Bala’s Paradesi Telugu Full Movie || Atharvaa Murali, Vedhika, Dhansika

Tobacco use leads to cancer.. ..heart attacks, lungs disorders
and other deadly diseases. The characters shown
in this film or program.. not support the use
of any type of tobaccos products.. ..such as beedi,
cigarette, khaini, zarda, etc.. ..or their promotion in any manner. We treat around 50 patients daily. More than 1,000 people in a month. 80 to 90 percent patients suffering
from cancer consume tobacco. This is Mukesh’s story. My name is Mukesh.
I ate gutkha just for one year. I am undergoing operation
for mouth cancer. Maybe I will not be
able to speak in future. Unfortunately we could not save Mukesh. His age is only 24. Khaini, pan, gutkha and pan
masala are dangerous to health. Before Independence.. our India.. ..British wanted to
introduce tea plantation.. ..they destroyed the
forests in mountains.. ..and planned to start tea plantation. By risking their lives
and to do this difficult work.. ..they took away many
villagers living in.. ..Southern parts of India. Without any.. By leaving their native villages.. ..lakhs of innocent people.. ..for the hot tea we drink today.. ..the true story of
those innocent villagers.. ..from those days.. By the way, what you did? O Kind-hearted people! Our Bullaiah’s son Gangaraju and.. ..Subbaiah’s son
Karri Lachi’s marriage.. fixed on 7th of
Shravan month, friday.. O Kind-hearted people! So without forgetting
the good things.. ..they did for us in all these years.. we request you to.. ..return the favour. Peraiah! Just play the drum! We will look into their matter. Go! O Kind-hearted people! Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law? I am becoming
deaf because of your drum sound. Why do you come here and cry? Old woman! After your death.. ..your son will not come to conduct your
funeral rites, I will have to do that. That is true, Pera. Sister-in-law, will you
not do the cooking till afternoon. Old woman might die any moment. Aunt! I know!
– Our Bullaiah.. Well, son-in-law.. When are you getting married? There are many girls waiting for me. You just serve hot rice.. ..I will tie the nuptial
chain to you in no time. Yes, uncle?
– Be careful, son-in-law. Nuptial chain is not enough for her. Tie a thick rope and take her away. Your son-in-law is asking
me to marry him. Should I marry? You think you deserve me? Rascal! You are talking too much! Sister! Children are sleeping. Do not shout. Hey, quite. Cutie! Raju has come. Sister, what is my nephew’s name? His father’s name. Are you here? Uncle told me that you are eating
all day and not going for work, just.. Get out! Taking food directly.. You will suffer stomach
pain if you eat without giving. I do not mind. Are you a human being? Why did you kick him like that? Remember my words properly. Mangamma! Come one day before the wedding.
Do not forget. Go. Okay, sir.
– Greetings, sir. Aunt! Raju has come! Come, Mr. Raju.
Where is your Minister? Forget my Minister, your Minister
is peeping out of dhoti. Check. Aunt! Have you gone deaf? I am here. Raju is hungry.
Bring whatever you have. Today I am destined
to eat in your house. Not everyone is lucky as you are. Go. You have given him liberty.
See how he is dominating. Did not you find any house today? Does any woman in this
village cooks food before you do? Leave it if you want. I will go. No need to go. Eat last night’s food. Since I too did not cook food.. do not call me names. Are you a woman?
You are giving only rice. Do not you know to give
pickle and chilli to eat with it? My God! He is torturing me. Uncle.. What if you are an
elderly person here? Should you drink liquor all day? Look Peraiah.. This alone is not enough. There is one more. You only tell. You have only one girl. Tell me how many aunts you have. How will I know it, uncle? I too do not know. Fingers are not sufficient to count. You know? – I do not know.
Whatever it is, ask your Minister. O kind-hearted people! Greatest of all the kings! Bravest of all! Courageous man! Foolish fellow! Our village’s Peraiah. His other name is Pittala Peraiah. He is coming by playing drum.. ..for begging food.
O kind-hearted people! Stop that nonsense! Being a girl, how can you
talk like that? Who will marry you? Why do not you marry, Raju. Now you took my name. What did you say just now? What did I say? Pittala Peraiah. That is your name, right?
– It is okay. Before that? I forgot. You only tell. Aunt! What did Rangamma say? I do not know, do not drag me into that. Uncle, you tell.
– Okay.. Pidakala Peraiah. You make cow dung cakes after
the old woman dies, maybe that one. Deaf uncle! I will hit you!
