Balaa Episode 1 & 2 – 3rd September 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

zeba zeba zeba zebaaa looking so pretty thank you zeba zeba zeba masha Allah masha Allah My daughter is looking so beautiful
masha Allah masha Allah My daughter is looking so beautiful I drool over you People say people having good fortune their faces glow by the grace of God as yours papa look your daughter in low she has so much attitude
papa look your daughter in low she has so much attitude I am calling her since two hours but she is ignoring me deliberately hmm, i call … junaid what happened? why are you shouting Don’t you feel shame? your sister is calling you..continuously calling your wife and you are with your wife, sitting in your room and you closed your door
and you are with your wife, sitting in your room and you closed your door Hey! Your virgin and young sister at home
Shame on you AC was on that’s why I closed the door AC is not on But your brain is out of working. understand! Since you brought this girl at home
AC is not on But your brain is out of working. understand! Since you brought this girl at home You lost your senses .She put a spell on you I don’t fled her away, I married her the marriage without parent’s permission
Then people call such a girl as a fled girl Call her, Nakko is calling her And let her understand very clearly that until she is living in this house she has to obey nakko papa can you discuss it later please zeba I am calling you since long time come upstairs make my hair curl come fast. Go! hurry up! go fast yet I m alive you are behaving like this no idea after my death what will u do with my daughter come here look at mirror also look at me now look at yourself Still you are comparing what I did? why you left unwounded hair just because I wish but please tie because I want to untied my hair today I don’t like that someone looks like me And also u should look change. Take this No , more up good zeba why you used so bright color on your lips Should I teach you every thing listen , please don’t mind , its totally in your favor These colors will suit on me you know because my character is clean So I can use this lip stick if you use this it looks so cheap and Verger and its reality that you are a home fled girl You put and dress up so loud and spruce up a lot its not suits on your character people will gossips , actually people are gossips already look at me no man ever dared to raise his gaze on me Before marriage I can’t even think this you are a fled girl Take care of our family’s respect , though u came here now you ought to change your life style and the way of spruce up. take it n remove it think before doll up I can’t teach each and every thing properly my daughter is so lucky what u understand? The day when she was born I got my lottery of 2 million, understand? You have to understand that whole family is enjoying her fortune yup! I have heard it 100 times you have heard 100 times but you haven’t believed a single time Firstly my daughter disable ,secondly she is stranger’s asset, she will get married and will go marriage shall only occur when a proposal will come for now this stranger’s asset made myself stranger . bark , bark as u can and waste my money on your wife what I wasted? the ear ring she is wearing! for God sake papa! Why you are noticing things like a woman listen one thing this factory is on my name understood ? if I do not take care of my money
You will waste all on her Your wife is a fled girl, be aware I already explained you, she is an often girl her aunt was selling her to an old man
I felt petty and got married with her. You have made fun of my love, And nakko also taunt her all the time about the same thing see junaid! if I will say something you will get hurt she brought up you like a mother mother? yes I m saying , obviously like a mother , the way in which you talk with her she will defiantly mind . Yes, She is disable I will transfer everything on her name, everything, my property, my factory, my bank balance, everything yes, because i know I know everything that how you will treat with her after my death . yes , i don’t know from which place you picked me You don’t have God’s fear ? that after your death , how nakko will treat with me, what will she do, that will be right I don’t care about it
You are a man , man , you shall be able to win bread n butter for your dear wife by earning hard but how shall my disable daughter survive? listen!! everything is given by her its all of her fate, ever since you are around, I’m facing financial lost in all aspects Iface loss whenever its your birthday ,
