Balaa Episode 19 – 5th November 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

yes but to full the fridge is the waste of money, I will bring chicken Niggar , mom’s throat is not well, she can not eat the curry mom is well enough, why are you making her sensitive give her black tea, her throat will fine, fry two cutlet for lunch in evening I will get stock for you leave this, I don’t want to drink black tea, nor I want stock ( YAKHNI) and I will not eat two cutlets , I will be remain hungry Mom, I will make , Mom Mom, drink tea I don’t want what happened mom, please drink I told you ,, Suhalia, I was thinking that I should talk to the family of Mr Safdar what you want to talk? that they shall bring you with them and you will go to your home its seems bad, if you will say for marriage by your mouth they will think that my family became fade up of me its not the talk of becoming fade up, I am afraid and scared why mom? you will not understand what are you doing sister, leave me hand get out from my house Its about six year in this house but elder sister and her daughters had not talk with me like this so they were doing wrong, its my home, what is their concern my husband does work hard not because of this so you may steal what you said? stealing ? and me? sister…. sister ,., why you are calling her, I call her… aunt ,, aunt …. are you watching? tell her how faithfully I am bringing up my children look bride.. If at my house nothing is for eating then my children sleep without meal after reciting KALIMA never ask me, and never to neighbors , sometime sister helps me, I never ask even her why you would ask for something, you steal so much from here n there are you watching sister, you can abuse me but don’t blame me, tell sister yes bride, she is very nice woman so am I bad ? I did not mean this you always pinch and become innocent , I don’t mean this, I don’t mean that aunt what do you mean in actual ? oh my God, sister your daughter in law is such a harsh woman get out from my house with in one second there are so many jobs for a labor I was here for sister’s power, but its clearly seems that now her power is finished sister , you brought a BALA ( monster ) not a daughter in law stop the crabs, I will break your head, get her out or I will call the police oh what you will do with me quite may Allah will punish you go from there may Allah protect you elder sister , I am going hold this, worth less servant in the front of worthless maid, you people insulted me no , I have not said any thing I have not said anything give my you leave this, I do.. why you will do, its my house, why you becoming nice ? don’t bow dawn, give it to me, why you are bowing dawn in this condition you don’t care about my health, you think that I don’t know you want that in this house neither your daughter in law will live nor Tamoor’s child so that he will bring your expenses take it from there , enough when it happened my God, daughters are others assets but sons are mother’s field, whom she gives water , and soil, for whole life and when the time of eating comes, a strange daughter comes and destroys all since when son became strangers assets? when I stand in the line of enemies is this happen to every one or only with me ? asalamalekum mom, what happened mom? what happened to you tell me what happened ? Batool , tell me do you like someone or someone likes you what? mom how is this question ? see daughter, if someone likes you then tell him that he shall bring your proposal I am not seeing anyone with whom I can Marry you you don’t like Junaid… there is no other proposal is coming I want that after your marriage I will die peacefully.. how you are talking about? is some buddy said something ? tell something I am feeling that this house in no more for three of us this house is not of us, like land s becoming less every thing is becoming shrink , we three will be finished how are you talking mom , nothing will happen like this well where is sister Suhalia ? I am bringing water for you I did not wish like this, my Lord sister in law eat the meal I am not hungry shall I op[en the curtains sister in law please eat some …. I have severe pain is every thing fine? because I did mob why? did main not come? she had come but went after insulting I have seen her to opening my drawer, I asked why you opening drawer she said I have to place hair brush I said do not open the drawers, already so many things are stolen I just said that, there were a big panic above all, aunt was seeing every thing but said nothing Batool, in this house only I am stranger and all other are together sister in law it could not happened , there is some misunderstanding well, where is misunderstanding, anyways tell me did you talk Hamza ? no his Mom is not agreed here papa is not convincing, he decided to do son’s marriage to his niece if you say then I will talk to Hamza and will say that if he’ll not send his mother then we will fix your proposal with Junaid will his mom agree when you will say … see sometime boy taking the girl for granted if I will emphasis him may be he will understand, if you do not want to involve me then say to him say that if he will not come with proposal then your wedding is fixed he know that uncle is asking for my proposal but he does not know that papa is asking right now, give him a time limit then he will be in panic and will do something, when you are meeting him ? i met him also today hmm, you are a hidden fox., where do you meet him? in a restaurant name “CAFE” near to collage a yummy club sandwich over there well you never brought for me a club sandwich next time I will bring for you hmm but do not meet without telling me well, on one condition, eat the meal mom who will was all the utensils place together i will wash no why you will wash, I will do till a maid will not come, I will wash no mom, I will not allow you, I have never saw you by washing dishes in all situation we had maid for cleaning and washing and these hand are not made for this
