Balaa Episode 13 & 14 – 15th October 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitles]

What happened? you don’t like having tea without mother? may be! Since childhood till yesterday me & my mother drinking tea together she recites Quran and i was laying on her lap then tea was served and we talked about all day Taimoor, am i the reason for not having tea with her No… She is just wanting that you and me spend more time together, That’s it! you are already giving me a lot of time it could happened that me, you and aunt drink tea together May be aunt don’t want to get closer to me No, it’s not like that, she just wanted that me and you Spend maximum time together did she say it to you? No then how you understand that? She is your mother she can say you directly that give more time to daughter in law i don’t care about any deed of her i am habitual of living without mother i don’t want that because of me distance will come between you and her you change the matter from where to where why you are getting angry on me? i understand the nature of women that’s why i said what i guess no issues, often mother in laws do so they maintain a distance from daughter in law because daughter in law would not become frank in future will share authorities of home just enough my mother is not like this and the question remain about authorities of home so there is no need to share with you She is the first lady of this house and she will not in need to take your suggestion so think first then say what you are saying Sorry you felt bad what i said what i felt, i said it these things are to be feel not to be told, i don’t know why i said it i am sure you are right as you are saying it will be happen like this yes it is now it will be like that yes it will Taimoor First lady! Assalam-o-Alaikum Walaikum as salam i received your message, is it ready?
Walaikum as salam i received your message, is it ready? yes of course! Bengal is ready
i received your message, is it ready? yes of course! Bengal is ready then show it i don’t have idea, i hope it will fit in her hands yes! why it will not fit, you made it with love for your mother OK, Thank you it’s good, she is sleeping don’t know is she feeling well or not? she is well and young girl you guys discussing her illness like you brought her
directly from Emergency ward You just shut up! I’ll shut my mouth Because of your fear but you will be pay for your silence May GOD will not do that i’ll gonna to be silent i couldn’t understand why you have close your eyes Batool! So What do you want? I would not let him settle? you already settled him, what else you do? Taimoor is not happy with her! she told me while she was crying she was telling that he did not forget saba in two days he gave her bite of stone you just take care of yourself again! talk to you is useless OK! where are you going mother lets finish the talk first what is the use to talk to you? you have envy in your heart like sister in law ! if you talk like this you will never get settled OK ! Sorry! see i touch my ear! OK please sit down lets finish the conversation only on one condition if i say something don’t interrupt me she cried so much i felt so bad for her what she thinks where she got married pity girl what do you mean? Taimoor could not accept her! his behavior is so rigid with her it’s not seems like that its a weakness of woman that if her husband don’t love her she will not disclose her weakness in front of her mother in law OK so when she told you all that? At night! when Taimoor got sleep she came straight in my room and pity girl told me all that while she was crying why she said it at night? she can tell in the day as well ! may be she don’t want to tell us? Oho! how would i know? why are you investigating me like police? BUT! what she wants? She wants that we stay away from Taimoor WHAT! YES! we should stay away from Taimoor so he will give more time to her MOTHER! you can be caught into her greasy talk, I’ll not, OK! to get closer to husband does not mean that you can take him away from his mother and sister Listen to me! Taimoor Brother was agree himself for this marriage he get married by his own will he spent a lot of time with her in her maternal home and he made her drunk brother relief he roved around the court and still she is saying he doesn’t fall in love with her! i don’t believe you just shut up! what’s the need to pull Junaid into it? When i am saying why you are not listening? You know! I think! she is disable! that’s why he agreed in emotions but now he regrets now it’s our responsibility to get them closer and by the way! the relationship of husband and wife is so sensitive You don’t know By reciting two words nobody comes closer how much this relation is strong,its equally weak as well Now look! we are his own, what will happen if he get closer to her? we will remain his own, at the end our place is in his heart and likewise those mothers and sister who might not let settled the house of daughter in laws the people’s say them Witches OK listen! just obey me help Nigar and thinks if you helping her then you helps your brother if your brother will happy then Nigar will also be happy Go and make tea i am coming after giving her a cup of tea Mother! please you just leave it and go, sit in her room it’s not seems good why you take tea