its all of her fate, ever since you are around, I’m facing financial lost in all aspects Iface loss whenever its your birthday , listen my words completely ,,, your sister is limped !.. have some shame you brazen faced!.. you hide yourself in your wife’s lap while your father is talking with you,, you gone.. ….Henpecked I will not leave a single penny for you drift your hairs at the back wow !! so beautiful ! from where you bought ? yeah ! yesterday was my birthday so junaid gifted this to me , happy birthday !! you did not told me . tell me one thing … you are an orphan then how could you know about your birthday from the records of school … shall I say some thing ? sure…. no matter how insensitive a man might look. ..after his marriage, starts spendthrift all his father’s asset on his wife no ,,its not like this … junaid bought this by his own money Ohh! …is junaid a paying surgeon ? or a lawyer or a doctor ? what? so he has his own money he goes to office for work but all money belongs to my father shall I say one thing ? sure… show me the ear ring .. to me… today…. pretty!! how its looking? is it beautiful ?? give also the second one .. fast…. cute,, also stoppers…. how is looking ?? good!! in deed? yes do one thing… please tell junaid to make the car ready and start AC its too hot…i am just coming move aside why you are in this condition ? what happened? its would be better that i was sold out if i opened may hairs means i am doing a competition character is not good so that’s why i could not use red lipstick … now,, on my order you stole money from your father’s pocket for my ear rings ,, junaid,, according to all these constitutions i am the accused i said it to you go to your home and married respectfully but you did not full fill that you said no! I will bring you with full regard junaid .. it was that respect ???? don’t worry every thing will be fine go and get fresh papa ! yes my child … do you know what i read today in the news paper ? what you read my child? a son gave poison to his real father for the greed of property what?? decrease the volume ,, yes my child .. what was that news?? what i say? such a devil face he had he said my father was not transferring his property on my name,
me and my family was hand to mouth that’s why i gave poison to the old man its the sign of doom day,,, he was the only son that’s why people say that child may be one but honest otherwise daughter is enough now a days sons are more strangers than daughters by the way, those parents who hanen’t been blessed with daughters
are like orphans all sons are not same ….. stop your idle talk… drive the car and stop the song stop the song this the groom’s suit ,, Allah bless her with this dress may Allah , make safdar the key of happiness for my sania my dear lord ,, when ever he use this watch give him all the success Ameen, Sum Ameen , now all done , Oh God! where is the envelope ?? oh where i placed the envelope ? oh God! Allah is so merciful ,, here i think and he put this in your heart mine and your hearts are not separate they beat together oh come on,, big deal if you fun with your mom ,, will be beaten by wife with shoes no buddy has dare for it, in the front of my mom she will beat you you will not stop her? no, not at all ,, i will bring such girl for you who………. just joking my love i will choose such a girl in this world whose heart will be made up of gold who will take care of you ,she will love you even more than mom,,,,, its impossible that some one can love me more than my mom stay blessed and happy are all preparation done? yes ,, Masha Allahh ,, every thing done in a good way , every thing everything? yes, everything, but perfume and shaving kit is not present in this. Batool has these . she is going for drool up, as she come she will put ,, then all will done are all preparation done ? yes my son,, all done in a very good manner and…. what was the need of this… oh Tumoor my son,, i told them we don’t have the tradition of ring ceremony why you spent a lot ? leave it,, where there had been so many expenses,
let’s go ahead for one more as well OK my son, always be happy,, but you work so hard when you spent so much then your mother shall definitely be worried by the grace of Allah, finally i could see this day, you don’t have the idea , how much i am happy today for sister Saria true,, i am also very happy, and thanks to Allah,, i thought that it would never happen With respect! Pay attention !Be alert ! uncle has came OK,,OK,, coming… go and welcome him, let him to have a seat and you also go and pay Salam to him, and please with respect mom,, he is just my uncle not a prime minister … he is our elder and he does not come daily that’s why i am saying , i m not use to of formality , just leave please leave, he is elder ,, meet him with respect,, and take this,, i am going , and you also come,,,, i am sending Batool .. looking so pretty come on!!!!let me go.. OK , go I am waiting OK i will come if needed OK AssalamAlekum Asalamalekum uncle,, actually this place is for bride and groom i know,, understand !! i know it as soon they come,we will get up Batool… its better to tell me instead of your uncle,, should give respect to elders Asalaam alekum brother walekum asalam Asalam alekum my child Asalam Alekum sit down ,, she is totally mad….always speaks wrong,, please for give her … Asalam Alekum walekum asalam,, stay blessed and happy,, how are you ?? fine ,, n you? i m fine,, you both are looking so graceful ,, Masha Allah Masha Allah come here
