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You’re not worried about life. You came here with a child.
And now, another one. Child’s father is unseen.
No proper food for the child. A man can live anywhere
in this world. Now, you’ve to bring her up too. I’ll give her to any orphanage. No need, mother.
– Will you bring her up? Yes, I will. Since I had the confidence to
raise the children, I left him. Let bygones be bygones. Why don’t you live with him again? That’s enough, mother. Being my mother, how could you
ask me live a life of a concubine? I had them in my womb
for months. Can’t I bring them up?
I’ll bring up my children. His name?
– Hari. Father’s name? His father’s name? His father’s name? Won’t you admit him if I don’t
tell his father’s name? lmpossible.
Father’s name is must. Won’t you admit him if I don’t
tell his father’s name? We’ve our own rules & regulations.
Do you know that? You know only your rules. You can admit him without
his father’s name also. Do you know there
is a law for that? Sorry madam. I’ll come tomorrow… What are you doing here
instead of working? She was hungry.
I’ll feed her & come. You want children though
you can’t feed them well. Why do you give birth to children?
Okay. Carry on. Will you come?
Rs.500. Will you come? Hari, read this. Mother is God.
Teacher is God. You didn’t read this. Read this.
– Mother is God. Father is God. Mother is God. Father is God. Repeat. Mother is God. Say ”Father is God”. Mother is God. Say ”Father is God”.
– Mother is God. Say ”Father is God”. Mother….! Venting your anger on
studies is wrong. Aren’t they at fault for
teaching us wrong things? Forget it, son. I don’t know how long
I’ll be with you. It is education that will be with you
and guide you in the right direction. Whatever you study,
always remember this. It’s like remembering me.
– Okay mother. What are you looking at? Your sari is torn. How much is this sari?
– Rs.100. Rs.100? Sir…
– What? Our boy Hari. Is there any job? No job. Go to school. Please sir. I’ll do any job.
– Just any job? Give me Rs.100 and I will do it. Will you beat the drums?
– Yes sir. Will you dance?
– Yes sir. Then, dance infront of
that dead body. I’ll give you money after
I see your dance.- Okay sir. Hari…what are you doing? I’ll get Rs.100 if I dance here.
– Rs.100 for what? My mother’s sari is torn.
I want to buy her a new one. Wonderful, son. Quite brilliant.
I’m very happy. You asked for Rs.100. Take it.
– Bye sir. Take this money and let’s buy
my mother a new sari. Look, your son has bought you
a sari with his first earning. Mother…Mother…get up. Talk to me. Get up, mother.
Mother, get up. I bought you a new sari.
Get up, mother. I’m very scared, mother. Get up.
Don’t leave me. Please mother. Please talk to me. Look at me, mother.
Please mother. Mother… Are you sad because
your mother is dead? Do you want to die? Look, when you’re in deep sorrows,
you wish to die. Sorrows are there everyday.
How many times will we die? To live, you need to have
the guts & courage. To have guts & courage,
you need to smoke. This is no ordinary stuff.
It’s nectar. Smoke…
– Good. Smoke…smoke…
smoke more. Isn’t it very soothing? You’re early to college, sir.
Finished your cooking fast? You mean to say that I cook
at home everyday? No. Your wife cooks late. Instead of the students, how can
the lecturers start ragging me? What students? Look at him. Get down. You’ll die if you fall.
– Come down. Good morning sir.
– Get down I say. Get down. Careful.
– You will die if you fall. Why put us all in trouble?
– How dare you climb up the tree? What made you to climb up the
tree & talk in your mobile phone? I don’t get Airtel signal on land. How could you climb up the tree
if you don’t get signals? Climb on his shoulders. Will you climb if he says so? Climbing a tree to get signal
is not right. You should worry about your future. I’m telling this as your vice principal. What? I’m the vice principal. I’m the next vice principal, right?
– You didn’t say that before. Now I’m saying that. Your dress is so beautiful.
How much is that? I never see the price. You have a big textiles shop. You change clothes like
we change hankies. I never feel like wearing the same
clothes or the same colors. Now, you will feel the same. You’ll find the difference
after your marriage. No matter what we learn about anything,
but we must know about science very well. To know about science,
we should know about its origin. Who will answer me? I don’t know. You don’t know who your father is. How will you know
the father of science? Sabapathy, cool down. What? Cool down? Lecturers shouldn’t beat the students. But students can beat the lecturers. If we beat them, they’ll picket.
Impossible. We won’t conduct classes
until he is suspended. Our management order says
not to suspend any student. Then call the management. Till then, we’ll neither come
to college nor take any classes. Will you come? Yes sir, we will come.
– What? We will come after you.
– Good. He might have hit me,
but it brought unity amongst us. Please don’t take hasty decisions. Let’s speak to the
management now. Tell me what really happened? A student slapped a lecturer.
– How did this happen? He is rogue.
Drug addict. He & his friends smoke drugs
inside the college. Will you come to college
after taking drugs? No, drugs have entered this college. Not only in our college, this has been a big business in
every big college in the city. Since you haven’t brought
this in to my notice means you also support
this business, right? When we can’t control the students,
how can we control the goons? If you couldn’t do it,
you should’ve informed me. My father built this college
to brighten students lives. And not to see students
getting ruined. Mistakes committed by you
are taking a toll on you. What mistake did we do? Is teaching lessons and
asking questions wrong? Did he beat you for
asking questions? Where is that student? Come. Come I say.
– Get inside brother. He was little angry & hit him.
Forgive him this time. Is it fair not to punish
the wrong doer? Our lives depend on
my brother’s education. If he’s expelled from college,
we will come to the streets. Is he living in any palace now? After taking drugs,
he is seen on the streets. Why beg him?
Is this the only college in this country? If not this, I’ll find another college. Look how arrogant he is. He is not seeking forgiveness still. If he hits you again,
we can’t stop him. Keep quiet. You leave the wrong doer free
and suspend me? It’s said at home, outside
and even in college. What is that? What bothers me? I neither need you nor this college. Stop. Say that & go.
– I will tell you. Sorry sir. I am Shruthi.
Hari’s classmate. It’s true that he hit the lecturer. But it was the lecturer
who made him angry.- Me? Even my enemies salute
on seeing me. That’s why no one looks
at your face. You tell me. Lecturer asked
”Who is the father of science?” He said he did not know. He must know when he doesn’t
know the answer. You stop. You continue. He said that ”You don’t know
who your father is, How will you know
the father of science? We become emotional at times
and say such things… Did you say that? Did you say that? I seek your pardon on
behalf of our staff. He can attend college as usual. Won’t you punish him for his act? Look, what you teach should
discipline students. But first you need
to be disciplined. Even I can make remarks sitting in
an air conditioned room.- What? Stop advising us. If you take classes
in the college, you will know how much
pressure is on us. Do you accept that
you can’t do the job? Yes, I agree.
Why don’t you try once? I don’t need your suggestions. In one year, I will make him the
best student in this college. These challenges are useless. Make him this college’s best
and a college topper. What if I do it? I will resign right away. Then plan your resignation. At what time is the function? Don’t know how you will decorate? It should be soft & charm everyone.
People must go mad at it. We will do it. You will see. Nothing to see. Just do it. Who is that bald fellow? Tonight is his marriage.
Tomorrow night is his first night. No decoration for his marriage.
But wants decoration for his first night. For his bald head?
– No. For his cot. He wants a heart design & an arrow
in the middle.- For what? For his first night. Shit! More decoration and
less emotions. What are we waiting for? Shall we go?
Where is the driver? Don’t stop. Drink. Enough of drinking. Leave me.
I will lose my job.- You idiot! If you lose this job,
you can get another one tomorrow. It’s liquor which will be
with us all our life. It will take us to hell in no time.
– Hey Johnny Lever… She never allows me to
complete anything. I was waiting for you for long.
– Is there petrol? The tank is full. I smell something. Latest perfume, madam. Bought yesterday.
– From liquor shop? No. From a shopping complex.
– Shut up & drive. I’ve struggled a lot in life and
now I am fed up.- You? Yes, me. I’m planning to take
rest without moving my legs. That’s not a big deal.
A simple job.- How? Just cut your leg. Finish?
– Why? Traffic jam.
It’s an headache for us. Traffic jam…now…? This traffic jam will not clear now. Go to a near by restaurant
and have coffee. Will you drink & sleep?
– Sorry. While driving no drinking. Who are you?
What do you do? I’m a gardener.
– Did you eat last night? I also had my breakfast.
– Tea or coffee? I even took a pint of liquor. You drank tea, coffee,
liquor and ate biriyani. You alone shouldn’t live happily. Look at those plants
dying without water. You’re busy shouting him.
And I am busy drinking. Okay. I will pour mineral water
to those plants. Meera, we have a problem here.
