Balaa Episode 20 – 5th November 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

how is Niggar my son ? she is in hospital due to your blessing, don’t worry Tamoor, I did not want this I am feeling sorry for this, for which I should complaint with you ? what I say to you, tell me.. maid is …. don’t say her name in front of me, if i will find her, I will break her mouth how you talking .. what do you mean by how I am talking,, is this the way to talk with my wife ? either you will agree or not, its all because of you, today how doctor talked to me , no one did dare to do this. “how you talking ” I am going to hospital, now daily I have to stay there in night, her father will come in day timing, thanks for supporting me
I am going to hospital, now daily I have to stay there in night, her father will come in day timing, thanks for supporting me mom have dinner before today, in whole life Tamoor did not do like this I felt that some one is giving me the punishment of death you don’t know, when children up their finger, its so much painful see what happened she fired the maid, I did nothing its became a big issue give it to me we did nothing, she fired the maid, what is happening with Tamoor sister in law, come asalam alekum walekum asalam, how are you? how are you I am fine enough , you ask with your daughter, /i will ask with my daughter how are you my daughter ? I am fine, uncle how are you ? I am fine, but how you know, you will come to know when you will come to home, and will do care of me felt shy how are you my bride ? fine aunt , how are you? I am fine, hat doctor said ? doctor is saying that she needs bed rest bed rest yes, she became so weak well. it means that we have to arrange a maid my daughter became ill, you started searching maids, means there is no difference in my daughter and maid no brother I did not mean it, we had a maid, ask the daughter in law she was there papa, she gone after insulting me no brother as soon she will come, I will appoint a maid you leave this aunt nothing about us, i will hire a maid before you will reach I will hire the maid, when i will come home your choice is so bad yes my daughter as you wish, now you are the owner of home you mom is becoming old, and she has blood pressure you are a well educated man but your wife does the mob at home your wife is so week, she needs bed rest brother are you fine? yes fine you need something is sister in law fine? fine you have not sleep yes just going to be… Batool look at the door , who is came aslaam alekum sister in law walekumaslam , oh BISMILLAH BISMILLAH my daughter in law came back home aslam alekum mom walekum aslam come and sit here salam, how are you ? come
salam, how are you ? come no doctor has suggested her complete bed rest as you wish, come take her inside go and bring tea some eatable for your uncle stupid only one spoon brother , what doctor said? sister he is saying that she is so week, and stressed , her blood is so week, complete bed rest, its a sensitive issue give it to me , care fully, and you remove the slippers of Niggar give it to me yes place it Batool, is maid arranged ? no sister in law, we are doing all work its good, you will be use to do work in your house women search gym to be fit, you got gym at home its right but studies suffer we will see your P.H.D later , your extra classes miss you both will decide together, but batool its your duty to take care of Niggar from meat to cleaning , okay brother and you also , take care of your self from medicine to food why you are looking like this look good when you taking care of me take some care by yourself Batool leave this phone for sometime, go and help her Suhalia is in kitchen since morning, at least wash utensils mom I just finished iron , also mob, and washed clothes yes its true, work is increased, I was thinking that I will appoint a maid, I talked neighbor, now niggar came, work is increased, have to appoint a maid I don’t think so that sister in law will appoint a maid… well, why? will she take work from us ? don’t know that’s why I am saying that be agreed for Junaid you uncle will love you so much,, may be harshness of his eyes will decrease you know we are very week in arguments, if we will become their relatives, we will become powerful life will spend respectfully by sitting in the shadow of that kind of people my heart does not satisfy you are so stupid, why you don’t understand, its beneficent to be friend of powerful enemy how you are talking Mom, you know I scare from Junaid, I have not forgot his drunk behavior ohh, If you will get married in strangers and he will also be a drunk then…… then it will be my fortune, why you are always thinking about me think about sister Suhalia’s departure. after her departure, you shall think about me I am going to help sister Batool, uff use to talk tjis girl Batool hmm do you know how to do pedicure and manicure ? yes , but I go parlor once in a month no, parlor’s tools are very dirty and having germs no sister in law . its a good parlor hmm, then it must be expensive yes its expensive but I manage with my pocket money once in a month I can’t do like this with my husband’s earning, you do my manicure and pedicure at home, I have all tools yes daughter in law, neighbor sent their maid, talk to her
