Bahu Begum – 16th January 2020 – बहू बेगम – Full Episode

When I bumped into Rubina
by mistake and she fell down instead of touching her belly
she grabbed her head. Oh, God! A pregnant lady
would always reach out for her unborn baby first. There’s something fishy. Does that mean.. Rubina is not pregnant! Oh, dear! What a terrible lie
to tell. It’s a scam! Whether she’s lying or not will be known
only if we dig deeper. But how, Ms. Noor? Well.. What was it..
Bill.. Hoor.. Bill.. Mashooka,
what are you blabbering? I’m just trying to recall the name of the hospital where she’s goes for check ups. Hoor.. Bill.. What are you going on about?
Hoor.. Bill.. Hornbill!
– Right. That’s Th one. That’s the hospital she named. Very good, Mashooka. Wait a minute.. By the way, what about Azaan? Have the phone calls
started coming in? Ms. Noor, I have no idea. Then find out! Go. All right. Just a minute.
– Yes. Hornbill.. Yes! I got it. Just a minute. Hello? Is this
Hornbill Maternity Clinic? No! Yes, I am Azaan Akhtar Mirza but I’m not a singer.. I’m not a singing sensation. Look, either you’re pranking me
or someone has pranked you. Idiot! What’s wrong, Mr. Azaan? I wonder who’s trying to
prank me early in the morning. Look at this. I’ve got 10
phone calls since morning. This is the eleventh one. Hello. Yes, this is Azaan Akhtar Mirza
but.. Contract! Manager? Wait a second. Who manager? What contract? Don’t you get it?
I’m not a singer. Juts get lost! I wonder what’s wrong
with people. This guy seems to be crazy. Why would I hire a manager?
Am I a celebrity? Yes, you are, Mr. Azaan.
– What! Look, your song has been
uploaded on Voot. This is the same song that.. What the heck, Dilruba! Who recorded this? And moreover, who uploaded it. Oh, God! Mr. Azaan this video has got
5 million hits! Look! Hello? Yes, just a minute. It’s the CEO of U Series! What?
– He wants to speak to you. Hello.
Yes? You.. You want to meet me? Okay, sure. What is this about? Sure, here’s what I’ll do.
I’ll see you right now. Okay. He..
He wants to meet me. Then please go quickly!
Don’t make him wait. Yes, but please don’t tell
anyone at home. Okay?
– Sure. I’m leaving. Why would I tell anyone? People here already know
everything. What’s the matter? What is it that you can’t say
in Rubina’s presence? Khalid, hear me out carefully
and calmly. And please promise me
you won’t over react. Why would you say that? Because I know you’ll be
shocked to hear it but please promise not to react. Noor, tell me clearly
what the matter is. What is this about? About Rubina. About Rubina? Yes, Kahlid. Rubina has been lying to you. And not only to you but also to Ms. Razia. ‘Dr. Sharma said
that aunt’s medicines’ ‘were being contaminated
with a substance’ ‘that was
preventing her recovery.’ ‘Is this it?’ ‘Yes, I’ve been contaminating
her medicine.’ ‘You deserve to be punished’ ‘for what you’ve done.’ ‘I’ll call the police.’ Khalid, I agree I deserve
to be punished but if I go to jail,
my unborn child goes with me. Noor, I was doing all that. What! I was contaminating
aunt’s medicines. ‘I was about to tell Khalid’ ‘about Rubina’s fake pregnancy’ ‘but Khalid..’ ‘Whatever it is.’ ‘I’ll have to get Kahlid
to speak the truth.’ This means
you were doing all this? Yes.
– But why? Because I felt that
if aunt remains ill Rubina and I would be able to usurp all her
property and wealth. And you know very well
we need money. Especially, now that
Rubina is pregnant our expenses have gone up. That’s why. Do you really think I’m going to
believe that story? What! – You want me to believe
that you tried to kill Ms. Razia? I.. I’m telling you myself
that I’ve been doing this. I’ve tried to harm you all
before too. Why not now?
– Khalid. There’s heaven
and hell difference between the person you used
to be back then and who you are now. You couldn’t have done it. You’re just doing this
to protect Rubina, right? Noor, please! I said, I’ve done all this,
right? And I’m ready to confess
my crime before the police. I’m ashamed of what I did and you may punish me
in whatever manner you deem appropriate. But yes, when I’m gone,
please look after Rubina. She’s expecting. There should be no lacking
in her care. It’s truly said once a crook, always a crook. Look, Noor. I know what I did was wrong. I will accept
whatever punishment you decide to give me. You may call the police
if you wish. ‘What I said was meant for
Rubina not for you, Khalid.’ ‘You’re trying to defend her’ ‘because you think
she’s pregnant’ ‘but she’s actually not!’ ‘Hello? Mrs. Rubina
Khalid Akhtar Mirza?’ Look, if you’re trying to sell
a credit card just hang up, okay. ‘This is regarding
the Mrs. Bhopal contest.’ Yes.. Please tell me.