If you call my father deaf.. ..I will announce that
name to the entire village. No, Rangamma.
Name is not nice, it looks disgusting. Okay, let us both decide something. Aunt and uncle, you are witness. I will not call your father as deaf. I swear on Raju, you too
should not call me with that name. What should not I say? Pittala Peraiah? Pittala Peraiah! Grandmother! Grandmother! Hell with you! Why are you beating the drum?
– No reply from you. I thought you are dead.
– You will think so. You will have nobody
in this village if I die. You have become a jinx to this family.
Foolish fellow! Why do you abuse like that? I shout in
the entire village and get some food.. that you do not starve. If you call me a fool
again then Raju will leave. Forget your threatening! Instead of working hard, you
are begging food in every house and.. ..filling out stomachs. Without having any shame,
I am too eating that begged food and.. ..awaiting my death. Hell with my life and your livelihood! Useless rascal! Raju will leave! Be careful. I will pierce your
eyes with these embers. Showing attitude? You did not show
attitude when this village mocked you.. ..but you are showing
attitude when I say something. O God! When will the gain wisdom.. ..when will he become good.. Hey! You have left such a boy to me. Old woman!
– Hey! Leaving! Eat something and go. Raju ate at uncle’s house. So you already ate. Tomorrow after I die,
they will put food in my mouth too.. that too. Peraiah! They have setup a shop here.
Let us go to that side. Give soon!
– Me too! Hold it high, uncle.
– Give! Drink. I am giving. “They made decorations all around.” “They invited entire
village for the procession.” Why did you call now? I did not call. – Bride wants
to talk to the groom. Take her. Bride wants to talk to the groom? Look Mr. Peraiah, this girl.. Hey old woman! You saw your husband before marriage? Play it loud! More loud! That is it! Yes! Peraiah! Come, come. Why do you run errands
at the marriage.. Subbanna’s family?
You are an honorable person. See that you do not get dirty. Sister-in-law! Come here! Come and dance with
this brother-in-law. I will do after we both get married! Okay, fine. “Marriage! Marriage!
Marriage in a poor household.” “Marriage of good hearts..” “They have crushed turmeric pieces,
and made decorations.” “They invited everyone
for the procession.” Yes! That is it! More! Play more! Has he died? I thought he will.. a long life but.. Why are you crying during
an auspicious function like marriage? Your uncle is dead! Oh God! Shut up! See that Peraiah does not
know this matter. He will make announcement
with drum sound. Nobody should speak. At least today our
people will eat good meal. Okay, okay. You are a very generous person. Why do not you tell
this after eating food? Penchalaiah has passed away. Why he died today? Jinx! Until this ceremony gets over.. ..Peraiah should not know this matter. Aunt, time to tie the nuptial chain.
Where is uncle? Do not know where your uncle fell down
after drinking. Go and search properly. “Everything around
is decorated beautifully.” “Silk saris and flowers..” Priest, enough of the chanting.
Finish the marriage. Sir, sir, stop it!
Do it after my uncle comes. Go! You go ahead. At uncle’s funeral, we will
come to know how many wives uncle had. Let us eat food first. “Marriage! Marriage!” “Marriage in a poor household.” “Boy and girl have got married.” Donkey!
– Peraiah! Where are you going? Raju is hungry.
– Where is your uncle? Not seen around..
– Go and call him. You may eat after that. For how long will
he pray to one sweetmeat? Enough! Do it after eating. Thank God! Finished! I should not let him
eat till everyone eats. Uncle, have you seen uncle? – Search
around, he must be lying somewhere. He is good for nothing.. Raju is hungry. Where is your uncle?
– I searched, he is not found. Go and search, eat after that. I will search after eating.
Raju is hungry.. A senior person is telling you… Go and search. Peraiah! – Yes. Collect water. Peraiah! Second round is over,
come and remove the leaves. Come fast! Should you do this too? Go, go and eat food. How
many works will you do from morning? You might faint. Sweetmeat. Is sweetmeat more to you.. ..than your uncle? Aunt, did you see uncle? Ask others, I am going on some work. Have it, son-in-law. Lift.. Give me too.. Have it..
