal. It’s not her fault, son. She wanted to return early. But I insisted that we
stay out a little longer. Did you hear that? – Amazing! You’re concerned about
your enjoyment.. ..and it has ruined our sleep! I told Kiran to go to bed. But how could she sleep?
After all, she’s a mother. Why would your mother
worry about us? She is selfish and thinks
only about her enjoyment. And you were lecturing
me to control my family. So where’s your discipline? Forget it! Your mom is not
worried about her age.. ..nor the respect of this family! Stop it now. Please stop it! Enough is enough! Come on, grandma. – She.. Here you are ready to
enjoy an early dawn meal! I’ve explained to you several
times that this marital fast.. meant for women, and you..
– Listen to me. Why do women observe this fast? So that we can have the same husband
for seven births. – All right. And I observe this fast.. that I get you
every time I am born.. I know. I won’t improve. Here you are brother.
Tea with a dash of ginger. No thanks. I’m fasting today. I’ll have something only
after I see the moon. Today’s my marital fast too.
– Mine too. Yours? – Yes. You too? For sister-in-law? Hemant! I’m dying of hunger, Sanju. Please don’t talk of dying, love.
Let’s go and eat. Come, Rahul. But you said we were going out.
I haven’t cooked anything. Don’t be angry. Let’s go out. Rahul, get ready.
We’re going out for dinner. What will grandpa eat? He eats and comes when
he returns after nine. So get ready.
– Let’s go. Come on. The moon is out.
I’ve done my ritual.. take a look at the
moon and I’ll serve dinner. No, Shanti. Pooja must be
trying to call me at home. Let me talk to her first.
I’ll eat later. Hello!
– Hello! – Pooja! My respects! – Hope we’ll always
be there for each other! You saw the moon?
– Yes, I did. Did you drink water? What are you looking at? – You look
at your moon, I’ll look at mine. And please hurry up.
I’m dying of thirst. How can I drink water
unless I’ve seen the moon? This year I didn’t get to see it. Will you keep talking? Imagine I’m with you. Go on. Have some water. All right. Hold on. I had water. I’ve had some too. Now have something to eat. Okay. Wait. What a full plate! What has your
daughter-in-law prepared today? What’s this? Potatoes. Cauliflower, peas and
cottage cheese, ladyfinger. And this is yogurt and some sweets. There’s fried bread too! Let me break a piece
of bread and eat it. Fantastic! Excellent food! You don’t know how to lie. You’ll never improve. Never. Look, according to our
agreement..yes, come in. Excuse me, sir.
– Yes? Your mother is here.
May I send her in? No, serve her some tea. I’m coming. Hello.
– How often have I told you.. ..not to bring family
squabbles into my office? And that’s just what’s happened!
What’s mama doing here? I’m sick of all this!
I’ll speak to her, okay? I know. There must be something
going on between mother and son. She must be badmouthing me. Kiran, I didn’t go
there to badmouth you. Don’t try to play innocent.
What do you want? Why are you so keen on ruining
my family’s peace and happiness? I’ve left all my work at the
office to come and ask you that. If you had any problems.. ..couldn’t you have waited
for me to return home? Why did you have to
come to my office? I’m asking you a question!
Answer me! Why don’t you say something? It was the mother in
me that brought me here. You have always loved this sweet. I have prepared it
on every birthday. And today is your birthday. I prepared the sweets this morning,
but you had already left. I couldn’t wait to give
it to you and so I came.. How was I to know that my love
would be construed as my crime? Hello.
– Sister-in-law, Karan speaking. Yes, Karan?
– Is my brother Rohit there? Yes. It’s Karan’s call. Yes, Karan? What’s up? What else? I called to remind
you that the six months are up. It’s your turn now to
welcome mom and dad. Karan, what are
you reminding me for? This situation is causing
daily fights in my family. Hello! – Pooja. You? My respects! How are you?
You’re calling after a long time. I hope you’re well. Yes, I’m okay. I was ill for a
few days, but I’m all right now. I know why you must’ve been ill. You must’ve been lax and
had something cold to drink. You probably didn’t take
your medicines either. I’ve told you so often..
– Can I say something? Now listen. What’s the day after tomorrow?
– Our wedding anniversary. Yes. Our wedding anniversary.
Would you like to meet me? Now listen
carefully while I explain. You and I are leaving our
respective places tomorrow. In a matter of five minutes.. ..our trains will cross
the Vijaynagar Station. Whoever gets there first
will wait for the other. – But.. No if and but! We’re meeting the day after.
