Balaa Episode 3 & 4 – 10th September 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle]

Mom just imagine how danger they are, think if their girl would become the bride of our house then only God could protect us i will take brother Zafer with me for ceremony even i would have to placate him after all these ? we have to placate the sulked one we have right for this i know, and you are absolutely right but they will not conformed we will do our deeds they will their. we all will go to appeased them I will not go we all will go Mom , will see let me go to office shall I go, confirmed? go, Allah will bless you okay God bless you , my lovely son stay blessed and happy BP is normal may be because of restlessness heart beats had increased if she is not well please give her drip its not needed, I m giving medicine, she ll eat it and will be fine she will get sleep tell me one thing why she is so upset? my daughter is so sensitive and soft heated she brought up her brother like her son when she saw strangeness on his face she got illness please dont do this , in life all relations are important please try to make your sister happy and you should go to shopping, give her 10 or 15 thousands take this, take my whole wallet and buy whole market shall we go yes, asalamalekum walekum asalam doctor take this with you we will go to office after some time, take care of Niggo for where you are prepared where I can go? going to university no need for this why? will complete your rest of studies at your husband’s house why? do not you think that my marriage should be done with my willingness no, because you are the center point of my life’s happiness i brought you up as the nucleus of my happiness always dream for your happiness instead of mine my all wishes are always for you i don’t want to give you to a stranger the proposal of Tamoor is stumble if it was not then you could have to married me in a strange house it would be different but now GOD has blessed me then why i will not be thankful to him Mom, we love each other its all useless either its love marriage or arranged,in two month feelings became same and in the war of love and bread, bread always wins they are also very rich , having their own shop but not reputed officer like Tamoor suited booted officer, do you know once i went to his office with Shama Masha Allah, how grace he has, all people were giving him regards how I tell you he made himself by his own like your late father he is an orphan boy, Allah has blessed Shama with glow look Saba I am your mother i m looking everything good for you in that house do not break my dreams but my heart that’s why I m saying change your way turn off your phone don’t go to that places where your heart makes trouble for you can you meet him once ? now if the king of Britain will come he can not replace Tamoor God did not give me a son that’s why he gave me a son in the form of son in law Mom just once,,,,, just once can I talk to him ? okay, but in front of me your phone is ringing hello Saba, where are you , i am calling you since a long time i want to do some important talk with you what happened? why are you crying? leave I become engaged what? take care its not priceless stuff what are you saying, with whom and when you you got engage? yesterday son of mom’s friend do not try to contact me after today don’t cry my daughter you kept your mother’s respect, you will see how much happiness you will get very soon your heart will be all set Saba for God’s sake talk to me, what is this way, she will not talk to you, now she is engaged with some one do not call here again, or make her disturb Saba Niggar sister take this, carefully its too hot thank you, shall you bring my remote its in room its all about your happiness, remember that i ll not allow you finished my happiness change the channel which one ? in which wild animals are present if he will agree or not, for your wedding i will not make my self divorced so sorry Zeba I am so sorry, its just slipped from my hand, are you okay? go away just slipped, show me Zeba you did it deliberately, you are mad okay go and tell junaid and papa, do my complain Zeba, its hard to limping hello nephew? what name is telling? oh Tamoor came.. listen, send him after some time and tell him that boss is an anger he is agreed, zafar Niazi, he is agreed, but don’t be happy let him do request first come on come asalam alekum walekum asalam you brought sweets sweets, half k.g. box i don’t forgot my insult, I remember all t do you think? you bring half k.g sweets and uncle will forget will for get his insult by you there is no irate or fight in a family but if relatives give pain then you did delay, did you delay ? leave, you are my own, you are my brother’s blood i m agreed, you made me agree… I m agreed to make my daughter’s marriage with you although i got a big insult but for my daughter its nothing but listen one thing, until the wife of junaid will not leave the house you have to wait uncle I m here to give you the sweets of my engagement you came to make my fun? you came to make fun of me i came to explain you is this the way to explain? by obeyed your own will why i expect from you people? I m mad, I should know that whole life your mother was saying poisonous words for me pretend her self as a noble woman, shall I tell a thing about your mom? I know your …. enough i just fulfilled my duty to came here I came