yes daughter in law, neighbor sent their maid, talk to her hmm , I will talk, you go… she will talk, I am going sit which wok you do? everything we don’t want everything, just cleaning and mob no but sister in law last one was doing everything, Ironing, cleaning, washing now that will not happen but brother appointed her, he was saying that I don’t want, that my sisters and mother do work in kitchen he was caring about you a lot, you could also care about him no sister in law mom refused but he did not agree, indeed he was saying also appoint someone for cooking but mom refused at what you can start I have the time of 11 a.m I want a maid having timing of 8 a.m, I want before I awake home should be cleaned sister in law who awakes so early I awake, its my habit, then no use to talk, you go, and send a maid for 8 a.m okay well listen Doctor …… how is doctor , have you met since he came back from Lahore ? meet him tomorrow and tell him that day after tomorrow your marriage will be fix with Junaid what? what is the problem to afraid him, but Batool if papa will come tomorrow and force to make your relation with Junaid aunt will not say anything, we are not telling lie using the truth as weapon yes yes, IO am telling you do this, meet him tomorrow , which was the place ? cafe goerge cafe goerge, will dress up well okay listen do one thing, there are my tools in the drawer and lotion, do my pedicure with suhalia a sister i love as a mother, but Batool is my life hello, is every thing fine ohh, on my phone you become like that you are doing a sin you scare me like this I want sandwich very good , eat .. no, I herd that sandwich of cafe george is so yummy where is it? its at the back side of Batool’s university then say to Batool she will bring no she may be left from there okay I sending the driver oh, what do you mean by sending driver, I want to do lunch with my husband go and bring it Nigar what id this childishness I am in office what do you mean by childishness, can I not show you some childishness okay, by the way I also did not take lunch, I will pick you and will go together no, doctor has told me for bed rest okay I am bringing bring it soon, for me in this condition its not good to be hungry going okay ye Niggar where you reached ? Niggar what is this time to eat sandwich, its the time of school and collages , its to rush here you have not crossed the university yet about to reach remember I am so hungry, did you check on internet the exact location I am coming in 5 minutes come soon what is the latest news of today I came last time to meet you you always say this next time you will not even listen this Mom will be agreed some day but my mom and brother are agreed for Junaid’s proposal they will come tonight at our home to fix the matter are you kidding no its true, and you agreed ? i can not stop this storm now and your sister in law, she knows every thing she can try but i don’t think so there is some use of it uncle is forcing that he will take her niece as a daughter in law and Junaid’s wine ? they have given promise that he left we have only this day, if today you can take your mom to our house then I will make agree my brother and mother don’t worry so much, take the coffee don’t worry I told you all will be solved it will not, when I will get married then it will solve buddy your club sandwiches , make it fast what are you doing brother listen me sit inside my beg sit, brother I am leaving you alive its good for you buddy move aside listen me for two minutes stay away from my sister otherwise I will burred you leave my hand brother, I have pain .. quite you made fun what is happening mom don’t come in between, don’t come I am talking with her Tamoor don’t come in between, tell me who was he, tell me Tamoor what is happening ? what is happening ? how you dare to slapped my daughter by God if you will do it again we all three will go, and will never see your face what happened to you, look her condition, she has neither scarf nor beg how you brought her, why you are behaving wildly with her what she did? without knowing what she did, you are taking her side yes I am helping her, not helping my daughter only. I am helping all girls of the world, what she did tell me? what she did that you….. don’t touch her in car she was eating the sandwich with a boy then what happened, she was just eating sandwich, not ran away with him if even she will run then its not your problem girl is the owner of her respect, if she does something wrong she pays for it no one has right to beat the girls either father, brother or husband the what would I do. would