Just wait for me, okay? Okay. Bye. Grandpa. Can I say something? Yes, son? – Please don’t
come back here ever again. What’s this? A small gift for you. You are the world’s greatest grandma.
Thank you, dear. “He’s a jolly good fellow!”
– Thank you. “He’s a jolly good fellow!”
– Enough. I must leave now, Hemant. I would have been so
lonely without you. Me too. Thank you very much.
– Please don’t say that. You’re the one who says such things. You don’t realise
what you mean to me. In you, I found an elder brother. You know what that means?
It means shelter. And only someone who
doesn’t have any shelter.. ..can realise what it means. Here you are. What?
– No way! I know you’re too proud
to accept any charity.. ..but this is your
hard-earned money. You have maintained our
accounts and this is the payment. Go now or I won’t
bear to let you go. People are watching.
– Let them watch. What will they say? They’ll say that though we’re old,
our love is still strong. Pooja. – Yes. These six months without
you felt like six lifetimes. I had forgotten what it feels
like to really breathe. See! One look at you and my
heart is beating again. You flatter very
well with your words. Not just words, but with love. Here you go! Congratulations on our
wedding anniversary. To you too. But I have nothing to give you. You do, Pooja. Take back that oath which compelled
us to live away from each other. Tied in that oath, we have
suffered for six months. Release me from this oath. There you are. Thank you, boss. Come on. Over there. The waiting room.
Let’s go. What will we do there? We’ll leave our luggage there,
go out for a walk and celebrate. Celebrate? You forget? What does the sign say? Vijaynagar. – Yes! This is the city where we had
started our lives together! We got married here! Come on. But our trains? We’ll think about that later. Come. Hello!
– Karan, where have you been? I’ve been trying to
reach you all morning. But I’ve not been able
to get a hold of you. Is mummy there? No! I’ve already been
to the station thrice. I wonder where she has gone.
Has dad come there? No. And that’s why I’m so worried. I called Ajay and Sanjay.
Both mom and dad have left. I wonder where they’ve gone.
They are really.. Forget it. Trouble-free for a day. Today you’ll wear a tie, won’t you? No, I’ll have it put on. For this very moment, I.. “To the gardens you
have brought spring.” “The climes are no longer deprived.” “My search of many
lifetimes ends here.” “Moments of separation are past.” “The gardener weaves dreams
that were once shattered.” “The gardener weaves dreams
that were once shattered.” “In the gardener lives God.” “In the gardener lives God.” “In the gardener lives God.” “In the gardener lives God.” Shanti, come on. Shanti. You’re crying?
– Yes. When you read this,
you too, will cry. What’s written in that? It isn’t written, Hemant.
He has bared his heart. To be honest, only a man who starves
for his wife can write this. A man who falls ill,
thinking about her. Only he can feel like this. When you expect love,
you don’t find it. When you get an abundance of love.. a place that you
least expect it from.. don’t know how to handle it. I must say something. One must never place
one’s hopes on anyone. When hope is crushed, it
causes a lot of agony. True. So, let’s go to the station,
pick up our luggage.. ..and head for our destination.
– Yes, that’s what we’ll do. Go to the station,
pick up our luggage.. ..and head not for two
different destinations, but one. Yes, Pooja. No power can separate
us now, except death. We are one, and will live together. But where will we go? Wherever life takes us. Over there for now. To have an ice-cream?
– I’m wearing a tie after months. So let me sweeten
my tongue. Let’s go. My chocolate ice-cream is
delicious? Yours? – Very nice. Nuts. Chocolates. Yours is just plain. What are you looking at? It’s a dream that
was never fulfilled. You know, when we
were newly married.. ..I had dreams of owning a car. That I’d return from the office.. ..honking away at the gate,
and you’d come running. I’d take you by the hand
and we’d go on a long drive! Then we’d stop somewhere and
have some snacks and ice-cream.. ..but our dreams remained
unfulfilled in trying.. fulfil our children’s dreams. But never mind.
– Good morning, sir. Good morning.
– What do you think of this car? We don’t want to buy it.
We were only looking.. Sir. I’ll give you the catalogue
with its features. Please come. I told you we don’t
want to buy a car. Why not take it for a test drive? Test drive, please. Try it, sir.
