Balaa Episode 11 & 12 – 8th October 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle]

you are doing a very big claim i m not saying to break the stars some time to obey a person is equal to break the star to obey me is not difficult, my happiness is in yours happiness shall i take a test? right now listen i will not married Junaid with my sister what ever will be happen, may be when your father will come to know he will finish our relation will you be with me? now I am with you, no need to ask? now say why did you not memorize me ? what son?? you had a bangle in your wrist yes, so what? which you sold for my semester fees all mothers do the same, now you got great result and got a good job got a great result and job, but forgot my mother’s bangle so what? i also forgot, truly now remember i have to make it for you very soon let Niggar came to our house as a bride, then you make it by the way, when you will go to fix the date? when you will say go tomorrow well, this much awakening its not awakening, just…………. okay, I will go tomorrow, but i m afraid for what? you uncle will…..see if you go through Batool’s choice her marriage would not be done but Mom, to make a relation with Junaid is a big risk so that, but who will explain him don’t worry about him I clearly refused to Niggar well always remember one thing, I love my sister more than myself my beloved son, stay blessed and happy what is your intention Junaid? what is your intention? what should I do? buddy why are you destroying your life as well as our lives they came for your sister’s proposal, you came in full intoxication now see, I don’t think so that Tamoor will agree, you made the girl scared its good to be free how you became? incidents happen, people die, life should go on,, what happened with you? why you do not forget her until i drink two sips of it, my mind does not work like a movie, scene changes, back ground music plays,not understand I will bring very pretty girl for you, you will forget all sorrows I am saying that why you are destroying her life with me
I will bring very pretty girl for you, you will forget all sorrows I am saying that why you are destroying her life with me why it will destroy, you are my only son, son of seith Zafar you have lot of money, the girl who will come in your life, she will enjoy my pistol has confiscated, you could not handle, you could give 2000 or 4000, their mouth would closed to are committee ? is the area committee noble? he is a thief, you would give 10000 his mouth would shut Junaid why you became so angry? why are you taking revenge of dead’s from alive? since when you will drink ? papa please go, previously i was doing firing, drinking wine, all were feeling problems pistol is confiscated, i m at my home, either i drink or not, its my problem marriage ? its your problem then its your headache , if she will has girts she will change me, i will see how much power she has please go now you drunk so much, now leave this, give it to me, i will drink also sister in law how are you? fine by the grace of God, congratulation Junaid came back home congratulation to you too, we had to bring this sweets and fruits he is your would be son in law i have to came, i m saying that shall we fix the date of marriage yes why not, I want that in same day both marriages will be done no, Tamoor was saying that we will do simple “Nikah ” she is saying right, its his second time marriage, i wished that my brother’s orphan daughter will also come in this house no need of dowry, every thing is in this house is yours no brother, i m talking about Tamoor and Niggar what? what will happen with my son ? we have not decided about Batool it means that on that day I took sweets and fruits that talk was not confirmed brother on that day we talked about Tamoor and Niggar and Junaid ? Tamoor is not agreed brother not agreed? he so clever he agreed for my daughter but not for his sister actually on that day Junaid did very bad act which act? these acts happen by man, he was in depression , man does crazy acts in depression, child did a mistake tell me one thing, to whom you will get married with Batool if that boy will a drunk, loose character then will you get divorce ? May God will not do this, you are elder, do pray for my daughter i m doing this brother we will see, let Niggar came to our house, we will think then we will also think, we don’t have any hurry brother please , Niggar please convince your papa shall i come to know that why Junaid became ring of my tail ? when Junaid’s house was destroying. you did not say anything Junaid’s home did not destroy because of me, you did not like Zeba you want a rich daughter in law, go and get i did not know he will famous as a bad boy do not know who will give daughter to this bailed boy then why i m suffering with his sin Niggo, your strange behavior is cutting my heart since you bounded with them you disconnected with us. you are not thinking for a single minute that what would happen with your father and your brother its simple, you will go to their home, and Batool will care us very simple, Tamoor should give us Batool, i trust on sister’s brought up since when aunt became your ideal? if after cursing whole life Tamoor can became your ideal, then sister’s daughter can become my ideal so my decision was right ? yes, these scarifying people are very few abused by people, and also feeling fear of them. we get this fool people with luck, make your brother safe by the way zeba was also like this no no, about money i could not trust Zeba, but Batool, but where Batool will take money, at your home? hmm give me some time, let me go to Tamoor’s house i will make him agreed, you have to trust me see, after God i trust on my daughter, ohh my baby .. no, no . no what? i will allow you after that, give me money money for what? brother, its tradition, you have to give money to sisters its tradition? i will not allow you what is the tradition for money ? what is happening ? yes it is you are giving money yes, you want? will you not give? why not, you have to told me before 500 for each okay excuse me, also rest of 19000 19000 hmm 19000 for what? we are your sisters, its your duty, and tradition its enough give money, i will not let you in what are you doing, why are you stopping brother ? nothing, asking money, i gave , 1000, 500 for each yes see you are so miser just 1000 its better, you didn’t give yes , give money , its too bad, they are your sisters okay, this from Mom well at least give us do not ask more this much from my side so sweet brother, do not ask for more , let him go go, i will get from her stop, stop what happened, i m not going for war. just move come here. give my 100 rupees if you did not come in between us, then we would have 20000 give my money back i will not mom see her
i will not mom see her go,, i am elder then she … go he gave me 5000, to her 6000 its okay what are you looking like this? shall i say true or false false I love you so much if you were not there, i would die, truth would better then it and less painful i told you the journey of life will be very despondent i did not complain but i seen in your eyes complaint? have not seen so much love? may be i m already very tensed, Niggar before start this new life you do a promise, shall you obey one thing? as an elf’s life is placed in a parrot, my life is in my mother ans sisters my mom spent her life with full grace, i can not explain you how much i respect her and my sisters are the glory of this house if they will not get married, this house will remain their just assess that i have not seen them fighting I am sure they will love you, if you will mind their any deed then ignore them happily Niggar i spent my life as an elder, i want you also to be elder forget everything about Junaid and Batool, if Batool did not scare by his drinking i will convince her and will be agreed but you seen Batool, she was hiding behind me i love suhalia sister as a mother, but Batool is my life i am feeling that if i will have a daughter she will be like Batool have i demanded so much ? why you came here? if you did not die, i would kill you come here, in front of me, i will talk like this i are dead, I would kill you, you did not do right with me where is my pistol ? remembered, my pistol is in police station, they are saying someone will kill by your hands, i could not kill you, how I can kill anyone what shall I do, if you will there,I would kill you, you did wrong with me i don not like you, you gone, no buddy is looking me you go from there, go Junaid what are you doing? Zeba came, I am talking with her i can not see your condition, come inside, i will bring a pretty bide for you you can not see my condition, I m not Niggo, you go from there go for God sake, come inside take rest i will not leave you zeba we are just coming,, come you waked up but why my son is here what do you mean you should be in room, what bride will say when she will awake first morning of married life, and groom reached to Mom mom I daily come to you in morning , nothing is new before it was different, now you got married, bride would be waiting not a big deal it is .. go, and sit with her, she will not like this, i ll send your tea there listen, i always drink tea with you, and will remain drink with you its not new, say to your daughter to give me a tea, i have headache Tamoor, there are some rules of married life and it mean is not that i could not place head on your lap if i will tell you her rights then she will tell my rights if you want to spend a good life, should care about other where is suhalia sister, is she fine? what happened with her her soul is came in you, she is not visible since morning naughty mom tell this go, mom please get me a tea i m sending the tea, go to the bride please send suhalia is she suhalia’s bride or yours mine then go i asked Batool for tea since one hour go brother i came i asked for tea since half hour i am coming, mom said that you will drink tea with BHABI (sister in law) i will drink tea with mom, you and sister suhalia drink tea with Niggar or do one thing all will drink tea with mom, come its wrong its not wrong, its a good thing I am telling you Yaqqob yes sir put all the stuff in car and drop it will you not go no, i will come with Junaid okay sir hello asalamalekum papa, where is Junaid? where he should be? still sleeping when you will come with break fast i sent your break fast with Yaqoob Yaqoob is not my brother or father I am not feeling well when my turn came then food is finished daughter, i has gone from there , now i have to think for your brother I am also thinking about him, do no you want that he will get married in this house yes , we have to, except this house where he will get married then bring him, just one minute,,,,, come in sister in law brother is saying that come out side for tea why? what is outside? actually, brother daily drink tea with mom and us well, actually i have headache, i want to sleep for some time, then will dink tea with mom, oh are you fine? shall I massage your head no, just close the cartons thanks