not a big deal, I will wash, daughters are not looking good by doing this and these hand are not made for this mom, will Niggar not appoint a new maid ? not seems like that, I am thinking that I will ask to the family of mr Safdar come and take you as soon as possible, and as soon I will get any proposal for Batool I will do her marriage I want that in my life you both will get married, check who came asalam alekum uncle walekum asalam stupid girl, how are you? asalam alekum brother walekum asalam, see who came asalam alekum walekum asalam , how are you ? kiss her hand, I mean from whom we have a greed , can kiss the feet even no brother, stay blessed my son after Allah , its your duty to make him settle and bless, only you can do it brother its all the game of fate in hand’s line, where they will meet sister in law its all the market of planing, if you will say yes, then all lines will meet automatically sister in law please give us a chance to bring sweets for you, always we ate sweets at your home why not, shall I ask for tea? no, where is Niggo in her room well , I have to sign these files by her yes you sit and spend time with her, she is going to be your mother in law how your business is going? which? you yes, now I do not believe on you, I sent the manager, you did not the signature I am came with file, and your mother in law is a God’s cow she would not get your signature forcefully, do the signature give me, I will do sign, you are making me dis own from property not making you dis own, but taking back to my name so you shall get the equal part look my daughter, its the duty of parents to bound the children together either it is by loving or by scolding, think that the sign you are doing is scold for you look there should not hostility in family otherwise there will be groove have to win together, don’t be my enemy ever you have forgotten me, my pain, my problem, you are no more concerned with my happiness or sadness you do not care about me no, my daughter, do not say like this, I am with you in all your black and white if you will stand against me and your brother then I am against you have you asked me why I am having pain? why, why you having pain I mobbed what maid went after insulting me , and I mobbed whole house my daughter,, my daughter do not worry, we will play with then in a different way, right now we need them Tamoor just took you back but I will I will change the way of game, get ready sister in law, Niggo is not feeling well what happened with her nothing to be worried, whole body is paining she is saying this, I am taking her to doctor I am also coming with no, no need of this, she is a girl, and its first child she will spend some time with father and brother, and also will go to doctor I will drop her in evening okay is it your permission? how you are talking brother? its my permission, she is your daughter have tea give daughter, give it to brother drink its tea he does not drink tea report of ultra sound is perfect pain is due to tiredness, I have given some pain killers it will be fine well, doctor is she not in danger ? no, not at all, she is perfectly all right doctor if you will do me a favor then I will be much obliged I did not understand what I tell you her mother in law is very cruel woman. she controls her very badly, and his also controls her son she oppressors her, you know what she did today? she fired the maid, and my daughter cleaned wash room and whole house Oh God please give her bed rest, and admit her i hospital for few days I will give you double money, admit her, she will take rest and safe from inhumanity don’t worry for anything, you get admission today, I will support you I will talk to her husband when he will come doctor don’t tell him that we said something to you don’t you worry you are very nice doctor what? hello!! hello! asalam alekum brother where is mom? oh oh mom yes my life where is Niggar niggar has gone with Zafar brother why? she was saying she is not well, brother Zafar said he will take her to doctor will drop in evening what happened like this don’t know, she was saying that, having in her body i did not even have idea that inside of my mother there is a cruel woman Tamoor what Tamoor , you asked to do mob to your pregnant daughter in law insulting her in front of servants, and today she had to go hospital with her father then you did not go with her Mom, I know daughter in law is not a family but the baby in her womb is mine her condition is so bad, doctor said that she have to admit you know , you are my life just enough. no need to say the dialogue in front of me how you are talking with me, listen me I am going, to be insulted by Niggar and her father, I am going tamoor