– Raju.. Sweetmeat.. Raju.. Sweetmeat.. Take it. Now see.. Raju will leave. I want you. I want you. “O beloved.. naughty and mischief..
why are you in a hurry?” “I love you more than anybody.” “Like a droplet in pot..” “ are filled inside my heart.” “Like salt that mixes in starch..” “ are hidden inside of me.” “Even if the earth dries up..” “..I will drench it with your love.” “O beloved.. naughty and mischief..” “Why are you in a hurry?” Hey! Hey! You rascal! “Shall I boil water?” “Should I pour on legs?” “Should I give you bath..” “..with my hands?” “You gave me bath with your hands..” “I felt tickling all over..” “You wait there.. do not come closer..” “O beloved.. naughty and mischief..” “Why are you in a hurry?” What happened? Peraiah! “You come and join..” “..the drama that is being enacted.” “You are inside my heart.” “You became my partner.” “Should I give you sesame
seeds mixed with jaggery?” “Should I send the
fragrance of flowers..” ..towards you? “Should I surround you? Hold you..” “O beloved.. naughty and mischief..” “Why are you in a hurry?” “I am all for you,
this life belongs to you.” “Like a calf that broke free..” “..I chased you.” “Your laugh draws me towards you..” “Do not keep me away..” “Do not make me feel nervous
and leave me after raising hopes.” Rangamma! Rangamma! Stop! She went to the riverside. How many times I should tell
you not to call her with her name? Raju will call like that only.
Anyway, what are you doing? Who is sick?
You or pestle? Give it, aunt. Give me some water.
Sesame seeds chapatti? Add some black jaggery,
then only Rangamma will like it. I am her mother, do not I know
what her likes and dislikes are? Yes, that is why you made her skinny. Raju likes if she is bit stout. – Hey! Do not talk as you want. What will villagers think
if they hear it? – Leave about them. I want Rangamma. What did you say?
– Get treated for you deafness. You are asking again and again
by forgetting I am your son-in-law. I want Rangamma. Is it necessary to hold
a meeting for this wastrel? You are a beggar.. ..begging food from every house.
You dream of big things? You only give justice. I thought when he decked himself. One day he will create problem. Elder statesmen!
Have you come here to laugh? First drive out this
beggar from the village. It will do lot of good. Aunt, I will not leave alone. Get Rangamma married to me,
we both will leave together. Hey! You will die if I kick you hard! Hell with you!
– Go away! I will kill you! Is it good for women
to fight like this? One of the elderly
person may interfere. Will they listen if we tell?
She is old but she has no sense. Why do not women go
and stop the quarrel? Tell him to make promise
that he will forget her hereafter. Yes, she is right. You and she cannot become one. Make promise and leave. What are you watching? Make promise that you will forget her.
– Girl’s mother is stubborn.. Blow it out and leave. Bring the lamp. Wait! Promised! All of you leave! No work to do! You grew tall like a tree.. Do you have any pride? Did you hear her mother’s abuses? Rascal! Will you stop for a moment? I want Rangamma!
– Hell with Rangamma! I will ask directly. She trapped my grandson. Cunning woman! – Old woman! Are you walking like a young girl? Try getting Rangamma
married to me soon. Every day I am dreaming
of our marriage. You will dream! I too dreamt that you.. ..both begged together. Wastrel! You can not earn some money but.. want woman? I will bury you!
– Will you stop it and sleep? Or should I set you
on fire along with this hut? Why will you not set on fire? You are completely smitten by her. He says he will set me on fire?
I nurtured him.. ..with lot of pampering..
my grandson.. What should I do? God! Kind-hearted person! Kind-hearted person! Get up! Get up!
– Sir! You beggar! Want to sit on my place? Do not beat me, sir! Sir! Please, sir!
– Stop it! Labour rascal!
– Sir! Please! Wearing a shirt? Look. tell him to break firewood. Break them all properly. Do not make pieces. Go. Hey! How long? Done, sir! Finished, sir. Raju will leave.
– Why do you leave on empty stomach? Drink starch and go.
– No, sir. Old woman must be hungry. Raju will leave if
you pay the wages? – Wages? Did you see this? That is why they say times
have become bad. Want wages? Labour wants to eat
a sumptuous meal? – Sir.. Hey, do not cry here. I will suffer your jinx. Sir, I am going outstation.. Raju will leave if you pay the wages. Sir.. Sir.. If you call..
– Venkanna! Send him. Broker is calling, go.
He will pay good. This is the fate of the people who
lives and dies in the same village. Where are you from?
– Saluru. Peraiah! Stop playing the drum! Sir, you continue. What is left to tell? Do not stay here and
struggle for livelihood. Good wages, house to live.. ..good clothes, non-veg food.. Sunday is a holiday.
– Sir, is the work difficult? If you think of difficulty
then every work is difficult. You need to pluck tea
leaves from our tea plantation. Cut tea plants! – Talking rubbish!
