Balaa Episode 29 – 10th December 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Yaqoob yes sir where is Junaid? send him to car he gone to the room okay I am calling Junaid…. Junaid my son…… you gone again for taking bath, you just took the bath Junaid, close the water , whole tank, I filled just right now Junaid. answer me, will you finish whole tank ? Junaid Junaid… Junaid… Yaqooob ,, Yaqoob Yaqoob come fast ….. yes sir , may God will bless, what happen ? what happen? come fast come sir pick him up….. what happen bride? why asking me ? shall whom I ask? from your son, from yourself what we done like this ? no. what you should done .. we did everything, we called the lover of your daughter because of us she caught, we said her go away, she died because of us everything is done by us, you did not do anything do not blame on dead people, as they are suspect then what to do ? should we take all blames ion our selves aunt we did that also , said nothing to any one but you and your son did not get peace tell me one thing.. why you turn Tamoor towards me like this ? as in a battle canons are turn towards enemy what did I do with you ? I can not bear more insult I don’t think so this marriage will be continued I gave him injection, it will effect temporary concern with some psychiatric, I think he has some mental problem doctor don’t you have his remedy ? Mr. Zafar try to understand, when test will done, reports will come then will come to know what is the problem take his test I am not the expert of this, I am a general physician he is in so depression , and this condition a patient can commit the suicide heart fail can also be occur , normally its occurs anyways I am giving you the card of a great doctor go to him, he will get fine soon Insha Allah, shall I go Yaqoob go and see off the doctor thank you thank you so much doctor Junaid my child. I lost my son, what condition you made? Lord bless on me…. what you want daughter in law ? you are elder, experienced , don’t you know how to settle your son’s home? if your daughter would be at my position, then you would not want to set her home how is Junaid? he is laying backward unconsciously , what else ? is he ill in real or? I mean papa in childhood when he did some wrong he was doing the dramas . some time hunger strike some time other its not a small problem , I will concern with a good psychiatric you also search you are getting me divorce, why you want to get me divorce disrespectfully why you will get divorce? do nor have to tell to any one that we are concerning with some psychiatric he is my young son, he will become mad when he will go to a psychiatric then he will not only become mad but also call as mad, my life is destroyed I will must concern him to doctor when you have decided then why called me Niggo why are you so selfish ? you not asked for a single time about your brother, that how is he? so what brother is doing, he created problems everywhere everywhere he burns fire and then sleeps how easily you forgot what I done for you, if I did not tell about doctor Hamza then you and your son will lost, but still thankless I had given you the weakness of in laws, we all would rock , but you are saving your self from here and there , you all are thankless Jamal bring tea coming boss will mom not drink the tea? just drunk the tea you make good tea thank you sir, but i have to work listen Suhalia sister going to be marry , learn how to cook after her marriage you have to cook the food yes boss brother Safdar has called, Batool’s CHEHLEM is on next month I want that get suhalia sister married I also want this I will call him, and will talk asalam alekum walekim asalam, sit my child , will you drink tea? no no please drink, Jamal bring tea for sister in law don’t you have meal? no , I have eat at papa’s home you gone very fast , is everything fine ? Junaid was not fine, he slept at wash room might be he was drinking he is not drinking “he is not drinking” you said this when were fixing his proposal with Batool also gave the proof of detachment from doctor you started again by fighting like this God annoys so then I don’t have tongue no you have tongue we all are dumb. only you have the tongue in your mouth by getting the certificate of foolishness we will net get anything what is happening, why are you fighting with each other mom your son wants that I should take blame of Batool’s murder on me or on my brother’ head I will not do this, when you came to know about Dr Hamza and you brought me here then why this anger ? what you want to prove by shouting in the presence of us I am innocent ……. take your voice down, I can shout more than you, even I can roar be silent mom why should I silent, whole family oppressed and you want I must remain silent what I done like this ? take down your voice she is your wife what are you doing here, do your work. what happen to you daughter in law, you had to be silent Niggar what is my fortune , I have not wanted this …. no mom, don’t worry , sit here….. nothing is happened what is the life of a wife since when he came he is sitting with his mother and sister I walk in the room alone, being a little over look everything is spoiled on which hope I am sitting here, I should not leave the ground where are you going daughter in law what you want , I am going to do so what I want? that in this house you , your daughter and your son will live, you want that I should go forever to my dad’s home, so I am going no, I never want this what you wanted whole night you were saying against me in return what he given to me,he was about to slap me if you were praising me then it could not done I only said that when husband is in anger wife should keep silence when husband is doing blaming then ? you had to keep quiet at that time … oh God, you are such a cruel woman he had been about to slap me, and you are taking his side with whom I am talking,? you brought up him, KHUDA hafiz my fortune, I always had been silent not for that I have to see this day no mom,nothing is happened when Tamoor will come, he will talk just leave this, leave me on my condition, go to your room leave me, on my condition my luck is so bad God forgive me forgive me God you did so good , that you came here. stay here till they will not admire you until they will not supplicate to you, I am also became alone, until he will not be fine, you should stay here you care about only you and your son, I am nothing for you which I am suffering, have you any care for that ? you have forgotten one thing, silence is very important in our society, you have to keep silence, they will come, your in laws will be be coming with supplication they will take you with them why are you being mad in the love of your husband they all husband doing the same in the start, after they all will do as wife’s wife ask to your brother that how is he.. how are you? you are still alive not died with pain. its good she went by her will , now she has to come by herself, and if she will not come, its more better why are