for her why don’t you understand me? if I’ll take tea to her then she feels like that we are owing her she will become happy your brother will happy too if she will become happy Go and make tea, GO This girl… How many spoons of sugar for madam? Just forgive me Bride still you are sleeping? are you alright? just was laying feeling drowsy OK i just bring a tea for you cardamom tea Taimoor also like this tea you wants that I’ll also become your fan like Taimoor No my child whole day i didn’t come out from my room actually… actually Taimoor did not find me outside that’s why he came in to my room but i shouted on him i said him go and sit with your bride have breakfast talk with her give her attention which is her right, i said him well! because when i came outside he was hugging you if i say truth, i had an idea after seeing the situation i don’t have any place in Taimoor’s life! No.. No! May God will not do this actually… after death of Taimoor’s father we get more closer to each other because of the fear of loneliness and now to make my space it’s become difficult to get separate Right? No my child May God will not do this in Taimoor’s heart there is a place only and just for you and I’ll get this right to you Aunt Mother i gave you the position of mother i want to see how much you show motherhood to me instead of me if Batool and Saleha will ask you to stay away from their husband so you will stay away? besides it you will become rigid with them could fight with them, become isolated from them so they will get sympathy in their husband’s heart and they would become closer to them Mom please do something like that i can get sympathy in Taimoor’s heart and he would come closer to me Do you know? the first coupling of love is sympathy when he will feel that you talked to me rudely angrily! then to compensate that rudeness he will become more nice, soft and closer to me After all… you are a mother and whatever done by a mother whenever son is in pain then he calls his mother i made a fizzy deal! what is my relation mom? a relation of three words by saying three words it bound! by saying three words it can be break No… No… my child! don’t say like that My child, My son is faithful he is not like that! By the way… how Taimoor behaves with you? How…. Rude! but why? He get married to you by his own will! Then why he is rude like this? i just know if he wants to forget saba, then he must pay attention towards me once he will get involved in me I’ll build house in his heart aunt and then we will live in that house happily for whole life you have to do just one thing scold on me for any reason today then scold me, talk with me screamingly so Taimoor would wiping out my tear whole night and then he will get close to me and we would have chance to get closer just do it for me for this understanding is essential between mother and daughter it should be a secret between us please help me to settle my home alright! i also want this your home would settle and both of you stay happy if you guys will be happy then I’ll be happy too stay blessed see Junaid my buddy! i know your trauma is big sudden death of new wife is not a small thing but you became like DEVDAS we were also drinking some time for fun but we were reaching to our homes on our own feet and family even did not come to know but today when uncle told your situation its seems like that you want to kill yourself by drinking look at you! do you know how much uncle is getting upset because of you how much uncle is getting upset! its still my wish that uncle would get worry about me i wished to kill myself and i would see from the funeral casement my father mourning for me your wish is fulfilled he is dying on you in his life why wishes fulfilled so late? that it would become an ordinary story Move on buddy get married! get married? she don’t want to marry me she is afraid of me then do it with someone else with whom i get married? marriage is done with family girl whose character is known i can’t take a risk what do you mean can’t take risk? means that father wants that she will agree what about me i just have to decorate a necklace of roses i have to do agree three times have to sign on paper and give papa a daughter in law in present why you became so bitter? let’s drink tea leave it! get married! i think! look out its designers! yes she is taking it with care i was thinking that all formal dresses place separately and Saleha place casual dresses separately OK! please keep it in to the corner one yes Oh! my phone is ringing just check it who is it? it’s Taimoor let it ringing there is a lot of work we have to set your cupboard leave it i wish he would call me like this! Bride! from where did you make this suit? Its so beautiful its not made on order bought it from designer well! it’s must be so expensive, Right? well ! bride i was thinking that you go with Taimoor and get a locker in bank it’s not save to keep the jewelry in home it will be safe there MOM! its brother’s call he is saying that he wants to talk to you take it What? OH! Batool… now i talk! Speak! Why you called? what do you mean why i called you? i was calling you since morning i am missing you that’s it! so! whats the reason of missing me? i am not dead yet! MOM! please for God sake don’t say like that i was worried about you that’s why i made a