Balaa Episode 21 – 12th November 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Batool give me the number… she will talk herself whose number ? Dr Hamza’s, or who else you want to burn I talked her my daughter she was saying that she did not tell to anyone she was also saying that if she had to say then she could say it on the day of fighting, why today? she was also telling that she was continuously delaying her father Mom I have seen peace in her eyes Batool this time is not for seeing eyes eyes speak truth, tongue always says false Batool do you have another option ? tell me since when you became so weak, that you need the support of sister in law its not the thing of weakness, this time I want a strong solder mom solder is a cheater, why you are not understanding ? i gave her the adjuration of love and prayed to God, may Allah give mercy in her heart for us you tell, do you have an idea that your brother will forgive you do you have an idea? give me the phone, I will let her call in front of me give the phone, you did not right Batool you did not right shall I tell you the truth of my heart at that time I did not slap my son, I slapped Niggar’s husband I came against my son and he was seeing with big eyes before today it did not happen, i never came in front of him I did you favor, if it was happened before then I will slap you also with my son you did not right, I became agsainst to my son i was standing with my daughters separately , give me the phone give me the phone, why are you not understanding.. I am doing it for you take this my daughter shall I call from this number ? yes you are not stranger, you are my own, now I have only you hello, hello Batool no, Hamza I am Niggar Batool’s sister in law sister in law. how is Batool, today Tamoor brother seen us how I was taking Batool with him, I scared she will slap her Hamza if a proposal will not come from your home, fingers will be pointed also its very clear, you have to agree your mother, we will agree Tamoor here after today’s mishap, Tamoor is agreed for Junaid believe me, what I could do, I did, but mom is not becoming agreed then shall I suppose a “no” from your side no, never okay if you want then shall I try to explain your mom you can try, but don’t call until I will say okay, give me her number okay I will send the number as I will reach home Allah hafiz I don’t think so that his mother will agree don’t know mom, everything is in God’s hand, we tried our best the mark which is appeard on Batool’s face, after this mark brother Zafar will also not accept her mom, what you want? happiness of children i don’t want anything from Hamza or Junaid, I just want that my children stay happy I will try my best to do what you want stay blessed , stay happy always be happy, your home will be blessed thank you so much Batool, Batool Hamz’s mom’s call, wants to talk you hello asalamalekum I am Hamza’s mother I want to come at your home in the evening hello strange woman, was saying that she will come at 6p.m rest of talk will done then she is a stranger then she will show strangeness Batool you go to parlor no will not bring her in front of them, you just do one thing explain Tamoor mom these talks can not be done on phone, when he will come I will do your phone, now we g to kitchen for preparation lets come I am very scared me too I feel that my grave is digging same with me i will live till 6 p.m , after that the steps of my death will start mom, you must will cry on my death, with mourning loudly, God may not do this , that something will happen with you before I would die how can I live without you ? may be we are thinking wrong no mom heart always speaks truth the ell of heart is true than all bells my herat’s bell doing TUN TUN of danger its ringing you will see, everything will be fine now think good, if we think good God will bless us he will say go, i have given you the happiness everything will be fine, how much I trusted on your sister in law if I could do it on a hard woman, her heart would also melt your sister in law will make everything right, everything will be fine my love everything will be fine Hamza.. Hamza… Hamza come here yes mom son tell the driver , the address of Batool, today I am going with your proposal mom seriously ? then, we don’t have any fun thank you so much mom no need of thank you , for your happiness I had to be agreed, I cant see your sad face shall I come with.?.. no son, not yet , I don’t know the environment of their house if they will mind, you may go later , now tell the address to driver thank you … Yaqoob yaqoob.. O Yaqoob yes sir where are you was cleaning sir don’t argue what? bring my things from car mad man by drinking a lot you became PEEPA at last what will we come to know that wine destroyed your liver but your sorrow is still there, remember this let it done, no need of doing care you became mad, this much you drink, don’t you feel shame what are you doing with your health I was praising my son, he is changed come Tamoor asalamalekum walekum aslam aslam alekum his habits are improving, now he does not drink, does not do shouting how are you ? absolutely fine my son, sit he became so nice, does not firing, does not shout , not doing fighting even well and how are you ? by the blessing of God fine. you tell ? how are you first class, you tell how are you ? I am also fine and how you came ? uncle I want that …. you will come to my house today with a proper proposal for Batool wow, wow my son you made my heart happy I don’t know whether mom is agreed or not, but I know that I am happy with this proposal wow, great, you fulfilled the duty of being my nephew that’w why saying that blood is blood, come hug me hug me , good I believe that you will fulfill my trust I will try my best that I will match your standard I want to tell you one thing that its only my decision , mom still not agreed oh mother decision is not important, you are the head of the family. you are a man, they have to obey you, your family by the way woman’s intelligence is in the knee, you did great one more thing, I came here and discussed about proposal, Niggar should not come to know it, I made a