i m fine,, you both are looking so graceful ,, Masha Allah Masha Allah come here but i am very angry with you Nigar ,,cousins are usually come before time at home and make splendor n fun ,and you are coming now how many time you make fun and splendour aunt ? last year you did her mehndi with full of bustle what we could do, the groom died in an accident its ok the home of jubilant turned into a home of sorrow its OK, every thing is by the God’s will and God’s afflicts are always for the people to whom God loves you meet your mom daily lets meet your uncle how are you uncle how is your bank’s branch is going? i have not a single branch, by the grace of God i have four branches now,
I’m the head of four branches. became an officer , what people say ” I’ve become a gentleman ” Aunty …. i think its a small gathering,, i dolled up so much but no use hey ! you are papa’s doll, papa’s doll ,, the doll of papa should be seemed charming and and smart if he would be able he will write a book in my praise, indeed,,
are other people come ?? no,, totally these people,, groom’s family have to come, n our family, few neighbors, its 50 people near about oh 50 people sister in low can i ask some thing ? what was the use to invite this crowd only few people must be invited and depart the girl actually, brother its boy’s wish some ceremony should done
because he is living in Dubai boy?? boy!!! is he divorced or widower ?? yes his wife is dead and leave a daughter that’s why I’m saying what is the use of this playfulness , look their ages !! i m going to look after the guest brother shall i bring some cold drink for you ? no need ,, even no buddy gave me the water no, no, I’m sending oh thanks brother Tamoor, you hold me otherwise my all preparation would be lost do u know? since dolled up , didn’t sit for a single minute the iron might not get damaged don’t know from where this dismal thread attached with me leave my hand if anyone saw us, then unreasonably shall be skeptical about us sorry half of the people ‘ve arrived , other half is about to come ,
the baraat is on the way. the bride gets off with her prayers then only she shall get ready sister Saliha, rest of prayers u may perform after u will be back , now change the dress bathroom is wet , u change here both of you go out side… why? i have to change my dress our back is towards you, you may change no, no, i feel shy … sister saliha please don’t waste the time,, change fast,, you both stay here I’m going to mom and change there how you are talking about,,, u are a bride … we are going out side,, please change your dress sister saliha, please take care window might not be open hey hey brother Safdar please come and sit there, what are you doing its OK,someone already sit there come on! come on! Nigar! Nigar Nigar! yes you called me? I’m saying that kindly you sit there because he has to sit for engagement thank you please sit here mom look at this pretty girl but she is limping my child give your hand , a little ahead my daughter brother !!! big brother !!! you r our elder ,, please come and perform this ritual please come you put the ring , please come sister in low i m so glade that you added us in your happiness actually the matter is that I made over all my rights to my daughter Niggo while i m alive she will made this ritual , Niggo Niggo my child ,,,, yes hey !!perform this act ,, come on no,, you do,, daughter they don’t know how lucky u are ? such a lucky girl when she was born i won a reward of 2 millions I’ve two factories n lots of properties, n have a reason for when i go to the office in the morning i see her noble face i put all the profit on her hand and it become double and triple everyday she is so lucky,, come my child … come on … no papa u carry on please feeling shy,, she is so much shy she is so lucky,, so lucky ….. give me ,, give ,, give me ,congratulations, congratulations
at least size should be right … have some sweet,, you also eat ,,,, good congratulations, congratulations …. Niggar… Niggar….. yes,you called ?? Asalamalekum brother Safdar Oh God, what happened? you can come,, he is not there is not there,, come, come now you are feeling so shy what about that you had been catching hand with brother Safdar on the day of engagement…. i didn’t hold his hand….. MOM please tell them whatever you say…. you did hold his hands…. you all were there you saw i didn’t give him my hand yeah i saw… saw that…. she put her hand in his hand that…. mom didn’t you ask me to give my hand? i didn’t say,, mom u ask me to do so sister saliha but the hand was yours just think.. in the hand of ininitiate ….. the fire of hell… tobha! tobha! tobha!!! though! brother Tamoor i heard that the fire of hell is so dangerous Tobah ! tobah! very dangerous Mom please say something, since when they make me scared, what do u think that u don’t have any punishment ? I’m telling you that its not good to scare some one one, you will watch! you both will go to hell at least one or two times
I’m telling you that its not good to scare some one one, you will watch! you both will go to hell at least one or two times i will save, and ‘ll say straight forward that my mom ask me to do so
its mom’s accountability Asalamalekum brother Safdar now stop telling me, i know you think me a fool ,but I’m not this much fool that
i frightened with a same jock and listen me is it good to say a gentle person bad? will u not get any punishment?