what? what happened brother do not say anything, shall I have to give you clearance for all things Mom, what you done, its so much bleeding brother get the car we have to go hospital what happened, just bleeding, do bandage push hard what happened with you. why you did not tell me ? for every small thing shall I call you from office if house was dirty then let it to be what was the need of doing mob maid has gone by abusing me then sister Suhalia could do that, why you? actually it happens in every house, we shall not make the issues of small things man has to do compromise, but indeed the matter is this your mom is going to be old, she has also high blood pressure by this a man becomes freak, I am not feeling bad but when I went to your house I came to know that she did not ask to my daughter if I did not go for signing then don’ know what would happen to my daughter when i went i came to know she is dying by pain she was feeling intense like a fish, I brought her to hospital now in hospital concerned with doctor , see doctor came her self, ask her what she said,, doctor please tell him you are such an educated man but your wife is doing mob in your house its the duty of husband to protect his wife indeed your wife is so weak and need bed rest,she can not do tiring works if you can give her bed rest then take her otherwise let her live with her father so she will get rest we have hospitalized her for two days so she will get treatment well, thank you doctor have you listen, what doctor is saying it was a big cut mom I was tired so I thought take some rest, and will was dishes in evening what was the need to wash I had a deep cut, and son did not see his mother once I was cutting okra, that was a small cut , my son kissed 20 times on my hand the mom he will kiss your hand when will come back, you know he is upset for sister in law he is upset, when he will come, I will not allow him to come in my room let him sir with his wife, wife’s servant this type of talk not suits on you why not it suits on me, don’t I have heart, I don’t talk so much then its not mean that I have no feelings my hand was bleeding, he did not even see me. well when he will come, I will not allow him to come in my room, let him sit there and listen we din not fire the maid, daughter in law did this she fired and we stopped her to do mob I said to brother Zafar I will go with her yes, you also asked on phone yes I did not do anything and all blame came on me if I had two son, then I would get him out, he would live alone with Niggar after you both will get married I will go to EDHI what are you talking about ? think before talking like this go and bring the dinner, bring water i did now know my son will become so selfish, I did everything for him mom why are you crying, just stop I was thinking that who will stay with her in hospital in night ? me who else ? I was thinking that some woman will stay its more better no need as you wish I wished that you stay for some time, I will go home and change okay I am coming, want any thing from home you she deadly loves you, my faithful daughter yes, uncle I am coming in few time yes did I do right? done mom thanks my daughter, stay blessed and happy mom eat the meal I don’t want to eat what is the anger with food my throat is not well, till when I will eat curry mom see what I cooked what? chicken karahai from where you get chicken, daughter in law tightly holds expanses of house mom, yet we are not this much poor that we could not afford chicken I had some money, I called to shop and got the chicken let start, may be Tamoor came, ask him too for meal Suhalia close the door, he will come and will placate me, I don’t want locked the door , and listen, ask about Niggar, and do not show that I am asking mom Batool has gone, you eat the food, I shall serve let Batool come, we will eat together brother, how is sister in law? what ids your concern ? will you eat dinner no I will eat poison. …..”will you eat the food” Batool, Batool, what is your work in the house, if no buddy is there why A/C is on sorry actually when sister in law is not present in house we not come in room then? I will make it off ” I will make it off” now I came and will dye by heat, go from there why you watching my face go from there see, may be Tamoor came you so, shall not eat the food is Niggar came with no Suhalia go and ask Tamnoor about Niggar Mom. let her eat, you were so angry now melted suddenly relations are like that, they melt us like wax, either its of father, brother or son what ever relation is, they have attraction why this attraction Mom ? attraction like a king, king has power and charisma same attraction God has given to every man, man is the king of home the king of my home is ,y son, my tamoor I will go and see where are you going I am asking him about her mom his mood is not good he is sitting hungry because of my fear, I will sit with him will ask about his wife, his mood will be fine, he will eat the food you stay here what do you mean by ‘i stay here, my son is hungry let me go what are you doing, you were talking a lot, at least wait that he shall placate yo he is upset because of his wife is this suits on me to do this? i will sir with him, he will eat the food my son will hungry why you are not eating because my mind is bust sorry


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