Come. Look. Rascal! He is an headache
all the time. We are getting late to go
to the decoration place. What shall we do now? If anyone of us knew driving,
we wouldn’t have this problem. Hello, you…
– Me? Do you know to drive? We have to go. It’s urgent.
Will you drive for us? What about your driver? Municipality people will take him. Why do you bother about him? Come.
– Yes, coming. Drive the car not me. Go. I’m staying close by. Are you so lazy to come
here & talk to me? A driver is fully drunk
and is unconscious. Follow the flower van. What do you do? I drive for those who come to me.
– No. You must have failed in your exams
and must be unemployed. Well said. Face reading, boy.
– Boy…? No.
– Yes, I’m a boy. You lectured a man about
flowers in the garden. Do you like flowers? Plants are like my sisters. Flowers are my lovers. After you get down from the van,
what if I throw a big stone at you? Will you? What if I throw? I will throw another stone at you.
– Right? But plants will not do that. If you throw a stone at them,
they will give you flowers & fruits. Am I wrong? Tell me. What are you staring at?
Take the luggage. Luggage…? Are you seeing prestige? Bend down & lift. Not me. Lift them. Not you? Here is your luggage.
– Thank you sir. Take it. Can I take break now? What work do you have now? Except wandering here & there.
You do something. I’m feeling very shy. Help us in decorating.
Bend your body.- Flowers… Where is he? Nephew… Where is he? He must be inside. Nephew…
Why are you playing with flowers? One shouldn’t keep brain & body idle.
So, I am learning this new art. With ladies?
– Who is he? My brother-in-law.
– Brother-in-law? He also looks like a jobless idiot. A big wastrel. Lazy fellow.
A big useless guy.- Useless? You have worked a lot for me.
Take this Rs.100. For what? To wipe his sweat? Idiot.
– How do you know that? This must be your first
hard earned money. Go. What do you do? Has the moon come down to earth? Has it brought new joy from heaven? Did she bewitch me with her first looks? Did she give me the first taste of love? Did she appear only now?
Was she in my dreams till now? Will her smile make flowers bloom? Will her shyness make jasmine
spread fragrance? At the time when the stars
were welcoming you, I saw you… Are my dream girl? When I went speechless
and remained silent… you were the melody
in my heart, O darling… I’ll win over the world
if you’re in my heart… Can I take birth as your love
in all my births? With you around me,
happiness will be my guest… Fun & joy follows me all my life… Your face is like
a cluster of lightning… Be mine and turn into
an unforgettable memory… I was enthralled by you
in my dream… You made me follow
your foot prints… Without you,
my eyes see nothing… When my heart becomes yours,
even death can’t reach it… The day we become man & wife
is an auspicious day… The path you follow me is heaven… Give me a packet, sir. You haven’t paid for the stuff
which I gave you I’ll repay you in 2 days.
– Come here. I will give you. Please give me.
– Sure I will. Will you do as I say?
– Tell me. Will you act like a monkey?
Do it. Do it I say.- I’ll do it… God smiled with tear less eyes… God smiled with tear less eyes… Wiping the fate God wrote for you,
your father rewrote it… Did you see today’s paper?
– Yes, I saw. News is all about illegitimate money
and illegitimate relationships. There is a case on Governor too. It’s all confusion while taking census, They couldn’t sought out
how many wives a man have. Or how many husbands
a woman has? Children don’t know their
father’s name. Brother… Leave them.
– Why are you fighting with them? I will kill you all.
– Shut up. Children don’t know their
father’s name. As if his mother is a chaste lady. Please come in.
– I will kill you. Will you kill them?
Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? If she doesn’t go to work, neither can we run the family
nor can you study. Even an old lady advices me.
Get lost. What are you looking at? Is it because I’m taking drugs
infront of you? Do you know why I am smoking? Because of you. It’s not because I don’t love you.
I love you so much. Even if you cut me into two,
every drop of my blood will love you. But I’m angry on you and
hate you more than that. Do you know why? Who am I?
No identification. Made me care of platform bastard. I don’t know who my father is. Come out of the photo and tell me
who my father is. Finish. I will kill him immediately. After that, I will quit
smoking & drugs. I’ll quit all these bad habits.
Tell me. You’re a Goddess. To live here. To die here.
Where else to go? Brother… Why have you come here at this hour? I wanted to see how he
behaves at home. You saw what had happened.
This happens everyday. Since you are a noble man,
you took him back in your college. I can’t predict his behaviour. To change his behaviour, we should know the root
cause of change in behaviour. I believed that Hari is a good
and a brilliant boy. That’s why I challenged that I will
make him the best student. If I could change this one boy, my dad would be very much pleased
and his soul will rest in peace. I’m not in a good mood.
Don’t call me for silly things. Talk to my manager. I’ve been studying you these days. Do you think I don’t know the
reason for you being upset. I know that you know nothing.
– Really? You challenged to turn that drug addict
into another Abdul Kalam. From then on, you are upset.
Am I right? When did you become so brilliant? Because of your sister.
Her innocence made me brilliant. Why do you need a year
to reform that student? I can reform him in just an hour. Are you so talented? I’ll show you my talent
if I see that boy. Driver, stop the car. Your much awaited golden
opportunity is here. Your student is right there. My luck has turned. I won’t leave this opportunity.
Watch out. Driver, give me the monkey cap. Give me your goggles.
– Take it. Wish me all the best.
– Wish yourself. Why are you sitting here instead
of attending the classes? I had a son like you. He got addicted to drugs
and enjoyed. He kept drinking liquor and
one day, he died.- True? Yes, it is true.
Consider me as your father. Actually, I’m your father. Why is everything shaking? You started trouble in college
a few days back. You hit him now.
Do you know who he is? If I get irritated, I’ll hit anyone. Will you be like this always?
Won’t you reform? Trying to command me? If you cross the limit,
I’ll hit you too. Get lost. Why are you still hanging around him? He is a rogue in our college.
How did you fell for him? He is not a rogue.
Only his habits are bad. Oh my God! Tell me, how did you get hurt? How many times to tell you? When I was offering prayers to God,
an auto hit me from behind. Looks like someone had
thrashed him. Yes, a man hit me.
But he was an auto driver. Brother, you tell me
how he got hurt. He saw his son on the road.
He spoke to him. Does he have a son
without my knowledge? No. Another useless fellow. He said that he is his father
who left him. He caught his legs.
– Then what? He went round & round and
banged him on the floor. Do you have a secret son?
– He is lying. Don’t believe him. After all these days,
I know flashback about you now. That is…- Get lost, you useless fellow.
– You too? Move a little. Hey girl… Hey boy… How come you are here? I came here to meet my friend. You both will go to the bar.
That’s what you do everyday. Come. I will give you some duty.
– What duty? Help us in decorating.
I will give you money too. It will help you to pay liquor bills.
– I don’t know decoration. Stop being lazy and you will
learn anything. Get on. I feel shy.
– Get on this, I say. Keep this up. Somewhere above. Another one? Hey boy…
– Hey girl… Do you know Ravindra, MD of
Platinum group of companies? Do you know him? Even I don’t know.
– I too don’t know. I know that he is a
big business magnate. He is about to give a speech
in this conference. If you listen to his speech, you will stop wandering and will
look out for a job. Understood? A new sensation in
the corporate world. Platinum group of companies,
Ex-chairman Madhusudan Rao’s son and MD of the company, Ravindra Babu
will be with us in a few minutes. Where is he?
– Leftjust now. He was helping us and
suddenly goes missing. It’s time for the conference.
Shall we go? Yeah. Let’s go. I welcome Ravindra on dais who created
a revolution in the business world. I request Ravindra to share
his ideas with us. Greetings to all. First, I must introduce you
to a man’s life. With a bag in one hand and
his wife’s hand in the other, a role model got down from
the red bus into the city. The couple started their life
in a small house. With perseverance, honesty and
will power, he worked very hard. His wife supported him. His hardworking nature took
him to great heights. He is none other than my father. My mother made him
to surge forward. In my view, even a coolie who
works hard is a millionaire. And a millionaire who does
nothing is a beggar. If we lose money,
we can earn it back. But if we lose time,
not even God can get it back. So, I believe in time.
I love hard work. I’m brainless. I addressed such a big man
as boy, wastrel. If you had asked me, I would’ve
told you that he was Ravindra. How do you know? You got stuck in the traffic jam.
I was fully drunk. Then I knew that he is Ravindra,
MD, Platinum group of companies. Then, why didn’t you tell me? If I had told you, you would hit me
because I was drunk. Now I will hit you…
– Wait. Look there. What should I do now? I don’t know who you are.
– Please help me. Have a pint of liquor.
