Bandish Episode 2 – 21st January 2019 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Why is Sania not here yet??? Mother, she is helping Alina to get ready…. What??? Alina is still not awake yet? How is it possible? well surely she will go today without having her breakfast…. Who is there? Alina…. Yes mother? You are getting late for school, come quickly,
you are going to miss your breakfast again… I am coming, mother… Sir, you? This is for you…. Thank you…. Please come inside…. This way…. Will you call me regularly like now, from there as well? Of course…. I just wish to keep talking with you, all the time…. well, if keep talking with me, then when will you do your work? Oho, madam time difference is of 9 hours (between here & there), when it will be a day here there will be night time,
so I’ll do my work and you can get your sleep…. then at what time will we get to talk then? When it will be night over here,
it will be day time there So that means you will not sleep? well madam, when can a person sleep after falling in love with someone…. is that so? that in just so few days you have already fallen in love (with me), really? Have you heard the phrase ‘love at first sight’?
I never used to believe in all that…. But since I saw you, I started believing that, in just first meeting one can fall in love with someone as well…. Hmm, you can talk well, you know… well,madam, this is nothing much at all… if you just come at our home or meet me somewhere outside… What’s the need to meet somewhere outside? after all we are getting married very soon…. Sania, I am serious…. I have flight just after 4 days, if you have no problem….
I just want to meet you once… well, it’s nothing to do with me agreeing to meet you, it’s more about if father has any objection with it or not.. but why is there any need to inform father about it? It is not needed just to inform him but it is also necessary to have permission from him as well…. alright then, you take permission from your father and then we will have dinner outside…. I will come and pick you at 8 o’ clock… Oho, don’t make any plans for now,
first let me take permission from mother…. What kind of wife (to be) you are?? You cannot even ask your mother for permission to meet me, we are already engaged I will be going away for 3 months,
then we will get to meet each other after marriage…. Hmm, OK I’ll ask them, I will talk to you later…. Oh so madam dropped the call after seeing me come here, you can keep talking there’s no need to hesitate in front of me… Huh…. No, just like that…. did father went to office? Yes, he went to office sometime ago,
but why are you looking so upset? Hania, Sajid want to take me for a dinner but you know about mother…. will you talk to the mother, please…. You do know that I can’t talk to mother, as I feel shy about it, huhh? well, don’t take any tension, I will talk to her…. In fact I will go now and talk with her right away… Ok… Now let’s get up, freshen up quickly, otherwise, mother will give you lecture about it…. OK, I will get up soon…. I will come…. Hmm…. look at this, he forgot his lunch box again…. That’s why it is said that anger is prohibited…. hi! Waseem…. He(my husband) again forgot his lunch box at home, so kindly send someone from office to pick it for him…. OK sister in law, I will send Abid (to pick it up)…. thank you…. OK, tell me, how you are feeling now? I am doing great by the grace of Allah… No, he told me that you were not feeling well yesterday and they had to take you to hospital, so how are you now? I was unwell?
I am perfectly fine sister in law…. oh yes, you know our new secretary..
she was not feeling well yesterday…. OK, maybe I misunderstood that you were not feeling well… How is she now? Don’t know sister in law, she hasn’t come yet… Well, may Allah give her good health…. Anyway, he do take care of all his office staff…. Yes, sir indeed have a very kind heart, sister in law…. OK then, do keep in mint to send Abid…. OK sister in law, I will send him…. bye…. Hi… You came early today?
Want to have some food? No I already had lunch, mother.. actually my last lecture got cancelled as the Ma’am didn’t came today, so I came home early… Father didn’t took lunch with him? No…. You know, brother Sajid is going to Canada? Mother…. Hmm… Are you informing me or asking? You do know about it, I just have a request for you…. What type of request? If you will agree to it…… Tell me…. Let’s go sir…. You had your tea? by the way, where were you? I went to change my dress for office,
we are getting late, you know…. well, I was thinking more like that,
we should not be going to office today…. Let’s go some where for lunch, if you feel like it…. Sir, if that’s your wish then alright…. by the way, I didn’t had any breakfast myself since morning…. Oh, God, I see….