I’m telling you that it will a harsh punishment in doom day I’m saying you ‘ll get sin Asalamalekum brother Safdar , how r u? come please Oh dear Safdar stay blessed please come n sorry actually…. come and sit.. they both make fun with Saliha so tea has dropped I’m extremely sorry Batool come n wipe up this how do you come? tomorrow I’m going back so I thought shall meet you people you did good,, very good Niggo my child Niggo yes papa? i transferred plot on your name and this cheque book is also there, please do signature the true fact is this, I dropped the name of Junaid from plot,,,,yes !! As you told me that a son killed his father on his wife’s command,
I thought Junaid might do the same I transferred on your name but please make justice ,, give him with equity when ever he needed but you should take control in your hands OK well what is my work beside care taking?? what type of care taking my child, its sovereignty ,,sovereignty by giving different names to failure and loneliness we make our selves happy what was that stanza of Ghalib? we know the reality of paradise but, for the hearts happiness,
Ghalib this thought is good what are you talking about ?? so to speak… some time i wish about my own paradise what is the lack in your life ? nothing papa except that, this house is belongs to you n your son and
your daughter in law thanks a lot to Allah that you are alive but when you will not there ,, your daughter will be closed in this room and will listen the laughter of your grand children C’ I tried my best that u may have some proposal some people could not understand you , n u didn’t understand some people hmm could not understand me Papa what i did start early in the morning….n troubled ‘ U its OK,,, tell me one thing … did you enjoy at engagement ? what was the fun??She is my brother’s orphanage that’s y I gone … by the way,, the situation has changed since the job has been received to Tamoor hmm,, I have noticed , the car was also very good some latest model by the way !they boomed very fast hmm, since the money has come,, he became handsome isn’t good? papa .. when the money comes the face comes out every thing comes with money the habits of man changes new cloths, new designs, creams.. this n that the person turns the style money is a very big thing yes by the way aunty is like God’s cow her daughter in law will be so lucky she is not miserable like other mother in law her daughter in law will be ruled listen!! do you like Tamoor? OK my child ,,I will talk ,,, Today? will talk,,, …sign it…. Tamoor my life ,,,,, yes Mom. I ‘m going towards aunt Rashda ,,,, will you do one of my work? the grocery has finished and I made the list bring it,,, I will just go and come …OK
bring it,,, I will just go and come …OK Mom!! yes? that …… do one thing for me while coming back. what? sit please ,, please Mom I want that you,,,,,,, yes ,, What? Mom I want that you….. demand Saba for me from Aunt Rashida what did you say ? I Said ..demand Saba for me from aunt Rashda You want to marry her ? why you act like sister Saliha ? you know that my child ,,, I understand only simple things if you had to say something then you should say …. that Mom I like Saba, and want to marry her ,, and please ask aunt Rashda for Saba’s hand you are saying like that “go market and bring one kg sugar ” OK fine ,, Mom!! i like Saba to get married please go and talk to her mother right? I will go and talk you should have said like that do you know? I also like saba very much when she will come to our home as daughter in law , it ll be like alighting the moon,, by the way ! what do you think ? Aunty will be agreed ? why not my child she is already very upset about saba’s proposal .. when I will say , she will be agreed quickly, she is my best friend she will never send me back with empty hands you must make her agreed yes ,, I will make her agreed by the way ,, we should take 1 kg sweets have to take I m coming after fresh up
