Balaa Episode 28 – 3rd December 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

tell me clearly , did you kill her? who killed her bullet is fired who killed her killed ,, killed killed you killed her…… Zeba Zebaa Zeba Zeba . that lizard died I did nothing…… I did nothing papa … papa … papa she came who? both are standing ….look who both are standing Zeba and Batool..look … what are you talking about ? I will not live me peacefully do one thing, get pistol , kill your father papa yes I am thing that I shall handover my self to police are you became mad, will you let your sister to be divorced? I will say I killed Zeba… what are you talking about, she died naturally nothing difference, she died , or some one killed her everything hides. only pain remains in the heart , and questions remain I will get peace, please give me to police don’t do this… your sister in Batool’s house . she is going to be mother Tamoor will divorce her.. when he will come to know listen your sister is lame, I am begging you, think about her please shall I sleep with you? please let me sleep with you please papa what to sleep with me please let me sleep here sleep, sleep my son where is she standing please search some maid … Suhaila sister should not work whole day what happen Tamoor, I came last night and this tea is made by me I am not saying anything to you, I want you all three should not do work not mom’s age is of working , neither your health now sister Suhalia’s capability well when I will find some trustful I will bring when a person is know how to protect his things then no buddy can do anything well what ? is he became mad ? not became yet but he will be mad…whole night he shouts scarcely his body is sweating , all the time he sits at my office, he says he is restless when he is alone I am thinking that I should concern with psychotic what? what are you saying ? are you became mad ? papa psychiatric does disgorgement, no secrete lefts in front of them now you are afraid from Yaqoob, tomorrow some Dr will be in his team then? you do one thing, give hum some sleeping pills, let him sleep, he will sleep then will become fine, need nothing to do more sleeping pills, till when I shall give? want anything more ? yes give some tea leaves, want to make tea sister Suhailia , have to consume the tea leaves in whole month when I went to home after the incident of Batool, you people spoil all the grocery guest were came that’s why consumed more at that time which guest were came ? don’t make the story anyways , take the tea after making tea please lock the kitchen, otherwise your brother will say I am a cruel sister in law. why I said about tea? I say rubbish, she is saying right grocery consumes , will not make right now, will drink after where you were ? washing utensils or where else buddy /i said several times , appoint some maid I asked from whole neighbors , but not found I will search I am coming from mom sister mom’s tea …… what happen sister, get up….take care, carefully ….. nothing just having pain, what are you going in kitchen at this time ? nothing just pain drink water …….. utensils were left ….. I said I should do you were washing the utensils? then who will wash? now fine… do you want tea? I make …. having pathetic pain, it starts and finishes automatically, it is playing hide an seek, but God’s blessing now its fine sister you drink water I am making the tea …… you will make the tea …..make I am doing this do you remember, in every moon’s night . me Batool and you we were making SHEER KHORMA I remember .. I was coming to eat almonds only, you both were doing all last time, we both had got you out, but you mom’s lovable with her commendation you were came back yes I remember .. sister tea leaves ? tea leaves … just brought out….take this is it not less? no it will enough well I am taking sister why it is locked? Nigar did why? she thinks by doing this grocery does not waste is everything locked ? yes its good, your wife is intelligent, she keeps everything carefully my mother’s and my sisters’ things are locked like this ……… Tamoor no. Tamoor listen me…..Tamoor …. wake up, wake up… what? wake up what happen I just….. you locked the kitchen? answer what I am asking, did you lock the kitchen? yes why? you are hiding things from my mother ans sisters so that they shall beg from you ? talk respectfully talk respectfully !! I talk with respect with you, tell me truly why you locked kitchen I am habitual from papa’s home so that I have an idea of consumption in the house in which mother in law ans sister in law are present where should not do such things you said that you washed the utensils, but suhalia sister are washing utensils, she is not well even till I was there I washed , after that if some other utensils will find …. lie, I hate lie, do not tell a lie in front of me from tomorrow my mother and sister will not go to kitchen you are a woman who denies the truth give me the key give me the keys ….. what happened in kitchen? i did not say any thing , he came to know himself that everything is locked Oh God, shall I go no ,,,I do not go take the keys open the locks Tamoor it not seems Good, what she will think that we complaint you should compliant , should not leave left this.. look son , its her right, what she wants she does after our departure , she is the owner of this house where are you going ? Suhalia will get married and my ticket will book, Suhalia will go to her in laws and I will go up mom mom God sake , do not say like this, we all are together , drinking tea we are not together … what do you mean? mean we are not together, where is Niggar, Suhalia bring her say to her that mom is saying that drink tea with us I am just bringing sister Suhalia , you sit, I am bringing mom is calling you, come outside I don’t want to go come out in two minutes otherwise you will not recognize me, I don’t want any drama , come outside , I am waiting she is coming let sit bride here mom you are such …. come. sit with us, I don’t drink mom, why you called me we all were sitting, were missing you I said call Niggar, will feel good, come, all will drink tea, Tamoor bring mug Tamoor go and bring Mug , me and bride will drink half half did he anger so much ? hardly saved …suhalia sister did complain no I did not say anything, he asked , I swear, I did not say what are you talking ? I was telling Niggar I am not fine yes I told Niggar , you are not feeling well, you will not do any house work and nothing will be locked , bride I forgot that Suhalia is not feeling well, when you will go to doctor, take her with you my doctor is not general physician, she is gynecologist, she does not see this she frightens from male doctors, take her with, checkup will occur, I will be satisfied okay well drink tea come outside with me I made the ultra sound of your sister in law,, I her condition seems not good in her ovary some masses are traced which can be diagnose by CT scan I also gave some tests , please let it be done what is the problem with her? can not say anything yet , until