no, just close the cartons thanks hmm, wait for daughter in law not a big deal it is, stop , let her come sister in law is saying that she has headache may God bless, why headache? I told you that go to her she has just pain in her head, its not a big issue its a big issue, i don’t need you, she needs you more, go give my tea in room stop, suhalia, give break fast to your brother in a tray. after break fast give her medicine going I told him to not stuck with me, have you seen i am seeing everything, why are you creating distance b/w you and brother its clear that she said it to you look Batool, she came here last night and you are starting back biting do not come in between me and my daughter in law, have your break fast what happened ? nothing i have headache mom was worried where is she she is not here , she is at outside ohh my mom was coming very fast we don’t take headache seriously we also don’t, just memorizing mother’s love if you say then I call her no, no, you are enough for me what are you looking like this? nothing your smile is sweet thank you junaid. Junaid wake up, have to go to sister’s house with breakfast then go what are you talking about, I am going there for your proposal I have no greed, what greed i said, if my proposal is not effecting on Niggo’s relation then leave it make my relation to some easy place or if it not do so then its okay how are you talking, you don’t that I will see my grand children you want to play, then will play with Niggo’s kids they will be the children of Saleem, my family name will run with you leave this arguments, get ready, we are getting late I am not saying that you leave this forbidden thing completely but make it less, otherwise my liver will burst liver is not left anymore I am stopping, you are drinking more what happened ? don’t you feel shame, should have breakfast in the morning you will see your children will do the same with you good morning honey, how are you now? fine enough thank God, i was worried. Masha Allah! my daughter in law is looking so pretty where is Tamoor? in wash room well, you are getting ready, I say to Batool she will spruce up you she does good make up I also do good make up why not, you might do all things good I am thinking that if you will come outside, i get your room clean no mom, when we will go to papa’s then get it why? is brother Zafar not coming why? why he will come? usually people come on next day with breakfast. its tradition. I thought brother Zafar also will come did i say something wrong? what happened? what was happening here? mom was asking that why my father not came yet ? no, i did not mean this, Tamoor, i am not saying that i was saying that zafar brother will come or not he sent breakfast at that time be relax, you don’t have need to explain Tamoor, with this dress, shall i use dark pink or make more light? which one you like use that come n see my face, its dark shade, n its lite, i used this Niggor what you want, just use, i am coming in to minutes from mom asalam alekum uncle how are you? now you start veil what? that’s like obedient daughters an uninvited guest is seldom welcome what was the need to brought so much things son its own house,, it will not become less no may God give you more no formality asalam alekum brother walekum asalam what was the need of these formalities actually i realized that my daughter did not enjoy any convention even you gave her Saba’s dowry actually that poor girl did not ware any suit what? what you said? marriage was not completed no, no, what you said before that ? the poor girl did nor get married sister in law, don’t talk like ancient cruel mother in laws you are saying his first love as a poor, so he would not forget her uncle, mom does not mean it brother indeed I did not mean it, it was slip of tongue. “POOR” is my catchphrase anyways, daughter has came to your home, please take care of her why not brother its my request yes brother i did this marriage with full desire also remember that she is not daughter of poor you brought breakfast for me, you did well, before some time mom asked me that your father is not brought breakfast why your father would not bring breakfast, remember that until you are in this house and your father is alive you will not get taunts, place the stuff no i m going you sit i am telling for it hmm , Junaid tyyour sister came, talk with her they love each other since childhood Batool hmm you set the trolley, i will take it why i can not take this Junaid is came so what if junaid is came? is my veil from him but that day you were so scaring oh hello, my shoe scares from him, uncle not understands that i don’t want to marry his son why you are angry with me, what i did? I will get the trolley is tea ready ? ye tea is ready well give this trolley to sister suhalia, you do not come inside what happened make it clear to uncle that do not mocks with me about Junaid is he said some thing? yes and i felt very bad i will talk to him, do not worry ooo i have to take it its true that every thing becomes right hmm but some time storm left some marks on a person i am here, i will forget Saba you have complete right to forget Saba, but only…. only??? only Saba, Niggar never add my mom and sisters in this list what are you talking about ? saying truth, my mom is simple woman, she don’t know how to argue i don’t want that you will create any situation by which she will become confused and worried please for God sake, tell uncle to do not mock Batool with the name of Junaid what she said ? not necessary to tell you, i don’t want to become rude, but understand me do one thing. give me divorce, give me divorce Junaid, how are you? buddy sometime its day, some time night i swims in between these orbits still you not forgot Zeba i m trying , she not omits from my mind, every time I think that i will not remember her, but she never goes from my mind and heart then what is the need to vanish her from your heart and mind? she will out when time will come time? all the dramas belong to it, i trust on its ability Junaid…Junaiid… Junaid are you disturbed for some reason? yes, one thing is teasing me , very teasing what thing?
