Balaa Episode 27 – 3rd December 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

nobility and respect tied our hands in feet, otherwise would we not do the case ? you said truth sister in law. we are also from daughter side that’s why we could not say any thing, what should we ask from you? why you left my daughter to her home, what is her mistake in all this ? we don’t have our senses. how we could get her out ,your son in law is here ask him. did we say him ever that get her out or misbehave with her? never brother.. then tell me sister in law why you spread separate floor of mourning? I can not go to your home, your is seem to me like gallows, my daughter was hanged there, and no one asked her last wish. I am a mother do you know how a mother bore that? that was my courage,Till her death body was there I stayed there drink water yes drink water she is our daughter, now our turn came, you seem our house as gallows your turn came , your talked about courage.. brother I can neither do argument with you nor catechism where Nigar is concerned she is my daughter in law, this home is also her indeed its her house, when ever she want to come she can, my daughter is not worthless, remember I am the person scarified his son otherwise world could not cry on your daughter’s death, come daughter mom, enough, now I am understanding every thing Niggo Shall I come inside? yes I could not sleep whole night , before I was calm from your side now its finished this boy made my life miserable do you feel me as a burden no my child,why you be a burden, you are my love, its your home,till then you want no, papa i could not be defeated easily what will you do? I was thinking whole night, what to do? only base coin came in mind which base coin? you are my father… guess who is he ? only Dr Hamza is coming in my mind, so will he give false witness in front of Tamoor? no, he is not a street beggar who will sale in just 1.5 million, Dr Hamza, he is a big short of Punjab then what to do? leave on me, I will handle all ….. if you knew about Dr Hamza so why you let her to be married with your brother if he will having same scar again n again ,it will be difficult to live for him papa every girl has a past, and has a story, it does not mean that her character is bad, Batool had a good character, I am telling she will spend her life peace fully if your son could let her lived whom you are calling? mother of Dr Hamza what she will do?
mother of Dr Hamza what she will do? not receiving what she will do? meanwhile she will send her son far from the country, then I will think more what are you going daughter ? fighting….fighting for my life… doing attack from different direction cleaning the mess created by your son asalam alekum walekum aslam have a seat I do not came there to be sit, tell me why you called me here in emergency ? I had a work, which I completed by your help, now need you have? one more work is to be done.. what ? sit , I am telling you ,,sit……. see listen me, we do not have any know how, neither I want to do know how by your help one matter was solved. now tell me why you called me I want that you will send your son abroad for some days what? but why? your son’s life is in danger ? from whom? from my brother from your brother? what is concern between my son and your brother he has concern with Batool had with Batool, but what is the concern of your brother with Batool both got married its done good, bad gone, world cleaned something done bad,,, what? Batool has died, she did suicide with my brother’s gun now my stupid brother is searching your son with that gun at the time of death Batool said that I can never live without Hamza. she gone, now its better to send your soon abroad, when matter will resolve I will tell you ….. well you considered my son as a street boy, for your information I am telling you he is the CHOHDRY of his village, not an ordinary boy on his single voice whole village comes, your brother will kill him !! village will together in village, I am telling you its a city one more thing my brothers know that you did misbehave and for that proposal was broke think when son will come to know that you did misbehave and Batool took her life,will he forgive you, may be he will kill you, he is a CHOHDRY, may be my brother would not kill me, he will suicide for this, place you villager’s mind in village, and hear me with a cold mind send your son abroad, I am telling you when matter will resolve. I will tell you I am saying this to save his life and also yours, don’t want to save your respect shall I order coffee for you ? mom you ? you had to call me masha Allah , my son is so nice, respecting, mannered, caring Hamza I put in ordeal its not like this, I not had to sent you to their home have you contacted her again? no as I promised you take this what is this? ticket of America but why? you like San Francisco , go and enjoy no mom, I do not want to go anywhere why? these are the steps of forgetting , have to go throw by outing is heart become empty ? but place is made, now where you will say I get you married, just wait sometime you will fall in love again after the failure of first love, second love is impossible the land of heart is so fertilizing, a little environment makes the land fertilized again tomorrow morning will be your departure mom all of sudden, I have not took holidays
tomorrow morning will be your departure mom all of sudden, I have not took holidays don’t worry about this, your father will talk with owner of hospital son If you will not go then I will think that you have not forgiven me children give punishment to them, indeed mother suffers that punishment if you will go, I will think you have forgiven me Hamza has gone America by morning flight I went clinic of Dr Hamza, I thought I will make him witness of my brother’s innocence but I came to know he has gone to America, think why he gone suddenly asalam alekum walekum asalam I want to meet Dr Hamza Dr Hamza has gone America when he gone? today morning please give me his residential address let me check thank you want to meet Hamza ……. you!!! why you came there? what is the mean of coming here I want to meet Hamza not you why you want to meet Hamza? listen me carefully , Hamza is the owner of his village, by watching our house and honor you have to understand our status see which matter has born and died inside the house, bury that in house don’t make fun of that, my son is a man, and your sister is a girl if this matter will spread all blame will come on your sister its my suggestion don’t create a hype next time if I will see you near by my house, then I will not talk with you directly I will call the police, and will make you to be arrested . you have no concern with Hamza if it is so then why your son was meeting with my sister. tell me? what rubbish, have you became