You won’t need any help, okay. Hello, where is your madam?
– Which madam? Your flower shop madam.
– She is not here. Where is she then? Why are you shouting at her? Do I also have to hide there?
– Then, okay. Hey flower….come out. How could you address a driver as Sir?
– I was wrong, sir. Sir again? Ask me
”Why I am here, boy?” After saying all these things,
I should cry not you. Stop crying & show me
a nice bouquet. Are there so many varieties of bouquets? What about ”Wastrel’s day”,
”Useless day”? Don’t cry. You look beautiful while crying.
And I feel like kissing you. Stop it.
What’s that flower’s name? Luthiana flower. Blooms once in 13 years.
Just one flower for a tree. Kings of Luthiana gift this flower to
someone whom they fall in love. So, this flower is a love letter. Then, I want that flower.
– Do you have a lover? No. To gift it to this flower. Me? Jasmine for thin waist… White lilies for eyes… Tulips for rosy lips… Chrysanthemums for your smiles… Godly flower for your nose…
White tuberose for hair… Yellow flower for cheeks…
Tender flower for your palms… I consecrate the virgin flower
with all those flowers… For angry eyes… Orange marigold flowers… What do you call this?
– What? For standing legs… December flowers… For angry face…
– Wild jasmine… For tired body…
– Blooming flowers… Eyes are…
– Flowers of Kashmir… Before…
– Hibiscus… Morning…
– Lotus… Evening…
– Bael flower… Basket full of flowers in tresses… I consecrate the virgin flower
with gold… For birthday… Amaranth flowers… Have you come that way? For lovers day… Roses… For engagement…
– Sandal flowers… For marriages…
– Yellow flowers… For bedroom…
– Screwpine flowers… For young wife…
– Husband is enough… First night…
– Garland of flowers… Next day…
– Separate flowers… Flowers that unite us and
crumpled between us… I consecrate the virgin flower
with nectar… Come…come…
– Who are you? Didn’t anyone tell you my name?
Okay, I’ll tell myself. You were a kid then,
your father was very close to me, your brother is much closer to me. Everyone is close to you,
if you don’t tell who you are, you’ll get closer to death. Close? I’m always open!
I’ve interest in all businesses. I came for real estate. I can build world class multiplex theatres
and shopping complex here. If you want I can build residential
complex in the back side. That too world class. Who is this mad man, brother-in-law? He’s a dangerous criminal,
he’s eyeing our property, he has already met
your elder brother, Why didn’t you tell me that? Brother warned not to tell you. Look, this college wasn’t
built to earn money, my father built it for poor students. What are you saying? It’s like feeding a blind horse
with cashew nuts. What do you get from it? If you follow my idea,
you make millions. No advices please,
you may please go out. Why are you slapping me sir? I told you to fix an auspicious
time using almanac, how dare you come here
during inauspicious time? Almanac? I can’t even read
a newspaper. Sorry, real estate will
see ups and downs, but relationships will last forever.
That’s more important, bye. Come on boys, you bloody crooks. Blood idiots!
– Go! What’s going on here till now, how drugs get into this college,
I’ll not ask about anything, but if it happens in future,
I’ll not tolerate it. I’ll take immediate action on peddlers
if you give information. Your names will be kept secret. Greetings madam…
– Who is he? He’s one of the city’s
top businessmen, grandma. Please sit. How can I dare sit before you? Even Lord Shiva must stand with
respect before Rajarajeshwari. No problem. I never used to sit before your son,
how can I dare sit before you? He’s here to discuss with you. What’s the matter? Our college issues don’t reach
to your ears, grandma. It’s trouble there always,
drugs, liquor, fights, etc., father’s name is getting sullied
for the college is on his name, So…
– So…? To change the college campus. I didn’t get you. I mean sell it off, grandma.
– Sell it? Not selling it really, if we turn it into real estate,
you’ll get Rs.400 crores. in that plots, complexes,
lmax theatres, you’ll get another
Rs.2 crores every month. Whose idea is this? Idea is…it was famous once
but now getting infamous, if this reaches newspapers
and TV channels, his honour will get defaced, so to avoid this,
I suggested this idea to him. He said he’ll do as grandma says. What’s there to think? It’s all gain for us and
nothing to lose, right?- Yes. Mother-in-law, the college was
built on his name, may be few bad incidents
had happened there, would we kill a man if he’s sick? We operate to remove the malignant.
This is also like that. Younger son has taken
that responsibility. Let’s wait for few more days,
mother-in-law. Are you supporting him?
Or going against me? Please forgive me, madam. I don’t want to be the reason
for your family fights. I created differences in the family. Do whatsoever you think is right.
Bye madam…bye… No change in college despite
your strict warnings. Do you know who supplies
drugs to them? Tell me who is it? Grind it. Local brew is like
scotch to poor man. One litre must kick him to the sky. Blend it perfectly. I expected you will come here.
Is your family doing well? Did your brother sent you here? Did you feel like selling
the college to me? Close down your businesses
not my college. Aren’t you ashamed to
do such businesses? Shame! I never had it.
Why? To earn this, how I struggled wearing shorts, how much I got beaten up
with batons for this? how many jails I had been to? how many people I had bribed till now? I hit big time in it. Your business is spoiling my college
students and others too. Come brother.
– Brother. Brother. To get him out from mother after
an operation, she died. His first murder.
– Who is he, brother? He’s a policeman without uniform
to close down our business. If you don’t close down the business,
I’ll put you also behind the bars. You’re a man sitting in AC comforts
in suits, why do you want to fight? Why are you talking to him?
Kill him. I’m class only in suits, without them
I’m a much worse goon than you. Brother, you can’t watch this,
go inside and lock the door. Calling from the crossroads,
send two doctors and four nurses. No doctors here, girls are free,
can I send few of them? Shit! Called a brothel house. Is it Apollo hospital?
– What do you want? Do you know drug seller Das? Somebody is beating him
to pulp here. We need ambulance, doctors,
nurses immediately. I’ll send them in 10 minutes,
they will come with police. Did I call police now? You do illegal business
and call us for security? I called Apollo hospital for ambulance,
doctors and nurses but police came. I like your honesty, leave him
and arrest all others. Come. We both are going to stay here only, only one of us will remain. Leave me.
– Okay, go. Drink.
– What’s it? Milk.
– New habit? I don’t want.
– No, you must drink. No dear. He’ll drink spurious liquor.
– Old woman, don’t irritate me. Please brother, you didn’t eat
anything since morning. If you don’t drink,
I’ll not eat anything. Come in. This is my mother’s photo. He loves his mother very much. Keep this photo next to him. Will he be alright? Don’t worry. It’s my responsibility to reform him. Why has he brought such a big dosa? It’s a 70 mm dosa. Is this called a 70mm dosa?
It’s as big as you. We both can’t eat this.
Let’s ask for help. Hello madam, will you help me in… Stop it. You are so tall.
Can’t you eat this dosa? Bend your back, boss. How is Hari? No. Did I ask for a treatment? Don’t you know how your health
has worsened? I don’t care.
I may or may not live. What’s bugging you? Brother…no. We’re unable to control him. We’re planning to discharge him. No. I’ll be there now. Enough of your nuisance. Is this hospital built by your father? What did you say? What did you say? Yes, he will say that. Is this hospital built by your father? You…? Come… Who got me admitted here? I did. Is this your college to command me? Show your power in your college. You’ve no right on me. It’s my life and my will. Who are you cross my path? Shut up. What’s your path? Is your path as holy as
the path to Kasi? Your path is filled with drugs and crap. It’s a poison. You’re injecting it into your nerves. What do you think of yourself? If you die, only crows will come
to eat your remains. No one will come to see you. Your granny will cry for raising you. And your sister will cry to death. Let them die. What bothers you? You’ll not know these things
after your death. I thought of reforming you. It’s my mistake. It’s my blunder. Take this money and
buy any drug you want. And die any time you like. Forgive me. I couldn’t keep up my promise. Even an animal will listen to us. But he won’t, no matter how
many times we tell him. He is not human. If possible, leave him and
go away from here. If not, be with him,
experience his pain & die. Granny… Please forgive me on behalf of him. His brain has gone numb. He doesn’t know what he says
and what he does. If you also leave him now,
his life will get ruined And will be filled with darkness.
Please don’t leave my brother. Hari, I didn’t bring you here
to command you. I brought you here to save you
and give you a new life. But without your knowledge,
inferiority complex has taken over you. If not for my sake,
for your sake & for your family, Stay here for another 10 days
and undergo the treatment. What are you doing, Meera? What will I do?
You left me suddenly. An urgent matter here. You had an urgent matter
it gave me tense moments. If you don’t like,
you could’ve told me, you called me and
then left me alone. Where should I do now? Stay put there, I’m coming. We are going to start
Hari’s treatment, we’ll feel comfort if you stay back. Tell me.