test reports will not come even then what would be worst ? ovary cancer, you can tell this to your husband and mother in law but don’t tell to this innocent girl, may be she will become frighten for now any medicine,, yes I gave some medicines and tests, but this is temporary treatment thank you okay what happen what she was saying ? nothing, was saying that i should take my vitamins on time well, I scared, I thought she is talking about me no , nothing about you, for you she written some medicine that I am purchasing, you go, driver is coming, I am purchasing medicine come soon what doctor said? why she feels so pain in her abdomen ? lack of exercise, she does not walk, that’s why how you talking ? whole day she does the work of home mom, have fear of God, that’s why Tamoor thinks I am a cruel sister in law sister Suhalia if you did not like the locking of cabinet then you could tell me why you sent Tamoor that he scold on me leave this, do not worry about her. doctor said everything is fine, tests are done, ultra sound is also cleared , gave some medicine if she will not fine with them, we will go again I am worried because she is a girl, have to marry her, its good to be healthy otherwise people will say we married our ill girl no, don’t worry about her, have you ate your medicine no, not yet oh ho give me the glass this light blue and dark one, its should be take, it should take threes a day other according to pain, prescription is here , I am going to kitchen no need, i have cooked rice, settled the table, just serve the food no stop , I am coming no, I not said that you help me no.. I am not that much ill, so I would not walk bride, if you have any complain please clean your heart Suhalia did not complain, Tamoor went kitchen for making tea for me when he saw that she is washing the utensils Tamoor went to make tea for you don’t know why he is so annoyed with me , I try my best to come near to every family member of this house but my all efforts are multiplies with zero I am coming, I am going to her I will go and help, you eat medicine I will eat mom Suhalia why you are not eating the medicine I will eat , coming …. I am coming from office so I brought him, he is so trained, knows all work mom tell him all work, don’t worry first ask with bride no need she is the owner of house mom you are the only owner of this house till you are alive , you will be the owner , if you will leave, ten people are to takeover it start to take part in the house holding I am giving you all expensive, you handle it it not seems good, she is your wife, you gave once the expense of house if we will take back , it will seem bad consider my work, you will be busy in works, your mind will distract no toy has made which can take the memories of child from mother I missing her very much, for a mother no child is bad only child, I have the sorrow of that, my daughter has gone with a break heart only because of me, every time I remember her, when come from room she stands there , I remember her talks, sometime I feel by holding my cloth she is saying that mom bring this bring that when I sleep I feel her little hands are massaging my head I m missing her mother where daughter has gone? she is died, my daughter is died this is the kitchen, I am telling you how to cook you mom…. asalam alekum, when you came? i daily come at this time , why are you so stocked hmm who is he? he is cook , I brought well , what you do? everything, I asked , come with me, I will show the kitchen, I am coming come sorrows of this woman not finish she is your wife, why you fight her for us sometime some hardness is necessary no son, don’t say like this, environment of home becomes ill and bad nothing done like this, just taken in limit no son, she is also the member of this house , this is also her house you wanted that grocery should not lock, then its not. you wanted a servant, then he came, when you say two words of your will then also must say two words of love so hardness should go right in your this “right” your heart is not involve only tongue is saying no I will placate her well now go to your room when i will go the will you not be worry son, no one is died by crying means after my leaving you will cry I promise will not cry , i will say to eyes, don’t fall, my son becomes upset by watching my tears, will not cry . go to your room and placate her, go….. you sleep mom go, be happy, stay happy for ever how can I explain him, i have a burden on my heart, how I can explain are you crying no laughing …….. on my bad luck,, I am laughing Niggar what happen ? you tell this, you have the list of my all mistakes Niggar have I ever blamed you every for any thing. tell me you said nothing, this is the problem, your silence kills me what happen tell me? why you so rude with me? tell me what is my mistake? your bride ran at the night of wedding,is she ran by me ? your sister had an affair, was it because of me ? your sister called her lover at husband’s home, did I call ? then your sister was died to save her lover. I killed her? for what all anger on me , you are the son, your all sins are forgiven but I am daughter in law, my mistakes are not forgivable you cry in front of her, I have to bear her behavior in your absence you have not an idea how painful when you are innocent but you have to live abashed have you an idea when you have to live like suspect in your ho,e you can not understand , how hard its for me Niggar nothing is happen with you like this we are in more pain than you, we are facing more than you and which is done with my brother ? two times his respect was sold , two times his….. I had seen his behavior on the second day of wedding wow, his behavior is remembered by you, but don’t think that the woman who can call her lover to her husband’s house how was her behavior ? you leave your wife at maternal home for everything so my brother has no respect, he could bear lover of his wife never talk about my sister and you, you are killing Junaid’s sister , what about this? Niggar what you want? you don’t have an idea, its doom for us,, we have no that much tolerance that we will give shoulder to your family for God sake understand us …… at night you were sleep peacefully, I saw you were snoring son why you act like monkey, why are you itching ? in hands, its like burning having pain in belly concern with some doctor, go to some doctor, Junaid do courage give some attention to business listen the monster named “woman” keep her away for few time if a man attached forcefully with glue , then he cracks from inside I am bringing my stuff Suhalia my child yes mom why are you laying here like this ? nothing mom, just feeling tired okay well, take rest who brought this pillow here ? its not mine, Tamoor slept on it whole night Tamoor was sleeping whole night here he went office just right now and Niggar ? she is in her room, Jamal has given Breakfast to Tamoor you were sleeping so that’s why he did not disturb you mom sit, I am bringing tea for you


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