Balaa Episode 23 – 19th November 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

yes mom when you will go to give break fast to Batool ? I will.. its early morning, I was sleeping its 9 a.m Tamoor will go after sometime what is happening ? nothing, have to take break fast for Batool there not be any mother in law taunt on her , just relax no, bride, break fast is just pretext, parents want to check either their daughter is fine or not she is fine.. why she would not be fine,, we are not that much bad she will rule there , will rule …… but even then …. I am saying that no need of botheration of breakfast. yaqoob the servant is there, he will make… papa will let it done Tamoor I am not feeling well . I can not go…… who is saying you to go, you take rest at home, Suhalia and Tamoor will go and bring her after breakfast Tamoor is not bachelor, her wife is still alive, is it not seems weird that I stay alone an home and he bringing his mother and sister in car say Suhalia sister to get ready .. I am going with her …… okay ………………….. might be you have swear to not obey me…I am not your wife I am an animal of this house ….. talk calmly with mom…. I will not talk even .. it seems she is worried I don’t want to talk her,,, what is the problem with you, you know she is sad … she is always sad ….what I do? flags of her daughter’s deed are still raised, after it, made her daughter in law, crown of head if it is so I also kept you as a crown of head …. so…my fault is natural…it is not effected on my character otherwise may i die in one second if i gave this place before you I did not want to hurt you, some time its slip of tongue I am not showing but only want to be admired , sorry its okay …. mom I made all PARATHAS (tortilla) thanks a lot my child… go and get ready brother is just about to come out from his room….go get ready I am just coming mom I am leaving…. oh mom why are you sweeping ? leave it oh oh its okay my son, Batool was doing this, now she has gone to her home leave it… and why you have not still appointed a maid ? ask it to your wife ….. why you have not appointed a maid ? because maids are not grow on trees when I will get a trustful then will appoint, can’t appoint like this mom is sweeping in front of you, don’t you see? why mom is sweeping, who said to be miserable in front of you its not a matter of be miserable. this house belongs to all, by the way Batool was going this, now she has gone so I did this then what happened ? what you want to say in front of your son that I do oppressor on you and your daughters I have not say this .. no need to say, you are sweeping early in the morning,what does it mean you could wait, I would do this its 12 p.m , and don’t talk with me like that, I am not habitual of this accent see which accent I bear whole day Niggar listen to me…. you want maid, to sweeping, I do it I do sweep Niggar don’t make panic. leave this give it, doctor has … to hell with doctor doctor wants that I may have a child , but you don’t want.. now I will sweeping what are you doing? leave it… Tamoor…. I fad up of your dramas.. Sister Suhalia I am going, come outside what you do? neither he took break fast nor tea…what was the reason to done this now you are happy, only daughters are not yours but also son …. take this …. do….. also do it in room Suhalia I did not say any this give it to me no leave it, get ready, he would be waiting. go and take all these things with you I have not done anything say yaqoob to bring tea ….. me? yes you leave, I am saying , and I will never see you to talk with yaqoob . understand!! okay yaqoob yes boss bring two cups tea by the way, I will be fine and you will be habitual of my misbehave , you are a noble girl… you will be habitual of my misbehave , you are a noble girl… you are noble girl, and I judged it last night ….. by the way….Zeba were also seemed noble… don’t know where she got lover someone was her old lover, how can anyone deny something seen by eyes I myself her……. mean you killed her…. this is the sorrow I have.. she died naturally, she got brain hemorrhage she died by shame, ,I swear , remember one thing, the talk done between us, its our secrete it should be in this room, if it will go outside I will do very bad with you sir Tamoor sir with his elder sister came hmm they were asking about you.. send them inside, they are not strangers, they are our own okay sir leave it here sir Mr Tamoor and his sister came I know, that’s why I am saying leave it here, go….. shall I leave here yes….. asalam alekum come…… this…. what is this? tea I am talking about this… what is this? buddy obvious it must be mine you have not left yet …. I am trying… it will take time I lied to me…. lied to me what lie I said……you knew it that it is lie….. the bottle was broke in front of you which papa said it Sandal’s syrup.. what did he say.? my papa is such a drama may be you are forgetting I am your brother in law no,, yes.. may be you are forgetting that I am your brother how do you talk with me? in which accent you are talking with me Tamoor , what is this? see have I came in between you and Niggo’s life? I have not came, I will also not allow you to come between