yes, one thing is teasing me , very teasing what thing? one more thing ….. I can not share with you what did happen with Zeba? she dead how? by brain hemorrhage you did fight with her ? buddy, consider like that …. do you know? sometimes a person regrets after fight do not you think that if this fight, turbulence could not happened then today you would not like this fight was necessary , necessary Junaid if you want you can tell me, you can trust on me no , I am man, like women I can not cry on a man’s shoulder I know but if you tell me, I will like it,say it , tell me, why did Saba run? Junaid….. coming Junaid……. what happen? where is Niggo ? I dont know, she will be in her room Niggo, shall I come in, what happen? is it all fine? nothing,, whole night I was listening the names of her mother and sisters my mother will not get pain, Batool should not have pain, Suhalia sister is this n that… what does it mean ? if he loves so much to his mom and sister then why she got married? Niggo this marriage is your choice then? girls do marriage by choice, it means that whole life I will listen taunts what whole life? you just spent one night, it seems that you spent whole life I have some wishes have some patience, all wishes will fulfill, if some expensive thing dropped we have to bow down they are simple people, some will die with love, some will die with taunts papa, i don’t want to be mad, want to make mad them that’s my house, control should also mine i will handle aunt if Tamoor will not come as a shield shield Tamoor? there is no trust of man’s shield one sight of woman defeats him, your biggest weapon is tears your biggest problem is your tongue, control your tongue and use your weapon,every intelligent girl will do this you also do this anyways, you also have to control your tongue do not talk with Batool about Junaid, she does complain to her brother he dissuaded tell him that you are not his post man come …come my son if you are sitting here then i will come later no, she will sit here, and you will also sit here, sit …. listen one thing, she is telling me that, just one night has passed she remembered whole family, her father, bother and house sit with comfort, why you are sitting like strange son in laws you will go after meal and evening tea what happened? what say wrong ? mom was asking that why my father not came yet with breakfast Mom what we have to cook today ? I don’t know…… mom what happened? why your mood is off? no use to tell you Mom tell me what happened to you? today I became humiliate what happened like this? you know, I asked daughter in law that will brother Zafar bring breakfast? she suddenly shocked, she was starring me, when your brother came from wash room, she told him that mom is saying that either papa will bring breakfast or not then Tamoor saw me like that I did a big mistake I did another mistake, infront of brother Zafar I said Saba ” the poor” brother Zafar hold my tongue and said too much to me Tamoor was looking me like that i feel pity on his enemy it was not like that … oh Mom you din not like that ….. you don’t know, some time a person say the words which give pain to other but your intention was not wrong yes I swear my intention was not bad, just was slip of tongue I know, my mom could not think bad for any one, your intention could not be wrong ant Tamoor? will Tamoor also understand the same? and daughter in law and brother ? brother Tamoor is your son, he knows more than me about you he knows that you could not think like this.. so far as sister in law, brother will make her understand and you know uncle’s nature, why are you so worry, its not a big deal is not a big deal? no mom, do not worry ..please thanks my child, you always encourage me indeed my intention was not bad, it was a slip of tongue, forgive me Niggar my intentions was not to hurt you, please trust me is you did not give instructions for aunt I would take care of her was no need to say a lot, above all she is your mom if she may has any complain she will tell you, no time is passed yet you said so much without listening anything you can say this without making your face you made me sad….Tamoor you don’t love me its okay.. I can bear it you don’t have trust on me, its not bearable for me, I know… our families had problems since ever, two families have lot of distance may be,, for this reason you could not accept me Niggar its not like that please believe me i am not even thinking like this ,, trust me make your mood good…tell me one thing I heard that still wives use to write husband’s name on hands with henna true? where ? its too small will write very big, will write here yes, it will look nice shall we go Mom eat the meal let brother and sister in law come why you do not allow to call them? its not seems good, what they will think ? you used to call him when he was late now he got a wife your son is coming, well, let him come, Bismillah asalam alekum walekum asalam, come my child come you are too late, mom is waiting why? because meal is ready, mom does not eat without Tamoor Mom, why you did not call me, uncle insists so i ate the meal you did good, I was