Balaa Episode 24 – 19th November 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

my brother I brought a gift for you. what was the need of formality ,you did not come in my wedding what was the need of gift ? I don’t have hobby of collection the weapons its your hobby neighbor has objection tell me who will do objection? people of your city are craven you know , even the children of our area have the heart of lion.. consider the sound of bullet as cracker any ways. you hold this, when you will come in our area, then bring it we will do firing together will you have tea or cold? no buddy, I am getting late, next time I will come and drink cold call Batool who is there ? I am yaqoob what you want ? Junaid sir has called… outside’s phone, talk him hello what you were doing ? nothing just sitting with whom alone, totally alone, locked in the room, Yaqoob called me when you called by considering empty house you thought … if you have such problem then appoint some other one, don’t blame me this much anger. I feel that you became disappointed by hearing my voice I don’t know for which you have angry. but this baggage is not mine, I will not carry it you have to carry, you said three words of Nikah in that no condition like this why ? did you not say ” agreed, agreed, agreed ” when a woman said ” agreed” then she has to agreed with husband’s sorrow and anger husband’s anger, husband’s sorrow , husband’s restrictions are accepted to me husband’s blame and insult are not accepted by me you did not have this courage at night, now from you got it leave this, tell me why your mobile is not with you I left it at home were some bad memories there ? you were have stay in your limits, understand…. why your all limits end where my character in started ? tell me why your brother became agreed for marriage ? bad lucks and accidents are occur at same time if I were so bad then you could reject i did not know about your badness knew about wine now you will make my life hell for this why I got married if you want to go, then i will send the car no need, thank you so much. you would give some other blame on me will you go for lunch with me? yes get ready, I am coming …. sister shall I make tea no thanks who? who is there? who is there?
who? who is there? who is there? surprise what is the matter ? come here , sit here hold this… what happen? lets go for eating something I am not hungry but I am hungry then you can go and eat it will take one house. I am coming after eating mad I have seen him, while coming, he was going on bike he is with me… why are you shouting there ? what I said you are you shouting here, my family is here go and shout somewhere else why we go somewhere else, its our place son of place, my wife is sitting here well let him go…. go from there what was the reason to do fight looking so nice when you talk like this my Batool came .. how you recognized my by closed eyes every child has own smell , mother recognizes how is my daughter, where is Junaid with his sister I heard a doom passed over you after bearing a big doom of love, all dooms seem small shall you forgive me ever ? you were saying that our fortune has been written there is no your fault, you just read my fortune God has given the pain, he will give remedy too may be God has the mood of giving pain only, God is God don’t say like this, always ask mercy from Him near or far he does mercy alive or dead? shall I come? yes come, no need to ask, stay blessed, sit how are you now? fine, how are you? what your daughter says as mother likes all children, like this wife likes her husband either bad or good what are you talking about? is it true ? yes true shall you eat meal? aunt I am very hungry, Batool is also very hungry.. she is saying I am hungry why she did not say to me, go and say to Suhalia serve the meal oh stop, I forgot my daughter in now married, I will say.. its okay mom no child , you sit here I serve the meal, just in 15 minutes thank you I am going to like you.. although I would not love, only would settle home now I have to settle with a noble girl and have to save respect your mother in law did a doom in kitchen , she had to serve from fridge or shall order from outside, stuff is everywhere he is doing doom in kitchen, is for your brother no, she is doing everything for her son in law, nothing for my brother no need of formality, we will eat what ever is cooked have you checked papa, how is he or he is also became her fan in one night for living, one thing is successful you know what is your problem, you are a romantic person, in every three days you have a new love, and everything turn bad in front of you, and you regrade what is your problem ? can not you see your brother happy my problem is that, I want my brother would become a man you just got married, and you are praising her so much, tomorrow it will be a problem for you thank you I am sorry, I did not serve you, as a son in law deserves actually you din not come in morning and not called that you are coming then me and suhalia would make something special for you, forgive me son our mom is so cute, she admits all her mistakes while talking I did not mean that you have so many meanings, now what meaning shall we take aunt you don’t have to worry about me,don’t worry to say anything you do not have to worry about my meal , please do not… why are you seeing me like this? why are you not eating? shall I serve? aunt your daughter is so nice, she cares me a lot, I am very thankful that you given my your such a sweet daughter no need of thanks, but a humble request, keep my daughter happy how do you talk aunt, Batool tell her, do you have any complaint? no need to ask her, I am not like that mothers who investigate you both stay happy, its enough for me by the way, you married your daughter with my brother, see how thankful he is he is saying thanks to you with respect, Tamoor did not go to my papa and never said thanks, its strange , we did not had mother but having such teaching and you are a noble woman, don’t know where is the lacking in your teaching Allah will do blessing , Suhalia come, everyone has taken the dinner,come aunt cutlets are so tasty have more yes very awesome chemistry whose? yours and that boy’s who? remember one thing, i am not a fool person, I do complete love full love but will see by lion’s eye I don’t understand what are you saying? do you think me a fool? in front of my eyes you will do affair and I will bear it talk respectfully you talk respectfully, if you are a family girl, then be a family girl without any reason what happens to you ? what do you think? am I mad or blind, I am not seeing your affair I do not believe that you are the same Junaid, who were sitting at home I also do not believe that you are the same girl whom whole family praises it means he is waiting for someone else.. but who ids he? you called me uncle, yes , see he came to his acts, went there where he goes daily, go and stop him, I married him with you that you will come and stop everything now you tell me it looks like that he is a a bachelor widower, nothing is changed go and placate her, stop her, why you looking , go and help him come Zeba, come, Zeba……… I hate you Zeba, I hate you I hate you…come ….come Zeba go , you are a cheater, go/……. Zeba.. I hate you ….. now tell the truth, what was that which I saw? by which thinking you died.. am I not cute see. I was cuter than you I loved you so much, why you did so.. there is a girl in my house, Batool, I could not do trust on her, what was the hurry to be died, I would kill you trust on me or kill me…. trust on you, have you seen your face, no no you have to trust on me okay..why? why I do trust on you? what is your concern with me? with me is it nothing? it was an unknown relation, on break up of which there is no even sound to fall on of a needle


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