mad, my son has gone to America are you going or want to listen more, its better you go with respect you said right, its about my sister. I will investigate this case you don’t have intelligence, you bring every one inside, don’t let any buddy come inside without asking Junaid sir, Junaid sir, boss is calling you get lost he was saying that bring with you get lost Junaid, what is the problem , what drama you created.? eat the meal this time my mind is lost, go from there otherwise will be so bad son… Junaid tell me what is the matter, eat the meal having severe pain in throat and head my fortune is lost , I married you twist , one is died herself, second one killed by you, and sister is also came back, all is your mistake all ids your mistake I don’t have any answer of all these, go from there, let me sleep tell me at least what happen ? my both wives come in front of me as ghost ,sometime the dead body of Zeba sometime Batool with her Dr lover. how zeba is looking me how you talking about? scaring me, listen I will send you abroad with lots of money , will come after lots of outing, your brain will get fresh what you said? go abroad I will go abroad, am I a doll, so by pushing a button cries , or laughs listen me Zeba I am not talking with you, I did not kill you, I still love you a lot I did not kill you, ask papa,, papa come here and tell her I still love her Yaqoob Zeba please come Yaqoob its not my mistake Yaqoob ….. I did not kill you, did not kill you have you seen how he is shouting hmm, he has to shout papa, both wives are died,everything would tease him will he be fine? he never shouted like this if no one will listen his shouting he will be fine, you know who get in trouble people like us, troubles come on us someone came Tamoor …. how do you know? when a student gives exam, he gets idea of result, i also gave a paper. may be numbers will be good asalamalekum asalamalekum son come eat dinner no i will have dinner at home, just came to take Niggar, I hope she will come with me, because guest are coming at home what about the guest, before they were doing condolence for months came home and went after years, now no one is cares about alive who will ask died you take your meal then will go no, will eat with mom confirm, then lets go KHUDA HAFIZ papa go , go to your home Tamoor my son, do apologize to sister in law on my behalf happened so bad… I am so bad but can not kill my daughter, it just happened i dreamed whole night why dr was not died, if he would died it will be murder whole life my son would spend in jail, it will be fine, do apologize to sister in law on my behalf will try. she is a mother, her daughter died , she will not be fine so easily I understand do apologize to sister in law on my behalf I am going ……… I did not kill you now you believed that I am not guilty Tamoor I am talking with you.. Tamoor say…. now you believed that I am innocent Niggar you are not my position, that’s why you can do any question and can give answer as you want I am at your place, but you can not see, I am exactly there where you are I have same pain, my brother has also died from inside, he lost everything what about your brother, after fired bullets his anger not gone no his anger has not gone, because its not happened first time with him what do you mean? he had passed from same trauma before, Zeba was also caught red handed with her lover….just like Batool Zeba was caught red handed with her lover he got a big trauma how Zeba was died? I don’t know, Junaid has clearly said that go to your home, never see your face next time found died in wash room, we did not know that she was there when we took her to hospital then came to know her brain veins were collide might be she had trauma of her guilt. then papa said marry Junaid with a family girl, so he can forget Zeba and it would not occur again, its my mistake, if i had tell them about dr hamza my head is paining , will talk at home when she had a bullet what she might think.. how pain much she had at the time of death may be she called me or may be her voice could not come Allah, she was on floor for so much time, may God she had less pain, mom shall I serve dinner not yet, let Tamoor come see how is coming must be your son, he has long age, he came everyone is cheater, all are mean…… mom.. people will coming here ,, for reciting FATIHA people come, read Quran. I also read Quran and gift her she gone, my age is of going, she had to read Quran , she gave me her duty but all is God’s will, Thanks to my lord are you fine ? where are you going? going to mom, want to talk her, when she will sleep. I will come me also come no need, i have to talk her alone in laws home are made up of send, built right now , just take a few rest and destroyed what ae you thinking mom ? nothing my son , nothing you were laying like this I scared one day it will be happened.. be use to from now May God will not do this.. don’t say like this where is sister Suhalia must be in kitchen, washing utensils I said so many time , appoint some maid say to bride, appoint who ever she wants Suhalia sister will get married, will have need of some one till now she is doing all work mom, Niggar is pregnant, doctor has suggested her rest how can I her in this situation to do work no one can tell her anything mom I want talk with you you can say anything, now I can bear everything, a mother who has seen the funeral of her young child, becomes so powerful today i went to the hospital of dr Hamza well I went there. I thought Juniad did fire on Batool due to drink but… when I went there , I thought I will meet doctor, but came to know he has gone America. then I went to his home i met his mother, before that I could say something, her mother started shouting, and threatening me, mom tell me why any one shout without any reason how can he go America like this? I think may be our guess was wrong may be Batool………. don’t know son,, don’t know why a man heart is blind like law law wants witnesses and clues, man also wants witness and clues his heart does not listen voice, if listens then why not belives what is this secrete my Lord ? because man hearts does not beat like a mother heart because of this he made a man head of the family. so he can do justice if you will in my place , what would you do? I would do justice that’s why I thought I shall bring Niggar back you did good, that you took her back.. I never want that you break your home I want that you build your home, take her care she is going to be mother of your child… go, go to your room she must be waiting for you.. go my son mom shall you tell me one thing true are you annoyed with me ? no son , why i annoyed with you I did your marriage for this, you will build your home, stay happy with your wife go son.. live your life …….


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