BAN PEWDIEPIE // Twitch Drama #2

To summarize the situation very quickly, A few days ago a streamer named Alinity decided to copy STRIKE One of my that joke still funny ? I don’t think so. Because I used the word “Twitch Thots.” In my opinion there was no ill intent meant, And it wasn’t even directed directly towards Alinity, It was more on the video that I was watching in general. She then fabricated this outrage to steal revenue from me, It happens all the time and it’s pretty clear in retrospect that that was her intention “This is so annonying” “Stupid Twitch Thots” “Se-Seriously ?… He just said that ? I’m gonna copy strike this guy just for that word… gonna copy strike him” “YOOO” “CAN WE COPYSTRIKE PEWDIEPIE’S LATEST VIDEO ?!” “LIKE RIGHT NOOOW ?” “HE CALLED US TWITCH THOTS” If she seemed offended and, And upset of me using the word in the way I did, At least then I could sort of buy what she’s trying to say. This is not someone being upset, This is someone going : “I can strike this guy’s video, because I didn’t like what he said”, You can get in serious trouble in legal court, For abusing copyright laws. I don’t know why she keeps *chuckles* doubling down On this whole thing But afterwards she said very publicly that she earns a good living doing this kind of thing. “A company, that’s called “Collab”, And they are just sending me, they’ve sending me 700 dollars last month from copy strike hitting people…” “Good money.” *annoyed* “Good money” Stealing money. At this point, I hadn’t said anything the whole internet already hated Alinity because what she did was wrong in the way She said it was just gross. I wasn’t even going to comment about the situation, Believe it or not. I’m not into creating drama, but then she made a statement that was just so offensive… Claiming all these crazy things about me, That I felt like I had to at least respond… and so I did. BUT I ALSO Apologized… Twice, in fact. And a lot of people called me out saying oh you’re spineless, You shouldn’t have apologized to her what she did was wrong, and that wasn’t really my point, She was handling the situation So extremely badly, Blaming everyone else but herself, That I felt like if I can .. at least admit that I.. what I did was wrong, then maybe she can do that as well So we can just end this, so we can just move on. That didn’t happen at all. She then made a response video… “I mean collab is doing something really bad” “and I think that – that’s uhh..” “The biggest thing to take out from this…” THANK YOU Alinity For bringing us attention how bad collab is, What an absolute Saint the company, that you have a contract with, That you boast about getting money from striking people’s videos. They are the ones being bad. You make a great point here. So instead of just admitting that what she did was wrong that, copy striking my, Video was the wrong thing to do, the fact that she created this whole situation… instead, she just blames collab I never seen her actually take responsibility for her own actions, in this situation, which is why she’s still getting hate “Why am I still getting hate ???” Now this video got taken down with a fake copy strike… I keep saying copy strike now *laughs* Where it says that I did the copy strike I don’t know how that’s possible. I can assure you, this is not me. I’m not even memeing. And this is what she had to say about it : “It didn’t even ask me about it” “It just like got taken down…” “That was kind of stupid” He has a video talking about me, and I can’t have a video talking about him “can we copy strike pewdiepie’s latest videoooo?” That’s right Alinity, it isn’t cool. I’m glad you finally realized *chuckles* It’s like she… It’s like she’s learned nothing. I talked to YouTube directly and they did remove this claim It’s gone now and like I said, I don’t know how it’s possible, but someone managed to copyright it with my name But it was clearly false and it’s gotten removed now, but that’s right, It is a big deal to abuse copyright, which is why you shouldn’t do it ! *chuckles again* But in this video, she also had this to say : “The message that I want to get out there like content creators,” “Shouldn’t be able…” “To call girls whores or thots,” “Or any names like that based on their appearance”- I wouldn’t call you a whore. I never called you a whore. Why would you, insinuate that ? Are you trying to make the situation look worse for me ? Now that you have to backpaddle between all these things ? HMMMM ? Lemme remind you : this is your face When you watched the video She even Tweeted out