Tea plants, estate and wages! What are the wages, sir?
– We calculate the annual earnings and.. ..give it in a gunny bag. Hide it inside your dhoti. Come to the village and open it. Build a house, buy fields.. Rear cattle,
buy jewellery for your wife. If something still remains
then get one mistress. Sir is talking funnily! – Yes. Sir, can not we attend
marriage and funerals? It is a forest. Can you come alone? What is important?
Money or attending functions? It is very far.
– What if it is far? Sir, can we take our wives with us? Your wife? Bring her happily. Both will get paid. – Sir,
how to come by leaving children? Bring them too. I will pay something. Sir, are rugs good
enough to prevent cold? Toddy or hooch.. Foreign liquor! Nobody from your
family must have drunk. Sir will make drinks for you. Drink and dance with some madam. You will get burnt
with madam’s beauty. Your words are good to hear but
how should we come with empty hands. If you keep asking
questions like this then.. drought will kill you for sure. Lady luck smiles at the person
who is willing to take risk. No need to come with empty hands. See this bond paper,
12 months contract. Put your thumb impression,
take some token amount.. ..clear your debts
and get ready to start. Mother, I swear on you.. ..I will not drink after going there. Do not run here and there.
Sit properly. Listen to me!
Send your man with smile. Sister, at least you tell her. Do not cry. Send your man with smile. Peraiah! Peraiah! Where you went? Old woman is shouting! I am here only.
– Stay with me.. eating whatever you can afford. “O heat wave..
dense forest.. I am leaving..” “O bushes..” “..laid with thorns..” – I will not
leave you alone, brother-in-law. I too will come. “Like a dead body leaving
the soul behind..” “Like the smoke coming
out of burnt dead body..” “The food of crow..” “This journey undertaken
by man in hunger..” “Lord can give water
with his decree..” “Tears have dried up after
the eyes cried for long..” “Life has become a drought
that is hit with famine.” “Death is walking
together in groups..” “O heat wave..” “Dense forest.. I am leaving..” “O bushes..” “..laid with thorns..
We are leaving..” “By leaving the house
and forest that we lived in..” “I have undertaken
this difficult journey..” “Whether you return alive or dead..” “There will be no
answer to this question.” “Lives could be lost in this fire..” “To live in hunger is painful..” “We are following the destiny, we
are leaving without any option left..” “..what will be the story..” “..the twist..” “The land of hard workers
is all cracked up.” “They want us to give
up lives in this way..” “Body is surviving by
eating whatever it gets.” Die! Die! I will get rid of the jinx! Why does not anybody stop when she is
beating her grownup daughter like that? Hope your hands are broken! Stop! Stop! Go out! Do not cry.. do not cry.. She is carrying the
child of a beggar? No shame! Go and die! Go! Go away! From today I will think my
daughter is dead. Go to that rascal and.. She slept with that scoundrel! She cannot stay here. Why are you crying? I am alive. I will look after you. “Feet have cracked up,
eyes are swollen..” “This village is travelling
to another village..” “By passing different
trees and mountains..” “Will we get back our village?” “People believed your
words and started off..” “Wolves make the sheep run..” “Who knows what is
the profit and loss..” “..when life is risked?” “O heat wave..
dense forest.. I am leaving..” “O bushes..” “..laid with thorns.. I am leaving..” “Like a dead body leaving
the soul behind..” “Like the smoke coming
out of burnt dead body..” “The food of crow..” “This journey undertaken
by man in hunger..” What happened to you? What happened?
Sir! Save my man!
– What happened? Sir.. somebody come..
give water to my child.. Sir, one person fell down due to heat. Sir, I beg you! Come fast! Open your eyes!
Open your eyes and see me! Somebody come! Save my man! I beg you! Sir.. Let us see how he recovers. Tell others to keep moving. Move! Move! – Sir! Sir! Save him!
– No time to bury him. It is a burden to us if he is alive,
else burden to the earth. Jinxed man! – Move! Keep moving! Sir! He is alive!
Save him! Save him, sir! We got to reach by sunset,
let him die here. Walk fast!
– Come on! No! Tobacco use leads to cancer,
heart attacks, lungs disorders.. ..and other deadly diseases. The characters shown
in this film or program.. not support the use
of any type of tobaccos products.. ..such as beedi,
cigarette, khaini, zarda, etc.. ..or their promotion in any manner. Lungs are similar to sponges,
designed to breathe air. But some people are filling
their lungs with cigarette smoke. If you inhale smoke
that causes cancer.. ..then every year from the heart
of person smoking cigarette.. ..this is the quantity it produces. It will cause illness.
