Balaa Episode 5 & 6 – 17th September 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle]

I will not go with you, how you dare to reject my daughter no bro , I did not reject her, I would take her with full respect, she is my own daughter and would remain mine but I was helpless Tamoor liked some other girl, what could I do? she is an orphan girl if she is orphan, then go and open an orphan home hy you came to us ? we will not go any where, we will remain stand here until you will not agree with us, we will not go then remain sit here, no buddy will go from my house neither a member of my family will go, nor even a dog of my house I will go what are you talking about, they are insulting us will you go with them? yes, they are our own aunt, I m just coming after got ready stay blessed my daughter, have you seen, how nice Niggar is.. my daughter is an angel baby what was the need to take her there was a need, how we will face the people that no one is our? you never agreed with me sit, sit with me its too bad, never talk like this in front of elders its too bad, Niggar is coming with us by this relations we be rebounded there is no use !! please inquire where is the family of groom ? you are saying right, their home is so near, but why so late? let me descry daughter please inquire why they are so late ? aunt is came out side, show your face to her I m not able to show my face to anyone what is the reason of this idle talk? I m not idling since when you showed your suspect I’ve fallen from my own good graces respect is belongs to the girls whom past is cleared not the girl like you its your good luck that I don’t have any option to leave you your old lover is there Junaid I did not stop Niggo even so how can I stop her if she wants to go back then she may go I don’t want to go anywhere look how she talks with me, if you don’t want go then don’t go you are not doing oblation on me masha Allah, masha allah may god protect you from evil’s eye you are looking so pretty Masha Allah Masha Allah, if she is so beautiful in deed she is more that a million then why you rejected her I m going to the car, you also come Niggar is so pretty in deed , and you know, your pear has made your partner will forget the whole world in your love he will live in extreme affluence with you, will wash your feet these feet aunt? yes why not? on your these feet you will go to your paradise with your partner Nigar I will pray for you that you will got married before me will also pray WAZIFA thank you
will also pray WAZIFA thank you come yes shall we go, move bro with your permission Allah Hafiz papa don’t eat any thing at their home, don’t now what they will give they dont having good food, call me if you will want something she went to placate his brother in law, soon she will come i m looking for food food has came? yes where it to be placed? in kitchen, go and take inside place it all in kitchen shall I pay the bill now or later ? Tamoor has already paid the bill Tamoor pain the bill, its our occasion aunt you talk to Tamoor bro okay I m placing all food inside okay such a crazy boy he is what happened Rashida they brought the food so asked shall i pay the bill they said Tamoor has already paid you are very lucky otherwise son in law catches the skin even what I say, its not seems that i m doing daughter’s marriage I feel that Allah has given me a son in the face of Tamoor masha Allah
I feel that Allah has given me a son in the face of Tamoor masha Allah keep it inside lets move aunt, aunt,aunt ……I want to talk with you If I sit backside I fell pain in my leg ‘ why I always at front seat oh okay, come sorry its okay , come phone is ringing again n again so romantic massages are there your wife has set the code I know show me, what is written in it ? do you remember once i came to your collage by jumped over the wall met at back yard since a long time we were together then rich man’s son came in your life very rich , the only son my son it happened in these types of issues she says that she do not about him I saw very big criminals , murderer , until they did not hang they say that we are innocent just leave, talk about something else how can I talk about something else, is it funny? then what will you do? will you kill her? just leave her may be some buddy is irritating her or aunt sent some massage you are so innocent, if she could digress with you then she may digress with any one some people are use to of it, may be she is also many women have a field of love in their hearts yes, just like flowers grow in plants they grow love in their hearts this flower grew, here grows, some fades some became garland, take this phone by this you will know her past and in its light you can make better your present and future you will change her, I am your father I m enduring so much for you please complain about this number in C.P.L.C. this doubt in your eyes will kill me what I will say that one man is in love with my wife who has the knowledge of every thing of my wife’s collage arrest him so that he will tell my wife’s name he is laying, Junaid I did not love anyone else but only you may be its someone’s trick where there is a fire, there must be smoke you did love me, might be with him also you made our love an abuse for me who him self became a fun, its really easy for him you were waiting for me ? your cousin is looking you I know let her look we got so insult from uncle’s house are they very rich? hows this question ? no, I want to say that ,,,, I want to say that they have a command over your home hmm, not on us , but on our mother anyhow on our mom even a crow has command uncle is such big thing Tamoor people are watching what? what do you mean by people are watching ? while you are talking with bride people are watching because I m sitting that’s why people are watching its sin and you were clapping while listening the songs what about that? Oh God ,stealing itself is shameless, add blatant indifference on top of it see Batool is dancing, save her from hell’s fire,she will burn God, may Allah guide her, you know she does not listen me she will get very bad result, hell is a very bad place my brother will go to heaven ameen will go to heaven then I die now no, I dont want to say it may God give very long life to my bro, you will get my life hmm, my sweet sister is God’s cow masha Allah I m making your fun is God’s cow a fun? yes I m not able and not capable may all will agree with me oh oh please dont start preaching here, its my HENNA please listen some time I will never listen why you did not put henna i will one day before nikah now its enough , come with me where Tamoor is looking so happy hmmm you talk with him? sometime are all preparation done?
