Bandish Episode 3 – 28th January 2019 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Hania…. Hania what are you doing here at this time, its going to rain very soon. let’s go inside now, the guests will be here very soon…. Mother just let few drops fell on my face, I will come down myself… please just go now…. My child, guests are coming to see your sister, in fact you should be helping your sister in getting ready…. After all, this proposal came after so much struggles…. It’s going to rain after so long as well and I have also prayed for it since so long now…. Now please go now, you know it hasn’t rained in Karachi since last 2 years…. Just go now, I will come soon…. My child just come inside and go and change your dress…. They had called and informed that they are already on their way since 5 minutes now…. Mother this proposal is not coming for me,
it’s for Sania…. I’ll get ready in 5 minutes, promise, after all,
I can come late as well, you please go…. Just come now…. Mother please, it’s going to rain soon, mother please let me stay only for some little time please….. Just come now!!! Come on…. come on.. let’s go downstairs right now… It’s going to rain after so long….. Mother… well it’s Sania…. Come in…. Are you ready? Why did you knocked on the door…. well it’s my habit, that’s why…. But who knocks the door before coming in own room? Well, Sandal my heart isn’t in my control right now,
how can anyone look so beautiful…. You always say this,
say something new now…. No, no, I swear…. You are looking very beautiful… very very much…. really! women are so weird It feels nice to hear it from your mouth…. So can I absorb your beauty in my eyes? Do I have the permission to do that? Junaid, today we are getting married…
so, please be patient… Sandal, I don’t have patience any more…. Is the priest here? Hmm, Shahid and Rehan are also here…. they faced so many difficulties because of rain but they came after all…. Is it raining outside? hmm, it’s raining a little bit outside… But it looks like it..
it will rain for the whole night…. Her daughter is very beautiful indeed, by the grace of God…. Hi! Hi! How are you? Madiha please meet sister Erum and he is her son Mansoor…. Hi! How are you son?? Fine…. How are you?? Please come inside…. Aunt, how are you?? Absolutely fine, come inside… alright come inside, come now…. After you…. Lets’ come… Farzana told me that your son has his own business…. Yes…. What do you do for business? Aunt I have my own software house…. OK it’s very good…. Look Sania is also here…. God willing, she is heavenly beauty…. Sister Erum agreed just after looking at her picture but I told them to meet in person as well as she is more beautiful in real life as well… In fact she is prettier than millions… by the grace of god she is very beautiful indeed…. Mansoor’s father liked her just after seeing picture that it will be only Sania who will be his daughter in law…. Serve them tea my daughter…. Yes mother…. Farzana must have informed you that she has done her MA…. Yes ….. Sania , Sania my child…. Sania, sania my child, sister Sania, what happened? Sania…. It seems like she is having fits seizure… Let’s go home, right now… No, let’s just call Doctor….. No there’s no need for this…. You call your father…. Doctor can come any time, they will call the Doctor…. let’s go home now…. But mother she is in such condition…. No no we don’t any relation with them…. let’s go now Mother but…. no, no you just come with me … just come… Sania, sister Sania, Sania, sister sania….. OK Madiha I should be going now, do tell me about her condition, I’ll go and waive them good bye…. OK…. Sania, sister Sania, Sania, Sister Hania, Hania, Sania….. Sister Sania…. Mother, what’s happening to her? Sania…. Sister Sania are you OK? Are you OK? I am absolutely fine…. What’s wrong mother? nothing happened…. Where did they all go? Elder sister you suddenly became unconscious…. it’s alright my child, Get up and go to your room…. Come on, you are OK now, good girl…… [Wedding ceremony in progress of Sandal and Junaid…] Do you accept her as your wife? Yes I accept her…. Do you accept her as your wife… Yes I accept her…. Do you accept her as your wife? Yes, please excuse me, I accept her as my wife……. congratulations…. Doctor has gone now (after checkup), she has written for so many tests…. when your father will come then only I’ll take Sania to the hospital….. well, as per weather forecast, there would be a storm coming… but here even the rain has stopped as well… My child, the storm did came today.. it has never happened before then how can she get fits and become unconscious and that also in front of the guests…. But mother what type of fit was it?
