Bala- Official Trailer | Ayushmann Khurrana, Bhumi, Yami | Dinesh Vijan | Amar Kaushik, 7th Nov 2019

These are some of the matrimonial ads
from leading newspapers. Education, caste, creed,
etcetera comes later. Fair girls required only. In short…
Fair is beautiful. Why are you wearing a cap? – My cap, my choice.
– Is it too sunny in here? Take the cap off. No one seems to be bothered by it,
except for you? I won’t take it off. Don’t be shy. Take it off. You were named Bala
because of your silky hair. I was a star at school.
A star… How can a star live like an extra? I get demoted at work
Flopped in mimicry. My childhood girlfriend dumped me. I am terrified to talk
to any beautiful girl. I always imagine she will laugh at me. I am not just losing my hair,
but also my identity. Mummy! This is called a Thekla. – I don’t want any Thekla.
– Why? Masturbation and sex
are two different things. This is masturbation.
I want to grow…real hair. I’ll help you. “I just wanna na…” Keep trying. Apply buffalo’s dung,
and bull’s semen on your head. Bala, soon you’ll find your angel. I don’t want to get married. Better take the plunge while
there’s still some hope left. “These silky tresses…” Your father wants to gift you hair. Bala…you must have heard the name. No, I haven’t. Then you must live another lifetime. And get to know another name. Who knows…
there might not be a tomorrow. “Tequila…” I feel you’re like a film… But then I fear that someday
it might come to an end. I am no film, my baby doll. I am like a never-ending series. “Days of joy have arrived,
and I feel I’m on the top.” More emotion… “Were gonna mix soda, water,
and lemon and drink what…” “Tequila…” How did an idiot like him score
with such a gorgeous girl? Did you tell her? I’ve decided to go
for a hair transplant. You should stick to carrying
that moor on your head… …which you do all day. “Time will decide…” No good man! “…whether your marriage
will be a hit or flop.” “Tequila…” I will do it. The hair on your chest, beard, and arms
are too less for a hair transplant. So that leaves us
with only one choice. “Tequila…” “It will be a little curly.” It’s the latest trend these days, brother. This man’s telling me
to use pubic hair on my head. I won’t do it. “Tequila…”


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