sometime are all preparation done? yes heart so strange, it looks nothing thats why eyes are not given to heart then the eyes will became in front of all decision If I ll say that I like Tamoor its already seen really this is not the time to say be happy you did not good by going with you aunt by this openly hostility if you ill win it ll be disgrace but one thing I really call names to her she might be rest less for whole day Tamoor did not like why you are giving him value , he is worthless boy on this same couch he asked me for alms he did not ask for alms, he asked for his share in business why you starting the respect of tamoor since when I dreamed to be his wife wife is respectful only when then husband got respect if i want to be her wife I should respect him yaqoob your son has came yaqoob yaqob yes sir whose dress is zeba’s mam strange, everyone is rude what to do, just do my job what type of woman you are? you gave your trouser to a strange man for ironing junaid its his work and niggar is also… stop your idle don’t say the name of my sister she did not ran away like you,nor she has lovers are you in your seances, what are you talking and with whom? junaid i m the same, to whom you said that if you will not got married with me you ll drink poison if I knew it that after got you i have to drink this poison then i would never say Junaid i did nothing, please believe me.. remember on thing, when i will come to know the truth that day will be the last day of your life mom , your son made a storm by dancing i m saying, let her pray “istighfar ” may Allah protect with bad time how do you talk Allah is not only angry , he is merciful instead of scare from God, hope for mercy . is not it? only one time i ill get that scholar he taught her deen keep quite by the way . since yesterday i m keeping quite just because of you i tolerated so much, sister give me a tea yes you take this no drink it. its hot i did not drink confirm Junaid, any massage came ? not yet I m saying that do drop scene what do you mean ? you have the phone , tell him,, as zeba what are you talking ? I would i became zeba, how i get her voice ? oh do, massage , voice will not go ask when to meet ? say , just do massage came, what is written why you are doing massage from this number ? just some time before you called i told you that this girl can not be trusted she says that its a trick against her listen me, search the room, if you get a mobile then never believe her even in mosque such a sharp girl, such a romantic girl the romantic girls can not stay without love she could not stop her write when to meet, my battery is finished massage received , what is in it outside is more danger to be caught when no buddy is in home , on that day now she caught , just get her out,, don’t talk to her otherwise she will trap in her sentences, she is so sharp she is very romantic girl, the romantic girls can not stay without love mom, i want to lay on your lap my life, why not, come to me, today i m so happy beyond the limits, all work had done do you know i m thinking that may all give such kids to all mom, please think again, otherwise we would regrade no , he is so nice boy may be it is also possible that he is not nice in actual dont worry the obedience you proved, it is very few in the world Insha Allah, God will give you its regard all the doubts in your heart leave in this old house, start your new life your mom has collected a royal dowryfor you don’t cry don’t make your self restless, see, you obeyed the mother God will give you huge happiness my daughter do a promise do a promise, that you will always remember me in your pray and never be angry cray girl, my prays are only for you insha Allah be happy, stop crying now yes, take i want to talk you very important say my brother is so ill then what will I do? he is admitted in hospital its good, then what will I do? I want off? then say it you want off, you just came you know the situation of the era, if some thing ll stolen i m listing sir i have to go, i am helpless okay but after the completion of all works, salary will be deduct the wives do not like this that their husbands may lay on mothers lap mom, the golden points to make a married life happy i heard by you only leave this, never heard, you know saba is the same from inside how she looks , do not let her to be stubborn for example for example when you will bring anything for him then don’t bring the same thing for us but why? because wives want to be special in the eyes of husbands they have the things, only they should have if he will misbehave with me by mistake then