Dangerous illness. Brother-in-law, inform George and
tell him to look after the labourers. Go. – Okay, brother-in-law. Did sir put anklets to the legs too? I have been treating only
legs for seven, eight years. George! Call the doctor! You are doctor for the labours.
For me you are a only a compounder. New labours have come. Brother-in-law called you to check
them, carry your box and come. Heat water for bathing. Sister, cook tasty chicken
meal for brother-in-law. Everybody getup! Get up! Men come here, women go there! Everybody stand in queue. Men go! Did you hear?
All men remove their shirts. Strong heart! He will not die soon! You look like a bull! Sir will give
you sweet potato, boil them and eat. Go! – Come, come. Come. He is very smart.
He is bringing everyone he sees. Come. – Strong arms!
Can work for 25 to 30 years. O kind hearted sir!
Will you write a letter? What? – Broker!
He is calling your labours as devils! Not devil, he says ‘Dayamayulara.’
It means you are very kind-hearted person. You will not get anything for free. Two anna’s for writing letter. Two anna’s to read the letter. Come to the hospital later. Go. Come, come. Labours are very strong. Tobacco.. four vessels.. One packet of salt..
half packet of millets. Four sweet potatoes..
– Four potatoes.. – One packet of.. One blanket.. come next.. Sweet potatoes.. Black jaggery.. Come later.. tobacco..
– One salt packet.. Two blankets.. Four sweet potatoes.. Go! Not this way! Go! Go! Go fast! Go there! Sir! Leave me, sir! Sir! No, sir!
– Come, come. Did you come searching.. ..for cemetery when you can not find
one in your village? Come, come. Look, your son’s illness
will not get cured with this amulet. Offer meat to the Goddess
on coming New Moon day. You should pay 10 days wages to
me for all this, do not forget. Come. Go this side, you go there. Go fast! Hey! Keep moving! You come here. You go to this hut. Come, come.
– Go to this hut. – Go there! Hey! Who are you? Throw it down! Throw it! Go away! Mother! If any man enters inside
by following anybody’s order.. Come in line! It is already late. There is lot of work. Come, come. All come. Move fast! Everybody do their work! Come fast! Take this.. give him.. Hold these baskets. Feet got boils for walking two days. Did he bring us from so far.. pluck these leaves? These are not leaves.. They are hundred year old trees.
Leaves have dried up. Broker talked sweetly then.. he changed completely. People staying here
are frightened to talk. They are living here since
their birth. – In this place.. ..there are more people than trees. I asked secretly. We will be like this only. Lot of people speaking
different languages.. ..are in these surroundings. You are telling all this but
not a single foreign lady is seen. I am already pissed off!
I will kill you! It is you..
20 new labours in your group. Go and teach them to
pluck tender leaves. Go! Tie the hem at knee high. Tie the half sari to your waist. Cover without showing the body. Branches will hurt.. you have tobacco? Apply it till your knees,
leeches will note bite. One or two will still bit,
you have to bear it. Stand properly. Contractor! Is sir coming? He will tell if they ask. Mangamma! Sir, how are you feeling? Elizabeth. Sir has given this name. Whatever it be.. Sir is coming or not? He is coming.
He was in my group till evening. He said, ‘Darling,
I will definitely come.’ Pluck only tender leaves. If you pluck thick ones
then they will not consider them. Pluck at least 30 baskets in a day. How are you? Good morning, darling.
– What Elizabeth? You did not come to the
bungalow for the past few days. Oh.. Hey.. Do not lift your head. Do not see.. Hey! George! What is your name?
– He is asking your name. Tell. Ka.. Karrelacchi.. Karrelachhi, my Lord. Karri..
– Karrelachhi means.. Black.. black.. Karri.. karri.. karri.. fresh karri.. Fresh flesh.. Okay… Move.. Okay, okay. Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law?
– Brother-in-law means My Lord! Oh.. thank you. Brother-in-law! Broker! You are finished! You bloody broker! Who is it? Do not beat, sir. It is hurting! No, sir. No! Nobody is needed! All rejected! Take them away! Sir, do not make us starve. White rascal! Lacchi, what happened to you? Lacchi! What happened? Acting stubborn? Is he your husband? Sir.. sir.. no, sir.. Why are you beating, sir? We came by trusting you. You are like our family deity. No, sir.
