Balaa Episode 15 & 16 – 22nd October 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitles]

I am bringing her…. I told she is coming, about to come let me call……… what happen? her phone is off listen , why she said it, if she might call him, he would pick her why her phone is off? may be battery is down drink tea, she will about to come listen!lets go to collage, if she is on the way, we will get her no brother, I am telling that I talked to her, she will about to be reached, have some sweets congratulations where have you been? I am asking where you were ? I was in library … in library? what you were doing like this, so you could not realized the time was completing class assignment class assignment? why your phone is off? why? get it out.. show me brother may be hand touched by mistake hand was touched? instead of calling me, you came by rickshaw why you not called me ? don’t know why Tamoor is getting so angry, I see go to your room, I am saying that go and die in your room oh Tamoor what are you doing ? making fun in front of all go, go, what are you doing, people are listening see her deeds people are listening what people are listening, see her deeds all ears are towards here, she is your sister, what happen all this……… why you exaggerated the matter of Batool’s late coming late coming of a girl is not a small mater is she also like Zeba …. why like Zeba, she is a noble girl, its my family, a noble family, you have not seen that …. sister in law and her daughter are frighten, and frighten people do not love then why you were exaggerating that see my son, your habits , you go drunk, I wanted that they will become under pressure when I said this, did not you see that how she became down to earth see, you change your habits, I will handle the rest if they will not agree then do it somewhere else why? I gave my daughter just for nothing, then why do not take her daughter I am a businessman, you listen one thing, don’t drink wine if you want to drink then drink in home ,but drink in a limit, I will handle all the rest, you don’t think so much yes Fahad …. Mom tea….. oh my baby, my head is going to burst, I think blood pressure is so high Batool hmm from drawer get my medicine sorry baby, I felt sorry I deserve it no baby, he loves you so much, he loves you that’s why you you pain today is very bad day,, she shouted on you and changed the reason of his success, it never happened before today, first time I felt myself inessential then why you did not make him realize, you had to say it what will I do?very hardily they came near to each other, let them come Mom, I am saying that you are the responsible for it no baby, they are very nice, I am a fool, further more infamy spreads like a fire in whole jungle yes sister told me my heart is still shivering by thinking this.. if brother Zafal would take Nigar to his home, then what people will say? its only just two days after marriage. Shama did not let her daughter in law settle may God bless Nigar , she had been crying in a corner Nigar’s crying was enough to make you digress why you call her “NIGGAR” call her sister in law (BHABI) have to work hard to settle a home, to settle a home, daughter in law struggles not in laws who are weak, they have to do struggle Mom, in the result of this weakness, might you not tie me with Junaid? why you become upset by hearing the name Junaid, he is a nice boy he is the only owner of a big property they are asking for you with respect not asking with respect, asking with threat whatever, if you will get married in that house, our position will be stronger if our position is not strong in our home then will not anywhere i don’t know Mom! please do mercy on me, already I spent a bad day, and you are making me stressful and you are making me stressed, i got high blood pressure and headache all give stress to me, you also do it,,, I have headache my blood pressure became high this is very important day, then why your face scorned nothing, first time I shouted on Batool, so I feel bad I will placate her, she is my younger sister strange, you are elder brother, you brought up her like daughter, she has to come yes, but I shouted on her first time its more strange, you are elder brother, how you shouted first time? Mom will ask her to say sorry, please do some wait hmm dinner is served, shall we go? lets go where you going? I am not hungry you did not eat any thing in lunch also I was not hungry in lunch time also she is annoyed with you I am also annoyed from her If you can see If you are saying then I will apologize to her but you have to tell her that she will ask for apology not only she got annoy first time, but I am also well if you are saying that I will convince her shall I say truth, I was scared brothers of young sisters are remain scared until sisters got married Batool I trust you, but not on world until you did not reach at home, i had bad thinking in my heart an in that situation, your phone was off, we could not talked with you I got upset, I was scared how much trust my brother has on me, even he has not an idea that his sister was busy with a boy, very shameful Batool…….. aunt, it was not right, placation of an elder brother to a younger sister its wrong ………. I am sorry brother………… there is also my mistake, I am sorry, shall we have dinner will you not get annoyed again? now smile, lets go Batool, at least tell me where you went? say some thing I have told you sohalia sister listen, really you stayed in library where ever I stayed, never will do it again if there is someone, say him that send proposal to our home his Mother is not agreed then this marriage is not possible he is