I leave her with that boy in the car ? if you have such respect then you should talked to her instead of shouting it was better that you left her , if you brought her then talk with mouth why you used your hand look her condition, she has no scarf and her beg, don’t know what you did with her I could not understand after knowing every thing you are blaming me by God, if there was Niggar instead of Batool, my behavior would be same daily I watch you new face I also watch your new behavior daily believe me I really hurt by seeing you like this I also do not believe and feeling hurt, I raised you and brought up you given you education that you will raise you hand on my daughter what would I do, would make her marry to that boy yes would marry her with him I am not disrespectful if you have such courage then be a man don’t make your respect on girl’s shoulder that a girl look some where became disrespected well , if it is so then she will get married with Junaid if she will refuse then I will consider her as died forever, i will see how she will not do this don’t know is driver with him, he would not do accident nothing will happen with him, Suhalia go, take her Batool inside take her Batool in the room come my child, go inside daughter in law you also go to your room Batool was Tamoor reached there not reached but sent so shew knew that you are going to meet him well, you are also involved in her secrete no Suhalia mom forgive me ,, forgive me Batool to whom you met, will he marry you ?tell me don’t know may curse on you, you used to meet him and you don’t know whether he will marry you or not Batool his mother is not agreeing its not my problem, call him right now and say bring your proposal at today evening otherwise I will marry you with Junaid, have you listened mom listen my, will you not ask who is he? its not important, you have chosen your groom, now its your duty to get married, understand don’t leave my support, already sister in law did very bad with me sister in law, what did Niggar do? mom, she made me friend, she herd me while I was talking, she suggested me to meet him and to tell him that till tonight if he will not send his mother then my marriage will be done with Junaid tomorrow i gone there and she sent brother, mom she made me insulted in the eyes of brother, she cheated me the false of sister in law proved as a truth, oh Batool, I did not know Niggar is the main character of this story now I can not save you mom she wants that i got married with her drunk brother save me mom, save me I can not save you, your grave has dug she will bury you in that grave. I can not save you i could not save you my master you went in angrily, I want your news mom, what happened, sit what happened? do you know bride, when I brought you, I did not thing that I am bringing a daughter in law I thought that I am bringing my third daughter to her home I also thought that I thought that what happened my mother gone before time you will be my mother the God is witness I really think you my daughter I am also consider you as my real mother then save me from this problem I trapped in a problem, you listen that if a million falls on knife on knife falls on million, million has to cut think that my condition is also like a million, my both children are annoyed with me, you know how a mother hurts you are also going to be a mother, will you help me tell me what you want. what ever you want I will do I want that my both children will be in peace. they will be happy with me you know Suhalia is so innocent and stupid, you by becoming my elder daughter please save me Tamoor insists about Junaid, he will leave this, and Batool will get married where she wants, will you do this for me I will do, mom Batool likes Dr Hamza and I knew it since a long time but today Tamoor caught them, but I did not tell Tamoor about this but Tamoor became angry with Batool, Batool had doubts for me in her eyes If i wanted to tell this then I could tell on that day when we had fighting this was not a right time, mom I was delaying papa since a long time I was also thinking that the daughter whom i trust a lot she could not be so cruel thanks daughter, you fulfilled my trust yes tell me what should I do, tell me when Tamoor will say you to talk your father then what you will do its not big deal, I will convince junaid, its my duty but we can talk when they will do some talk, otherwise what I say yes, if you will not mind, shall I talk to Hamza why not, you have to talk , who else ? talk to him I will, but I don’t have his number I also don’t have his number, from where i get ? get from Batool see , I became old, I am getting from Batool, just come sir go out side, don’t bother me for one hour okay sir sorry since I got married, I became stranger for mom, my objection became sin whatever will happen I will marry Batool with Junaid whether any one will stop me


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