what did the doctor said? well she said, apparently it is seizure fits…. I told her.. this has never happened with her before…. she said it can happen at anytime… So did she gave any medicine? Hmm, she gave her an injection…. Doctor is very good, Sania will be fine in no time, don’t you worry about it at all….. Hmm…. She will be fine but that proposal is surely gone now…. Mother, whatever Allah does, it’s for the best, keep believing in Allah’s generosity….. Don’t know whose evil eyes have crossed our family’s happiness? Sania is very good and pretty too,
she will get good proposal very soon…. By the way, I didn’t like those people anyway…. If you would have said yes, truly believe that our father would have refused them…. Your father….. although I told him not to go away today specifically but he didn’t listened (and stay here)…. Mother, work is also important…. Hmm… he will come after 3 days…. Whenever he goes away he do not attend calls as well…. Don’t know in which village he is and if there are mobile signals in that area or not….. OK my child you go and stay with Sania and I will take care Alina, OK? alright, but don’t you worry at all…. Hmm, Come on off you go now… You will get some sleep too, hmm…. This is a small gift for you on your wedding…. then help me yourself to wear it… well, after our wedding the relation changed instantly as well? you have started talking like a wife…. well, you were never this shy with me before….. So before this which gift have you ever given me in a locked room? Well, Sandal why did you closed the door of this room anyway? no one is in the home…. Elder sister didn’t came…. I didn’t get that why your elder sister didn’t came? I did told you that she took our aunty to hospital as who wasn’t feeling well at all.. But is there anything more important than her sister’s wedding? well, elder sister is just like that… for her whole world’s problem are like her own problem…. Ok well, leave this topic aside, just tell me can’t we just leave for our honey moon by this month? Sandal…. it will be little difficult to go this month …. We will go next month, I promise….. Listen, thank you for accepting me….. Is everything done? Yes elder sister everything is done amicably…. Elder sister I can’t tell how happy I am, I can’t believe this all have happened for real…. That Junaid is really mine now….. He is not completely your’s just yet,
but soon he will be your’s…. Anyway at the time of wedding ceremony, his family was calling him continuously…. Then? Then what? he turned off his mobile…. He should do that…. Listen, you have to try your best, that as long as he is with you, he should not get in touch with his family…. Elder sister, when I will be in front of him how can he see (or think about) anyone else? And when you are not there then?? Hmm? You? Who is on the call? Elder sister…. well, let me talk to her… I am really upset with her…. Because she didn’t attend our wedding, after all she is your only relative and she stayed away…. You want to talk to her? OK let me talk with her… Hello, elder sister, it’s Junaid….. Hello, hello….. May be phone is off or disconnect….
shall I call her again? No, no need for this, we can have breakfast first then we can call her… alright? Alright…. well, I just forgot something, I will just be back…. Mother, where are my clothes? Sister Sania , who took my clothes,
they were in washroom., right… Anybody home? Oh, who touched my clothes, I have already told everyone not to touch my clothes…. Where shall I look for them? even mother is not there to give me other clothes…. Look, Alina have also come back from school… she is just washing her face and hand,
do warm the food a little and give it to her…. I will give her (the food)…. Ok and don’t forget to take your medicines as well…. Mother I don’t want to take those medicines, they are very sedative, I just keep sleeping after having them…. Look, don’t argue with me, continue taking your medicines until the doctor tells you otherwise… alright…. Your father went out of city so suddenly and then it’s last date today of electricity bill payment if we don’t pay today they will cut electricity tomorrow….. I had no will to go away from home at all …. You go and stay safe, I’ll take care here of everything…. OK…. Mother, be careful…. Mother….. Alina…. Oh, sister Sania… What happened my love? Sister Sania…. What happened? Mother… Sister… there…. Majda, look who’s there? Well, that’s great, isn’t it, (not only do I have to) do all the work at home now I have to go and check who is outside as well…. No one moves in this house at all…. I am coming…. I am coming…. Hi! Aunty, how are you?? Hi! my child, I am fine….. Is Fatima home?? Yes, she is home alright…. But her being here at home is same when she isn’t home, it’s like it is forbidden for her to do any work at all…. Oh why are you scolding your daughter’s friend instead of her… At least ask her to come inside…. Come my child, come inside…. Hi! Uncle, how are you?? Hi! live long my dear…. Ask her about tea or something, come here…. Well, I have to ask that as well, sit down my child, I’ll bring something for you…. Aunty please leave it…. Actually Uncle, today I had a plan with Fatima for combined studies, so I’ll make it myself (don’t your worry)…. and I’ll also make dinner as well…. My child do tell her for once to take some interest in house chores as well…. It looks more appropriate when Girls do house work as well…. She don’t listen to me at all, maybe she might listen to you… Fatima is in her room, my child…. OK Uncle…. You released all your frustration on your daughter’s friend? Majda.. a person is identified by his/her language and then by his/her character… well, Mr Izhar, instead of lecturing me continuously, it will be better if you just preach at mosque or somewhere… Go now it’s time to pray now,