We will go back to our village. Will you go back to your village? Everybody listen to me carefully! Nobody can leave the forest
without this Broker’s permission. If you get that thought then
I will cut you into pieces here. Be careful! Things are different
than what we expected. That is why I said I will go alone.
– No, brother-in-law. It is correct that I accompany you. Otherwise I would have
felt sad by thinking of you. No there is no such pain.. But I will never
become a burden to you. I will be with you, okay? Trying to escape? Hey! Did you listen to me when
I said you cannot escape from here? Only your husband escaped.. ..from this forest. – Hey, go away. Sir! My Lord! O King! Bless me, King! Bless me! My Lord! My Lord! Show mercy my Lord! Bless me, my Lord! Bless me, my Lord! King! Bless me my Lord! My Lord! Bless me! Sir! Bless me! Would you please let him off? Really getting on my nerves. My Lord! Bless me! Sir.. Bless me, sir!
Do not starve us! Bless me! Sir.. bless me, my Lord!
– Who is it? New coolie, new marriage, my Lord. George said fresh flesh. No problem. Make her fall in line quickly.
– Yes, my Lord! Yes, my Lord! – I do not want
her husband sleeping with her. Bless me my Lord! Okay, I bless you. “Maybe sweat.. maybe sweat..” “Maybe tears make
half of this sweat..” “Where is justice..” “One poor man’s earning is pain..” “Risking the lives of poor people..” “These devils suck their blood..
their legs have..” “..suffered burns..” “Now life is awaiting death..” “Maybe sweat.. maybe sweat..” “Maybe tears make
half of this sweat..” “Where is justice..” “One poor man’s earning is pain..” “O raindrops! O raindrops!” “When will the heat from
our bodies is lot? O wind! O Wind!” “Our blankets are torn long back.” “The bones inside the body..” “..started breaking..” “The tears inside the
eyes have raised a sampling.” “We do not see any
God who will save us.” Sir is waiting for you. Take him away.
– Come, come. Where are you going? Come here. Sir’s wife will hold the lamp. You sit. Sit. Sit. Rangamma! Rangamma! Why are you sleeping
here at midnight? Come. “By leaving our village,
and giving up on our lives..” “We have become rats
by fearing the cat.” “We left our past behind,
gave up our respect..” “We are living without any hope.” “Snake is hungry..” “Who will save the tiny birds?” “Elephant is dancing..” “What about the plants
under it is feet?” “Our relationship has vanished..” “Maybe sweat.. maybe sweat..” “Maybe tears make
half of this sweat..” “Where is justice..” “One poor man’s earning is pain..” “Risking the lives of poor people..” “These devils suck their blood..
their legs have..” “Now life is awaiting death..” Hey, put the girl down..
Hands and legs will get sprained. Who is Peraiah here? It is me. – Your name is Raju, right?
– It is my pet name. There is a letter for you.
Letter for you! Bring money, I will read it for you. Raju received a letter,
give two annas. Did you save with me? – Give as debt,
I will return it after I get my wages. It is inside the pot, go and take. Everybody come!
Raju received a letter. Done? Karri Lacchi’s uncle landed in jail
for revolting against the British. That is why it was not
possible to write the letter. Who wrote it? Your grandmother. Raju, grandmother’s blessings!
I am fine. How are you? How is madam? Brush teeth daily, take bath.. ..apply cow dung
if there is any itching. Do not worry about us. Eat on time. Important matter. Grandmother is expecting.. What is this irony?
Is your grandmother pregnant? Rangamma.. My Rangamma..
– Who is Rangamma? Who else? Maybe his wife. Raju’s Rangamma. Do not worry, Raju.
If you tie a magical amulet.. ..your wife will deliver
the child without any difficulty. She is feeling sad by thinking of you. Save some money and come back. Is it over? – There is still more..
What Rangamma is saying is.. Raju, take care of your health. Help Karre Lachhi and Gangaraju. I want to see you. I am getting
scared. When are you coming? At least come at the time of delivery. Come fast and tie the know.. Marry me.. Goddess Mailamma! Should we tie the amulet
to his shoulder or not? Tell, Goddess! Goddess Mailamma! Raju wants boy or girl? I want a boy like me. No, no. I want a girl,
a girl like you. You look innocent but
what have you done back home. Raju does not know anything. Rangamma.. Hey! I will thrash you if
you say it is only her mistake. Once the payment is done,
go to your village. Do not become a sinner. Come fast! It is over.. done..