What were you saying? ‘With great pleasure
I’d like to inform you’ ‘that you’ve made it
to the top three.’ ‘And as an insider
I can tell you’ ‘that you’re a favourite
with our judges.’ ‘Wait and watch,
you’ll surely win this contest.’ Really! Thank you..
Thank so much. ‘We’ll send you
the location soon’ ‘and your confirmation number
is 420.’ ‘And if you win the pageant’ ‘you’ll win a prize money
of Rs. 30 lakh.’ Good Lord!
Rs. 30 lakh! I hope this isn’t a prank call. Have I really made it
to the finals? ‘Yes!’ Hello? Rs. 30 lakh! I can’t wait
till Noor finds out. A finalist of what? Is it a screaming contest? Because if it is,
you’ll surely win. Stop talking nonsense. This is Mrs. Bhopal contest
and I’m a finalist. Wait and watch. I’ll win and ear Rs. 30 lakh. You’ll be crowned Miss Bhopal? I mean, Mrs. Bhopal. Who else will?
You? Oh, no! You’re not yet married, right? That’s sad. You can’t run for Miss Bhopal because you’re too old and you can’t run
for Mrs. Bhopal because you don’t qualify
for it. Very sad.
– Oh, god! Now what are the
both of you arguing about? We’re not arguing, Mashooka. The maid servant’s daughter is just jealous of me. You see, I’m about to win Mrs. Bhopal contest.
That’s why. Really? That’s wonderful news. Congratulations.
– Thank you. – Please! There’s no need to get excited. It looks like you didn’t read the terms and conditions
of the contest properly. You see, as far as I know you can’t be crowned Mrs. Bhopal if you’re pregnant. Then you’ll have to withdraw your name
from the contest. You can stop dreaming about being crowned Ms. Bhopal now.
– How can I? I won’t tell them I’m pregnant. I’m not showing yet. No you’re not,
but they’ll find out because before the contest you’ll be given
a medical checkup. The checkup will reveal
that you’re pregnant. So, it’s like this. You’re too old for Ms. Bhopal and you’re not eligible
for Mrs. Bopal either. I suggest you sit at home
and have babies because that’s all
you’re good for. Noor. What nonsense are you talking? Noor, getting pregnant
and having babies is nothing to be ashamed of.
It’s not a punishment. It’s an honour.
– Stop it all of you. I’m not pregnant! No, what I mean to say is that I thought I was pregnant but later I found out that it was a mistake.
– A mistake! What are you laughing for? I’ll tell you why.. First, Khalid will have to
say something. So, Khalid.
Tell us what you have to say. Rubina, you yourself told me
you’re pregnant. Didn’t you? Was that a lie? No, Khalid. It wasn’t a lie. Actually, it so happened.. This is why,
I was laughing at you. How dare you! If you act too smart I’ll feed you the same powder I added to aunt-in-law’s
medicine, and then.. What happened, Rubina? Why did you stop? Go on say it. Say that you’ll do to me
what you did to Ms Razia. And I’ll also have to lie in bed in a vegetative state
all my life. What were you saying? No, Aunt-in-law. Actually..
– Rubina! Stop it. Enough is enough. I thought you wanted
to mend your ways. I thought you realised
you were wrong. But no! You lied to me. You faked a pregnancy so that I would save you
from going to jail. Such a terrible lie you told us. You cheated us. You’re misunderstanding me. I am pregnant. I’m telling you..
– Really? I think you should make up
your mind. As far as I know according to
Hornbill Maternity Clinic you never went there
for a checkup. Why don’t you just mind
your own business? They must be mistaken. How many more lies
will you tell, Rubina? You know what? The phone call you received for Mrs. Bhopal Contest
sometime back was a fake one. It was Dilruba calling you. How dare you..
– Rubina! Khalid! Did you see that? This is the person my aunt is. The one wanted to kill. Even after all the things
you’ve done she’s still defending you. That’s how generous she is. ‘Get lost from here’ ‘and never show me
your face again.’ ‘Noor, call the police
right now!’


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