call Well enough! why you are worried i am in the house i was saying that give some attention to a newly wedded bride because she is new in this house so then she feels this house her own Hmm.. Mom! i am giving your bride complete time i was just worried about your behavior just enough don’t talk so much Likewise i have a surprise for you Oh! What? when I’ll come in evening then you will come to know Yes! ok just hangup the call and do your work and i am so much busy BYE! Saleha… come on… do your work fast keep it Saleha my child! has prayer of maghrib done? what happened to you MOM Prayers are being done don’t you hear that! what has done with my mind! Well listen Taimoor is about to come from office hmm… so he will come straight here if he will not find me outside say him that Mom is so much busy i will just perform pray then recite verse OK! say him I’ll come by myself in his room so Mom will i not perform pray? Oh God! when i stopped you to perform pray! or if he’ll come straight to you between all this then? Saleha! you are going to get married at least use your mind sometime OK! please stop it now i am not fool that much Well ! let me see your peek of intelligence! Assalam-o-Alaikum Brother! Waalaikum Assalam! bring tea for me fast i am bringing i am so tired! Batool! where is Mom? In her room Anytime Mom, Mom…. if he loves his mother so why he got married? Listen to me please! Yes! which is the place to perform pray? when she finished prayers I’ll let you know place my tea here Hmm….. nothing will be happen to them At least you could make a call whole day i was waiting for it i want that more affection will be create between us you do miss me, remember me do worry for me all this burdens are for me nothing for you its a saying! every heart that loves will sing a song hmm…! the one who is madly in love will be recognized in crowd Where? to meet Mom! don’t you think you should change first? Yes you are right Are you going? yes to give surprise to Mom Are you coming? No! you give surprise then I’ll come must come Thanks god! he didn’t see in the bag Sixer! Let’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 you are cheating first you got six then four…. i am not dying here Oh hello! you died there what’s the matter nobody is giving me importance i placed your tea in the room brother Come and sit on place of Batool now it’s your turn look! I’ll beat all your tokens today Wow! Nobody say goodbye to me today and didn’t perform Thanks on my arrival No it’s not like that Son! she is just came in your life so only give her attention that’s it i informed her and then came here What Nothing just said her that we sat here and she is coming yes she can come here it’s her own house Mom this is very precious moment of my life i want that i will get your all tensions He wants tension! OK take this have you got the bonus? NO! just want to say thanks to someone if you wants to thank then say thanks to her who newly came in your life she will be more happy if you say thanks to her means i would say thanks to her who newly came in life Rather than who gave me life! you sold your bangles for my semester so what! close your eyes what are you doing close your eyes and give your hand no cheating! just keep close i think Allah showered his Blessings see this! what my husband bought for me! This…. i brought it for Mom stop kidding! give Mom her surprise i am not kidding i really brought it for Mom Get it off! Sorry Mom I felt Taimoor didn’t give me wedding gift , so he is giving me gift , that why i weared it no, don’t get it off daughter in law in this age i would not wear the bangle, this look so pretty in your hands Mom I bought it for you its okay after my death my all things will be for my daughter in law its better she will wear in my life so I also would see Mom I will bought for her, Nigger get it off …. Mom actually I was kidding with Tamoor I thought he will give me surprise, instead of this I would him surprise don’t get it off, indeed they are looking beautiful in your hands well…. yes daughter don’t get it off no mom, you take this…. I am getting it off Niggar , its too much Tamoor!!! ohh what will happen now nothing will happen, come and sit here I am here , sit, why are you scared ? I am here, I will handle daughters go and serve the food Mom ,,,,, what should I do ? Why you are worried? at 9 pm dinner will serve, he will come I will make him understand if he will not come ? then I will go, and will placate him, nothing is different how lucky you are, how much trust you have on him no no,,, leave this , looking nice ……………. by the way, Mom’s bangle was so beautiful yes, which are occupied by your sister in law with cleverness which cleverness? she thought that her husband brought gift for her so that’s why she weared look sister!! which sister in law wants to show, its not in real what do you mean? nothing, you will not understand, you and mom have same problem you both think that every one is telling truth so who is saying lie here ? sister in law… sister in law is telling lie she is trying to get Mom’s trust so she will make a wall in between bother and mom well, why she will do so? I don’t know this…but…. something is fishy, If I say it to mom, she becomes angry what we have to do,,,she will regret but in friendship of mom and sister in law, i would