saying that he will make her agreed tell me, who is he ? Mom’s doctor, doctor, that handsome boy, who comes to leave mom to the car you are dark horse (CHUPPI RUSTAM) what dark horse, he importuned me okay! today you went to meet him? hmm Batool,, do you know, how big sin it is, meet before marriage … what happened sister? just went to meet even meeting is a sin, if Tamoor will come to know that he will kill you and Niggar is already in investigation don’t irritate me Batool listen to me,, OH GOD this girl…… If you don’t know how to tie a TIE, then why are you doing it was my wish, I was watching in movies that wife send her husband by making tie, I wished that my husband will also use tie please teach me its so easy, firstly do like this then this, simple now open it, my turn its not simple how it seems my teacher said that my memory is photographic, just try lets see, how good your memory is? tell me one thing.. if I will do it in first attempt will you like or not ? what type of question is this? because I want to know, if you will like then I will do in first time otherwise I will not.. well , I leave it upon you, guess !! okay, here , this ..then this,,,,, i said that its not easy by seeing onetime I f you know how to tie it then why you did not before because i thought that you would not like it so i did not do… Tamoor , in which color you will dye me, I will be that now enough,, you are getting late for office why mom daily closed the door and slept she does not want that you will go inside and disturb her it means that she will sleep at this time she is a patent of blood pressure and heart patent, think about her then nothing that, have to give her money i will give do one thing give this money to her and say I paid the bill Suhalia sister, this is the pocket money of you and Batool oh my brother God bless God bless you asalamalekum mom walekum asalam, come and sit Tamoor has given the expense of house.. yes, due date is came do you know, i wished that when I will come in this house, then I will take all burdens from you but by this i keep my self busy. it is my only work isn’t ed? I also like to run house expenses, in papa’s home i was doing it because no one is elder there no,, he was saying that I run the house with saving parents think that all abilities are in their children hmm but mom will you nit feel bad, in this age, sometime you have to go vegetables shop or meat shop. here and there.. will you not be tired ? no… what? house expense? yes, you know what I will say to papa, give me the expenses of that house I will run that house my wish also has to fulfilled as you wish Batool is in university ? yes where she has been tomorrow she has told, she was in library Mom by the way I did not talk in front of Tamoor, but I did not like that her phone was switch off she told that may be mistake her hand touched and phone turned off so much misunderstanding, may be there is some boy who………… who is teasing her, it happens, boys call the girls,, and girls turn off the phones by the fear of parents may be some boy is importuning Batool, and she is not telling you mom don’t say any thing to her, but she was looking upset, boys are not good daughter they chase, and even kidnap the girls nothing is like this you don’t say anything to Batool, but check her phone she seemed upset I said nothing is like that my daughters are not like this may be you are right, any ways bye hello say what … Batool are you be mad nothing is to be mad in this since yesterday you are not picking my phone , suddenly you offed your phone do you now how much I was worried ? I don’t want to know that you are worried or not, tell me that your mom is agreed or not? believe me that since yesterday I am on hunger strike at home I am trying.. then you will call me when you will be successful in your try please don’t say like that, you know will gonna to miss you I will also do but I am also a sister and a daughter my family has some acceptation from me, my mom and brother trust me a lot they can not even think that their daughter is traveling in a car with a boy Batool time has changed and you still……. then tell me one thing instead of me your sister is doing this then will you be okay with this? although time is changed but family of girls has some acceptations matter of proposal from uncle’s house not finished yet, Mom is still so impressed from them, its all not happened yet just because me and brother Tamoor are not agreed as fast sister in law is conquering all the forts of home I don’t think so I can do resist more then say this you are also likes your uncle’s rich son instead of doing doubt on me, please do your work faithfully in anger any one can say any thing, but if this proposal will done then it will be your failure not mine you know the address of my home, whenever your mom will be agreed then send her to my home well,,,,, hello!!! where is Mom? may be towards kitchen well finish it and clean my room clean bed sheets and also behind the dressing table okay well I am coming after meeting Mom Niggar!! what is going to cook peas with mince you know, I like it so much well, then today, eat as much you like ,, listen……. is this maid doing work well in your room? yes doing, by the way mom how is she? she is nice, very nice I am afraid that she will not wipe out money instead of cleaning the house no , she is so old and trustful… anyways care should be taken yes, it should be taken, but all present in house so nothing to do so i think that man earns the money by doing work hard, and gives to woman then its then duty of woman to do care and admire how admiring my daughter is ? who? Niggar Batool, listen