– Where are you? I’m on an important work, tell me. Am I not important then?
– Who said you’re not. By the way where are you?
Office? No, I’m with Hari. It’s disturbed totally,
pocket all the coins. I can’t play well like you, senior. Senior? Yes, age, knowledge, education,
sports, games, efficiency, you’re senior to me in everything. Can I call you as senior? You’ve already called him many times,
why are you asking permission? Call him as senior. Doctor, fingers will pain
if you play caroms, let’s play cricket outside,
we may win a cup. Any tea cup? You’re playing carom leisurely,
don’t you’ve any patients to care? I’m walking out in protest against
the jokes cracked at me. I forgot to call my parents,
I’ll call them. Where have I left my cell phone? You didn’t bring your
cell phone, senior. I may have forgotten in car,
I’ll go and get it. I don’t remember if I’ve forgotten
my cell phone or not, I’ll go and check. All of you go away,
can’t I play alone? Would new hairstyle and outfit
make him a good man? He’ll never change in life,
useless fellow. Isn’t he like Hari, who is coming? Not like, it’s Hari himself. Like hunter turned into Valmiki,
has he really reformed? He didn’t reform,
Ravindra changed him. You said you’ll resign
if he really reforms Hari, how are you going to live?
Can you find any otherjob? When will you become Vice principal… Don’t entertain such thoughts. Sun may rise from west,
but I’ll not leave this college. Not here,
let him face the class room. You need general knowledge also
along with Engineering degree. Appearances are deceptive. Newton said this in evolution theory. I’m calling you. Forget about evolution, have you ever
heard the name Newton? Darwin gave us the
evolution theory not Newton. Darwin and Newton were cousins
and Irwin was their nephew. Darwin, Newton and Irwin
were different people. Should I keep quiet if you lecture
like wise Abraham Lincoln? Do you know about Lincoln,
Stalin and Lenin also? He gave a lecture to lecturer himself.
– Yes. Lecturer was shocked. Did you see how other students
are praising him to the hilt? Praising to hilt? I’ll see that
he hits the rock bottom. Do you’ve the habit of drinks also? If we get him to drink this once,
it’ll make him drink again and again. Serve this to Hari.
Go. I never expected that reply from you. I’m telling…wait… I got shocked…
wait, I’m telling about you. Where is Hari?
– Why? We must appreciate if our
classmate achieves something. Then, give him a shake hand. No, I must give him something that
he’ll remember all his life. Now entire college will…
– Look, Hari is there. You don’t get tensed,
I’ll take care of everything. Bill it in my account. Biscuits are nice,
is it imported? No, dog biscuits.
– Dog biscuits? Subbu, trolley is there, get it fast. Please bill is fast.
– Please don’t mistake me. Is it you Sudha?
– How are you Jaya? Fine, where were you all these years? We came to Hyderabad recently. My husband…
– I’m here. My husband.
– Greetings. Give it to me. Mummy, my shopping is over.
– Your daughter?- Yes. Name is Meera.
– Greetings. She’s Jaya aunty, we studied
together till Intermediate. My best friend. Why have you come to shopping
leaving your shop? I got little time. Do you know her? Know her?
Ravindra introduced her to me. When did he introduced her to you?
How did he meet the girl? There’s no fire without smoke,
no fragrance without flowers, why should I tell you that
they love each other? Look, you told me.
– Did I? Stop…stop…
– Mother, I’m leaving. Stop son.
– What’s it mother? Stop…
– I’m getting late. Please go to office late today.
– Wait…just one… Why? I’m already late to office. My childhood friend is visiting us
now with her family. She’s your friend, have a good chat,
I don’t want to disturb you. No, she wanted to meet you also. Why not ask her to meet elder brother? Not him, she wanted to meet you only,
since she had seen you as a child. Do one thing, show her my photos
from childhood to till date. You were like a monkey as a child. Monkey’s mother is also a monkey. Bye mom. Oh bouquet shop! Why is she coming to my house now? Has the matter leaked out? Come in…
– You’ve come earlier. Will you keep quiet if I come late? Get cool drinks for them. Come in.
– Stop…stop…last mouth full…- You wait. She’s my daughter.
– Greetings. He’s my son-in-law. Son-in-law too lives with you only? Intern son-in-law lives
in In-laws place only. No, I wanted them to be with us. It’s fine to them but pain to me. He’s my son Ravi. Very hard worker.
He’s always busy. I’m live here, why are you
showing the photo? Why are you still here?
You said about office. Office will be there only, flower came,
I mean for your guests. My elder son Rajendra,
my daughter-in-law Kaveri. Greetings.- Greetings.
– Won’t you ask us to sit, aunty? Won’t you show me around your home? I mean our bed room
after the marriage. Isn’t it? ltching. Where?
– Here! Oh my God! It broke! Pick it up…bend down
and pick it up. My back’s broke! What’s this commotion?
Turning home into a market. Who is this old woman? Forgive us, grandma.
She said unwittingly. Do you know who she is?
My grandmother. Greetings granny. Who is she?
Doesn’t she know any tradition? What did I do? Remove your slippers.
– Remove! Remove your slippers.
– Do it. Throw it out and come. Seek her blessings.
– Why? Why? She’s our supreme court. If she says no, not only marriage
even love is cancelled. What is she asking? She’s asking if she can
seek your blessings. She can.
– Do it. We have fixed the match of
our daughter with her son. Yes, next month 7th is auspicious,
we’ll have their engagement. I’m the man of the house,
how can you decide without telling me? Did I ever tell you anything till now? You’re right. I want to meet Ravindra.
– Your name? Meera is here to meet you.
– Ask her wait for 10 minutes. I want to meet Ravindra. What?
– I want to talk to you urgently. Come with me. A gruesome thing happened, senior.
– What happened? A girl kissed me, senior. Why are you shocked for it? Isn’t it sin, senior?
Won’t it spoil my character? No, it’ll enhance your character. Tell me one thing, is cigarette smoking
better or the kiss? Kiss is better, senior. It will be fine, why will it not be? One must taste everything in life,
especially love. Everything is fine, you go ahead. I’ll go ahead. Keep this money.
– No need senior. Keep it. Where is she? I’m busy in office, why do you
get upset for silly things? Is it silly thing? I was waiting there, will you prefer
meeting someone else than me? Is it the respect you’ve for me? There’s no respect in love.
– Then only insults? I can’t answer your cross questions. How am I to tell you?
If you’re me and I’m you… If we both unite…
– You’re doing too much. If you disturb me, I may forget it. If we both are one,
then you must wait for me. I can wait a life time for you, but… What happened? It’s happy news, senior.
My love is success. Atlast you’ve learnt to deal with girls, you need any advice, come to me. I’m king of romance.
I’ll give you great tips. Hey flower bouquet! Hey girl! Look, I’m here
to surprize you. No need to take so much risk, my parents are arranging
for my engagement. But I want to say no. Why are you so serious? I’m sincere but you’re
not taking me seriously. People have hundreds ofjobs to do,
you must understand. Do any number ofjobs in your office,
I won’t say no, whenever I call you on phone
or meet personally, I don’t hear anything other
than chant of Hari’s name. It was my mistake, I promise to
chant your name hereafter. Can I trust you? Don’t forgive me even if I say
any name other than yours. Please give me a smile.
– No mood. No mood?
Shall I cheer you up? Here!
– What is it? Did you bring it for me? I swear on Srihari… I promised not to say other name,
I swear on you. I brought it for you only. Coming 7th is my mother’s
death anniversary. I used to feed atleast
10 poor people on that day. This year too…
– Feed as many poor as you can. I’ll arrange it. But I want you to personally
serve them food. Personally?
– Yes, senior. Mother gave me life and went away. You gave a direction to this life. If you do it personally,
my mother’s soul will rest in peace. Surely.
– Nephew. Is your phone switched off?
I’m getting all your calls. Who called you?
– Your mother. A shocking good news, you’re getting engaged with
Meera on coming 7th. 7th?
– Why are you shocked? I’m thrilled with the happy news. I too got thrilled for engagement
but got ruffled later. Priest, take this…
– Betel leaves are there.- Keep it there. I don’t have another daughter,
if I had I’d have married her to you. You gave one daughter in marriage
and settled down here, if you had another daughter,
you’d have usurped the place. No jokes please. Where are you senior? We are waiting for you here.
– For me? Today’s mother’s death anniversary.
Have you forgotten it? I’m in a meeting.
– Are you still there? I’ll be there in 20 minutes. Come quickly, senior. Just a minute. I’ll come back in few minutes. Engagement is just an hour away,
we’ve to exchange proposals. where are you going out now?