have to take I m coming after fresh up go come fast ,, I’m waiting by the way Tamoor … you took whole basket ,, single box of sweets usually enough Mom! please don’t talk like this,,out time has changed good time has arrived , so,,,,, well! even then ,,you worked hard day and night, after that bank gives you salary Mom! please please do not talk like this ,, you should focus Saba, so please target Saba.. target Saba? OK right target Saba …… I ‘m thinking that how ashamed it would be when I will dropped from car.. what Rashda will say,, its just two steps ahead and she is coming by car Mom ,, please tell her basket of sweets was with you, so you used the car ,, its not a bid deal alright alright i will tell ,,, ‘ll tell I always pray to Allah , “Almighty Allah ” ” by our any deed, non of your human will not feel embarrass ” Now I can understand . like whom sister Saliha is like .. just enough Now we reached their home Asalamalekum Walekumasalam how are u aunt ? I ‘m absolutely fine Saba.. where is your Mom? inside … OK Saba…. Oh I ‘m so sorry I didn’t C’ you what I would say… my deal is on … what?
my deal is on … what? nothing ,,, this…. too much sweets,, did you bring all sweets of sister Saliha no, Its not sister Saliha’s ,, It yours sweets .. I ‘m moving ,, alright !! eat your meal ,, I ‘ll be late you should call before going,, might be they ‘ll not at home then I’ll call , U dont know how much she praised me in front of her friend actually I m going just because of you, otherwise that home is not capable of this . there is no comparison of yours Papa … everyone is not going to raise me high like u they can say .”NO” also how can they reject? how can they reject such a big family ? I’ m a rich man people always praise the rich person even he does not not give a single penny and I ‘m giving them my “Lakhshmi” OK..I’m going ,, listen! appoint a driver for you,, you call junaid again n again , Saba makes a bad face ,, let her do,, i didn’t give birth to my son for her ..just move,, one minute Junaid…. from my side its Yes ,, Yes, yes and yes since now my daughter is yours nothing is better than it , from one mother she will go to an other mother’s lap Ask Saba …. no need to ask her what could be her objection ? Masha Allah she is getting a prince well paid, soft spoken, our seen and tried child and also in-laws is our neighbor .. I ‘m so happy you liked Saba and you did not tell me Batool.. should not make any complain at such occasion Pray to Allah Sister Saliha , if I could not get her then I’ll finish my self,
I ‘m telling you Hey !! Tamoor do not talk about suicide , Suicide is Haram I ‘m going to perform Salah e Hajat for you, I’ll pray for you do not commit suicide hmmm! picture is still left my friend ,,, my best friend and my bro having an affair , even I ‘m not informed there is no any affair,, I thought I have to set my life now or later then why
not Saba listen me bro Tamoor , I ‘m not sister Saliha,, understand ? I know is somebody at home ? oh ! how are you,, please come , Assalam’alekum please come ,, have a seat ,, please come Batool bring the tea .. dont want tea,, tell her to get some sweets call your mother ,, Mom is not at home ,, I dropped her just now , hello sister in-law , Zafar here I ‘m at your home,, come fast no, no , I cant wait,, come now,, listen bring some sweets with you sweets,, what is the matter ? some good news ? yes very good news I fixed the matter Masha’Allah,, whom? yours mad boy ,, yours ,with my rich daughter with Niggo Mine? I do not understand any thing .. you will not understand now ,, let your mother come, I’ll explain every thing Asalam’alekum big brother come , come , sister Its good that I was in neighbor’s home you did not have to wait you wanted to eat sweets … have some,, I bought it with me congratulations to you, I have fixed the marriage of your nephew with my friend, Rashda’s daughter Saba she is such a nice woman,, she did not ask for time,, has agreed at the spot what is this jock?? no , no ,its not any jock,, in deed .. she is a nice woman , not asked for time for thinking, just say “YES” just refused … why we should refuse? hey,, what will you get after marriage with an orphan daughter of a poor widow what will you do? I’m giving you my rich daughter , she is own .. yes ,, and what will you get after your marriage with an orphan girl have we kept the contract of orphan girls? H Mr Eidhi, is sitting here ask him,, he had brought an orphan girl what he got? except humiliation and embarrassment uncle ,, by the grace of God I do not need anything … as far relation is concern ,, then Mom has fixed it on my behalf I like the girl wow ,, sister in-law,, in which a nice way you brought up ,very nice the boy openly talking about his love if you remembered then your son also did love marriage , yes, his mother has been dead , has dead ,, so that’s why he could not get a proper brought up but your mother is alive,, she is alive ,, and she got certificate of good morals do not talk with my mom like this,,, just go,,, I will see who will attend your wedding from whole family ,,, i will tell it to every one that I dont have any relation with this family please do not say like this, they are your own children your brother’s kids if he is my brother’s son then how he is rejecting my daughter Sister in law you could not do a little thing that you may ask your
