Bahu Begum – 9th January 2020 – बहू बेगम – Full Episode

M-Mom, actually.. Actually, the furniture
and everything has gone for cleaning. That’s it..
– I know everything, Azaan. In fact, you tried your best to
hide all this for five years. But Noor told me the truth. ‘The reputation of Begum Palace’ ‘the things and everything else
has been sold out.’ ‘The only thing left is shame.’ ‘Do you even know
that people are burning’ ‘the effigies of Azaan and you
in Bhopal?’ I understood that running away
from the truth is not the solution. Sorry, Mom. I’m really sorry. I couldn’t do anything, Mom. Neither could I make anything,
nor could I save anything. Everything is over. But..
But now, my mom is back. And I am not alone anymore. Because my mom is with me. ‘I am aware, Azaan.
I know everything.’ Oh, God! What is all this?
I don’t understand. How did the old woman recover?
– Rubina! Well..
Khalid, I am sorry. I didn’t intend to say that. What should I do?
I don’t understand. I am getting nervous. Khalid..
Khalid, listen to me. Please, can you find out
if the oldie.. N-No. I am sorry. M-My mind is not in place.
I mean to say the condition she has
recovered from does one remember everything? I mean, whatever
had happened in front of her or whatever they would
have heard? Because if they do then aunt knows everything. She has seen me adding
the powder. And.. Oh, God! What should I do, Khalid? I have made a grave mistake. I will never
repeat this mistake. Please save me this time.
She will get me.. Khalid..
Khalid, hear me out. Please do something.
I cannot live without you. I really love you.
I love you very much. But I don’t want to go to jail. Please do something. Rubina, if it was only about you then I would have
got you punished. But it’s not about you. It’s about the arrival
of someone special. Someone special?
Who? Who is the special guest? Is somebody coming?
Are your parents visiting us? Rubina, I am talking
about our unborn baby. What baby.. ‘Oh, God!
I had forgotten’ ‘that I lied to Khalid
about my pregnancy.’ Yes.
Our baby! Khalid, look,
I am stressed out. I am tense. I forgot such
an important thing. I forgot
that I am going to be a mother. But.. I think our baby will
be born in jail. Don’t worry. I-I’ll do something. I can’t let my baby
be born in jail. Thank you, Khalid.
– Thank you? Rubina, you should be punished for your unethical behaviour. Yes.
You are right. You can punish me
however you want to. You have the right. But please, I don’t want
to go to jail. Mr. Khalid! Mr. Azaan has called you. B-Brother-in-law Azaan..
Why? What happened? I don’t know all that. But he has called Mr. Khalid
and not you. Mashuka..
I will be there in a while. Oh, God!
What will I do? These people will
get me arrested. God, please save me.
Please. What’s the matter, Brother?
Is everything all right? Is aunt all right?
– Mom is fine, Khalid. She was asking about Rubina. Rubina.. Why? Khalid, I’ve called you here
for something important. I want to tell you something
that might shock you too. Brother.. Before you tell me,
I have something to say to you. Actually, Rubina..
– No, not Rubina, Khalid. This is about you and me. In fact, it’s about
the four of us. Mom has regained consciousness
after five years. All thanks to Dr. Sharma. He didn’t just help mom
gain consciousness but also told us what was
preventing her from waking up and what kept her ill
all these five years. I want to forget the past,
Khalid. I want to think about
the present and thank God. I told you, you’d be shocked
to hear it too. We’re bound to be shocked because you stopped
believing in God. I know, Dilruba. I want to apologise to God
for my mistakes. That’s why I want all the men
in the family including you, Dilruba,
should pray to thank the Lord. That’s great, Brother. If God wills, the happiness of
this family will return too. Today, after five years.. After five years,
your best friend Azaan’s mom woke up. You don’t believe it, do you?
Look at this. This.. She slapped me so hard
that my ears were buzzing for the next five minutes. You know, Mom, I never felt
so happy even after eating the ‘Sheer Khurma’ made by her. Her slap made me happier today. I am extremely happy today. Even if she had killed me today, I wouldn’t have regretted it. Because today, after five years this palace has become
lively again. We heard the roar of the tigress
again. I was yearning to hear it. Even today, everything around me
has changed. Everything has changed, but her attitude, her voice.. The same dominance,
the same style.. Nothing has changed.
It’s still the same. If I didn’t have to pretend
to be bad then I’d have hugged her
after seeing her do all this and wouldn’t have let her go. What do you want,
Old Akhtar Mirza? You’ve already slapped me once. If you even try performing that stunt again, I’ll.. – What? So what? So..
– How dare you, Noor! How dare you leave Azaan alone! How dare you leave me alone!
How dare you leave this house! For five years, my son lived
without his best friend. Fate took away his love from him and made his mom
a vegetable too. But you could have
stayed with him. Why did you deprive Azaan of his best friend, Noor? You were four years old, Noor when you first acted
in your school play. I’d help you all day
to prepare you for the play. I taught you to act. If I know how to teach acting,
then I very well know how to identify if someone
is acting, Noor. What did you think? That I wouldn’t know
this is your drama? A daughter can deceive
the world, but not her mother. And I am like a mother to you,
Noor. I know my Noor can be stupid,
foolish and dumb. But you’re not bad at heart. You can never be. Answer me, Noor.
Why did you do this? Do you have an answer
to your antics? I’m sorry.
– No. You will be punished
for what you did. You won’t be forgiven. Do you know what Meenu would
have done if she was here? She’d have thrashed me. But my way of punishing
is a bit different, Noor. It’s okay, dear. Let bygones be bygones. I’m back. Just tell me where you were
all these years. Azaan, the Begum Palace and I
needed you desperately after that night. I thought you all hated me. ‘Mr. Mirza,
you’ll be happy to know’ ‘that your wife Shayra
is innocent.’ ‘The actual culprit is
someone else’ ‘who is getting
everything done.’ I told you before,
and I’m telling you this again. I know that my Noor can never kill someone. But I want to know
what happened that night. Ma’am, please sit. Ma’am, Adil had captured Shayra against her will. Adil had inserted a weird chip
in Azaan’s tooth during his surgery, which he was
controlling with a remote. As soon as he’d press a button Azaan would have a weird
reaction in his brain. He’d have a terrible headache. With the help of all this he kept threatening Shayra. ‘Azaan will face
a similar situation.’ ‘Please don’t harm Azaan.
– I won’t.’ ‘But you’ll have to do
as I say.’ Because of this, Shayra had to live with Adil against her will. What are you saying, Noor?
– I’m telling the truth. Shayra betraying Azaan getting caught with Adil
in the hotel room leaving Azaan,
it was all a lie, ma’am. It was Adil’s conspiracy. That night, when I ran
with the gun it was part of Adil’s plan too. Adil called me up and asked me
to come there. ‘If you wish for
your friend’s wellbeing’ ‘then come here right now.’ When I got there, Adil had
laid a trap for me. He knew I had a gun. And then, a bullet was shot,
and Shayra..


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