Barnard Cribs: Brooks Hall

Hi. I’m Aharisi. I’m a senior here at
Barnard, majoring in Urban Studies, with a concentration in Sociology, and I am the RA for Brooks 4. Welcome to my crib. Brooks Hall is the oldest dorm on
Barnard’s campus. So, with that, it has charm. It has fireplaces. It has no AC, so fans are good investment. So, my bulletin boards are kind of like my
pride and joy. Every semester I do a theme. Ooo, last semester was Pac-Man. So, it was packing on resources with the the… you know…
the things… the Pac. Then, this year is Alice in Wonderland. I think nine times out of ten, if my residents view it, and take the time to look at it, they’ll appreciate it too. I feel like my room is like a room filled with things I’ve gotten for free. The fridges. I have a collection of fabric softener and
detergent and Clorox. I’m not like a hoarder. Like, I don’t collect randomness. I collect things
that will improve my livelihood at Barnard. My favorite study space is
Brooks Study Lounge. You can always find me in there anytime after 6 p.m. in the leather yellow chair, either napping, or doing work. Well, you’ve seen my two
fridges, my fireplace, and even my bulletin board. I think now it’s time for you to leave, and I’m going to go to Brooks to study. So, bye!

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