– I’ll be back in 30 minutes. Where is Ravindra?
– I’ll ask mother-in-law. Where are you senior?
– I’ll be there in 5 minutes. Madam, if you call your son,
I can start the function. He’ll be here now,
you start the program. Okay madam. Come senior. Take it. Your grandson must light the lamp,
why is he doing it? This is notjust my daughter’s
death anniversary, it’s my grandson’s new birthday,
he’s responsible for it. Still 15 minutes of the
auspicious time, where is your son, madam?
– He’ll be here, you carry on. Hari, I’ll take leave now,
you carry on. Mother’s soul will rest in peace
if you do it personally, senior. Come. Where did your son go? He has gone out for some work,
he’ll come back now. Auspicious time is elapsing, madam. If not this we can find another time,
please don’t be in a haste. You can’t find a better auspicious
time for their horoscopes. Did you refer almanac or
nursery book to fix the time? Shut up!
– Who is it? How dare you insult our customs! Are you Gods to stop or
change the auspicious time? Priest, you can leave now. Senior, I’m very happy. My mother’s soul will rest
in peace now only. My mother was a poor woman
till yesterday, who couldn’t have a full meal a day, but today nobody is
fortunate than her, because you’re with me, senior. Bye senior. Sorry mother. You know only to say sorry
for everything you do. What should’ve had happened here?
What have you done? Do you’ve any sense?
– I had an important… What is more important
than your engagement? Where did you go?
I’m asking you. Where did you go? Tell me.
Where did you go? To meet Hari. If we meet, it’s Hari,
if I need to talk to you, it’s Hari, when I come to your office,
Hari gets an appointment, but disappointment to me,
who is this Hari? Please try to understand me. What should I understand? This is not an exhibition of dolls, this is our engagement,
an important day in our lives, without bothering about it… It’s my mistake to hurt
your feelings, but poor Hari…
– There comes Hari again. The name is making me furious,
I hate to hear it. How dare you leave our engagement
to meet that idiot! I’m asking you finally, decide now,
you want me or him? Answer me. I’m asking you. Who is more important to you,
me or Hari? Tell me. Hari is important. Is that street dog more important
to you than your love? I made a mistake to go after you. I made a grave mistake by
falling in love with you. You’ve punished me severely for it. You didn’t give any value to my love
which you’ve for strangers. Not even for my life. I gave my heart thinking
you’ve a heart. But you killed my heart. I’m ashamed of myself for loving
a heartless man like you. I’ll spend all my life regretting for it. Stop dear… What have you done son? Is Hari more to you than your love? How dare you slap her for him? He’s a great social reformer, mother, following steps of Ramakrishna,
Swamy Vivekananda. You don’t need engagement
or marriage, start a Mutt and do social work. Open an Ashram and
look after orphans. Please brother, I’m not so great
to serve the society, whatever I’m doing,
it’s for good only. What is that good? He’s a stranger, an orphan, have we become strangers
to you for that orphan? You’re not reforming his life,
you’re ruining your own life. Where did you find that
wretched man? Mother, please don’t abuse Hari.
– Will you slap mother also? Do it, for some useless man,
for an orphan… He’s not an orphan,
he’s our brother. Our blood brother! Mother, people here are so sad
for hearing a truth, try to understand how much
I struggled to keep it a secret. After father met with
an accident… Helicopter crash kills
industrialist Madhusudan Rao. What’s it doctor? Your father wanted to give
this CD to you only.- For me? Your father trusts only you, he told me to give this to you
only to keep this a secret. Ravi, if I die, few truths will also die
along with me, if I reveal those truths,
you may feel sad, If I die without telling it, my soul will not rest in peace. Your father is highly respected
man in this society. A gentleman honoured
by everyone. But as men everyone
has a weakness. Why did you call me
urgently, Parvathi? You said you’re neck deep
in problems, you asked me to wait for a year, it’s an year and half, a baby in hand and
carrying with another one, already people are inquiring
about my marriage, and passing nasty comments
behind my back, I can’t take it any more, today is an auspicious day,
that’s why I called you here, please come. We don’t need Vedic chants,
relatives or marriage band, tie the knot to me. Hubby… I’ve hidden few secrets from you. I can’t avoid to tell you now. I’m a married man,
I’ve three children, my wife thinks I’m like Lord Rama, if she comes to know this,
she may die. What are you saying? Yes, I can’t explain why
but I love you very much. My love for you brought us closer, I didn’t tell you about
my earlier marriage, I agree it was my mistake, I hid it to come closer to you
but certainly not to cheat you. Please trust me, Parvathi. Please stop…
please listen to me. I’ve been listening to you
for two years now, I’ve heard what I shouldn’t, now there’s nothing
I want to hear. Please don’t be so harsh, Parvathi. I’ll take good care of you
and our children all my life. I swear on God, please trust me. I’ll not lack you in anything. Any unwed mother lacks
marriage only. When you can’t marry me,
what else can you do? You may be thinking of keeping
us with your riches. I’m ready to die as your wife
than live as your concubine. Never ever come to me again. I’ll not show my face to you again. I searched for her everywhere
but it was futile. I learnt recently that Parvathi is dead
and my children are in this city. They mustn’t be left as orphans. You must correct my mistake. This is my last wish as your father. After hearing father’s statement,
I searched a lot for them, one day at college I saw his
mother’s photo in the ID card. I knew then, studying as an orphan in the
college established by his father, Hari was not in a position
to answer about his father. I understood then his pain
and father’s sorrow. All make mistakes, but you need
courage to accept your mistake. Father’s wish of correcting
the mistake moved me. That’s why I didn’t think about
what father had done, I thought about
what I should do now. Mother…mother… Is it necessary? Father gave you photos and CD’s, he loves you more than me, he trusts you more than me, he believed you’ll keep the secret,
not to reveal it publicly, is it necessary to tell everyone? What are you saying, brother? Are family members public to you? This is our home, mother, grandma,
brother, sister, brother-in-law, are they public to you? What father had hidden from mother?
You told her the truth. See the condition of mother now. A son mustn’t have secrets
hidden from mother, one day she has to know it, right? Enough of revealing the secrets, what has happened till now
is a bad dream, this secret must be buried
this moment. Got me? Why are you sitting alone, dear?
– To get used to loneliness. Look at this tree, dad, though I throw stones on it, but still
its showering flowers on me. It is not angry on me. But why do humans hurt their
loved ones only, daddy? Don’t think too much
and spoil your mood. Something somewhere went wrong. It was my mistake, daddy. It was my mistake to fall
in love with him. I wanted to do justice to them
without coming to your knowledge. I wanted to fulfill the promise
I gave to father. But in an angry burst
I had to reveal the truth. It was my mistake, mother. No son, you didn’t do any mistake, you would’ve done injustice to me,
had you kept it secret from me. Now I know why he was feeling sad
sometimes though he had everything, my husband is dead,
I’m still living under his shadow, I’m living with the money
he had earned, it’s my responsibility as his wife
to correct his mistakes, that’s why I say,
what you are doing is good, till now our family
had only blessings, but now we’ve a curse too, the curse mustn’t remain a curse,
it must become a boon to our home. Mother, till now everyone said
my father was a great man, now I know why he is so great, an epitome of love,
my mother is behind him. But Hari doesn’t know the truth, he hates father, he’s waiting to avenge, and he doesn’t know
that father is dead. I must tell all this to Hari
at an opportune time. How could you act cool with
an ulterior motive? What are you talking about? You’re a great man, I thought you’re a kind hearted man, but now I know you’re
also an ordinary man. What happened now? How dare you hide the truth with me! How dare you cheat me! I didn’t cheat you,
I was waiting for right time to tell. Waiting for right time? Ruined your engagement and
broke with your love for my sake. Were you talking about Meera? Who else would I talk about?
– I mean about her only, right? Do you know she took me
to task for your doing? She addressed me informally, senior. What had happened? You love me and kissed me, right? I kissed you, who said I love you? Who else? My senior. He told me to kiss and
love way will be clear. Me?
– Yes, you! But I didn’t say it.
– Then? Aren’t you Hari?
– Yes. How are you related to him?
Who is he to you? First tell me, who is he? You first tell me, who is she?
– My lover. Breaking me away from my lover,
are you enjoying here with your love? Tell me how is my love
connected to your love? Didn’t get me? How did you charm Ravi?
– Oh Senior! I don’t know what charm you’ve
spun around him, you stopped him from coming
to our engagement, and my engagement got
cancelled for you. Engagement got cancelled?
– Acting innocence? I’m sparing you because I’m a
woman or else I would kill you. If you enter his life again,
I’ll walk out of his life forever. I’ll break her from you! Though she abused me,
she enlightened me. You both split because of me,
I’ll unite you both. Call her on phone, senior. Phone? No need. You must call her,
it’s a swear on me. Can’t avoid it?