promise my son done.. congratulations okay uncle KHUDA HAFIZ oh sorry why you beating me you saying rubbish. you not do your work carefully from THATTA I got the syrup of Sandal for Junaid you broke it, it was so expensive sir Junaid you shall go, I will see him go my son this much expensive syrup of Sandal you broke don’t you feel shame I was bringing rightly, how I could know he will come in my front enough, drama ids done, he has gone please bring for me, I don’t have I will cut from your salary, its 7500 to 8000 per bottle go from there get out get it for me from where I can get ? bring for me at least tell me the price came my son ? asalam alekum son walekum asalam what is this? open it what is this ? once i saw my son Tamoor with street boys ,while doing smoking, then I slapped him in front of all boys, and my son bought two bangles of flower to placate me he was afraid, and put it on my side me and my motherhood whole night we were in the smell of flower widow mothers found their love in their sons and sons forgets the first love and finds the new love now see, I slapped my son once again and he did not bring flowers to placate me not should be this much faithless you don’t become like this son, don’t forget your old love mother does not need any thing, only needs support of son in life for rest after death for burring what you want tell me? mark of my lost son mom what happen , why are you crying like this? Tamoor has came, go to him I will go to him,, what you made with you wipe your tears and get ready hey are about to come parents do wrong sometime then the children should have the strength to bare it what do you think I am only adorable to m father, when he becomes angry, he does not recognize come here shall I say one thing yes whole life you got the prays of you mom now by showing your right on her daughter why you getting her curse mom wants to marry her daughter where she loves do what she wants, get her prays if you are annoyed to your sister then get away from her no need to be a stranger like this boy is the doctor of mom, and now her mother is about to come you just come and sit there I will come after changed asalam alekum walekum asalam are you Batool? I am her elder sister you do not have tradition to invite inside yes , please come inside come , come come , here please have some you have not drink tea are you educated I was in class 11 , I got married it was must be love marriage no, he saw me and liked me I could not understand this why every woman say this that he liked me have tea where is the head of the family ? my son, just about to come asalam alkum walekum asalam he is Tamoor, and she is Niggar my daughter in law asalam alekum walekum asalam you also did love marriage yes some how it is like this whole family is busy in doing love what do you mean ? I mean that my son Hamza, since many months he pressured me that i will marry with your sister Batool however his cousin is so pretty and very shy that he never seen any man but what happen to the men, they like only those girls who goes to restaurants who does outing with them enough tell the reason of your coming not reason, just a request , request of a helpless mother stop your sister, my son is so noble, since he caught by your sister he lost his mind.. many times I explain him that these types of girls are not suitable for homes keep them till hotels it would be fine but he does not obey me before I came here I thought that you must be very modern after coming here I came to know you are white collar people then how your sister reached to hotel what you want to say ? I want to say that stop the rising steps of your daughter otherwise it will be so bad we know that we are so rich, having so much money but its all money does not belong to Hamza, he did not earn it his father earned this very hardly and for your daughter, will we lost our money? what do you think? now enough, I herd so much. we are respectful people but I am shocked on my daughters choice, why she chosen your son this much pride if your are such respectful then you could control your daughter if we knew then, your son did not tell us that he is going to entice our daughter then we could stop, our daughters are mad where the get cup of love they drink whether it is poisonous I came to clear it that to my son…. not any connection, and if I will see him near by or if he will call , then I will report the police listen I am also not came here with proposal and sweets came to give you warning if your daughter will contact my son again no one will be bad than us , you don’t know yet big minsters are in the contacts of Mr Chahdry since long time you are saying rubbish, ans I am listening if you can pick our daughter then we also can bury your women alive every man has a animal inside, no need to awake him go and tell your Chohdry too much respect, if you are really such respectful then stop your sister if she will come after my son, no one will be bad than me teach your daughter its not good to catch others son we have listened a lot now go I was not came to sit there just to watch how type of people you are I hope you will consider my talks hello yes are the mother of Hamza yes , say I am Niggar , Batool’s sister in law listen me peacefully , if some one is present around you then answer in no or yes yes I am calling you to not make this relation but to get rid of it say Hamza wants that you will come for proposal yes you have to come for proposal, when you will reach there make them insulted they are very respectful people, they will not give their daughter remember one thing when you will insult them then it should be in the front my husband because he is already against to this proposal tell Hamza that you came to get proposal respectfully , my husband did your insult and got you out when you will be coming bring a box of sweet so it will pretend like you are going to ask respectfully distribute it on the way one more thing, if my name will come then you have to tell your son that I am making you afraid from his suicide yes ….. will talk later okay KHUDA HAFIZ KHUDA HAFIZ lets go


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