son to marry with daughter of my brother in law put your hand on her head ,,,, If it is so..I also have two sisters If no sister Saliha then it may be Batool you also married your son in strangers, have you not seen that ? hey!! he brought disgrace on my face.. he did not tell me,, If the problem is this , then I will dissolve his marriage will marry him with Batool.. then will you marry with my daughter? no need,, my marriage is fixed with Saba , I like Saba means, you are rejecting my daughter for that Saba “DABBA” yes look sister, have you seen ? our generation has stolen , even we don’t know no brother he is your own child just leave it sister in law if he might be my son then he would never refuse my daughter you once asked,just one time that marry your daughter with my son , I agreed in no time , although he is married already married but you could not do this
already married but you could not do this you could not do this that you bring the daughter of your brother in law to your home put your hand on her head ? now you people should come with my daughter’s proposal and ll give Batool for my son otherwise I will tell to whole family that we don’t have any relation with this family neither in lives or death N, brother ,, what are you talking about ? they are your family i ‘m helpless as I have committed with them why are you making this panic i ‘m begging you please do not do this for which family , you are begging in front of him? after the death of my father he did not give us one month “Ration” remember , Mom , in my childhood when I was Ill,
we were whirl round the hospital you always distressed with me in different offices we aimlessly knocked at offices together, at that time where was he? and today he is claiming to be our elder he never gave us 100 rupees on account of “eidi ” you used to send us to his home repeatedly now we don’t have more courage to make you and daughter happy enough ,,,,,, I ‘m not here to listen your speech I have decided, ,,I have decided, either my daughter’s will wed with you otherwise our affinity is ended ,,,, ended,,, neither in deaths nor in lives no, big brother ,, no ,, please do not do this , brother brother listen me ,,, Papa !! what ? I will not marry with Batool let them say yes, first , you dismal listen one thing, you have to this marriage for your sister
n to secrify for her I cant do this I have to do,, enough time is passed when you married now you have married why you are traveling with this ticket,,leave her
now your love is enough I have married her ,, I have to spend my life with her listen the life is not so cheap that may spend with one person enjoy the life, some time this , some time that have benefits of the situations and also for your sister listen one thing more it is not my problem whether you ‘r agreed or not,, my problem is Tamoor you are not my problem at all if he will say yes then for the sake of your sister’s happiness ,your lame sister ‘s happiness you have to scarify this I ‘m also your son one minute,, quiet , just quiet ,, I ‘m thinking, let me think ,, keep quiet ,, drive the car,, you ‘ll hit somewhere “”to whom beautiful girl the henna became suitor”” have some sweets God is so merciful to us , such a good proposal ,, we know the boy since childhood ,, loving mother in law n sisters in law,,
what needed else?? after your marriage i will die peacefully Mom! i don’t want to marry Tamoor if it is a jock then it so stupid one I ‘m serious If you ll not marry with him then to whom you ll marry ?? with Mateen who is Mateen? he is…. his father’s book shop is at out side of my university ,,, well, on the day we want to buy a book , that boy took the register instead of book I had already understand when I saw such a stupid like him but I could not imagine that my daughter could has choice like this stupid girl!! you will prefer a shop keeper over a banker for marriage mom!! I don’t want to listen that how much the boy is good I said YES for Taimoor and you will get marry with Taimoor Mom!! enough,, I dont want to listen any thing we will not discuses in this topic I will performing your NIKKAH on this Friday in a simple way if you did any thing wrong which caused to break this relation I m telling you , you will find me died, understand MOM leave me Mom! listen me once come and apologize are you boasting a favor by apologizing submissively submissively Asalam’alekum Papa Shall I serve the meal? I m not hungry listen,, go to your room you used to hovering all the day for searching the news,