– We’ll check it out. Okay. Try it. – Thank you. Come, ma’am. Hold this. So what do you
think of the car, sir? It’s really a wonderful car. So, let’s go inside. I’ll
give you more information. I have already told you that
we don’t wish to buy the car. I’m not in a position to buy it. A car is no big deal nowadays, sir. Think about it and
you have the keys. I’ll try and arrange a loan
for you. – You’re badgering us. I told you we don’t want
the car. I can’t afford it. We don’t have the money to buy it. In that case, why did you
sit in such an expensive car? Get lost!
– Hey..what are you doing? What kind of misbehaviour is this?
– Father. Alok! Son! – My respects! When did you come?
– Alok. One second. Alok, listen to me.. – Sorry, boss. You know whom you just pushed? Sorry, boss.
– It was my father! Let him go, son. Alok.
– My respects. Where have the two of you been? Ever since I’ve come to India,
I’ve tried calling you.. ..but was unsuccessful.
I couldn’t resist.. I went to your house,
but I found it locked. Even uncle’s house was locked.
I was so scared. I used to call daily.. ..and pray that God would
bring me to my father and mother. He heard my prayers. So now
you must come home with me. Someone’s waiting for you.
– Let’s go. We’ll chat over there. – Okay. Let’s go. Arpita! – Yes? Arpita! I’m coming. What is it? The Gods you worship everyday..
I’ve brought them with me. Mother, father. My respects.
– Bless you! You took so long to
give me your blessings. We have everything here,
but it felt so incomplete. Today, you have given me everything.
My family is complete. What? – The auspicious gift. Here you are, dear.
It’s an auspicious gift. Keep it. Take it. It’s God’s gift. No, Shanti. They haven’t come to
ask us where their parents are. They’ve come to find out
whether we’re alive or dead! And if we’re dead,
then who will cremate us? And unfortunately, if they’re alive,
then who will have them treated! Hemant..
– Please! Please don’t call me brother. Don’t try to forge
a relation with me. The one you shared a
blood relation with.. drove to shed tears of blood. That poor man used to hide
there and weep in misery. Listen to us..
– Please go away. If you weren’t my nephews,
then I’d have had you thrown out. You have committed a sin by
separating your parents at this age. Maybe God will forgive you
for this, but I never will. Remember, you have
made your parents cry. One day, your
children will make you weep. How they harassed brother, Shanti. If this is how children behave, then
I’m glad we don’t have any children. We don’t want any. We don’t want any. Shanti. Leave all this. We must set out
immediately to look for brother. That’s all right,
but where will we go? One minute. Maybe he
has gone to his house. His house?
– Yes, his old house. I saw the address in his file.
– So where is it? Kapil and Nili took
the file away to read it. So call them and send for the file. I’ll call.
– That isn’t just a file anymore. Who’s that? It’s about to
become a beautiful book. Uncle, this is my papa. Oh, hello! “You are our father, our mother.” “Who else will I seek shelter with?” “Who else will I seek shelter with?” “There is no one
except You, oh Lord.” “There is no one
except You, oh Lord.” “On whom I pin my hopes.” “Glory be to You, oh Lord.” Father? Mother? Hello. Are the two of you going out? No, Arpita. It’s an
old habit with father. He bathes and gets ready
every morning. Right, Dad? Yes, son. But it’s because of a necessity
today, not due to my habit. It’s time for our train,
son. – Train? Where are you going? We’re going home, son.
– But this is your house too, Dad. Yes, Dad. I’ve always had a dream.. ..of a small house,
where my parents are with me. I want to live this dream
which I couldn’t fulfil till today. That will surely happen, son.
But we’ve got to leave now. We’ve got to go back
to our course in life. Dad, for a few days, please.
Mother, please tell him. For a few days more, please? I promise. I will be back. I too wish to stay with a son.. ..who takes his
father to be his God. You are really my God.. ..who has come into
my life as my dad. You held the hand of a
child that no one wanted. Who neither had a name,
nor, nor an identity. He was like a lifeless
stone on the streets. He would’ve been rendered to
dust under trampling feet.. ..had you not
extended your protection. This life of mine is
a gift from you, Dad. I’m not leaving you, son.
It’s only for a few days. All right. I will not
turn down your pleas. But you will have to listen
to what I have to say. You will, won’t you?
– All right. Promise?
– Promise. Your daughter-in-law and
I have bought a small gift for you. No, you will not refuse. You promised you won’t turn me down. Come with me. Come, mother. Father. What do you think of the gift? Son, what have you done? It’s nothing, Dad. Bless you, my son. Thank you.
