Baked | Foursome | Episode 2

Previously on
Foursome…Thanks to my big brother,
Alec, I’m now cemented
in the sister zone.
His public displays of
bro-tality not only scared
off all the guys at Brayer
but solidified
my little-sister
status with Josh.
It’s a good look, kiddo.Dealing with that and
Mr Shaw breathing down my
neck over media club,
I’m gonna break out.Thankfully, my foursome
is full of ideas
to get me out of my
current situation.
Alec’s girlfriend, Court,
focused her energy
on breaking my dry spell
with a fake frat boyfriend.
(ALEC SCREAMING)It didn’t quite work out.What do you call these? Uh… Where did you get those?
Were you in my room? Alec, you are not allowed
to go in my room. Stop deflecting. What is my infant sister
doing with furry handcuffs? I don’t have to
answer to you. Did you have
a guy in your… Did you get S&M’d? Oh, my God, Andie,
I am not letting
you out of my sight. I am dead-bolting the door.
I am putting baby monitors up. I’m getting
your phone records. Stop. I can explain.
Um, it’s… Uh… (STUTTERING) It’s from the play
that you were doing. Yeah. Remember?How to Kill
a Glass Menagerie.
Arsenic and Old People.Play? I didn’t give
you permission to
do a play, okay? Besides, what play
has furry handcuffs
for 12-year-olds? Theatre girls are loose. It’s an all-girls play. Oh, well, I’m definitely
gonna be seeing that. And you are definitely
going to be seeing me. I got my eyes
on you, little sister. Hey, Courtney,
I got you a present, baby! Babe! Here, here. Oh, my gosh. JOSH: You forgot to
hide the handcuffs. Thanks for doing that. I got your back. You’re not actually doing
S&M stuff, are you? ‘Cause those bruises,
they’re not just
on the outside. Andie Fixler!
Just the person
I was looking for. All right, I’m gonna
catch you later. Yeah, cool.
I’m totally not
doing weird things. Later, Josh. JOSH: Later. Andie, do you know
where I’m coming from? The bathroom? Uh, no.
Principal Slacks’ office. I have been
assigned, uh, lunch duty. Yeah, apparently,
if you teach here, you either have to
run an extracurricular
or you get monitor shifts. That shirt is inappropriate. But you do run
an extracurricular. Media club, right?
Because I’m in that. Yeah, funny you
should mention that, because in order
for there to be
a media club, there needs to be media, and you guys haven’t made
a new Cup o’ Brayer since the beginning
of the school year. Right, yeah, we’re… Andie, do you know
why I chose media club? ‘Cause you love media? Because the students
do all the work. I don’t even know what
you guys do in there. We’re just making… You know what? I don’t want to know. I don’t want to…
Slow down.
I don’t want to know. All that I ask is that
it doesn’t come back to me. Yeah, you know, we’re definitely working on
a segment right now. Yeah. You are? Yeah. That’s great. There you go.
That’s all I want. I’ll come by after school
and check it out. Great. Cool. Yeah. Take it easy. Jacob. Jarrod, Jacob,
come here. (BLEEP) Just as I’m about
to reach heaven,
the door starts to jiggle. And bam! Interrupted. Underneath the
bleachers, so close. Bam! Locker rooms. Bam! Nurse’s office. Bam! Right before
I can have a happy ending. Bam! Bam! Bam! (SCREAMS) Stop! Are you guys telling
scary sex stories again? Dakota, I told you
not to do that any more. Courtney gets nightmares, and she is not
allowed to sleep
in my room any more. You feel me up
in your sleep. Yes. Yes. Anyway, guys, focus.
We have a real problem. BOTH: We know.
You don’t have a boyfriend. Guys, that’s not
what I’m talking about. I ran into Mr Shaw
today in the hallway, and I promised him
a new Cup o’ Brayer
by the end of today. Which means we only
have half a day to
come up with an idea, film, edit, and
hand in a segment. What’s happening here? Nothing’s happening here.