waiting because if both children did not eat and i ll eat , its not seems good okay mom, come. we eat no son, I will eat, you had your meal then go and take rest confirm? confirmed good night aunt good night Niggar , I will feel good if you call mom as” mom” good night mom good night my life, stay blessed and happy go, go, she would be waiting, come on girls, have your dinner if some precious thing is felt down, we have to bow down to get it back they are simple people, some will die with love, some with hate who is there Niggar , what happened ? what happened? why are you sitting on floor? come upside , sit with me what happened ? tell me at least drink water what happened tell me nothing tell me if I ask something to you, shall you give ? why not? my life is present for you my happiness what happened with your happiness ? If i say that I want to build a home in Tamoor’s heart, then what will you say? so build it, who stopped you, Tamoor is yours, only yours he is not mine, for me there is no place in his heart Niggar my child, its a matter of few days, Saba will out from his heart I am not talking about Saba then whom you are talking about? I am talking about you and your daughters I do not understand half of Tamoor’s heart is gone with Saba, rest of half is with you what is left for me? nothing is left for me what do you mean? Mom, he drinks morning tea with you, if he does not eat evening meal you become tensed, he use to call his sister as “JAAN” ( loved once) for me…. for me only bitterness do you know, today was my first day in his life, he made me insulted at morning,, he said me that you confusing my mom.,then my father talked with Batool as his daughter in law, he insulted me for this mom where I came? my bride, if you say then I will slap him no mom, don’t do this, then he will be good with me just to show you and he will hate me in real, my home will ruined. don’t do this the say what i have to do? do something like that he will come closer to me you keep yourself far to him say it to Batool,, don’t complaint against me, it was my first day, i spent my whole day by crying well my child, don’t cry. I will do what ever you will say where you went? I felt may be mom is calling, so i went to check then nothing , she was sleeping but I saw her jug was empty, i filled it shall I say one thing? hmm how you are taking care of mom, means a lot now its my duty..from now I will take care of your sisters and mother you just focus on your career amazing, then I will become a successful man, behind whom a woman is present Insha Allah,, good night good night what happened, today you will not read QURAN come here , sit here don’t you feel shame to ruin your brother’s home what happened mom, what i did? i never hear it again, that you complain Niggar to your brother do you know, making difference between husband and wife is a big sin but mom i …….. next time i will not hear any complain if Tamoor ask about me the say I am doing rest , close the curtains i am coming with breakfast for you, Tamoot your phone is ringing who is calling? Amin Jewelers I am calling after bath its seems that I will get my wedding gift (MOOU DIKHAI) bangles of your mom are ready, come and pick I will have it sister Suhalia yes these are some shirts please it washed , where is mom ? she is sleeping? sleeping!! why? at this time she recites QURAN, is she fine? yes she is fine, she said that if Tamoor will ask then say I m sleeping, why? I don’t but you do not go inside… sister Suhalia i could not understand you, i check by myself Tamoor, one minute, I am stopping you, please do not go inside what happen? why are behaving so weird, i see, just stop stop, listen me , what? you said that I have to stop, I stopped why are staring me, its okay he did not stop Mom Mom….. hmm let me sleep please get up mom, i m getting worry I said, let me sleep,, don’t you get shame you don’t let your mom to be rested since my childhood till today I daily come to you even you are in fever you still sits outside that i will not get worried I haven’t see you outside, I came to you now you have seen me, I am alive not died, now go what happened, are you angry with me? no, I am not angry, I got high blood pressure, doctor advised to take rest, i was resting doctor? yes when you went to doctor ? i gone in the morning to doctor why you did not take me with you ? oh, how i take you to everywhere with me, you are grownup you have your own family,take care of it, grown up now!! GOD this boy does not want to grown up go to your room, go………. Mom! why are you going so anger on me why are you watching at that side no, I have headache, I want to take rest, let me rest, move if you waked up then have a tea with me no, i don’t want tea, i had headache… okay mom relax go, I m going ….I am going oh my baby, my love, my life its lap is for your child, your child has to play in this lap go to your room what happen? mom is having headache , shall I massage ? no, i will take rest then it will fine, let me rest,, Tamoor, come breakfast is ready coming,,, okay mom shall I give you massage


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