me and Batool you don’t have an idea ,you all ready knew her, she don’t like drunks and you knew it that I am a drunk, then you might not give proposal, should keep with you what do you mean? mean, I mean…just hell with “meaning”, somethings are only for saying, having no means, have to understand … everything is not for explain I understand,…Batool Mom has sent breakfast for you you don’t worry you will go back with me to home which home? which is the scene of taking with, at least ask, I am here I have to taker her to graveyard graveyard ? why? to teach a lesson … you will take her to graveyard to teach her lesson yes, what I said right now? everything is not explain something a parson understand by seeing and using brain, understand … but don’t worry I will bring Batool with me, and will eat meal now lets go… come on …breakfast tell me what he did, Batool if you will not tell how I would I know hello! what is happening here, which meeting is going between brother ans sister, lets go… come come fast… yaqoob serve the breakfast came from my in laws today we will have the breakfast of in laws leave some for dinning table, will continue there, will see me there where? what your brother were saying,….. one minute red lipstick looks so nice on you, shall I ? take this with you you brought so much stuff. thank you so much, but eat something yes child have some breakfast, who will eat this much… eat .. hnn Batool yes uncle ? no buddy taught you to do SALAM to elders, we heard so much about sister in laws teaching sorry uncle she is stubborn, said sorry but not salam ohh asalam alekum uncle walekum asalam, where is my daughter ? she is not well ,she is at home not well, then why you did not tell me before … what happened to my daughter nothing, she did not complete her sleep well, now listen one thing, how much we are taking care of your sister you have to take care of my daughter, do promise … you are taking very much care indeed you are taking care, at first night of wedding he is drinking in front of his wife I have to admitted this you both are taking good care of my sister , seems good now what to do, if in her fortune that her husband is a drunk, then he is what to do,have to bear. suppose if we don’t know him , he would be a stranger then what will we do? nothing, just can try to stop him you lied us uncle what are you talking about? its not our duty to change his habits.. you lied to us do you know, what I am feeling bad? instead of taking my side you are giving support to your son he drunk at first night in front of his wife, you are supporting him i told you that to change his habits is neither my duty nor yours, what should we do? now he brought her is Batool came for this? for this got married with Batool? look brother, you are saying so much. if you think your sister in not happy with me then take her with you, take her back what are you talking about, she is orphan daughter of my brother it will be very insulting.. what people will say left the girl at first night what people will say? it will be so insulting uncle we are going, isn’t it Tamoor, shall I go if it will possible then bring my sister yes, I will bring her with me shall we go? where are you going ? so much anger, child listen , you always drink , should eat something brother I promise I will make every thing right. I promise don’t worry , I will do everything fine , don’t worry Allah will do everything better , you will see everything will be fine come soon my children are came, Batool came , my Batool came, where is Batool? where is she? Tamoor where is Batool? Junaid is bringing her what do you mean? girls come at the morning of wedding with brother n sister where is Niggar? in her room this is the grave of Zeba what are you doing? just came to show you sir asalam alekum
just came to show you sir asalam alekum walelum asalam sir I see you come daily, people pay me on monthly bases, I will wash grave if you will also pay me I will put plants no need sir its about 400 only per month get lost is Batool happy ? I don’t know what do you mean by don’t know? is she happy? Junaid has not left wine he was drinking whole night in front of Batool, he did not has shame in front of us the empty bottles in his room were making our fun and when Tamoor asked he did misbehave is Batool came …. your brother did not leave my sister now taunts are started of exchange marriage still I did not taunt then what is taunt? your brother.. your father, your this your that Niggar you have so much feelings of your protocol if a frying bird will fly over you, you will cut his wings why are you talking me like this ? how was Junaid’s wife died? brain hemorrhage I know …… every person has a reason behind for his sorrow, and there is some reason behind your brother’s sorrow he is a victim of anger and sorrow, I think that he is showing his anger and sorrow to my sister its just one day passed to their marriage, let the time passed if you will start making guess then how their marriage will run have I asked that your heart broken sister did care my brother or not ? why he took her to graveyard ? on my asking he says that for lesson, I am asking what lesson? which