I will go and prepare some lunch now…. It’s very convenient to give advice to others…. Fatima…. Hamza lives here as well…. Hamza someone might see us, leave me now….. well then can we go if no one see us? Me and Fatima had plan for combined studies,
where is Fatima? We can combine now,
studies can be done later as well…. Where is Fatima? well, Fatima is take shower right now and as per historical records, she won’t be coming out anytime soon… So come and sit, let’s have some conversation… I will go and sit with aunt then…. Oh aunt, give some time to me as well…. Firstly why aren’t you attending my calls, I have been calling since last 4 days, why is that so? How can I attend your call, you always want to have video call, you know Sania is always with me, what will happen if mother knows about it then? Then what?she will know about it sometime for sure, so why not today? well let me just go and tell my parents right now, it will be done once and for all…. Hamza, have you gone mad? what are talking you about? Oh, I see so there’s romance going on here…. What kind of romance are you talking about, he was just disturbing me, I was going to complain about him to Aunty…. I was going to aunt to tell her that she wants to complain…. Hamza…. let’s get going and start studying now…. Oh, well at least listen to me…. let’s just go now… He is always doing like this…. Mother, How much temperature does she have? 102…. What happened to her? she was completely fine when she came school, she was all smiles…. When you went, you told me to give her food…. when I went to her room music player was playing automatically by itself and all things in the room were scattered in a mess…. Mother, she was so scared…. My child, tell me what happened? Well, I don’t know why your father go out of city anyway? When he is not here I get so worried (about all things)…. OK listen, there’s a medicine for fever in the fridge go and bring it… I’ll bring it right away… And with it a small tea spoon as well…. Ok… My child will be fine in no time…. Ameen…. Her forehead is so hot…. Listen go and also bring cold water strips for her… OK I’ll bring it Mother…. Won’t you tell your mother what happened?
oh my child…. Everything will be fine…. Sandal…. I don’t know where I put that, I can’t find it…. What are you trying to find? I can’t find my mobile at all, I don’t know where I put it…. Then you can call from my mobile phone…. No, no I had put it on silent… but I have a very important meeting, I have a very important work at office…. what meeting are you talking about? Junaid, you promised me that for 4 whole days it will only be about us and nothing else will come in between us…. Sandal I have very important work, I have 1 hour meeting, I can’t afford to not go to that meeting…. Now I will have to find it…
I don’t know where I have put it…. Most certainly, you are thinking about your family…. Sandal…. I have never lied to you, not even when It’s insignificant or little thing…. It’s father’s call…. Hello…. Madiha, why did you take 1 hour to attend my call? Have you arrived back? Madiha, I have told you thousands of time not to answer my question with another question! Alina have very high fever, I was looking after her…. What? what happened to her, hmm? What kind of care are you taking of my children? I just went away for 2 days and they start getting sick…. God knows well… she was perfectly alright when she came from school… I just went to pay electricity bill when I came back she had a high fever…. OK, leave it…. Tell me about the family who were coming to see Sania? did the talk progressed? Actually, Sania had fits in front of them….. What kind of fits? Don’t know? it was just like seizure fits… We showed her to Dr. Musarrat, she has written some tests and gave some medicines as well…. Have you come back? I will come in 2 to 3 days… well, Madiha I never expect any good news from you ever…. Well, you take care of children, I will come back in 2 to 3 days… Let me talk with Alina…. Do you think that I am not taking care of them? OK stop arguing, let me talk with Alina now… She is sleeping right now…. OK alright, I’ll try to come early but do take care of my children, Madiha!!! If something happens to them then none will be worse then me for you! Do you get it? Don’t worry everything will be alright…. I Promise, Hamza was holding my hand…. Madam, when I came there you were holding my brother’s hand… don’t blame my brother he is so innocent after all…. I was just stopping him, why would I hold his hand anyway? Oh, you were stopping him? well, why don’t you decide that you were stop him or was he stopping you…. Fatima, he was bothering me… OK, just leave this topic aside… tell me what Notes Ma’am Rukhsana have given? She don’t even talk with me with straight face? I don’t know why hate me this much? well, you don’t worry about it, I will get those notes tomorrow from library, you tell me about sister Sania wedding proposal? How did it go? Hmm, what can happen?