that she didn’t accept my apology : So here she quotes what I say in my video, so she clearly watched my video But she very deliberately decides to ignore the fact that I said “Alinity; I’m sorry for calling you a twitch thot” I will definitely be more careful when using that word in the future That’s what I said and I never used it even as a joking way towards her after that If you can’t accept that apology, what do you want from me? Like what else can I do? It’s… it’s as if she’s so used to getting everything done her way that she just keeps pushing this victim… Narrative ? Like if I seem like a victim enough, maybe they’ll turn around eventually, She just keeps pushing and pushing. But here’s a Pew News newsflash for you Alinity : NOONE IS BUYING IT I know you don’t portray yourself to be the smartest person, But I know you’re not that dumb that you don’t.. you’re not aware of what you’re doing. You’re showing your underwear on stream That’s our fault, right? I am then clicking on full screen right after bending over with your button camera That’s our fault, right? You’re just looking at your butt hair in this video, you know, not doing anything else eating a popsicle down your throat on camera That’s, that’s our fault ? Right ? Because you had a sore in your mouth. That’s why you did it, right? Oh, you’re just playing games with a the shortest skirt ever That’s our fault for having looking at it in any sexual way right ? *Imitating* “Oh guys, I am just adjusting my camera right now I’m completely unaware of what else is going on.” If you have any sort of sexual intention towards this, uh th-.. that’s our fault *again* “Oh, sorry guys. I’m just pushing my bra together to show how a push-up bra works” “That’s your fault for seeing anything sexual in that.” “How dare you?” “Uh, excuse me. I’m just feeding a porn star mouth-to-mouth” “It’s nothing sexual about that. That’s your fault for thinking that” Starting to see a pattern here Now you might say : “Oh you picked this out of context !” There’s so many videos of this It just keeps going, and going, and going, And I don’t even have a problem with it and in my video when I said : “STREAMER TWITCH THOTS” I wasn’t even calling that out, So for you to do all these things, right ? And then for you to not accept my apology, when I said sorry, *chuckles* Twice What do you want? You’re just digging yourself deeper and deeper and, I’m not even pushing at this point By the way, I found this clip through uhh, L of the day, he has some really good videos about the situation, His channel was one of the original videos that got striked by “Collab DRM” as well Uhh, for calling her out. Now, my whole twitter has been… Completely filled with Alinity just liking and retweeting The various scarce comments of people saying bad things about me, and good things about her. You truly have to look for these things, *chuckle* So it’s okay for her to retweet all these things, but uhh.. you know, if I do it.. it’s just, the worst There’s this one clip where she very publicly admits, to committing marriage fraud, that she moved to Colombia and Uhhh.. And married this guy.. Just so she could move to Canada. “You don’t make any money. You work a lot” “So I was like: No, hell no, so I married a Canadian… and I came to Canada, and then I divorced him” hahahahahahaaa *I might think about moving on to canada at this point tbh* So she made a whole video talking about it because, you know, it’s our fault *laugh* That she publicly admitted it. “A lot of people, all his little community, his little nine year olds that I’ve been blocking on Instagram” “And I’m telling you guys, these are like nine year olds like they are very young children.” Hello every nine years old watching this video, I know you’re a.. complete army, just ready to follow my single demand “Who are we gonna attack next nine year olds? Let’s go, together !” “HAHA” “And now they’re all falsely reporting me to the Canadian government. Now that’s illegal.” oH… tHaTs iLLeGaL ? Thank you for the legal advice by the legal expert Alinity everybody. That’s right, It’s our fault for thinking that she committed marriage fraud, When she very publicly and openly said so. How dare you think that way? Huh? It’s not like she’s said it… You have to understand the consequence of your own words. I know that’s weird for me to say right but *chuckle* At this point is just getting ridiculous. And for you to then come out and say : “I am not the first person that he’s done this to.” She’s sort of insinuating that I’m just waiting for the