not ruined Batool…. do you like someone else ? no then why you become upset on the name of marriage I don’t like Junaid… okay suppose with whom you will get married, later you will find him a drunk, then what will you do? he is not drinking wine .. okay one minute, what you said just before? he is not drinking, its mean there is someone… no.. I said “he will not drink ” just shut up, don’t tell a lie, you did not say this you don’t want to tell me then don’t tell, at least say to him, he come here and will ask for your proposal so you get free from this sward …….. oh I lost Mom brother is saying that he is not hungry I am getting him Mom please go, I am not hungry for Mom you can bring bangles but can not eat the meal ? I am not hungry well you are not hungry ….. no then okay, I am hungry but I will not eat if I will not eat then I will get blood pressure , then I will ill then I will not take medicine mom, in this house no buddy can get angry even ?? no, what is happened , I have to be angry, instead that you are getting angry as you wish, you don’t want to eat then don’t I will also not eat, and stay sit here okay since morning I did not eat anything you know Suhalia has given me tea and biscuit, she said don’t spoil your hunger, they are cooking yummy food after that I did not eat anything, I thought my son will come, we will eat together yummy food is ready and I am so hungry you know if I do not eat I get pain in my head and my BP .. okay well, lets go….. Come… Come on… give me water Sister in law! which thing you make best? Fool! Don’t you see? since when she came she is making us fool what do you mean by this? was kidding! if you guys say then I’ll start cooking from tomorrow there is no need! Brother Zafar will get a chance to pressurize us oh yes! when your father will come then show him these bangles so then he would know he is not only a good person i am too! Mom why you are talking like this? i told you that i wore it by mistake OK when he will come then let him know this too! that you wore that bangles by mistake and aunt didn’t say anything not even she got it off tell him! Mom what happened? what happened! what did i say? do you also think your mom mad? i tolerated it whole life and stay silent… said nothing… But that fire is burning inside it’s smoke will be coming out! i heard all life from your paternal now time came to say something what i said like this… that she gone by getting annoyed! Thanks for supporting me Mother in law its called! hunting of a hunter today your son will wipe out my tears whole night and at least he will frighten to have blind trust on you regarding me! Thank God! the first block of wall of distance is placed on its position nobody has born who will snatch rights from Niggar Go and give her meal No need to get up she left the table she will manage her meal by herself But Mom look What? she is the daughter of Brother Zafar they are habitual of saying not for listening you are not feeling good without her Then Go to her how many days are passed of being married? Tell me? how many days that you started these taunts! which taunt i gave? your Mother, sister, wife… these all are taunts that bangles she were showing was doing it deliberately! Mom i said her to get it off you stopped me what thing the bangles are? it’s groom’s identity! and who is the groom? son of mother in law! how can i get back the gift of my son? just wanna do fight for no reason nothing else if elders are done mistake then younger should vanish it both of you, Listen! don’t fight with your sister in law because of me But I’ll not leave her! she is the daughter of brother Zafar she have so much attitude! you guys will see! she will over take the control of house in few days but I’ll not let her do this are you feeling worry here without her? then go to her why you are sitting here? you came here even you didn’t complete your meal shall i bring? i am not hungry you did a mistake by wear that making a second one by get it off i said! i did a mistake Taimoor i didn’t wear it deliberately Niggar! these small things are happen in every house so just ignore it! i am ignoring… where you are ignoring? Look ! you are crying who is in loss by crying? Me! its really hurting me Aunt was loving me but it’s all gone just because of two bangles Niggar! love never goes anywhere love never goes anywhere and it remains inside you plays hide and seek with you will you not change? no one will be changed every thing will remain same but what about aunt said today? Niggar! i said ignore it if papa said the same to you would you tolerate? may be not so how can i bear? shall i get off these bangles? if aunt will see she will be angry Niggar! i said… i will also get for her OK But do a promise What promise? you will gift those bangles by my hand i took her bangles i want that my worth will might be increase in her heart and from next time if you will give anything to her it should be by my hands so then she may came to know that i came here to share her son not to snatch Well enough….. it will done as you say Now Stop crying and show me your smile Enough! Promise OK! Stop crying today you are pampering your mom i am kissing on my mom’s empty wrists Mom. whenever i will earn first of all i will make bangles for you she was returning it back yes because she knew that you will