I really dislike this papa I just asked for meal stop this idle talk ,, do not argument with me , prattled my brain i can not understand how to make them happy if I come to room then the say you have owned a separate corner when i go out side they say “you are overhearing ” what to do? I feel that , I got a transfer from one hell to another Aunt’s house was better then it there were menace n upbraids but at least people were felt petty on me any ways tell me ,, was everything fine there? junaid , what happen ? hmm that … papa has given an strange condition what type of condition ? Niggo like Taimoor and if Taimoor may also like Niggo , then I have to marry marry Batool what? your Niggo has rejected with this disability a person like Taimoor will not marry me see! by rejecting you, he rejected his good fortune really he rejected me ?? No.. not rejected,, actually I was late she has gone to her friend for proposal who? Saba ? also see them,, they are already agreed , suddenly accepted but my child don’t be hardhearted if they will not allow us to play then we will destroy the game I played such an ace of trump,, they will remember look,, sister in-law has only one passion ,
to remain stay in the good book of family I said if they will marry with my daughter then i will let my son to be
look,, sister in-law has only one passion ,
to remain stay in the good book of family I said if they will marry with my daughter then i will let my son to be
divorced and get married with their daughter and you know , you knew it , , no body can reject such a big family how Junaid will get married with Batool?? my daughter ,, we have to maintain our reputation if we give divorce …. zeba ,zeba listen me its all about your happiness ?? remember one thing I will not allowed you to destroy my happiness Taimoor will be agreed or not or you will remain unmarried for ever to make you married I can not take the blame of divorce on myself what the bull shit you are saying …. go to your room I have not seen my parents I thought that by paying you the duty I will become your daughter but you the father of your daughter only I m telling you one thing if junaid will get married with Batool, I will kill my self hey!! listen don’t try to be “ANAR KALLI” , understand, go to your room stop at least listen her dont want to its my house ,, and you are my son here everything will be done as I wish,, you understand?? why every deed of us is invaluable for you ? Junaid !! at this time your matter in not important for me I was not important at all but I m telling you one thing that neither I will
not leave her nor I will marry Batool let your eyes down,, down your eyes you don’t have manners to talk with your father which father? which father? you are the father of Niggo only, I m always a “little one “of this house , “”little one”” do this n that all accounts and properties are on her name either I used to be as a driver or a house keeper is this the matter ? if this is the matter then listen,, now she is to be married or not,, you have to divorce her catch her with hairs n get her out from the home .. neither i I will get her out nor will catch with hairs well, then hold her hand and get out from my house .get out from my house . I will not get out I will stay here because I have right on this house and on you also yes this is an other thing that like Niggo ,, I can not limping while walking neither you got any prize bond on my birth nor my tongue is poisonous like cobras shameless!!!!unabashed !!! how shameless brother you are ,, brothers are die for their sisters you are talking idler now I understand ,, after my death what will you do with your sister ,, I understand everything dispel from here otherwise I will kill you ,, you also ….. yes I ‘m going unmannered,, keep away your wife with me henpecked papa , papa my child ,, my child my child he is saying right ,,I ‘m limping thats why Saba is better than me no buddy is better than you thats why Taimoor liked her its not like this i m limping no , my child no you shameless look, what happened with my daughter dog ,, watered Mom!! I could not understand your silence and sadness I spent whole life to make them happy but no use you have seen that how he menaced , they will extrude us from lineage,