to give you sweets of my wedding interesting thing is that you also performed your duty as ever by got offend shall I tell one thing, in our childhood when you got anger we felt afraid, now we do not feel just feel bad I came to give you sweets, if possible please come I will feel good and the question about niggar’s and my marriage please vanish it from your heart I will not married Niggar sorry Tamoor.. take your sweets back Allah hafiz what I say Rashda, Tamoor’s uncle made a panic we were about to came with gifts he crushed all happiness i want to say something to you Shama yes, say,, I m thinking that shall we perform nikah in a simple way no, Rashida , i have only one son, and i have so many wishes daughters must have many dreams you just told about your brother in law but i was thinking that how I will manage all this, you know about my condition the house is running with a less pension and I did not save anything now all these occasions need a huge money Rashda how you thought that i will demand any thing from you everything could be done by use, my son has a good salary he will do every thing do not make me embarrassed I m not embarrasing you then do nikkah on coming friday when bride will come home, you will do all occasion as you will wish Mom, its good that marriage will happen with simplicity ,angels of blessing will come and the question about suhalia ‘s dance she will do at home do tobah Batool , god will not make it happen Mom, aunt is saying a valid point uncle threaten us that the family will not come, we will not invite at all to anyone and will invite all to Valima reception until then uncle ll want to come or we will will see about our family yes Batool but Tamoor Mom if you will call Tamoor bro right now that I m going to do your Nikah he will come suddenly and will not ask second question now tell me what you have decided ? that will perform nikah on Friday for this eat snakes ,,,,, i ll take only tea who fried this snake layer, sohalia tea is so good yes she makes a good tea are you became mad? i m saying the truth, Niggar burnt my feet deliberately Zeba its enough here i talk with you is the result of this that you say what ever you want yesterday which I told about Naggo, I m embarrassed about that now its new gibbet, its true that she is pampered by papa some times she makes odd wishes but its not mean that you make her a murderer next time be in your limits, if you want to cry then carry on, its not necessary that your all tears are true Naggo, give it to me I thought that feet is burnt so bring the dinner for you you don’t have to do this, you are already ill. i did not cook, just ordered and served in plates for you zeba are you feeling pain its so much burnt, oh God junaid its my mistake, take her to hospital she is in so much pain indeed its so much pain that’s why she is crying so much oh my child, please eat the meal please i m the reason of this, sorry its okay i m so sorry eat the meal eat please make your eyes down you will get sin Saba what happened, we are from your in laws, will you let us stand out side come inside asalam alekum walekum asalam in laws came yes but not for sitting, we all are going for shopping came to bring Saba Saba? yes yes indeed to bring saba go and get ready okay go Saba go and do shopping and i m staying here with my friend sure why you are not coming just go come go and get her fast you dont have any shy let go also move, at front come what are seeing like this, you become stranger your husband hired him for house work why you put all sin on my head do not misbehave me in front of your wife, papa, why are you teasing my brother, zeba… come here i want to talk with you today i went to shopping mall, put it fast is it heavy? yes go to the kitchen and look the things its at front on right side its kitchen , go and see every thing, wash the utensils fast yes i was saying, i went mall and saw Tamoor he was with Saba, and saba’s sister in laws were doing so much for her were doing shopping for her, and was buying things, taking care of her Zeba, all bad deeds done to you was in front of me as a play back film I am really sorry Zeba its okay sister Niggar no its mater do you know I missed you a lot do you missed me no, I mean that you are always with me and who lives together, no need to miss him i bought things for you me shoes for you, exactly as mine for you, your size exact same but you don’t like that some buddy looks like you but the coffin will be same what I mean that when we all will die then coffin will be same we all same, sp not we use the same things in our lives I told you Zeba, I am changed want to try is it painful ? i came to remember that i also bring this for you I don’t want this I can walk without it what I will do with this what happened with you zeba Niggo brought it with so much love at least for other one should try, take and walk try it what happened ? pain what? feeling pain I can understand its not easy to walk lamely my whole life i used to walk like this by this reason i got taunt what naggo, still you did not forgive me ? how can i feel anger on you, you my bro you did not for give me, doing just drams if you forgave me i would bring some thing for me, you bought everything for her you dont bought anything for us you bought for her can you leave zeba ? beside us, there is no one is zeba’s we are her family and will take care of her now we all ,, zeba I saw at mall Tamoor’s upcoming wife, sisters in laws were doing shopping I thought that my sister in law is also pretty we can also spoil her, new it will, in this home we will live together happily and nobuddy will tease zeba, we will be happy family I want when zeba’s children will born, she will tell them that her in laws were so good she din not take the things zeba take your things with you no i will take no i will you should bring some thing its mine this? let me check, i will send , you go zeba take your things you took so much things , what is the need of this? there is only one function why ? vilima will also happen what will she wear in valima? every thing is fine but its very heavy and sharp colours amazing since from the light colours are the part of my fortune Rashda since from i wish that my daughters must wear dark colours, specially my daughter in law, she should always wear red colour red is the colour of love, specially its the colour of wife hood i ll make tea for all daughter, tea will be make, just five days left in your wedding i decided, i will come tomorrow and let you sit in “MAYYO” it will be veiled also it is saying that its better for a bride to sit in veil glow comes on face yes right but the time ah changed and things are also changed listen, shyness is also a thing and it looks in these days you will like or not, you are a stranger for her, you will get the sin God has danger rods and it will enter in eyes the rods will be enter in those eyes who watch movies with strangers i have prove Mom please explain why are you making fun of her ? our suhalia is an angel now some thing is also from my side mash Allah you wear very expensive dresses may be you can buy one dress by this money no need of this, i bought a dress for you also, as my mom and sisters you did a limit , Shama why did you not stop him? wow its too good, god bless you my son anyways i m your mother in law its my duty, take this everyone will say that your mother in did not give a single dress okay if you insist i will take this for your happiness aunt the truth is that I want only Saba from your side if I will get this envelope again then I will think that you considered me a stranger stay blessed and happy ,Shama you gave birth to a diamond now I gave this diamond to you Rashida May God bless with happiness ameen sum ameen lets go sister in law to make tea yes make the tea make a perfect tea, go ameen its my favorite colour
ameen its my favorite colour my heart why you became upset in the memory of some one he makes good cutlets, new boy boy cooked very good cutlet show me take yes its good yes make him continue, Zeba has injury in her feet, don;t know how long it will take one or two weak she is lame its good to hired a servant but I was not in the opinion to hire a new person now a days situations are not good, they are who peaches specially when young girls are in the house who is young in this house, only your wife is young non serious, my daughter is very sensible what is the meaning of this? hello who is on the phone? papa may be missed call yes I was thinking that you don’t have in this world besides us who called you, to an orphan girl hello hello, hello who is calling again n again? papa I dont know , there is no voice whose massage ? may be some one send blank massage by mistake yunus you cooked very nicely , thanks sir, you liked the food very yummy, is your name younus? his name is Yaqoob yes Yaqoob, our last servants name was younus I will call you Yaqoob she is so young the you will you pamper her ? some how just leave, how much you performed her shopping I saw how much you will pamper her you know mom , I love her don’t you feel jealous of this ? no my son, why ill jealous, by the way love has two types, one is for mother then what is the link of wife with this love and other type is love for wife so what is the mother’s concern with that absolutely, so the fighting of mother in law and daughter in law, why it performs ? because woman want to collapse both type of love in her hand, either mother in law or wife that’s why they fight if your daughter in will be like this? then give my love secretly to me and if will came to know then i will deny I will tell her at first night that I love my mother by heart, thats all understand this keep it up, then get ready you will be beat at first night you think your son so weak, i will tern her neck turning the neck is not braveness the night of marriage is the night of fulfill the dreams of a girl the night of dreams come to be true, some man are like this who makes their mother and sister happy tern the neck of all dreams, you will not do this you said it today but never say it again well mom, I m becoming a loin in front of you but you did my insult now its too much conversation done, go and sleep we have to go tomorrow where? bro Zafar’s home why? to propitiate him mom I will not go, i M telling you why you will not go no use, we will go and will sit there,will get insulted and will come back at least, my whole life I will not feel guilty that we did not propitiate him why you want to be insulted again n again its not the matter of insult, see when your father was ill, he took his brother’s hand he said that after my death, take care of my children and your uncle said that Salim take care of your health, I ll manage everything and if you remember he forgot us after dad’s death even we sold your chain for papa’s grave then what happened? we are successful your father will be so happy, a person can not give sugar at least he talks sweet at the time of his death he was so pleasant, that is worthless Mom please tell me, are you a fool or saint? I can be a fool but not a saint, I just want that i became a human, who likes by God mom I swear, take your mobile go and talk with her I will give it to you with a condition, do promise you will go with me tomorrow what happened with you he is your only uncle, its too much will go with me sleep early, dont talk too much on phone why there is code in your phone ? you told me that the pictures are present in phone i thought, its better to put a code what is the code i m telling the code and also want to tell something what is the code ? 