not take it back well don’t be so dishearten you were also i just wanted that sympathy will create in Taimoor’s heart for her love should starts from somewhere Mom what are you doing? If Taimoor will attract towards Niggar then I’ll perform 100 NAWAFIL why you are becoming bad in front of your son? no mothers will became bad in front of sons Knees bend towards belly! Mom you have a long life why you making your son prejudiced for you? where is the bad there is the good someone losses then someone wins Whatever you say i don’t understand the reason of this falsehood it’s life to settle the house have to do so many bluffs you will understand this when you will settle your own home i am doing so much effort to settled someone house you should must be happy One day someone will do the same effort to settle our house it’s not necessary that we will get loan back reward should be asked only from ALLAH what is the accountability from humans well it’s too late you should sleep now let sleep Who’s there? It’s Brother Taimoor well may be he came too see me he wants to see my mood that i am still angry with him or not But listen! if he comes toward me then say him i slept i don’t want that he will come here he will come, will sit here and will talk then bride will be waiting there for him then tell him that i slept OK! he is gone to his room Gone! It’s Good! that he is gone to his room if he came here then sits with me and would eat my brain you also go and sleep you have to getup early in the morning for university Go and sleep Assalam-o-Alaikum Mom! Mom thank you for supporting me is everything alright? Taimoor was wiping out my tears whole night and taking care of me Thanks god everything is fine now it’s good that at least my son likes you Thank you so much Live long! always be honored May i close the door with your permission! have you informed van driver? yes i informed him that I’ll go by last van you tell that, did you talk with Mom? yes i did then what she said? same, which i was afraid for she insistent that she will bring her brother’s daughter as Daughter in law Then? what should i understand? That I LOVE YOU love is not the respectable relation in eyes of the world I’ll talk to Mom luckily Junaid is a drunk if he was not a drunk then may be i could not able to refuse this proposal even now may be I’ll get another proposal then may be it’ll be done before that we’ll do court marriage Please! over my dead body well it’s mean that you’ll do marriage with some other except of me? Yes Stop the car! i was kidding! No! may be you really think i am that type of girl Give me some time I’ll talk with mom OK lets cheer up now we are meeting after a long time will you keep your mood like this? will you eat something? you know i do not go to the public places we can order in car OK fine But please to the restaurant near to college you know last time i reached home too late i dropped you to home desperately give some credit to me as well Now you’ll get the credit when you send your mother to my home why it did so when girl realized boy’s love then lover gets in trouble she use to gets annoyed half of meeting spends in placate it seems so easy for you you don’t even know how much girls suffer to manage their families and lover i know it very well and that’s why I’ll talk with mother today who washes clothes in this house? anyone from three of us wash in machine NO! it’s not machine washable you put it there I’ll make it wash where? there is a machine in store place over it Saleha Sister! Please will you put it? I don’t know where is store yes you put this on chair outside I’ll place it What happened? who washes all clothes of house can not wash her sister in law’s clothes No! nobody said like this you will take her side she is your daughter she was making bread it’s so hot here so may be she got busy If she has to be busy so appoint a maid is it right to shout on family members? No i didn’t say anything like that you just give it to me i….. give me some respect by thinking that… this home is run by my husband’s earning he is a alone earner i am his asset Nobody disrespect you my child tell me by swear of God that she didn’t misbehave with me there was so much rigidness in your voice No! Give it to me I’ll put it Now my clothes will wash in my father’s home i don’t want to be washed here No… No… give it to me why your clothes will go for washing to your father’s house this house is yours also we will wash your clothes Aunt do you know? nobody talked me like this till today Go and check who came outside i apologize you know Saleha she is fool she get shouted all the time people make her fun why to take bad feelings from her yesterday you talked to me harshly that’s why everyone is misbehaving with me why you get shocked! don’t you ask uncle to come in No uncle nothing is like that please come…. come in…. Assalam-o-Alaikum Walaikum Assalam! you fool Assalam-o-Alaikum No my son please forgive me Mom! uncle came is papa came? there is a way from heart to heart my father came to know that i am in trouble Papa when you will get wisdom? don’t know what will be the result of your that stupidity Now only God can bless your home What happened my child any problem? Asalam-o-Alaikum Brother Walaikum Assalam sister in law Asalam-o-Alaikum Walaikum Assalam son stay blessed, Sit… Uncle