I am also quite hungry, you know… so shall we? Sure…. Where is my Doll? I did put that doll there myself, just in the morning…. Are you looking for this? Who are you? I am all alone…. will you play with me? How did you came to my room? I live here since long now…. OK, do come out now…. You won’t tell it to anyone, right? No, I won’t tell it to anyone, I swear…. Alina…. Yes, elder sister? You haven’t changed your dress yet? Elder sister I was just going to change my uniform… Change it quickly, I am serving the lunch right now,
come and have something to eat right now… OK…. Where did she go? Do ask me, you have every right to ask me anything…. After all, all that you have done for me,
you have every right to ask me anything you like… Thank you…. No, I don’t have anything important to ask it’s just curiosity that you are well educated and so beautiful too..
why don’t you got married? I did got married.. He was air steward in an airline… My father was also alive at that time, he was against it but I didn’t listened to him at all… He showed his real character in just first year of our wedding…. His nature was full of lies and deceit… So you got divorced because of Because of that? I realized that things were not going to get any better…. Then I made my decision and then I got divorced…. I am really sorry for that… well, your phone keeps ringing repeatedly and you seem a little worried…. whose calling by the way? No, no, it’s nothing important, maybe someone’s calling from home…. If it’s from home, maybe it’s something important,
you can attend the call if you want to…. Oh, you won’t mind?
It will just take a minute, I will be back…. Mother, it’s possible that maybe father is busy in a meeting… you try one more time….. No, he isn’t attending my calls and he hasn’t even reached his office yet as well… Then send him a message…. He is calling now… Hello… yes… Why were you calling? Where were you? well leave it and just tell me why were you calling, is there any issue (to discuss)? well, actually Sajid’s mother called,
he will be traveling in few days… So, what can I do? He want to meet Sania before going…. Oho, Madiha we could have discussed this at night..
I am busy in a meeting and you keep calling me?? well, actually he want to meet her tonight,
we don’t know what time you will come…. That’s why I was calling you… Madiha, is this meeting really necessary? They are already engaged now, I don’t think there’s any issue in it.. whatever you decide…. No, no Madiha there’s not much issue in it,
but it’s not suitable to let them meet alone…. well, he wants to go to a restaurant…. OK then send Hania and Alina with her as well…. That’s fine and what time will you come home? I’ll try to come at earliest, don’t you worry…. OK, I have sent your lunch box to office…. OK, I have another call (ringing).. I will talk to later What did the Father say? Inform Sania that father has given his permission… Thank God, really? But both you and Alina will go too,
so go now and get ready both of you.. OK then, I should tell Sania about it… OK…. Sania… Hmm… Are you ready? Yes… Are you ready? I am also ready now but look at Alina.. What happened? She is still in washroom and it’s already 8 o’clock.. Brother Sajid will be coming anytime now… oho, where are my clothes? You both got ready and no one is helping me in getting ready… where are my clothes anyway? Alina, you were in the washroom, didn’t you saw that your clothes were in the washroom too? No they were not there… Oho, they must be on iron stand then,
let’s go…. Not there… They were on iron stand…. Let’s go…. It’s not there, I did try to find them… Oho, stop quarreling and go quickly…
go Hania and get her ready right now…. I have told you thousands of time,
don’t argue with me…. Both of you stop fighting now…. Sajid is calling…. Yes, Sajid? Yes, we are ready, are you here? Ok, bye… Give him this water to drink, you can give him little by little, but he must drink this whole bottle… By the way, sister, he did tried to talk about marriage today but suddenly (got distracted as) his wife called him…. Don’t you worry about it,
he will discuss it with you by himself…. But there is a telling difference in such a short while,
that he took me out for lunch today…. But don’t know, right after Maghrib prayers (evening time) don’t know what happens to him.. he just want to go back home right away…. Well, his attitude is now quite friendly with you,
isn’t it? First he wasn’t even leaving his bossy attitude aside at all… Yes it surely is… He always keeps talking about his daughters…. It takes time to achieve something… I don’t have a magic wand that will do everything instantly…. By the way, elder sister you can do everything yourself, why don’t you start using magic wand as well?…. Just go now, I want to meditate…. Anyway elder sister,