me don’t make my fun please unblock my number when your mom will be agreed then I will unblock your number i am trying I was not that type of girl, i don’t know how I trapped in all this I am also not doing time pass with you, I will marry you its good ,I also want this listen me just for two minutes not at all what happened? you came early brother does not like my late sittings in library then you should talk, its the matter of your studies, you are not doing time pass in collage no I will manage by the way, what is your aim, what to be? not decided yet whatever you will be, in the end have to make round breads Mom, when you will do marriage of sister Suhalia Safdar will come after Ramadan, then we will talk Batool don’t sleep after lunch. today is doctor’s appointment first we will go hospital then will come, after doing grossery Mom!! which hospital you go ? which is near to us… health care yes health care , doctor is so nice, and his medicine suits me ohh doctor is nice ? yes very nice, I feel good after talking him then he must be very senior no, he is a young boy, he told that he got his degree from here young doctor who is qualified and nice yes strange, I also want to meet him yes why not……… not today, some other time today I a taking Batool because she understands that what to talk about me can I not go with you? no you can go, but she knows what to talk with doctor Mom I am not feeling well. its better that you take sister in law with you no you have to go with, he will change the medicine, how will I understand sister in law will understand don’t you think that I will become a bone in cutlet mean, mom and daughter go together, and i come in between then I am a bone in cutlet,,, Mom give me the cutlet aunt do you have any tension? no then why your BP is high I don’t know am I increase the dose of medicine ? as you wish any precautions? take her away from tensions why you said this to looking at me normally daughter in law gives tension to mother in law are you married ? no that’s why you said this, if you were a married then you will say mother in law gives tension if it would so then I will not say it for aunt, she is very sweet she is …. aunt your daughter is not came with you she is not well is everything fine ? actually she wants that all responsibilities should transfer to me its my duty, when she will go, I will do it all is she going abroad ? no, she is not going abroad, she means that girls must be go to their houses I thought that she got proposal not yet, but may Allah make her luck good I forgot that I brought sweets of my son’s wedding thanks a lot aunt, but I will having a complain that you did not invite me it happened in hurry, only family was there, I am just kidding, I am coming after collecting your reports my son thanks a lot he is so nice Mom, have you told the driver to pick us, yes but you have his number ….. why are you becoming worry, he must be there I don’t want that you will stand in hot,, I am checking that either he came or not doctor why you came outside want to ask something what did you talk with your Mom ? I did not understand Batool told me everything, we are friend now have you talked with you Mom? yes I am talking with her, but how you can favor Batool your brother wants to marry her I can stop the flood for sometime, its better that you will send your mother with proposal as soon as possible you do shopping from here yes there things must be so expensive yes difference of 19, 20 Tamoor earn with hard work and you spoil here I was purchasing from grocers, Tamoor brought me here you could refuse, If he brought you one time then you should not came again after coming in these air condition shops a man forgets his actual place although now we came so lets do shopping I purchase low quality rice tamoor likes big rice yes bur after eating all will be same bride these are broken rice, they cook very bad but in price there is a huge difference. how many sacks you purchase? 3 suhalia sister does not bake breads? come shall we go yes Suhalia, Suhalia what happened Mom have you took money from my wallet no, I have not took money then where they gone shall I ask Batool I am calling her Batool….. yes Mom what happened ? have you took money from envelop ? why shall I took ? then where they gone ? have you asked brother ? no, call him, I ask brother, Mom is calling yes Mom Tamoor, did you give me 20,000 less ? no, I gave 80,000 my son, whole 20000 was less less…. I am asking Niggar did you take the money from it you think me a thief I did not mean that but I though….. what did you mean? i have not seen 20000 in my life okay well, don’t worry mom,, I searched very carefully, when daughter in law gave me this envelop I places it under the pillow, while I was going to market then i put it in wallet, now i came home back, then 20,000 are less nothing to worry, sit here, don’t take tension its just money maid was also working no.. she is our trustful, we place our gold openly now a days even children are not trustful Mom you did enough, you put 80,000 under the pillow I did a mistake, what should I do hmm your age is getting older, a mind can not remember so many thing I don’t think that your age is suitable to manage the home expenses a person must be retired some day so you want that the I hand over the home expenses to you I am saying it in sympathy, I came from a rich home I am worry about my husband’s earning, 20,000 is not a less amount you are saying right, you have to do this, take this, from now you do this what happened to you, you lost just 20,000 so you are giving expense to her but I don’t want to waste my son’s money which waste? you