– Bear little more. Little more.. Okay. Do it.. It is over.. over.. Little more.. It is over.. Done.. Everybody come. Everybody come. Child looks like Peraiah. His eyes are like his grandmother. Broker is checking the accounts today. We can go to our village and
rear pigs with the earnings but.. ..we should not come near the forest. We got rid of the fraudster
today. My body is cracked up! You cannot bear the cold on the way,
cover the body. – I am coming. Coward rascal! Wherever you are.. ..I will search you
and slit your throat. Whom?
– Do not you know who? The one who left me
and my child in this hell.. I will not spare his life. After going to your village,
buy silver toe-rings and.. for the child. I too want to see
your child and Rangamma. I will come some other time. What are you going to buy for them? Nuptial child for Rangamma.. not know if it is boy
or girl so sacred waist thread. Clothes for everybody
and sweets for the old woman. She likes Bandaru sweets very much,
she will eat happily. Brother-in-law,
they are checking accounts. Why are you playing drama by
making them sit together in groups? Did they ask you to show the money? Hey, we should show them
money for at least once a year. Only then they will
work with dedication. Pithadu Abbaiah! Subbalaxmi! Black jaggery.. millets.. 8 days for treatment,
38 days for medicine and treatment. How can you fall sick like that? You
need to stay here for few more days. Go. Go and do the work. Next. Paidithalli’s daughter
and granddaughter. For tying amulet to the mother.. One amulet for daughter
and for cutting hen.. Both is equal to one month’s earnings. Elagattam Narsaiah! Kondaiah! I do not have another option,
I will not leave from here. I sacrificed my wife
and children to this forest. I too will die here. – He is ill for more
than a year, he is good for nothing. Drive him away! Go away! You look like a skeleton.
Good for nothing. Go away! Next! Saluru Raju! 282 working days. 38 days for cutting trees. Sir, what is your account?
– One blanket.. 2 sleeping tablets.. no, 3.. Vessels, lentils.. Four packets of tobacco. Black jaggery.. Millets.. He ate lot of food. Tell your account. 13 days of treatment.. Cough medicine.. 12 bottles for 6 days. Tablets.. Three days every time..
18 days of medical treatment.. Take it. Money he took in the village,
food expenses on the way.. ..for one month and seven days,
rent for this hut.. The total interest amount will be.. After deducting the total expense,
you got to work for.. ..another three years
and two months to pay the debt. Go it? Go. Kind-hearted person… I have to go to Rangamma. You will have to die here
all your life if you open your mouth. Drive him away!
– Kind-hearted person! Manikyam and his daughter Valli! Who will pay for your
husband who escaped? Leave I say. I do not have the strength
to get whipped by sir. He is quite smart, he ran like a deer. Listen! I have work with you.
Come down. Make him lie there. Will you not let me sleep peacefully? Same nuisance in all these years. What.. He is innocent.
Forgive him and let him go. – Cut it! This sin will destroy us. Did you tie the hands and legs properly? He might wake up and kick!
– They are tied. Show the lantern.
– Bring that.. “Illusion.. time is illusion..” “Life has become a burden.” “By seeing the hardwork..” “..forest has shed tears.” Put more.. “There is nobody who belongs to us.” “It is a lamp with no light..” “Her love is similar
to that of mother’s..” “It pure and sacred..” “Pain is unbearable..” “Life is filled with it..” “Somewhere you are missing..” “I am found there..” “Illusion.. time is illusion..” “Life has become a burden.” “By seeing the hardwork..” “..forest has shed tears.” “One animal does not treat..” “..another animal as a slave anytime.” “One human being is treated
another human being..” “ a slave.” O God! God God! God! Sir, it is spread
in the entire village. I thought there was nothing since four
years.. this jinx has caught up again.. Finished!
– Deadly disease! It kills people in large numbers. Broker! This is an epidemic. It will kill us if
we do not kill all together. The situation is serious.
We must write to the Viceroy.. Why do not you have a final word? Well, what is happening from your side? From my estate 1600 odd are dead. More than 1400 died in my estate. At Megamalai,
it is a complete wipe-out. I have not counted on my estate. Do I look like a match teacher? I do not care.