I haven’t seen your Master lately, where is he? He died…. What? His body was sent to his village for funeral…. Elder sister, are you not upset? All (living) things belongs to God, and to God alone we will all return, so why feel sorrow about it, we can only pray for well being (in hereafter)…. Elder sister, what had happened to him? Heart attack….. What happened? This is what I am asking to you? Don’t talk to me in riddles… Just talk to me in plain words what’s the matter…. Am I talking in riddles? I am just asking you that just what happened today that you weren’t able to reach your daughter’s in law’s house today?? and you talked with me like that…. And you are lying with me as well…. Secretary? her responsibility (for you) are more important than your own daughter’s…. It was an emergency!!! she was really sick and wasn’t feeling well at all…
That’s why it was necessary to take her to hospital…. So what should I have done then?
Should I have just left her there and let her die… These are just your misunderstandings that you are beginning to have and their is no cure of misunderstandings and suspicions.. Am I misunderstanding you or what? I don’t know what does that girl has that you went to hospital yourself…. Say…. Madiha, don’t talk rubbish, she was ill and I just took her to the hospital, that’s it…. How can I accept it? when a person can lie once he can lie again as well….. Madiha… I don’t have answers of any of your questions… So you liked the dinner… it was very delicious…. Hania, you know there is a play area as well….. Hmm, play area? I mean you can take Alina there, won’t you…. Let’s go Alina….. come with me We will go and play…. Hmm, so that’s why you chose this place then? No, when I came to know that Alina is also coming I thought there should be some arrangement for her entertainment as well…. So you really care about Alina or what? Well I actually care about you and whoever you care about, I will care about them too… You have answers of all questions asked…. But you have no comparison,
you have such a beautiful smile…. OK, so you invited me here to tell me all this? well, actually there are so many things I want to say to you that in fact the time that we are having together will be insufficient as well… By the way it will be very difficult for me to live so far away from parents…. I don’t want to live anywhere and leave them here…. well, it’s a sacrifice that we will have to make to make our lives better…. Hmm….. You are so gorgeous, so beautiful, in Canada you will look even more beautiful in mini skirt…. Mini skirt? what happened with you Sajid?
I will not wear any mini skirt…. It’s not a big deal at all.. it’s normal there everyone wears it and by the way, who will look at you there it will only be me…. I really don’t like that type of dresses which are very revealing… You have such a backward thinking, you have to change yourself to adjust to your surroundings… It’s not necessary at all…. Wherever you live, you hold your customs and beliefs firmly… That’s such a disgusting thoughts that you have… and what if I say the same thing to you? well, that’s great, isn’t it? that we get to know about each others thinking before marriage.. I want that type of girl who can walk with me at every step…. You don’t want a girl, you want…. I will go and bring Hania and Alina,
please leave us home right now… Excuse me, Hania, Alina, I want to talk with your sister for 2 minutes only… OK…. What happened? I am your fiancee… Sajid, you are my fiancee but not my husband…. You people are so conservative…. And you are so broad minded…. well you should seriously think about our relationship, because I can’t full fill what you wish for…. Sania, Sania my child…. My child, is everything alright? you seem little upset? Mother, this meeting was very beneficial for me,
he is so broad minded…. What did he say? whatever he want me to be I couldn’t do that…. I’ll talk to her mother…. No benefit in talking with them…. You give them back this ring…. Hello… come and play outside, let’s come now…. Be careful otherwise elder sister will wake up…. When I saw you in the morning I got scared…. I will be your teacher and you will be my student…. I will ask you then you will tell, OK? Now say, A for Aeroplane… say it…. Now say B for ball…. Now say which thing come from A? This is correct, and what else come’s? This is also correct, what’s more, tell, tell…. This is also right…. Tell me more, what else? D for dog…. Alina…. Yes mother….. What are you doing here at this time? Mothe, I am playing with her…. with who? With the doll…. OK, just get up now my child, it’s already 2 AM at night and it’s not the right time to play…. Don’t you have to go to school tomorrow? Come on get up, take your torch and come…. Come on, wear your sleepers…. This is not the time to play?