– No. Calling from ICICI bank,
we are offering motor cycle loans, are you interested? I don’t want bikes,
I want Leyland lorry, I want to crush a man under it,
can you sanction the loan? Why did you cut the line, senior? It’s smoking,
it’s a volcano spitting lava. Really? I’m very happy to hear it. What?
– I was under the attack little while. But become shameless
with women. Try from my phone. Can’t avoid it?
– No, senior. I’m dead. Greetings! Indian Airlines welcomes you. Your flight has left half an hour earlier. How did Indian Airlines get connected? This is tit for tat. Will you please listen to me?
– Tell me, I’ve no choice. Does a rose need henna? Do tomotoes need sheen
for its shine? You’re fair…
your cheeks are pink… Lips are red…feet are fair… You’re red faced with anger,
is it necessary? Is it necessary to get angry? Is it necessary to hate me now? Eyes, cheeks, body…
all belong to you… But the heart in you is mine… O my princess! Don’t tease me
and torture my heart… When I pray you to
hear my plea… Is it necessary for you
to devastate me? It’s useless to talk to you… It’s useless to fight with you… Bless me while abusing…
Caress me while beating me up.. Show mercy while chiding me… Walk angrily while
taking me with you… Forgive all my shortcomings… Observe the love I’ve for you… When I ask you take a look… Is it necessary to fight, chide,
scold me now? I don’t need you anymore… You don’t need me anymore… Come…come Hari. Sister, he’s Hari. Brother-in-law.
– Hello sir. Fat brother-in-law. We’ll go in. Why did he bring him home?
– That’s my nephew. Where are you going sister-in-law? Cooker is on the stove,
it may go off. Wait, sister-in-law. Do you know who is he?
– Who is it? Hi! You talk to sister-in-law,
I’ll come back in a minute. Fixed me up!
You come and sit inside. I’ll be back in a minute.
– Okay. Mother, come.
– What’s it son? Come.
– What happened? Come, mother. Mother! You’re senior’s mother! Mother, I’m hungry,
serve breakfast to me and Hari. In two minutes.
– Come. Have vada, it’s very tasty. No, I don’t want, I’ll have upma. What happened, son? I remembered my mother. When I ate this, I felt like my mother
has come back to serve me. Eat son. Come Hari, I’ll introduce
you to my brother. Brother, he’s Hari. Bye senior, bye mother.
Bye sir. Hubby, come for breakfast. Send it to my room. What’s this new habit? New things are happening here. No hubby…
– Shut up and do as I say. Grandma…
– What? Senior has come with his family. Welcome. Geetha, bring the chairs. You could’ve told us that you’re
coming with your mother. She ordered me not to tell you.
Ask her.- Sure, I will. What would you like to have?
Tea or coffee? Don’t get tensed.
Just relax. I’ll ask you if I need anything. She is my grandma. Greetings.
– Greetings. So, there is a grandma in
your home too. Like a gas pipe connection, govt. has
provided a grandma to every house. Madam, she is my sister Geetha. Greetings.
– How’re you? Please sit down.
Sit down, Senior. Hari, the person in the photo… She is my mother. She looks homely.
She must be a very good woman. Yes, she is a good woman.
But it is her good nature that ruined her. Her good nature made me
a care of platform bastard. Her good nature sometimes
makes me angry. I love her as much as I hate her.
She died when we were too young. One of her belonging
is still with me. Though she is not with us,
her breath is still with us. Actually, senior is very luckier
than me. He has everyone. You’re no less than anyone. Treat everyone as your relatives.
– Yes Hari. Kaveri, give the sari and jewels to her.
– Okay. Take it. Today is Akshya Tritiya. The more the gold you get
on this day, brings home more & more wealth. You’re going to get married soon. Did you see?
You can’t change them. On seeing the silver plates,
sari and jewels she took them instantly. Take it. What? We’re lucky that you’ve come
to our house. Your blessings & a pinch of saffron is
more valuable to us than these. Not everyone are like us. You can’t differentiate
between good & bad. Who is bad?
– You. And good?
– That girl. Atleast take this sari which
will make us happy. Stop. Where are you coming from? Say something. We are coming from Hari’s house. How could you go to his house? Everyone wants to climb up every step. But you’re climbing down every step. Be it steps or bungalows,
they have to be built on land. We don’t need your proverbs
and its meanings. Ours is an honourable family.
I’m telling you not to defame it. Will it bring us pride if our family
members live in poverty? Will it bring us respect if we don’t
treat them as humans? Today, you went to his house and
gave him money, jewels & sari. Tomorrow, you will bring them here. They will study well about our family
and will ask for their share. Don’t let things go too far. They’re not such kind of people. Is that a suggestion
or a guarantee? How could you judge their character? Because my husband blood
runs in their veins. I never raised my voice against you. To keep up my husband’s promise,
I’ve spoken for the first time. Forgive me. I’ve challenged putting all
my trust on you. I wonder how you’re going to study.
I’m giving you all the guides. Study well & become No. 1
in our college.- Definitely sir. Ask me if you have any doubts. Careful. You must become No. 1 Instead of getting tensed before the exams,
you could’ve studied well. You’re very lucky.
But I’m struggling to tear these papers. Look at the brightness and
confidence in his face. Ravindra has coached him well
for the exams. Shit! Swelling isn’t muscles! Ravindra has trained him, ah?
Is Ravi, Lord Krishna, or is he Arjun? What if he turns out to be Arjun? Aren’t we here like a cunning fox
and clever jackal? Congrats Hari.
– For what? You have been selected for
the national college sports? Is it true?
– Yes, Hari. Physical director told you to meet
him immediately in his office. Hey Hari, give me your cell phone.
My battery is low.- Take it. Why hasn’t Hari come yet? Hey who is that?
Open the door. Did you see Hari?
– No. Did you see Hari?
– He spoke to me just now. Hey, open the door. Sir, it’s getting late for the exams.
But Hari hasn’t come yet. What? Hasn’t he come?
I’m coming there. Hey, I’m getting late. Hari came to college.
But didn’t come to the exam hall. Greetings sir.
– Did you see Hari? We are more worried
about paper leak. I saw Hari in college a while ago. Hey…open the door. Are you fine? It’s already late. Go. Why have you come late by
15 minutes for the exam? There is 20 minutes margin time.
Give me the paper. You know the rules very well. Please give me the paper.
– It’s already late. I’m about to give it.
– Give it, sir. A student shouldn’t be in a hurry. Make it fast.
– You could’ve come 5 minutes before. Give me the paper.
– I will. Write now.
– I will. He has written his own fate. I couldn’t believe this, Jaya. Truth brings people closer & secrets
distances them from one another. I told you all this because your daughter
is going to be our daughter-in-law. I hope that they will come
closer after knowing this. I’ve seen people fighting
because of enmity. But only here I see people
fighting to be good. She is lucky to be
your daughter-in-law. What is Meera’s opinion? Whatever I have to ask,
I’ll ask him. He is waiting outside. Are you in love with me only now?
Didn’t you love me before? I was in love with you.
But after your mother told me the truth, my love for you has turned
into divine respect. If I’ve to marry someone,
it is only you. I’ll do anything you do and
anything you say. I want to be your
life partner immediately. Fall into my arms right away. Lord Venkatachalapathy likes
Goddess Padmavathy… Lord Rama likes Goddess Seetha… But I… At the age of 16,
I liked the long skirt… At the age of 17,
I liked the milk cream… At the age of 18,
I liked to have 2 plats… At the age of 19,
I liked roses… And now, I like you. At the age of 17,
I liked the hero cycle… At the age of 18,
I liked the first moustache… At the age of 20,
I liked the heroines… At the age of 22,
I liked new cars… And now…I like you.
I like you to be with me… During my school days,
I liked scooter… And in my college days,
I like Harry Potter… When I was wearing gowns,
I like Gang leader… When I was wearing half-sari,
I like Manmadhudu… During my playful days,
I like my mother’s cooking… When I grew taller,
I like Hyderabad Biriyani… And now…I like you.
I like you to be with me… I like the mirror which
shows my beauty… I like my in-laws for giving
birth to my darling… When I go to my father-in-law’s place,
I like my wife’s sister… If her sister is more beautiful,
I like her sister… I like walking up 7 hills
to Lord’s abode… I like to take the
7 holy steps with you… And now…I like you.
I like you to be with me… And now…I like you.
I like you to be with me… Geetha, why don’t you tell me
your opinion? Please don’t ask me anything. What’s all this?
What are you doing? It’s not good if someone sees us. Just tell me in one word.