AADAB! Thanks to God, how are you daughter in law? absolutely fine! it’s good that you came why she is crying sister in law? what happened to her? she is fine what happened like that her eyes are swelled by crying Actually she was missing you Brother she met you and became emotional whats the reason to get emotional? why she missed me a lot that her eyes swelled you tell me the truth don’t be afraid talk in front of me Speak my child just missed you papa so we are not in other country my child you swelled your eyes Tell me just nothing look! sister in law tell me clearly that is Taimoor happy by her or not? Yes Brother by the grace of God tell me clearly is Taimoor’s behavior is good with you? she is crying it means that there is something fishy Look sister in law! we done her marriage just because she will be happy you guys will keep her happy if tears are in her destiny then return my daughter to me I’ll take her to my home what? she will be fine in my home Brother what are you talking about? if Taimoor would keep her happy then its fine otherwise my doors will always open for my daughter Just Imagine uncle! its just few days passed what condition they made of my Daughter she is becoming mad by crying she is just a kid Mr. Zafar she became emotional to saw her father some tears came out And MashaAllah our daughter in law Madam Shama all world appreciates her ethics so tell me being a mother in law what will she say about the tears of daughter in law Just leave it! Listen! in matters of daughter’s house has to ignore sometime Now i want to come on the point Mr. Zafar consider me as an elder from both of sides and what he wants? he wants that he will take his niece as daughter in law that’s why we brought Junaid with us so that he make a promise himself to you that he will not drink in future Junaid make a promise by yourself that you’ll not do that again Aunt! I’ll not touch prohibited thing from today, i promise Now you listened he said himself now say more about what? about what! about Junaid’s marriage with Batool, in this matter But Brother! see Uncle! we refused that proposal yes you refused you refused and we agreed? We are stupid! Who are you sister in law? what is your place in this family? it’s my family! she is a daughter of my brother we have more rights on her! they are our kin’s Alright it’s better you talk to Taimoor now he is your son Alright then you stay away from this now it’s between me and my son in law Son will you not serve the tea to your papa? now if i came in your house by mistake you asked for tea and tea is here Saleha! also tea Drive fast i said you don’t go too far but it was your choice to go so far for having lunch calm down! till today i never dropped you college late just 5 minutes more to reach… he is also not moving the car stop here I’ll go by walk just 2 minutes we almost there no drop me here I’ll walk Where is the van? Van is gone may be there was only few girls if girls were few so why van driver left me so where have you been? i was with my friend well so then go to home with your friend because van has gone Sister in law where is Batool what she is doing nowadays? she is in university doing BBA where is she right now? university she will be coming university timing is already finished she is having practicals at this time….. which practical ? may be she is in library and studying keep an eye on her sister in law situation are not good nowadays and you already had a bad experience my daughter is not like this brother OK So then is our son in law like that? i didn’t say this if your daughters are clean then our son in law is left Brother i look for the meal leave the meal sister in law leave and keep an eye on your daughters i admit that they are so noble but the world is so bad Hello Mom Mom i am just coming i missed my van and coming by auto i was remain in library i haven’t got an idea of time don’t worry i am just coming OK BYE….. this is a tea my son! it’s a tea… people drink this Uncle are you fine? Yes by the grace of God Thank you so much that you came Brother! she is on the way i talked with her in how much time? she missed her van so she sat in library for study just coming will library be remain open when college will close? Assalam-o-Alaikum Walaikum Assalam My Son! and how you came so early? make a guess! what to guess? i know you got promoted how do you know? i gave to you all my wealth your fortune will rock now i know everything By the grace of God i became vice president of my branch Masha Allah! it’s a good news let bring some sweet yes sure i brought sweets already First of all Oh! Why you give it your mother Give my daughter by whom you get a good luck Yes Sure! Did you see sister in law how lucky my daughter is luck of your son has changed Yes Masha Allah So what’s the matter why you are so down? Because of Batool What happened to her? Batool missed her van, she has not reached yet, don’t know where is she she is just coming Mom for which i am paying money to van driver to leave her there No, She is coming i talked to her she is in auto she is saying this since one hour that she is coming, but she doesn’t came yet i am bringing her i said that she is coming, she is about to reach let me call her What happened? Phone is switched off


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