He’s empty-threatening you. We’re always “supposed to”
turn in a segment. Yeah, but I think he’s
serious this time, guys. Mr Shaw is the king
of empty threats. I’m supposed to be
in jail for being on
school property, remember? No follow-through. Fine. If you guys
aren’t gonna help me, then at least I know
I can always
count on Imogen to take the
situation seriously. Imogen, thank God. We’re having a crisis. We really need to… What are you doing? Oh, my God. I could literally
feel the hair follicles
release from my head. They just go… Whoo… (CHUCKLES) Because my hair was so… Because the French. (HYSTERICALLY)
My hair’s French!Bonjour…Where have you been? You know what, Courtney?
You’re really nosy. Boop-boop. Imogen, what’s
wrong with you? Oh, my God, y’all.
She is high. What? Imogen, no, no.
You wouldn’t do that, right? No, I would never
smoke drugs, you guys. I don’t even know
what a marijuana
branch looks like. Branch. Branch. Weird. She’s baked. Courtney, if you
know where I was, why are you asking? What do you mean? Well, that’s where I was at. I was at the
bake-off. (GASPS) Oh, my God, you guys! These really nice girls,
they were like,
“Do you want a brownie?” And I was like, “No, no,
because I cannot have
sugar for breakfast, “because that leads to
early-onset diabetes.” I was totally
drugged, wasn’t I? All the way. 100%, yes. Oh, my God, you guys. They’re drugs.
The drugs are in me! Oh, my God, I’m the gateway.
Andie, I am the gateway. I’m in the gateway
because I took the drugs. The drug…
Oh, God, the drugs. Imogen, Imogen… I have it on me, Andie. Imogen, calm down. It’s on me, Andie! It’s on me! Get it away! Calm down.
Imogen, calm down! Crush it, Andie,
and take it away! Just in time, little sister! What did you just
shove in your mouth? A brownie. A brownie.
A brownie. Ha! I see what’s going on here. You just “suspiciously” shove
a brownie into your mouth. You’re pregnant! Babe! She’s not pregnant.
She’s got her
end of a sentence. It makes you
crave choco. What? No, she doesn’t
have that yet. Since I was 12. Oh, God, Andie!
Gross! Ew! Fine! Gross, Andie! Whatever! That better be what it is. So… Plug it up. (DOOR CLOSES) Now that that’s
out of the way, it’s full steam ahead
on our segment. Any ideas? You do realise
you just took
an edible, right? Yeah, but it’s my
first time taking one. Everyone knows you
never get high the
first time you smoke out. (LAUGHS) It’s Imogen’s
first time on drugs,
and she is tore up. IMOGEN:Bonjour…He’s right.
That’s just
an urban legend. If you do drugs correctly,
you get high. How long? About 30 minutes. COURTNEY: Don’t panic. Everything’s gonna be okay.
We’ll finish the segment. Okay, just… Let’s go to the loo and just splash
some water on our
faces and breathe. Okay? We’ll be right here. You thinking
what I’m thinking? BOTH: Bake-off. Hello? Can we help you? Yeah, my friend got
an edible here before,
and I want to buy one now. Oh. We… (BOTH CHUCKLING) We don’t sell edibles. It’s just my mom’s brownies. Okay. Uh… I think women should help
other women, don’t you? Yeah, okay, what’s up? I hook up with my
roommate sometimes. Roommate stuff, fun. We like to do
the scissoring,
but not for crafts. (CLEARS THROAT)
Courtney, just… Well, maybe this
will change your mind. Ladies. It’s still a no. Okay, I got this. All right, here’s $40… Give them more. Here’s another $20. Thank you. Okay, I’ll just be taking… No, no. I’ll be taking this. No, no. Let it go
Walk away. (SNIFFS) (EXHALES) Imogen, I told you.