think that I gave your SADQA of 20000 why are you crying ? you don’t how much I am sorry what happened ? its just money, stop crying what will happen now? who can be so watered Mom you have you taken your medicine? you are talking so useless now don’t say this that I became mad when you can not bear daughter in law, then why you got married your son Niggar you can see mom’s condition I am seeing, seeing everything I am doing anything just trying to make place in your heart just enough nothing just stop Niggar if I could know that Mom will make a panic then I could not touch the money enough what enough enough, will talk later I should not stay in this house, take your expenses yes Niggo what is the news news is this that you should shut their mouth who opened the tongue they are blaming me that I steal you took? are you coming to pick me or I will kill myself ? is someone in front of you ? yes, my last decision Yaqoob yes sir get the key you seem tensed, is blood pressure high, shall I bring medicine ? do the work your are asked for. get the key what is this? who leaves the home for a small thing I don’t have place in this house, its better you let me go just this was our love ? I am living without love but without respect i can not live which disrespect you got? have you not heard what aunt said? he said very bad, I have done so much to make her happy Niggar she is upset, give some time to her waste of time she is stressed, due to lost of money, this is not a big issue, it happens in every house not happens in my house then listen if you will go with uncle Zafar then I will not come to take you will come yourself Yaqoob get the key what happened to this old man, is he became mad Yaqoob I shall take Junaid, its the matter of his sister yaqoob, what are you doing ? opening the lock without key then how? will you spoil my lock, the is place at the front, go and take that spoiled my all things, get it fast …. and listen if it will spoil then amount will deduct from your salary all the time you want deduct something you are not able for anything, Junaid….. why you opened the lock… don’t want to marry? I was thinking that if you will be in senses then we will go to Niggo’s home who is this Niggo? neighbor’s maid……. you forgotten your sister due to drink, she did fight I thought you will go with me, at moments like this sisters need brothers girls those having no brothers, are they die like Zeba? Zeba occupied your mind, she became a ghost, dine and drink……. lock the door, has to make aunt fool, has to do marry no, no need, no child if you will not get worry then….. mean? Tamoor should talk no use …leave her, for a small problem she has called her father where is my daughter ? asalam alekum brother is it a good deed? she called her father now what happen ? Mom you don’t worry, dont waste your rest behind her, if she is going then let her go come my daughter come, and Tamoor I accepted same from you but she, she is mad my daughter, she loves you blindly, not to you only with your family and home sister in law I knew it you will make her life poison brother nothing is happened like this, come and talk uncle listen why i should listen you ? every man should respect her wife, its right of wife if your mom get insult then why not your wife what order you have passed, that wife’s insult is not admitted by you no brother, nothing is like this daughter in law what will be done maximum, I will take my daughter back what happened to you, i am asking this what should I want? I took her with full respect you blame her, taunt her, call her thief no,, no….. I am asking to you, what will you do with your son, will you eat whole life his earning no brother you will not let his life settled no, no brother i have not taunt I just asked… what you asked, have some fear of God, her henna did not remove yes you blamed her no brother I said I just asked it means she is mad, that she is leaving her home for this small reason it will not done, listen one more thing you blamed her for 20,000, she is the owner of 200 millions, what she will done for 20000, come my daughter brother please stop I did not say like this, brother please come and talk go Batool , go suhalia sister don’t worry what happened , why are you so worried, have you done some mistake ? thinking about Tamoor, what will happen if he could stop me,,take my bag just it would be happened that my respect would create in the eyes of his family see Niggo, he is not like a romantic boy, but you are lucky girl, give some time, everything will be right or tell me you started hated to him I did all this because they must understand that I would not be underestimated you know stupid woman like suhalia has an importance they should know what is my position and they will be in limit that’s why I am saying, let Batool get married with Junaid so I will get her weak point, if Batool would be in our house Shama will not dare to let you go, not even Tamoor now I gor Batool’s weak point what like this?n everything not to be told to father oh lion’s daughter, you are very lucky, you have God’s blessing oh what are you doing, I/ an watching an important news marriage has a benefit that man gets a live TV in the form of wife hmm , and the banafit of this T.v is that if a man gets bore from this T.v, he enjoys machine’s T.v what? how much time we spent after marriage so you bored from human TV I did not perform any drama, or read news, or perform dance yet you can do dance also? so, Mehwish hayyat’s cat song I have to admit that you are so talented yes but, I can dance only by sitting why this ? leg does not allow me you can not forget your leg for some time I try but