Bartholomew Fair: In Rehearsal

( Upbeat London folk music plays throughout ) We have music, we have dancing! We have puppetry, fighting, it’s incredible! Bartholomew Fair is a story of a group of Londoners from all backgrounds, all ages, who go to a huge annual fair in London. And I think the juxtaposition of having it set in modern day… allows it to be a bit more satirical It’s a pretty immediate way of saying to people: These are your people. You know? You can look at yourself up there. It is quite direct! Some of the things that happen to some of the characters in the fair is very harrowing. But it’s light! It’s all done with this… touch of like comedy and wit! I think everyone will find a piece of everyone in it! You’ll know people! Come and party! ( Laughter and applause ) ( Music fades up )

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