never ask to apologize mom, in my life my all wives will not misbehave with you wives? how many wives? four only saba, happy inside and saying wives? I don’t want to hurt her ego because if one time her ego will be hurt she will not respect me mom, she will do everything for you, now please leave all these just play, what happened zeba? nothing how is your feet? better the disability which came later easily goes, but by birth never goes nothing, have you got ready ? what do you mean? do not you go? where? beauty parlor, i thought you should go with me why? Tamoor’s Nikah will get ready for that sister Niggar i do not want, i have so much pain i have so much headache listen to your mind its not important as you wish, but may be you would regrade that you not came with me, junaid’s mood is off, improve your appearance may be his mood will be better he does not care about it, junaid has turned his opinion for me why you are looking like this zeba remember one thing before you came to this house and after, I have the right on every thing the suit i have chosen , wear it, i m also going to get up Junaid, do you need the car why? Niggar want to go parlor , send her she asked to her your wife but she refused, she is alone at home she is alone at home then its fine, its our own home she is alone poor zeba ,, get the car more forward , stop here where you are going nothing is happened yet, stay here , yes he is your wife gave the keys, you have to tolerate lets go inside I don’t want to go inside my son what are you doing, be a man, separate the rust papa I cant see my son have courage, thing that you are being operated and i m through away the disease where there is a fire, always a smoke, you loved me, may be to him also wow love, your tricks, one person having two angles Mateen you are such a rogues, you and your father are rich still you have eyes on my money listen, beside your work also done mine, it should be completed otherwise i will search either you ll be in grave or cave why you taking tension, it will happen as decided and on same day pour the tea yes one thing iis conformed that you really shameless its all your gaze i m just joking, its serious matter that make us in a problem who are you Zeba darling, how are you ? who are you ? and what are you doing in my room ? who are you, I m asking who are you? I m her lover papa I don’t know, who is he ? what you saying? you are her lover Junaid i don’t know, the door is closed, I was there he is a thief Zeba darling when you will get divorce, call me he is laying, i don’t know what are you doing? i loved you so much leave her she will die, leave her i will kill her where is he? he went go after divorced her all effort spoiled taking a bath how shamelessly you are talking with me then why you are asking ? by the way how M i looking? Masha Allah , my bro is looking so good. may allah protect from bad gaze will saba die over me? dont talk with me like this its romantic talk whatever, i don’t like, don’t do in front of me i m telling you one thing, I m going to got married next time come after knocking, you are looking so pretty, have you sent the pic? listen, i don’t do such things Tamoor, yes shall we go? wow the room is decorated so nicely looking so good and your daughter planed to burn us by burning the lamp then why you put it i said when Saba will come then we flame it , if you on the flame right now, it will burn all the room before we ll come May God not do this, how you are talking, its not the night of this its the night to pray, come, i want to look how you are looking with it wow saba you are so lucky, i gave you my worthless son so much easily you gave her, i thought there will be a war between you and in this war who will lost, my son, she wants you, and I want you to be happy lets go mom, you giving me to some one else may be she will not accept me dont talk like this, lets go, what are you doing? you said the fire will burn
dont talk like this, lets go, what are you doing? you said the fire will burn we did not say to flame off the light sister only God can protect you where he has gone, what I did? all the efforts spoiled why are you doing this with me all is done by you i came here by the dream that you will make me your daughter it will be the reward of life time orphan hood in the face of father in law i will get the father , ll get the sister’s love but you what you?? you caught red handed and talking with me afraid from God, you have also a daughter stop it.. don’t say anything about my daughter you are talking a lie


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