It rings like a danger bell now what danger you have ? same that every woman has, her husband will change Niggar I married after thinking, and there is no space for changing promise me that you will not leave me. I promise if I will go then take me back I will not let you go.. may God will always keep our TV working but now I can watch my TV brought tea what happen? did you not sleep whole night voice of TV were coming from my son’s room, whole night he did not sleep what was the need to talked with Tamoor like this..he was saying … what 20,000 rupees, I do charity it for you my son was doing charity for my life and I was continuously speaking by the way, where did 20,000 lost I don’t know, might be placed somewhere in panic may be your first guess is right no daughter, she is not a ghost who eats her own house she is a human’s child, why she would do so I did a mistake, what need I had to say this in front of my son, what I did, I said in front of her husband that I am not mad I had to do some patience and tolerance, homes are not made like this if words are in mouth, they worth a lot, if they came out, they worth nothing same was happened with me, why I said this its okay i had to be silent, what was the need , I am not mother, I am a ghost who ate her son’s happiness what are you talking about bringing brother go and give him breakfast have you seen how both husband and wife were doing breakfast , today he is doing alone, my son………. go and give him breakfast oh shama have you seen, the result of envious, how you were looking enviously towards her anticked Junaid why are you sleeping in papa’s room, you are not a child, sleep in your room I feel scared in my room yes obviously ,for some time it will be happen, then will it will be fine what is wrong in this, i feel support that some one also in my room please papa. I am saying in his favor, these are the signs of a weak man who became psycho patient, its strange to sleep in papa’s room pathetic you said right, because the woman who came after few days of wedding to her father’s house is also psycho and weak hmm. you know I am agreed with Zeba Zeba did right to you, you are not a man, you are a child deplorable, looser , pathetic child every woman needs a man, I mean for example what you did after Zeba’s death because you are a weak person you became drunk and after drinking wine, what you did , by that you are spoiling our lives you did black the face of your old father and sister you did not leave us to face the family or neighbors don’t you feel shame, you are bad son and also a bad brother even once you did not come to my house to meet me as professional life is concern, what you are doing, just nothing who can get married with a man like him, even Batool will not do so oh you are not doing right, he said just one sentence and you said a lot I am saying the truth, he deserves it, why are you taking his side ? he is my son then who I am? why are you comparing all the time with him, you have gone to your house I have gone to my house then am I not the part of this house ? I became stranger, this pathetic looser child is left for you don’t I have any right on this house and you? when I said this.. Niggar please be calm one day will be come when this child will take you to the road, then you will regret then you will come to me and I will safe you, just save him,pathetic get out from here, don’t know from where he came ,why you gave birth to him I hate you all, you all are mean Batool listen to me.. you blocked me from everywhere, I could not call you and not replying my messages, you told everything to your sister in law what you said? I said that why you told everything to your sister in law what? is she said this how many time you will repeat the same how I tell you that I have not share anything to her, how she came to know ? who else knows this? only sister suhalia but she can not tell to anyone is she got your phone? no it has code, your name is saved by the name of ‘AMINA” you gave a good name you are not feeling afraid because its not your concern strange, I am trying to chare up you, otherwise our concern is same if our concerns are different then I could not be so restless when you disconnected all the contacts what will happen ? I did not seem any objection on her face she does not show her objection easily, she knows that where she has to show it you told me that she had a fight in house, if she wants to tell it then she could tell yesterday but how she came to know all this even that your mother is not agreed for the proposal tell me one thing which thing is the main issue, that how she came to know ? or if she will tell all to Tamoor then what will be happen ? at least one thing is done good that she will not ask your proposal if a girl is interested in another boy then no buddy will ask for her proposal I don’t know, I am very scared, if your mom become agree then my half life will become easy and my full ……… what he thinks him self, I was fine alone, since when he born he giving me only sadness nothing else papa’s beloved ………. now I will teach you, before I brought Zeba’s fake lover now I will give you Batool having a real lover ,,, now you have to pay….. I am bringing the tea thank you asalam alekum walekum asalam are you awaking? yes Tamoor am i the reason for not drinking tea with her she wants that we spend more time together your are already giving me a lot of time it could be happen that me, aunt and you drink tea together what happened my son? nothing, the door of your room was open actually i have idea, I am getting late for office . Allah hafiz


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