You can’t smell anything. Are you sure? Mmm-hmm. DAKOTA: So fun business. We went to the bake-off
and got more drugs. We definitely split
one on the way here. (BOTH CHUCKLING) Can you guys please do
your drug stuff later? We have pressing matters. Andie, chill out. We’re not gonna
lose the Brayer lair. This place is our home. It’s where
I met you guys. Shaw wouldn’t
do that to us, and plus, I’m pretty
sure you’re making it a bigger deal
than what it was. And we’re all on
the same playing
field right now. We’ll get the segment
done. No problem. Positive thinking,
I like that. Besides, my first-time theory
seems to be right. I don’t feel anything. Great. Let’s get to work. Perfect. I have so many ideas. I can’t wait to hear them.
I’ve got a few
ideas of my own. Uh-oh. What’s the matter? Come pet me.
I’m soft, Andie.
Come pet me. (BARKING) Hey, Andie. Looks like the segment’s
not quite done yet, huh? Okay, I think it’s time
I made myself heard. You will have a finished,
coherent, polished segment by the end of the day, or I am dissolving media club. (GASPS) Cool it with the
dramatics, Imogen. That means no more
hanging out in the media room. I promise we’re
working on it. Right? The future of the
media club rests in your
guys’ hands, all right? It’s up to you what
you want to do with it. Good luck and, uh, Godspeed. (LAUGHS) (ALL LAUGHING) Good thing edibles
only last for 15 minutes. Am I right? How long? Oh, my God,
you guys, we only have two hours
until the Cup o’ Brayer
segment is due, and we don’t
even have a concept. Does anybody else
hear that ticking? Oh, God.
We cannot lose this lair. Do you know
if I go out there, all the basics
will get revenge on
me for all my truths? I can’t help they basic! IMOGEN:
He’s right. He’s right.
We can’t lose this place! I mean, the only reason I haven’t handcuffed
myself to my
bed all semester is because I skunk-sprayed
this room to
smell like my mom, and I can’t lose that! What about me? Am I just supposed
to go to math?
To math? I can confidently say
this is the only time
I regret doing drugs. Oh, my God, you guys,
drugs in school aren’t cool. It rhymes for a reason. That’s it. That’s it. STARE. Stop Teens
At Risk Everywhere. What are you
gobbling about? For Cup o’ Brayer. We’ll just do a segment about
how teens shouldn’t do drugs, and then no one
will know that we ate,
like, a ton of pot brownies. It’s a double-negative,
Courtney. She’s got it.
By George,
I think she’s got it. You know what?
I usually think
staring’s really rude, but I’m so into this. I’m so into it! Little sister. I knew it. Hey, babe. I knew something
was up. What is this? Glue. Everyone sees glue, right? Yeah. You think I’m stupid,
don’t you? You don’t think I know
what glue is used for? Crafts? Lube. Who are you lubing, Andie? I want names, Andie!
Who are you glubing? Andie, no! Andie! You need to cool off. JOSH: Dude. All right. I’m gonna go outside.
I’m gonna cool my jets. But when I come back,
I want answers. Hey. He guessed your
locker combo
in three tries. I think he might
be kind of smart. Why is he looking for stuff? Is… Does he think
something’s happening? Because nothing’s happening.
completely normal. Uh-huh. You want to
know the first sign of
something not being normal? Someone rambling
about how normal
everything is. Read that on
a bathroom stall once. I also like to
read in the bathroom. Okay. What’s with
the brownies? What brownies?
We… No, we don’t
have brownies. Mmm-mmm. Did you go to
the bake-off today? Are those
the lesbian brownies? ANDIE: Not exactly. JOSH: Hey, Alec. What’s up, man? You’re back. Yeah, I counted to
three. I feel better. Oh, great.
You look serene. I’m starving,
so we’re gonna go. Um, let’s go to
your place, bro. I’m watching you, Andie. JOSH: Yep. Oh, my God,
guys, Josh knows. We’re dead.
Alec is gonna find out.