next person to attack when it was clearly her, That created this whole situation, I don’t know how many times I have to say it… “And I don’t know how this hasn’t been stopped earlier on” “But… you, when you’re a content creator,” “You are responsible for… ” “A community.” So it’s completely fine for you to call me out, with your community. But just because you’re a smaller Channel, I’m not allowed to defend myself, right? She’s sort insinuating that I should get banned or something like that… “I think that,” “As a content creator you have to be responsible,” “For the people that follow you and the things that you say. ” “When a person follows you I don’t think it’s okay,” “To allow your community,” “To bully somebody, in the way that I’ve been bullied.” I didn’t say anything until I had… I was forced to defend myself. It was the Internet that came after Alinity because of her poor choice of action, and poor choice of words, To then deflect that on me and my community, it’s just ridiculous. You’re the one that keeps pushing this whole situation, I’ve been trying to settle it, and guess what ? It keeps going ! It just keeps going, she then very publicly admits that she’s been getting special favors from twitch But uhh.. that’s our fault. Just watch : “Imagine you guys, you stream for five years full time,” “I’ve gotten drunk,” “I’ve fallen my butt has shown, you know, and Twitch has been behind my back the whole time like hey” “It’s okay. You know what just delete the clips, you know, we’re cool. I’ve been good with Twitch,” “I’ve never even hadn’t a 24 hours suspension. I’ve never had a suspension on Twitch.” Maybe this is the problem. *yes* She’s never actually been forced to be held accountable for her action. Twitch has like she says be giving her favors. “Oh god, Alinity,” “You broke the Terms of Service just delete this video and we’ll just move on…” When they are so strict on twitch with these sort of rules and people get banned all the time for this sort of thing But you know, that’s our fault. Chad reacted to this : *previous clip* “and twitch has been behind my back the whole time. like hey it’s okay you know just delete the clips you know we’re cool. I’ve been good with twitch I’ve never even-“*pauses video* Why ? How come when I’ve showed nudity they didn’t told me that they just banned me? What the fu– “oh man..” *chuckles* You see what I’m saying? She’s clearly just getting a free pass, Constantly, which is why she keeps playing this victim because she gets away with doing that. And guess what? It keeps going on the very same livestream. I swear to god she’s just showing off that she’s untouchable at this point. She drops the n-word Why ??? “Black friends call each others” *honey* Like… K-Kinda like calling your friend “Bitch” You know Twitch, they have very strict rules. People get banned all the time for this sort of thing, You’re not allowed to do this. Or at least they’ve been very harsh on guys. One of her own audience members calls her out on this, and this is how she responds. ” You come in not saying that ever again” “Oookayy…” “Well, I’m..I’m part black so I don’t.. I don’t see why the… like, why would they say that…” “Well, I wouldn’t say I’m like ten percent black. I don’t think I’ve….” “Whatever.” I’m clearly not the right person to comment about this, but saying the n-word in this context, It didn’t seem that bad. But for then to her to say : “I can say the n-word because I’m ten percent black…” And justifying it. Twitch shown a clear bias for female streamers on the platform for a long time, One of the guys that were handling the IRL streamers got fired, because of it. And they made a public statement saying : “Please watch us” “Closely and hold us accountable,” Now I don’t want Alinity banned. But the more I think about it, it might just be good for her. If she doesn’t want to apologize If she keeps want to push the situation, at least just stop at least stop streaming for a few days, just… Stop what you’re doing, ’cause you’re not making the situation better. I think it could be a good opportunity for Twitch to, Show that they’re not biased with the rules on the platform and they do follow the same guidelines for everyone. And it would be nice to just see this whole thing end and get a completion of it. So that people can move on. Because believe it or not, I don’t want this whole situation to keep going. I’m not trying to instigate anything further at this point. That’s it. Goodbye. 5000 likes to copy strike pewdiepie


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