Yes or No?- Wait… My acceptance alone is not enough. Both our families should agree. I don’t know about you. But I don’t have the courage
to tell my family members. Why do you walk away in the
middle of our discussion? Hey Geetha, stop.
Listen to me fully. What’s all this nuisance? What nuisance? I love her.
– Love? How dare you? I will … Stop. You didn’t have the guts to say that.
How could he say that? He proposed to that girl not to you. How could he propose to that girl? Why are you both getting excited? Does she love you? That’s why she stopped and
replied to me. Then, you should talk to her elders.
What’s this nuisance on the road? Who are you to give me suggestions? You don’t know him?
Remove your belt. If I remove your belt…
– I forgot to zip my pant. I’m her brother.
– Brother? Yes, you’re saved because
you both are in love. If it was you alone who loves her,
then you would’ve got beaten up. Who is your father? I know Geetha works in our shop. But I didn’t know that my son
and Geetha are in love Until Ravindra told us. How can we reject his proposal
to get them married? Actually, we are very poor.
– Stop it. Did they ask us our bank balance? When Ravi is with you,
how could you be poor? If you take my suggestion… Who asked you, you useless fellow? Go & bring the girl.
– Make it fast. The groom is about to run.
– What are you doing here? Someone has to supervise
the arrangements. The more you put on weight,
the more you forget that you’re a man. This place belongs to women.
– Then, why did you come? To take you with me.
Bring the girl.- Okay. You look after the food arrangements. Take it. Laddu. Just 1. Why these formalities?
Just bring the girl. Here comes the girl. He’s coming to ward off evil eyes.
The bride is coming behind him. Sit down Boy, look at her once. How many times will he look at her? He has to look at her before
and after marriage. Look, it’s important that your
son loves my daughter. More important is that you
must love her.- Definitely. Hari is university topper. We can believe if a handicapped
horse wins the race. We can even believe that
your wife has cooked fast. How could Hari top the university? Wait here. Let me wish him. You got the 1st rank
and made me proud. I always come 1st in this college.
But you’ve proved your worth. A collector’s son becoming
a collector is not a big deal. A tricycle puller becoming
a collector is great. All my family members
are well educated. Passing my exams is not big deal. You are university first. You can’t study.
You’re unfit to study. Idiot! They shouldn’t become orphans.
You must correct my mistake. As a father, this is my last wish. What? I never heard such words
from my childhood. But today, when so many
are congratulating me, I feel very happy & proud. You’re responsible for all this. What? It’s alright. It’s alright. If you didn’t have an urge to reform,
not even God can reform you. You studied. You wrote the exams.
And you passed. Do you know who is
responsible for all this? Master, let’s go and
thank him. Come… Why are you dull sir? I think he’s dull because
Hari topped the university. Not dull he has lost his face. You’re really great sir, a teacher’s duty is to turn
students attention towards studies, I thought he’s a useless student but
actually I’m useless as a teacher. This is my resignation. Actually his success
credit goes to you. If you hadn’t challenged me,
I wouldn’t have been so determined. I wouldn’t have inspired Hari. You deserve the
top honours not Hari. Why are you trying to pacify me, sir?
Please punish me sir. He’s feeling sad for
taking action, if you don’t like to accept
his resignation letter, show pity and suspend him.
– He’s very enthusiastic, take his resignation letter
and suspend him. They both will go home together. I don’t want the nuisance there too.
Please punish me, sir. Master, since you insist,
I’m punishing you. Take a poor student under your wings
and turn him into a brilliant student. That’s your punishment. Okay sir, I’ll definitely do it sir. Are you fine sir?
– Fine sir. Come in sir.
– Go. What would you like to have sir?
Coffee, tea, cool drinks, lassi… Don’t you’ve snake or Iguana meat? Just for fun and show saris. I’ll be back in a sec. Show me that maroon colour sari.
– Okay madam. Oh no! Where are you now, senior? I and Geetha are in Kalaniketan,
come there. I’m coming. Are you seeing the price tags?
– No. Pack them all.
– So many saris? I liked all of them. Try this dress, it may suit you.
– I don’t think so. You’ll know only if you try,
go ahead. Go. Card has been declined. Try this. This is also declined.
– Try all this. No balance in any card. No problem sir, you can take it
and send cash later. Why are my cards getting declined? Your brother has ordered
to stop your accounts.- Brother? I’ll talk to you later. Is the dress okay?
– Perfect. Shall we go? Why are you rushing of?
– No, let’s go away. Who is he?
– Okay, let’s go. I missed out on a great family girl. Why are you spoiling
your mood, dude? Some idiot is with her.
– Who is he? Let’s see him, come. You go! I’m warning you…
don’t come near me… You don’t know about me… How dare you touch my sister! Who do you think she is?
She’s my blood sister! What did you say now, senior? Stop! Who am I to you?
– Senior. Who are you to me?
– Junior. Senior is elder brother ofjunior. You’re my brother the moment
you called me as senior. What would your sister be to me? Sister. What is this?
– Why did you block my cards? I did it wantonly. The cards are for you, your family,
and financial ability. Not for some platform beggars. Stop it brother, I respected you till now
because you’re elder to me, but not respecting
our father like me, if you call them beggars,
father’s soul will be hurt. I don’t believe in souls, if father was really so concerned,
then why didn’t he bring them here? Father is great like you,
doesn’t he have courage like you? Why didn’t he marry her? Did he give up status, image,
business, family honour for them? He knows how to maintain
distance from people. He knows the difference between
rich and poor, he’s not so naive. You’re going a step above him,
that’s why I blocked your sources. Father committed a mistake,
and he has accepted his mistake, he couldn’t correct it,
so he gave me that responsibility. If I don’t do,
it means I’m also at fault. Okay, you correct his mistakes,
you sacrifice for him, don’t make me sacrifice for him. You build star hotels for orphans
with your money, but I’ll not tolerate even if
a penny is spent wastefully. Let’s part with our share. What has happened now
to talk about shares? If we don’t share,
I’ll end up a loser. Do you want to divide property
when I’m still alive? It must happen! I’m the senior most member,
it’s my order, do as your elder son says.
– Mother-in-law! You’re supporting younger son,
backing him on all issues, he’s carrying unnecessary burden
and you’re supporting him, if this continues, we’ll be left
in shambles with debts. It’s my order, divide the property. After taking into account all the
movable and immovable property, Rajendra gets the Uranium
factory in Cuddapah, Ravindra gets Heritage
factory in Kakinada, if we divide other property into two…
– Please stop it. Property must be divided
into 5 shares notjust two. Why 5 shares?
You’re just two sons. Make it 5 shares,
everyone must getjustice. First share will go to sister. Second share will go to brother. Third share will go to me. Fourth share will go
to younger brother. Fifth share will go
to younger sister. 5 shares? We are dividing property
not giving charity. Those who have rights
are not beggars. How can they have rights?
Who gave them the right? Should I’ve to share property
with illegal children? Relationships are legal,
I don’t want sharing to be illegal. I don’t care about yourjudgement, they don’t have any right of share
or any right to ask also. If father had been alive, he would’ve
asked you the same question. Though mothers are different,
they are also my children, why can’t they have the right
which you claim is yours? I loved their mother as much
as I loved your mother, and would say they will get
a share in my property. If we can’t take a share
of his mistakes, do we have a right to
share his property? Why are you fighting
amongst yourselves? Give me also a share,
I’ll give it to them. No need, property must be
divided into two only. What would happen to them
if we divide into two shares? They? Who are they? Did you carry them?
Did you give birth to them? Or raised them? They are his children, mother-in-law. When he’s not here,
aren’t they my responsibility? I’m his mother still alive,
I must take his responsibility. Or else you must take it. When he was alive,
I never hurt his feelings. Should I hurt his feelings
now that he’s no more? Shut up! Either my voice or your voice
must be heard here. If your voice raises over mine,
I’ll never speak again. Where is my son? Where is he?
– Boss, he’s here only. Is he my son?
– Yes, he’s your son. Who beat him so badly that
I couldn’t recognise my own son? Ravindra beat him, boss. Earlier he beat me, now my son, he’s beating anyone
associated with me. What are our boys doing
when he’s bashing up? Your son was lucky to
escape with fewer injuries. Is it few injuries? He has been beaten up,
are you a doctor or an actor? Dear son, please talk to me son,
I’m your father. His tongue is cut, he can’t speak. No problem, let him talk… Got his tongue cut?
– He’ll recover in 2 months. How dare he beats my son,
I’ll not spare him, I’ll chase him to death. What a great college! I planned to dismantle it and
build a complex here, but he put brakes to it. Brakes to us? I’ll bring down
the structure tomorrow. Is it that easy? Elder one promised
and younger one dismissed it. I’ve got an idea, boss. Idea? How can you be man
without ideas? Come out. Our lawyer has a good point
but he takes a lakh to tell. Take Rs.1 lakh.