Come on, now play tomorrow in the morning…. Come now. look in front of you otherwise you will fall…. I told you to enter the house through that child…. Did you succeed in entering the house? why is there any need to have friendship with that kid? If that women even got a little bit of suspicions (of our evil deeds)……. then it will become more difficult for us…. From now on, don’t you ever meet with that kid again…. we will have to take control of girl’s mind as well…going to take over that girl…. Don’t make friendship…. Go…. Hello…. I have so much pain in my head,
do you have that juice that you gave me that day…. Yes sir, I will bring it for you now….. Sir, your Sandal drink…. Thank you…. why do you call me Sir?
just call me Junaid…. No sir, Sir is fine…. Anyway, do tell me one thing, you have so much pain in your head did you get yourself checked by the Dr.? Actually whenever I have any tension at home I get this headache n my head…. But sir, you always have pain in your head…. It’s because there’s always tension at home that I have to face…. So does your wife not know that because of constant tensions (at home) you are suffering like this? she have no concern about it,
she is like that since ever…. I am sorry sir, that’s terrible…. I don’t mean to over step but…. I have noticed that your wife only gives you tension…. Yes…. She always keeps discuss different problems with you… That’s really unfair Sir, you deserve a better partner…. Well, Sir, there are so many other things a wife must do, it’s her duty that she cares about her husband…. Yes…. After all you are a mature person, you can handle everything by yourself, once you can be reminded (shouldn’t keep nagging constantly)…. You are absolutely right… I don’t know what’s wrong with her… I don’t but this has been her attitude (with me) since we got married… (she is always) extremely negative…. There’s issue in everything,
I mean she has never really support me at all…. It’s true, Sandal…
My wife should have been…. like you…. You know…. you are so understanding…. Look Madiha, I have brought so many proposals for Sania, (it’s always like this) either they don’t like Sania very much or you don’t like them very much… The proposal that I have come up with this time is extremely suitable, but if you start nitpicking this will be fruitless like before…. Well, I can’t just push my daughter into a well….Can I? When did I say anything like that…. They are very well off and have a small family as well….. I showed Sania’s picture to groom’s mother and she agreed instantly, in fact she want to meet you…. What does the groom do? He has his own business, has good earnings and have their own house as well….. OK, I’ll talk with Junaid……. In fact also tell him that they want to meet at earliest….. OK 1 second, I’ll talk to Junaid…. Hania…. Hania my child bring my mobile…. Yes mother I will…. Take this…. Thank you…. Can I take this call? Yes off course, I’ll just wait…. Well what’s the matter now?? well, Farzana came,
she has a very suitable proposal for our Sania….. They want to meet us tomorrow evening…. well go on and talk with her yourself, it’s alright,
I’ll look into it when I am home…. Was that the matter (to discuss so urgently)…. Junaid, how can I?? myself…. Then what’s the matter (to worry so much)? the marriage is not being done today, is it? You go on and meet with them, everything will be fine, I’ll come and handle it myself, soon as I come back from Faislabad…. He will be going out of city tomorrow…. well, it’s not a problem at all, you can still meet them by yourself…. Alright, go and invite them…. What was she saying? She wanted to discuss about our daughter’s wedding, that’s why she wanted to talk with me…. She don’t know,
I am actually thinking about my own marriage…. Sandal, will you marry me? hmm…. hmm…. (starts nodding to say Yes)…


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