– Bless you. Raju? They’re here? Come to me! Brother Raju!
– Ram Avtar! It’s months since I’ve
been waiting for you! They and me.
– They’ve recognised me! I knew the king had to
come back from his exile. Go inside and take a look. I’ve preserved your house
and your memories. All right. Look who’s here.
– Sister-in-law! How have you been?
– God is kind. Recognise me, uncle? Alok. Alok.
– My respects. Hey! Alok. But you were staying abroad!
– He’s here now. And he has become a very big man! Touch his feet, daughter-in-law.
– My respects. Arpita!
– Bless you, daughter-in-law. Go and rest, sister-in-law. I’ll bring some tea for you. – Yes. Come, child. I’ll show
you your in-laws’ house. Come on, Alok. You know what’s
the best part, uncle? You haven’t changed,
nor has this house. Not even the
atmosphere in this house. Even you haven’t changed, son. Though you’re a bit taller.
– A bit.. We’re home at last. We are, but how are
we going to manage it? Do you trust me?
– More than I trust myself. You love me?
– More than you do yourself. So what’s there to worry about? When you’re with me,
I can win the whole world. Come, let’s step into the house.
– Brother! Hemant! Hello!
– Hello, Shanti! Pooja, come here! Hemant, my companion in lonely times.
– Hello. – Hello. Now I know why brother
was so sad in your absence. The moment I saw her,
I knew she was sister-in-law. In ‘Baghban,’ he has so often
spoken about her beauty that.. How did you know about ‘Baghban’? I see! So I left it
at your place. – Yes! Isn’t it great that
you forgot it there? London’s New Wave Publications
have decided to publish it! What are you talking about?
– Here’s the advance. A cheque of a million rupees.
– A million! A million? A million? Yes! Pooja! It’s a million!
– A million. Wow!
– What’s that about a million? My book is getting published! Don’t tell me!
– Yes! Have you read the news? Dad’s book has been acclaimed as.. ..the bestseller in
the international market. Dad’s rolling in millions!
– So what, Karan? We aren’t getting a penny. All thanks to our elder brothers. Why? What have we done to them? You must’ve done something. That’s why they went away
instead of coming to us. This is no time to
fight amongst ourselves! She’s right.
This is the time to pacify them. Yes. We must go to papa
and make amends with him. It’ll make no difference. They won’t agree.
– Why not? We’re their children. And no parents can be angry
with their children forever. We’ll apologise if we have to. Yes, we’ll grovel before them. Let’s see how they
don’t agree. – Right. We mustn’t delay it anymore. Let’s leave immediately. – Come on. Yes, let’s go. Payal! Get ready quickly. We’re
going to meet grandpa and grandma. Rahul! You too! Come on. Get ready.
– You are all so disgusting! You’re not going to
them to apologise.. ..but to get your
hands on their money! Rahul! – We’ve seen them
through their troubles. Not anymore! We’re not going. Come, Rahul. See the magic of your brimming
rose garden, Mr. Malhotra! It’s all thanks to the
kids and you, Mr. Verma. I never expected such
a tremendous response. Response? The first
edition has sold like hot cakes. The second one is in press.
And this is all yours. What’s this?
– Just keep collecting it. There’s no saying how much
more ‘Baghban’ will make. We’re holding a function
next week in your honour. Please attend. And bring your family along too. Welcome, sir. Your invitation, sir? Raj Malhotra. We’re his sons. Please come in, sir. Over there?