and no one will come to your wedding Mom! why the people will quarrel with us just for uncle
we have old relation with every house why people will make enmity with us just for him? but If no-buddy will come from brother ZAfar’s house then then what people will say? then do you have any other solution ? give your daughter to his married son ,,,,, and for me take that poisonous Niggar I can not give this scarify for uncle he dissolved poison in our happiness If they had some plans then they should say before I could make you agreed and could conciliate Batool bur now its the matter of a stranger girl even then I would not marry Niggar I still remember her flaunt eyes ,, and jeer accent she used to make a fuss with you without any reason now you suppose suppose that nothing has happened like that do preparation of wedding even then my son .. no ifs and buts …… let your mouth to be sweet ,enough Mom!! just see how loving brother we have ?? If one was with us in our bad time so there is no need to share our happiness with them,, we
don’t need any one furthermore ,,,Allah is always with us why we have need for anyone else ? Allah is enough for us well,
Allah is enough for us well, every one has congratulations for your brother stay blessed n happy ,,always somebody give me sweets also , let my mouth to be sweet congratulations to all by the way Janiad was looking very nice yes Niggo, Niggo my child ,what happened ?? why you crying continuously , confounded yourself I took the time for one week ,still have time
why you crying continuously , confounded yourself I took the time for one week ,still have time lets drink the water drink it,, you made confounded yourself, confounded yourself why are you crying I just come Junaid,, Junaid ,, Junaid Junaid Junaid…. what happened now ?? what happened to your sister now what happened to her ?? she became confounded n stressed ,, lets go ,, just one minute “””what coming in one minute “”””you henpecked,, hey I ‘…. come here what happened? look at her,, look what happened Niggo ?? what happened ?? my family has finished my real brother is no more my brother support of my old father I ‘m sorry I did a mistake , I ‘m so sorry no Junaid,, yesterday I saw in your eyes ,, i did not find my brother Junaid you did misbehave with me,, with me,,, what happened ?? come here , apologize to Niggo she is very annoyed for yesterday’s misbehavior come here n apologize misbehavior ?? yes misbehavior ,, come n do apologize to niggo n papa, please forgive me sister Niggo are you boasting a favor, boasting a favor by apologizing submissively ,,submissively on feet go, its OK, go. I forgave you see,, she has forgiven you immediately ,,my daughter is an angel ..angel go, serve the break fast papa, brother,,, papa ,, brother now you people should come with my daughter’s proposal,
therwise I will tell to whole family that we don’t have any relation with this family neither in lives or death, brother i m begging you don’t do this
I have decided either my daughter’s will wed with you,otherwise our affinity is ended Batool,, Batool , please give me cup of tea who can be so depressed about in-laws I served my whole life became distressed in old age which distress? Mom!! what I will say to your father at the doom day ?? Mom! I will talk with papa ,,,, don’t be tensed don’t kidding I ‘m really so tensed , what will I say to him ?? children are mandate of father , it is the responsibility of a mother to maintain a bond between
children and father’s family good what I will say to him,,, that what I did?? ohh!! what was the reason of to start the anecdotes of Junaid and Batool in front
of bro Zafar ? that ……… thank you speak your brother in law suddenly attacked on me , I could not understand what to speak I spoke what came on my tongue , I thought will show some pressure I will be silent but the big man is agreed to dissolved his
married son’s marriage now you can judge how danger they are think that If his daughter might become your daughter in law then
only God would save anyway I will take brother Zafer with me for convention


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