1144 since morning some one is going dumb calls to me you are still so beautiful, your lover first there were missed calls then this massage, i don’t know about what was the hurry to put a code? already its locked but you never asked because this number not called before what do you mean? queen of my fortune, my princes I have good news for you, there is a shop near to my factory the man was very needy, i bought it in very law price and you know to whom name’s. yours I did it on your name very well, one more problem on my name from when you feel petty on others, all okay? how can I do sympathy on other, I m a lame people should feel sympathy on my Nggo stop to blame on yourself if I say that I want one million will you give me why? nothing want to do a deal money is yours, everything is yours so I have to asked you one million hello say something may be want to listen your voice i don’t know, let it ringing if there is some issue take it back I said talk hello now this time has came that you don’t pick my call in front of your husband who are you? you did not recognize me who are you and what you want? to memorize your previous love i did not love you ever don’t shout Zeba, when your husband will go to office we will talk peacefully who is he? I dont know tell me who is he? if you want to stay in the house tell me the truth because i will get the truth but it will be too late i was not in the favor to appoint a new person, situations are not good Yaqoob? yes sir sir give me your phone my phone? I said give me the phone yes sir give me cup of tea sure and listen yes dont bring the tea in my room bring it to launch as you wish sir junaid sir is too much, after watching massages asking for tea do you see, the heart of your sister, how big really big, you talk idle with her but look her heart all of sudden she stand with you what you said, she is too young from her and by whom order, by daughter in law its the work of daughter in laws to ruin a family by the way, the servant you have appointed what happened with him i dont understand him, he used to move all over the house then what will we do, he does his work and goes to his room he does nothing, 24 hours he uses phone yes mobile, phone is a satin, now a days, i m seeing that all boys having affairs on mobile you also, she also trapped you by mobile what I m talking about and you always turn and mixed listen, i m understanding all tell me one thing, when wedding held why the whole family goes to it tell or ask me why the take with because people will be witness maximum people watched boy and girl could not leave each other but you don’t have this in your fortune you just bring the girl, you don’t have this opportunity I she is not faithful, I m doubtful on her, ask me why? who brought up? uncle and aunt she ran away with you and cheated her uncle and aunt ran with you its a different matter but its cheating papa she is a good girl. please leave her if she is a good girl then let me hire the servant, 10 servants, what is the problem yes you hire, its useless to talk with you its really hurts, brother made my heart injured , i don’t talk with children about this, they will have bad feeling for uncle they will be cut off and I dont want to be a cutter, but what should I do of this self steam on which ego has dominated may God give him HIDAYA ans peace to my soul if this self steam will not be dead it should sleep for some time I don’t tell to anyone but since yesterday I said very bad to him in my heart he is continuously doing hypocrisy to my children now look, Tamoor said me a saint, are the saints like me? i said very bad in my heart, i could not see eye to eye with my son but you are my God, Oh clairvoyant please hide my sin and give some kindness in brother Zafar’s heart he will come to put his hand on my son’s head ameen is Tamoor awaked ? yes ans suhalia? Mom you know she is a late night prayer why you asked daily ? to ask about children worship is the right and duty of parents understand? very good tea, do you put cardamom ? yes very good, really enjoyed i heard that people focus on her, then try see by stay in her city heard that if she talks, the roses spread try to see it ,by talking with her heard that in night moon looks her and stars also look by coming on earth in day time butterflies take care of her in night glowworms heard mirrors also love her, simple people see her by groomed up Tamoor from today Saba is yours take care of her Tamoor what happened?my daughter has some night mare? dream was good but its happened very bad to me, tell me how it was good everything was going set