Sania suddenly fell sick right in front of them… Now who is going to marry a sick girl? What does it means? May God forbid, sister Sania is not with any serious illness…. well who can tell this to other family? Fatima my child…. Come over here…. Father is calling us now we should go and have lunch now…. They must be calling for (lunch) Yes father…. Shall I put the dishes for lunch? Oh, not now, you mother wouldn’t even have cooked food yet …. Hania my child come her, you sit on this side…. I have prepared these amulets, 1 each for both of you… And I had planned to give it to both of you when you are together, but you didn’t came here since so long now….. Uncle it’s just because I was busy at home that’s why I couldn’t come here…. Well, no problem… finally you came anyway…. Fatima… I have made the lunch now go and make chappati, go now…. Oh, mother we have college assignment to do and we both are busy and you are trying to make us do this work…. Fatima… Aunty I’ll make it don’t you worry about it…. Hania if you are making something then do make some brinjal yogurt for me as well…. Now he start making his requests as well…. We start burdening her with work soon as she came here… My child why don’t you do one thing, you just stay here at our house and send her to your house….. I am tried to train her for so long now but she didn’t learn anything at all…. There Madiha might teach her somethings then maybe she might learn some skills like you…. Really I will wish her well for her whole life…. OK, OK, have some patience now…. they will make it then…. so just let them be…. We will make it, father…. OK then take these amulet and wear them, I made these myself on holy night (night of forgiveness) Father what are these amulets for? These are for your safety…. OK…. First you perform ablution then you will wear it, OK…. then you can go and make pan cakes…. Ok, live long…. May God keep both of you safe forever…. Aameen…. Oh God, thank you so much…. Oh, it is showing wrong time again, we changed the cell just sometime ago…. Mother…. Mother…. (someone talking in the background)… (still hearing of someone talking in background)… Mother…. mother please open the door…… Mother, mother, mother….. mother please open the door….. Mother I am so sacred, mother please open the door, mother please open the door….. Alina…. Alina…… Mother!!! Oh… Sania…. Mother I heard someone beating the door, where’s Alina? Don’t know… we must find her… Where is Alina, mother? Alina….. Alina….. Alina, Alina…. Mother!! mother!!! mother! mother!(screaming for help) Sania, Sania, Sania…. Sania…. What happened? There…. Alina was hanging upside down by herself…. Sania…. Mother…. My Dear, don’t worry, there’s nothing over there… I will go and look over there, there’s nothing to worry about…. Nothing will happen… Nothing happened, I will go and have a look…. There’s nothing…. Mother…. Alina, what are you doing over there? Mother, the cat climbed up the tree …. So did you went after her? No, it’s just that she won’t fell down…. My child, cat won’t fell from tree, come inside now…. Stop lying now….. You were up there, I saw you there with my own eyes…. What are you talking about, sister Sania? I can’t even climb up the tree and you are saying I was hanging upside down? OK, come inside now…. Come…. Come my child, come inside…. Mother, I am telling you, I saw her with my own eyes, she was hanging upside down… Mother…. I am telling you… Sir, your order please…. What would you like? Umm, strawberry…. and Sir, for you? Chocolate…. OK… Alright…. Where is your sister? I mean she didn’t even came for dinner today, neither came at earlier party as well, we haven’t met in person yet….
I am very surprised by all this…. She must be busy some where, as usual…. How can she be so busy? that she couldn’t come on your wedding, neither on any of dinner party at all? I don’t get this at all? I have already told you that she can’t eat in front of you, she is very strict with her Hijab… What can’t of strict hijab is it, that she can’t even meet someone? well, brother in law is still unrelated (as blood relative)… But meeting with brother in law is still not prohibited…. I mean we are family and when you create family…. I mean your sister is too strict, does she meet anyone or not? Well, any way, people think about her so wrong…. But once you get to meet her you will like her as well like every else…. Will you endure it? just kidding…. Yes… Sir your order…. Thank you for chocolate… Sir your strawberry…. Strawberry…. Thank you…. How is it? Do you like it? Yeah, I do…. I…. Sir, flower bangles….. Child, forgive me…. Child, 1 minute…. Junaid…. Oh, no, this is for you…. Thank you…. Won’t you help me wear it? Off course…. Off course, I will help you wear it…


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