– First table on the right. Come. Wow! Look! Dad.. Ladies and gentlemen,
‘Baghban’ needs no introduction. That its author has been
honoured with the Bookers’ Award.. ..speaks volume for its success. Before I ask Mr. Malhotra to
shed some light on ‘Baghban’.. ..I would like his son to say
a few words about his father. I therefore request to come
on stage.. – All the best. Mr. Alok Raj. Mr. Alok. Please. Good evening. You must’ve heard people saying
that no one has seen God. That it’s a matter of devotion,
faith, and one’s belief. But I can tell you
that I have seen God.. flesh and blood,
smiling and laughing in every joy.. every sorrow, in every test,
and every situation. That’s none other than my father. I was an orphan. I had never seen my parents. Nor had I experienced their love. But I can tell you with confidence,
had they been here today.. ..they couldn’t have given
me the love and affection.. ..that I received from my father. I have gotten so much
from my father.. ..that I can’t ask
him for anything more. But of God, I seek one thing. In His world, He must continue.. make people like my father. That’s it. I have
nothing more to say. Please come here, Dad. Ladies and gentlemen.. ..I hope you don’t believe everything
you heard about me just now. Alok praises me so much
because he loves me very much. And he doesn’t love me because
I’m a very good human being.. ..or because I have several virtues. He loves me because he himself,
is a very nice boy. Actually, I am not a writer. Writers are those that plunge
deep into the ocean of knowledge.. ..and come up with
rare gems of literature. I have only written
what life has taught me. ‘Baghban’ is not about me
or any other individual. It’s a book
explaining the conflict.. ..between the past and the future. It’s a book about a generation gap. It’s a book about the
now weary shoulders.. ..on which some children had
once sat, to see the world. It’s a book about trembling hands. Hands that once held children.. they taught them to walk. It’s a book about the parched lips.. ..that once sang sweet lullabies.. ..which have now been silenced. Times have changed. Life has changed. If people of my
generation will recall.. ..we were always caught up
in relations and ties.. ..that yielded nothing. Our father was God. At our mother’s feet lay heaven. And now.. ..people have become very sensible. The new generation is
very clever and practical. For them, every relation
is like a ladder.. ..which they use to
get themselves further. But when they have no
further use of this ladder.. ..along with the other
broken furniture in the house.. ..old vessels, old clothes,
and newspapers.. ..they dump them in the attic. However, life is not like a ladder. Life grows like a tree. Parents are not the
steps on a ladder. Parents are the soul of one’s life. Regardless of its
size and fullness.. ..a tree can’t stand on its
own once its roots are uprooted. With humility and respect,
I ask those.. ..children for whose happiness.. ..a father spent every penny of
his hard-earned money with a smile.. ..those very children, when
the father’s eye-sight weakens.. ..why do they hesitate
in giving him light? If a father can help his son to
take the first step in his life.. ..why can’t a son give his
father support when he’s taking.. ..the last few steps of his life. What crime have parents committed,
who have devoted their entire life.. their children, that they
live with tears and loneliness? If they can’t give us any love.. ..then who gives them the right
to snatch our love from us? What do these children think? Can the parents that
God has united in love.. separated and forced
to lead a life of sorrow? A man has children to live for this? Children perhaps forget.. ..that our present
will be their future. If we’re old today,
they will also grow old someday. The questions we ask today,
they will ask tomorrow. As for me.. ..please don’t worry about me. Because if I am capable of
bringing up my children.. ..helping them become
able and independent.. ..then I am capable of
taking care of myself too. I don’t expect
anything from anyone.. ..because I am very fortunate. I am fortunate because.. has given me a companion.. ..with whom I walk and who
has made my path is easier. Together with whom my hardships
were always overcome. And that companion is my wife. People often fall in love. However, they don’t express
it as often as they should. I wouldn’t want to
make a mistake like that. Pooja. I love you very much. I love you very much. Thank you for being with me. I exist because you do. And there’s everything
if we are together. Else, there’s nothing. Nothing. That’s all I wanted to say. Dad. We’re sorry. Please forgive us, Dad. Excuse me. – Mr. Raj. Sir, where did you get
the inspiration for ‘Baghban’? Have you written
anything before this? Sir, what would be your
reaction had ‘Baghban’.. ..been from personal experience? Those children who
don’t love their parents.. ..who don’t give them shelter.. ..who don’t respect them.. ..I’d never forgive them. I’d punish them. I’d disown them. Mama, a mother always
forgives her children. Won’t you forgive us? Please? Yes, as a mother,
I could forgive you. But as a wife.. ..I cannot forget the tears
my husband has shed. You all are responsible for that. I can’t say what the future holds,
but I have nothing to give you today. Not even forgiveness – Mom? Autograph please. Rahul! Payal! Come here! Come here! Payal! “Every flower in a garden
is dear to the gardener.” “Every flower in a garden
is dear to the gardener.” “He stands guard every moment,
on every leaf, every branch.” “In the gardener resides God.” “In the gardener resides God”. “In the gardener resides God”. “In the gardener resides God”. “In the gardener resides God”. “In the gardener resides God”. “In the gardener resides God”. “In the gardener resides God”. “In the gardener resides God”. “In the gardener resides God”. “In the gardener resides God”.


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