but aunt Shama brought Saba then Tamoor went to her what? will do some thing make your heart big will you give the guarantee? think that it is the rent of my luck I m giving 1 million, but listen one thing if it will be a cheat then we both will bear thank you papa I m going to office take only 1 million not more leave it, check your massages Junaid , what is my fault if some buddy is calling me why all people teasing you only I dont know why he is teasing me? but I know it you want to attach people with you stop this nonsense don’t shout, the person who knows you very well you should be polite with him, may be he will make you disrespect in the world Junaid how you are taking? you are my dress, you are my veil so I can hide our story, and i hide but if your stories come from out side, how can I hide? I don’t know, who is he? why he is sending me bad massages Junaid you know that I m not that type of girl. its my own experience, and I did not married you properly but by running away till today all your romantic massages are saved in my mobile they were only for you my love you remember that you were always say that after collage you want to see my face he is lying, I don’t know he is he, why is sending me massages then how he came to know that you went to collage every one goes to collage look Zeba, I m asking last time .please tell me please if you had any affair before me, I swear I will forgive you I don’t know, I don’t know…. I know everything take it with you, police what happened Zeba, why are you teasing my son? open the door, open the door I m saying Junaid, lets go office with me hurry up saba i was waiting for this day since a long time Saba fast Masha Allah my daughter is looking glowing as moon May God save you from evil’s eye, and protect you from bad deeds Masha Allah, looking very nice, is it perfect ? when you turned on your phone Mom, Tamoor wants to call, that’s why I turned the phone on okay receive shall I pick yes some buddy came ,go inside, you in MAYYO’s dress I will call you later I am seeing wait coming, who is there? yes salam aunt w salam Tamoor sent me why he said that doctorate the light besides his house,on your house also Allah bless him, he is really very caring, come inside Allah will blessed him with happiness I can not understand why we are going to uncle’s house we will go there, got insult, and will come back to home we will not be insulted, what happened with you? Mom. Mayyo is a occasion of women, and you invited the neighbor’s women why uncle because he is our elder may be he is your elder but not mine okay he is my elder, now enough she is very sharp woman sharp and glib, she can beat many she did not invite any one from family do you know, today is MAYYO ceremony she did not send a card even, I m confirmed today is MAYYO she did not invite any one not even me, cruel woman may be she is coming now let her come, today is mayyo, she will invite today I will get her out asalam alekum walekum brother is at home? who are you i m his sister in law, Tamoor’s mother please come inside come children I m telling him come may there is a curse on her, as her lame mother was dead she will also her mother jumped from the roof and died its okay, this is the way to memorize mom my brother was so idiot and fool she trapped him sit come and be seated I m calling him let sit, come on come on come sir what? your sister in law came family is also at down stair why you came here ? everything can be happened without him enough, we have his need, asalamalekum what happened, who you came here? we came to make you consented, come with us whole family is dressed up and going to bride’s home exactly the day of occasion you came, don’t you feel shame how you are talking with my mom? what is happened Tamoor, he is our elder keep quite, bro he is a child, please come with us bro get out from here Tamoor, no my son, stay here we came to make hi happy, we will not go without it, he is our elder he can say any thing , please forgive him, he is a child i came to placate you, please come with us sister in law your acting is useless in front of me, don’t dramatize I will not go no bro, I dont came to make fool any one I just came to say that in our family you are the elder i came to make a bond in relations rather to break them he is your kin, please come with us all your twisted talks are not understand by us, we are simple people why you came, when you did not invite the whole family why you came here now I understand you want to show off your in laws your brother in law is a rich man bother you are our elder you are the guardian of my son, you are the elder I dont have any relation with you but how? brother can you say that he is your blood you have bad blood in your vessels fine bro, my blood is bad but yours is good now the bad and good blood have mixed so its neither my fault, nor his fault I m requesting you, please come with us, you are our elder I will not go with you, how you dare to reject my daughter no bro, I did not reject i would take her with full respect, she is my own daughter but i was helpless because Tamoor liked some other girl what could I do, she is an orphan girl if she is orphan then make an orphan house we will stay here until you will agree , stay here but no buddy will go from my house not my family member not even a dog of the house I will go,


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