Everyone is going to find out. Who’s gonna
find out what? Mr Shaw, get out! I mean, hi. I hate that I’m back here. But someone checked
out film equipment
and left it in the hallway. Okay? That comes back to me. My bad. I have to ask,
have you even started
filming a segment yet? ALL: Um… Once those doors are closed,
they stay closed, okay? And I’m not gonna
fill out the paperwork
to reopen those doors. No teacher will
sponsor this club, because you guys
are a liability. What’s this, huh? It’s good. I deserve this. I’m gonna take this, okay? I deserve
some sweetness. I’ll be back in an hour. Pick this up! No. Don’t. Wait. Was that
as late as it felt? We are not going
down like this. We’re not losing
the Brayer lair,
not like this. Andie, we have one hour.
It is impossible. Exactly. We’re gonna
pull off a miracle. Who’s in? You crazy SOB. Let’s do this. (ALL WHOOPING) (LAUGHING) Dakota? (WHISTLING) (LAUGHING) You guys look crazy. (CLEARS THROAT) Um… So let’s take
a look at that
segment you guys did. Imogen. (MUSIC PLAYING ON COMPUTER)Hello, students of Brayer.I am Dakota,
but you already know that. What you do not know is,
is that you’ve all
been eating a lie. (EXCLAIMS) Oh, cool. Alcohol. STARE is great. If you want
a watered-down
version of the truth.Do you like
watered-down vodka?
Didn’t think so.I don’t know.STARE at yourself.
You like what you see?
One time, after dinner,
high as a kite, I did a little bit
of Facebook stalking. Every time I searched a name,
I was posting it to my wall, because of drugs. (GASPS AND CHUCKLES)♪ If you want to
snapchat with your friends
♪ You better not do drugs♪ ‘Cause if you do,
your friends trick you
♪ And take a picture
that lasts forever ♪
It’s happened to
me a hundred times,
if not more. We are STARE-ing
at you to stop party-popping and
start party-stopping. (BRAKES SQUEALING) Stay off drugs! (GASPS) (BREATHING HEAVILY) Uh… (DISTORTED) Are you okay? MR SHAW: What? Oh, um… Good job, guys. One after the other. So you’re gonna get your… You got your
lair Brayer back,
so that’s good. So I need to get going. Congratulations. Come on, guys,
put your books away. Come on. (ALL LAUGHING) Oh, my God. I can’t believe
that just happened. What? That was amazing,
you guys. That was so weird. It was high-key weird. We did drugs. COURTNEY: We did fix it. And our teacher did drugs. I had fun. Do you guys want to
come over tonight
and watch a movie? Sure. I’m down. Awesome. (MOBILES BEEPING) You know,
a movie sounds good… No, guys. You’ve been waiting all day.
Just go. It’s cool. Peace! Bye! Oh, hey. Hey, guys. Hey. Thought you might
want a ride. The bus is no fun
when you’re high.
Trust me. All right, grab
your stuff. Let’s go. You know, I totally would,
seriously, but I can’t. Thanks so much
for the offer, though. I mean, you really
had my back today. I know I’m just
your friend’s little
sister or whatever, but I seriously appreciate it. Andie, you’re not just
my friend’s little sister. You’re my friend,
too, you know? I love
spending time with you. I mean, it’d be a lot
easier on this friendship if you didn’t make me
cover up for you guys
doing drugs in school and your handcuffs
and whips in your room, which are still
kind of unexplained,
but that’s fine. You know,
we’re on our way
to being BFFers. God, did I just say “BFFers”?
That’s so embarrassing. Yeah. I don’t even know
what “BFFers” really means. No, don’t…
BFFers is totally awesome. We can totally
be BFFers, yeah. Okay. Just… Can we start tomorrow?
Because I have
plans with Imogen. BFFers tomorrow,
Imogen tonight.
It’s a deal. Just don’t tell anyone
I said “BFFers”, okay? Got it. Looks like it’s just
you and me tonight. Imogen, you don’t
have withdrawals. You’re fine. Oh. Perfect. You want to
share it with me? (CHUCKLES)

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