– You all seem so terribly concerned.. ..and obviously in mourning. What for? Everything will settle down. We simply need more coolies. We must send all our
brokers back to the plants.. return with more coolies,
more estate. You know this fellow Gandhi
and his Congress people.. ..they are making too much noise. Solicitor,
why can not you just stick to the law? Quite unnecessarily for
fighting for these stupid natives. How can you speak of Gandhi
when you all are drinking? Gandhi is a people’s
leader and noble man. Now one of us is qualified to comment. What we need now
is a qualified doctor. Instead of just bringing the workers,
bring a necklace while coming. Okay, okay. Take care. Brother-in-law! While checking
the accounts next time.. ..keep only fit workers
and throw the rest out. Okay, brother-in-law. – My
brother will look after it properly. Take care of your health. Why do you cry while leaving?
Stupid woman! Good morning, doctor.
Welcome to India. Keep the vehicle aside.
Sir will be coming. – Please come in. I am too a doctor.
My wife, love marriage. Please.. I am Dr. Parishuddham. She is my wife. Angelina. Bloody hell! Parishuddam.
– Yes, sir. – Flu is spreading fast. The flu is spreading like wild fire.
What shall we do? In the name of Jesus Christ.. ..I will do my best, sir.
– Good. Come, let us go. Jesus! Is this the hospital? Who has been the doctor here? Doctor? – Who was
the doctor here earlier? I am, my Lord. Yes, me, doctor. Where did you study medicine?
– Over here. Here? – Yes,
I studied here and learnt. Angelina,
he is not a certified doctor. He is a compounder. Is it a hospital or pig shed? There is nothing wrong if
Gandhi’s party has found fault. Does it look like a tea-estate?
Looks like a graveyard. Jesus will not forgive. Convert this into
hygienic immediately. I will talk to sir about it. What a pity! We have to clean
this place immediately. Sir, save my child. Do not worry,
Jesus has sent me for the same. Prayer.. say the prayer all the time. Doctor.. – Yes, tell me.
– I am too yours.. – What? Our God is Mother Mary. – Mother Mary? Mother Mary. Hey, what is this? Why is this place so bad? How will the disease get cured? Is there any cleanliness? See.. see.. very bad. Will not everyone fall
sick if it is like this? Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! ‘May the Lord save you.’ Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! No, no. Praise the Lord! God be with you. May God be with you. Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! George, how many Christians are here?
– I am alone. – Only you? Angelina, I am asking him
how many Christians are here. He means to say he is the only one. He is the only one? Yes, we will take them
in the right direction. I do not need any treatment. By again showing the expenses
for medicine and treatment.. ..they will prevent from
going to village for one more year. May Lord bless you. Be strong. George, my father protects
everyone with his mercy.. ..we should celebrate his birthday.. a grand manner. Is your father too a doctor?
– Jesus Christ. Do you believe in Jesus? Trust him. “Like a light he came for us..” “He sacrificed his body for us.” “Like a light he came for us..” “He sacrificed his body for us.” “He is a great Lord
born in a barnyard.” “He is the father to all of us.” “He is the king who
shows us the right path.” “Let us praise him and celebrate.” “Let us praise the Lord.” “Let us praise the Lord.” “Let us recollect his sacrifice.” “Let us recollect his sacrifice.” “I will ask you..” “ sing his paeans forever.” “With a pure and sacred heart..” “I tell you to praise the Lord.” “Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!” “Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!” “Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!” “On poor and downtrodden.” “Only Lord showing mercy..
– Even on sinners and criminals..” “Jesus is the forgiving Lord.
Amen! Amen! Amen!” “Everything is Jesus..” Come, come. Cheers! – Cheers! Look at that black
spiritual broker over there. Black guy! He is far more dangerous
than our own brokers. That is true my darling. They say they are checking
accounts regularly. Neither we are becoming free.. ..nor we are dying. Veeranna Gauraiah! Ekkali Dalaiah! Mother Narsamma! Saluru Raju! She is Manikyam’s daughter, right? Showering love on the child?
Who will pay the money.. ..of her father who escaped
and also her deceased mother? You have to work for another.. ..nine years and two months
for clearing their debt. Got it? Go and do the work. O kind-hearted.. ..people! Show mercy! O kind-hearted people! I am an orphan people! O kind-hearted people!
This life is useless! I want to go and meet my family.
O kind-hearted people! O kind-hearted people!
I did not commit any sin. Rangamma, we entered hell! “O mad woman!” “Have you come to see my condition
by passing so many villages?” “Have you come to console me because
I have nobody to share my grief with.” “Have you come to
tell me about our child?” “O mad woman! I am helpless here..” “Have you come to hear my story?” “O poor woman! Have you brought
blessings to clear my debts?” “We cannot live as slaves.
So have you come to die with me?” “We cannot live as slaves.
So have you come to die with me?” God!


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