Tell me the point now. Let anyone may raise any objection,
the college is yours. Are you going to forge documents? No need to forge, I’ve got
hold of the trump card. I’m going to give it to you. No need of narrating tales
while drinking. I’m not talking about
tales but fights. You know Hari, right? Why not? Now he’s reformed,
earlier he was my customer. We are going to use Hari to turn
heat on Rajendra and Ravindra. Hari too has secrets like
legendary Karna’s birth. Karna was abandoned by Kunthi. Hari was abandoned
by Madhusudan Rao. Got drunk already? Ravindra is God to Hari.
Would a priest dare his God? We are going to make
that God a terrorist.- True? I never lie when I’m drunk. Hari is Madhusudan’s illegal son.
Hari doesn’t know this. If he comes to know,
he’ll go on a rampage. Who are you?
– Parvathi’s son… I’m her son. It took a week to find your address.
– Who are you? I’m manager of local SBI branch. He’s Ashok Rao,
manager of Bangalore branch. 15 years ago your father deposited
Rs.5 lakhs on you and your sister. My father? Who is he? Isn’t Platinum Industries ex-MD
Madhusudan your father? Didn’t your mother tell you this? Shankar Rao, give him those papers. Your father has mentioned clearly that
you were second wife’s children. He loves you very much
and is very responsible, was your mother his wife
or a concubine? One more word against my mother… Is it the way you treat men
who came to give your money? He’s second wife’s son,
he’ll be arrogant. What’s this man?
– Brother…brother…stop… Though the dark night
is enveloping you… There’s a lamp burning pitying you… Though you’re cursing the world
closing your eyes to light… Showing mercy on you… Hey Ravindra! Come out! Hey Ravindra! Come out! Hey Ravindra! Come out! Where is your son?
– What happened, Hari? Ask your son to come out. Why are you creating trouble here?
Get out! Troubling others or betraying
is your character. People in your clan will do it.
I don’t need to answer you. Call your brother.
Come…come man… I came to bring down the
curtains to your drama. I’m asking you, who am I? Who am I to you? Tell me. Tell me! Say I’m your father’s
concubine’s son. What happened to you? I’ll kill you.
– Will you kill me? Your father killed me, my mother
and my sister long back, he buried us alive. Don’t accuse without
knowing the truth. Took so many years to
know what had happened, why did you show affection on me when
there were hundreds of students? There are many drug addicts,
why did you select me to reform? Fearing I may spoil your honour
if I know the truth, and wash the linen in public,
and bring disgrace to your family, you acted like you’ve
affection on me, you trapped me with a plan
to shut my mouth. I can understand your anger,
and vengeance, I don’t say it’s wrong, you’ve a heart, think with it. No, your father cheated my mother
with such words only. You cheated me also
with your words. Your blood has in built
cheating and treachery. My mother went away from a fool
who couldn’t marry for honour, I don’t want a father
who can’t own me in public. But do remember one thing, you said one must have an aim in life, I’ve only one aim in life, I’ll avenge for cheating my mother. Money and honour which
ruined my mother’s life, I’ll see that your family loses them. We got cheated again, we were thrown on streets
because of them once, the same people cheated us again
with their sweet words. Think with a cool mind again. What should I think? Cheating is their habit,
getting cheated is our habit. What have we lost now? Asking me what? Have you forgotten
what our mother went through? Have you forgotten her dreadful death? Why are you here? If you select a card from these cards… You shouldn’t come here after.
– Why? I don’t need to explain you. I’m rejecting the proposal he has fixed. This marriage is cancelled, you get out. Go! Grandma, tell him to leave,
tell him to go or else he’ll lose honour. Your anger is justified, I accept it, if you want revenge,
take it on me, don’t spoil her life. Who are you to say that? I don’t want her to marry your choice. Don’t spoil a good proposal
with your anger. How can it be good
if you’d proposed it? My mother got cheated
by a rich man. He not only ruined her life
but also our lives. I know how to get my sister married. I don’t want any relationship
with rich people. No! Are you finished? All rich people are not cheats. Will you avenge your sister
getting angry on me? Will you reject because I got
the proposal and ruin her life? Let my sister say it,
Geetha, come here. Come…will you marry him? Will you marry the man of his choice? Will you marry? I’m asking you. No, I’ll not marry. My brother is my God,
his words are Bible to me, I’ll marry anyone he selects. Did you hear her?
Your money gave you arrogance, our poverty gave us dignity. Why are you still standing here?
Get out! Get out! You got injustice,
he was unjust towards you. Would he dare do this
if you were the old self? You get drunk and take him to task. You’ve drinks! That’s it!
Chilled beer! Have it! No, the fire in me is raging,
I don’t want to douse it. It’s time! You’ve come to the
right place at right time. I didn’t come,
lawyer brought me here. What’s the difference? Whether you
come to me or I come to you. When we both come together,
it’s celebration time. Your angry on them,
I’m angry on them, because your father… Don’t talk about him.
– Okay, your brother… If you say he’s my brother again,
I’ll cut your tongue. That’s real fury!
They both ruined my business. I’ve crores but no use.
No brain. If I’ve support of a
brilliant brain like you, I’ll reach top of Charminar and
they’ll drown in Hussain Sagar, I know your vengeance,
you want to destroy that family, to blow away that family
lock, stock and barrel, you need support of a wealthy
human bomb like me. I’m ready to do anything. God smiled with tear less eyes… Wiping the fate God wrote for you,
your father rewrote it… Curse of your birth is chasing you… Filling your life with poison… When he was writing
your fate with nectar… Pitying on seeing you
wipe out your own fate… You’ve cured my son,
I’m indebted to you all my life. Give Rs.10000 to each doctor
as gift. Take it and enjoy.
Eat and drink. No sir…
– You want more? Not about money, your son’s
body parts are all okay but… …matter is cut off. Matter cut? Tell me clearly. Ravi beat your son to impotency.
– No problem… Boss, we mustn’t wait anymore. Ravi hit my son’s future. I’ll hit him that will destroy
his family forever. Look mother, Hari has sent
court notice for his share. Your step son sent court orders
to handover the college to him. He had us raided by Income tax.
He created labour unrest. He complained to customs about us. Had all our factories seized. I’ll kill him,
please don’t say anything. Don’t stop me. Hubby…
– Stop… Mother-in-law, open the door.
Rajendra has left angrily. Please listen to me.
– How dare he send me notice. Please come out and
stop him, mother-in-law. Will he take my college?
– Please stop.- Move away. He’ll take everything
from us if I spare him. Please mother…
– Stop Rajendra. Mother-in-law! Stop… Where is he? Where is Hari? I’m here! Have you come to see your
father’s college for the last time? He has come in hot sun,
please give him a cool drink. Why are you getting angry? You were ready to turn
this into real estate, right? I said okay but changed my opinion
after grandma said no. Who permitted you to
enter this college? Why do I need permission? I need your permission because
college was yours then, but today I don’t need
your permission. If not me who else will
give you permission? Your father’s illegal son gave
it to me in writing. Show him the documents. Who is he to give and
who are you to take over? Brother…what’s this?- What?
Hari gave us court notice for share. Who gave him that right?
Who declared that he’s an heir? We don’t need declarations,
we must accept it. We must give him his due share for
our father’s soul to rest in peace. Why should we give?
– No, we must…you come with me… We mustn’t forgive him.
– We must forgive him. Did we face any problems from childhood?
He grew up amidst struggles. Let him do as he wishes. I’m ready to give my life for him
leave alone share in property. Young have the right to commit mistakes, as elders we must understand
and forgive them. How can he be our brother
after doing all this? I’ll kill him and remove
a thorn from our flesh. I’m thinking of how to change his life
and you’re thinking of his death. Kill him brother but first kill me
and then go for him. Kill me!
– Leave my hand. You’ll never change. What do you lack? If you think all are your
people then they are all yours. Do you know who she is?
My blood sister. I agree your anger is justified. If you want revenge, take it on me. Father and sons must be like them. Brothers fight for property
once father dies, where can you find who will leave
everything for peace of mind? Rare men like you. Who gave you this college?
Tell me, who signed the document? Who? You signed it. Ink is yours, pen is yours, look, it’s your sign. You bloody, you cheated me
into signing some papers. You didn’t sign,
I made you sign them. I gave you job, car,
money, big bungalow, are you my brother-in-law? To give you all this free. Few signatures for you and few for me. Kill him! Don’t spare him, hack him! Brother! Brother…
– Nothing will happen to you. I’m sorry brother. Younger one mustn’t say sorry to elder. Likewise elders mustn’t
say sorry to young.


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