lesson? somewhere did you tell him about Dr Hamza? Niggar remember this… if my sister will not be happy then I will not let you happy in this house don’t you feel shame, how you are you talking with your wife ? why are you threatening me.. what happen to you? now Batool has gone then anger will showed to me.. I did not come to ask proposal he has not left wine you fixed the proposal not me I fixed it by trusting you, at first night he s drinking in front of his wife do you think this may be your sister did something like that for which is drinking may be about her ex boy friend Dr. Hamza stop it!!this matter has closed next time don’t say anything about this, if you have such pain then would not married your brother with my sister I let it happened because to show you that I don’t have any problem with this right now you are showing your anger to me, you have guilt, you are guilty you did Batool’s marriage with Junaid to take revenge from Hamza and his mother you did it, I did not come to take proposal now you are shewing anger on me I am not answerable for this… who is there ? me.. shall I come in ? come in mom.. nothing to ask… your styles aunt …… Tamoor yes mom I have given rights to you to take decision about my daughter’s fortune I did not have any other option. there were no ques of proposals for you daughter how did Dr Hamza’s mother your insult after that you have only this way to get rid of to be insulted Tamoor come outside , I want to talk with you .. why? so that you can inject him against me no, I will talk only about my daughter come I am also doughtier in law of this house , talk in front of me. if you get quiet for two minutes then she will talk sorry say mom…. what is the reason to take a newly married bride to graveyard? you ans Suhalia have went there to take her, they did not send her, what is the reason of this ….. I am very scared, Tamoor I am very scared Junaid did not respect me today you are talking like that he was beating you with a stick…. just one night passed, for that why this round table conference is conducting give one or two days, if there will be some problem then I will talk to papa bride still you not became a mother, you can not imagine the pain of a mother have some fear of God….. why are you giving curse to my child to be come no,, I did not give any curse …. then what was that, curse has no horns you said that when my child will have pain then I will feel this is not my child only, also your son’s Niggar mom did not say like this , you are exaggerating then what she said? still my child not born, and she started curse ,what I did to you well I you felt that I am apologizing I do apologize do apologize, I am innocent, I did nothing. your daughter will make such innocent face, as she is your daughter she will stay settle in her home, no buddy can dare to say anything you have not listened. have you not listened? I need protocol? we are going towards home .. why? where you have to go? no you said that after graveyard you will drop me to mom’s home why ? do you feel fear in your house ? one of my friend is coming from Peshawar to congrats me. papa reached office yaqoob is alone in house, take care, it would be better to stay in your room then you shall drop me to mom’s home where ever you will go, will go with me, will not leave alone anywhere mom, move your feet upside mom…mom… up your feet .I have to do mob yes what are you thinking? its hard to talk, even for think.. don’t know I did right or wrong? you did not wrong anything, mother can never do wrong that’s why God has spread heaven below the mother’s feet you are talking about heaven , I feel that even land is slipping from my feet mom I know you are worried about Batool. when he will come, you will feel relax if by seeing her sorrow , my worries will increase then ? why are you saying like this, you do pray for her, all will fine once I went outside I read behind the bus “mother’s pray, is the wind of heaven ” Suhalia .. have I did injustice with Batool? do repent, If she will hear then doom will come, what she says, we don’t have the answers of that, when she says its seems like she is cruel as CHANGAIZ KHAN or GABAR SING you know , sometime I feel that I am going to the way and someone poured a bucket of garbage on me sister Suhalia, why you cooked so much mince that it lefts Batool is coming that’s why i made some more so Tamoor wished for ALLU GOSHT, what will happen for that? its okay I will cook also that not going from your home.. if two food will cook then how we will spend month may GOD do mercy on brother Safdar. I am freezing the mince, after mobbing you cook ALU GOSHT bride… is Batool coming ? by hearing your talk I wish my mother could not died, she would alive so that she will also run after me, after forget son, or grand son its not like this .. I love you all very much don’t say lie , you love only your daughters , your son makes place in your heart cook it… its not like that ,, Suhalia I love all very much now I will not cook mince for Batool cook what ever she is saying. some new storm will not occur go obey her, do what she is saying …


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