you so annoyed ? mom, something is going wrong in this house, if everything seems right, then we are not catching the mistake house settles by over passing mom woman’s over passing also of man I seem first time that a woman ruined a home and by such attitude ,every being screamed in the home and even don’t know from where pain starts Tamoor if you say then I will placate her wakefully listen wakefully listen, no one will go to placate her son what society will say… hell with society has society seen our pain , no mom I am telling it again no one will go to placate her , no one Junaid… Junaid…. Junaid Junaid what happen with you, my son, its bleeding Yaqoob, Yaqoob, my son yes sir pull up him , fast what he drinks what happen to my son? now I have to save my son, either you will get divorce I don’t care about it, I have listened you so much when I picked up , it seems that Zeba is laying, what happen to me what happen to my son? if some thing will happen to him I will not leave any buddy doctor what happen to him? he is out of danger now well it was panic attack hmm it might be much lost if you would be late to bring him see what doctor is saying…. doctor now what should I do? now his condition is fine but he needs regular treatment do his treatment… you spend million or billion on him, but safe my child. concern with psychologist let him stable , we will visit thank you so much doctor my son is saved psychologist ? why you are not telling that your son is a killer be silent , now I will not listen you, let my son be fine, I will do, as he will wish will you make us be trapped ? keep quiet , be thankful that he is saved CHEHLEM ( 40 day after death) of Batool has been passed, time does not stop, it flies I heard that Tamoor and your daughter in law are separated not separated, but a little annoyed by the grace of God all will be fine yes some days before your son in law was ill, was admitted in a hospital in the same hospital my sister in law gave birth to a daughter I saw your daughter in law and her father, you were not gone ? since when Batool has passed away, I don’t like to go anywhere I stay in home, Tamoor is also annoyed for this but what can I do? hmm God will do every thing better tomorrow Safdar will come, I want that we will fix some date for wedding okay, when Safdar will come, I will say to Tamoor to meet him and fix the date, Suhalia is your asset its good as soon as possible she will go to her house insha Allah your child is healthy, I am giving you some medicine, take them regularly your husband is not coming wit you, is everything fine ? he has left me oh very sad , how is your sister in law ? I am not in contact with them since two months so i don’t know has her CT scan done? I had told them, don’t know they done or not I hope , she would not has that problem ,God will do good insha Allah its yours thank you , KHUDA HAFIZ bye I thought , I will buy the car for you which you want hmmm I am selling the house, its so bad luck , I will buy a new one for you, modern type hmm what you are saying “HMM ” why are you nor replying to me, I am talking you such good I will buy a jeep, I will buy a new house but you are doing “HMM, hmm” say something, your silence is breaking my heart what should I say everyone has to die when I will die then you will talk like this, don’t talk like this till I am alive your sister is also came , daughter have you talked with doctor I will not go to that doctor again why? because she is not a good doctor, I heard she killed some women during delivery but she is very famous I also heard the same, now I found a new doctor , she will handle my case as you wish meet your brother, say him that eat some thing, she loves you, eat my son, will you kill me? everyone will die …… then kill me once, why are you killing me like this strangle me , so I will die ….. will die at your time I will die before time, you will kill me remember this congratulations congratulation sister shama , say suhalia to eat well, she is becoming so weak her face is so paled everythink is in her hand, she should eat this is the dress and jewelry , these are bangles this is make up child you have to show this dress by wearing , do you like it or not? if you want some thing more , tell us we will bring, now show this to us tell us , do you have any other tradition ? no, nothing special, what ever you will say, we will do well some people have some different traditions mashaAllah, looking so pretty really looking so good, and this …. also wear this , let me check the size wow its perfect Masha Allah. looking so pretty , go and see yourself in mirror this set , alse wear this, it will looking so nice masha Allah you have given so much its our wishes, we will fulfill all well, may Allah bless both of them with happiness ameen come I thought so much, I will get Niggar back what are you talking, why you will bring her back tomorrow will be Suhalia’s Nikkah , so many people will be there. they don’t say anything but the in laws of Suhalia must think that … only one daughter in law was there and mother in law did not let her settle mom why do you blame yourself i am not asking you for permission, just telling you that I will go tomorrow will get niggar back brother, Suhalia’s Nikkah will be on Friday, I came to invite you and to take Niggar with me I am not going, I got married with your son , not with you, he has to come but I came with full confidence well, you have to know that confidence breaks , how it feels what are you doing, aunt is came to take you, go papa you don’t know , if she has so much love then why she did not come before in laws of Suhalia’s might be said that where is your daughter in law ? she came to show them no, they did not say any thing asalam alekum aunt walekum asalam shall I sit in your feet for sometime what are you doing, get up, sit there pray for me if my prays have such effect then my daughter could not die Junaid, why are you sitting like guilty, get up what happen Niggo, she is his aunt, if he sited in his feet then its not wrong ,she is like mother papa no one can take the place of mother, if she is like mother then she would come to hospital get up Junaid, she came for her interest daughter in law, in laws of Suhalia did not say anything to me, I came here by my will I came because I want to see my son’s house to be settled , you stay blessed daughter go back who had to come , where is he ? the relationship of husband and wife runs like this sometime husband annoys , sometime wife, sometime wife placates, sometime husband papa I always do compromise no, always he does it , now he sent aunt you have to go, sister in law, she will go, we will also come thank you so much, I will be waiting shall I go? yes khuda hafiz control him for God sake, now a new story will start in my home, some people’s slap is bad, some people’s bowing down is a doom he became mad you had to kill him in childhood don’t say rubbish, my son come here , aunt has gone


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