you got a tan off the other the guy
whose hands they stink awareness all right oh good
what’s nice I don’t have any damn okay what do I do what you say
I will just go whatever it is custom yeah nice one there’s heaps of people in
the chat there but you’re paying attention they’re stinky nope
I handle Mike right now I understand both of these guys actually play this
game if I’m not mistaken Lord one of them might have just started playing
there you guys say random saying that he’s got a user name there already and I
think crow X is but I can’t remember who suggested it and was suggested by more
than one person so they welcome to the stream guys and thank you for the people
that watch the replays as well it ain’t give enough shoutouts to these people
whoever they may be isn’t that right stinky looks different
okay be careful for pros crow excess so that we praise like him in this game
then you know maybe a darn sight better maybe oh this is kind of battle thing again
just different looking battle away so welcome to the New Year everybody I hope
you had a great festive season and a holiday they know SMG says crow I don’t
know what you did there what did you do Vaughn stink I’m not
sure yet did something pick up the shotgun says
cracks did you say that I got something already I can do it again gotta bring
the shotgun we’ll see you awesome so he’s good and I believe it’s a
multiplayer game as well so you can end up playing I think random got it
specifically for that purpose I don’t know how to ah maybe this way okay nice
one you’re doing quite well we’re stinking oh my dying what did you die
yeah I thought that was just showing your writing I try to but I’m not used
to it yet the battlements back so I tried to like shoot the die and I’ll die
me but it’s not shooting so I shot that fair enough for hidden games here how
are you how are you well like comments top how’s the New Year going so far
house is off to a spectacular start well home says thinking spectacular start
from the stink pants now yes we will play with you crave but don’t know if he
can still give us instructions while he’s playing with us but already you’re
gonna get some friend requests they’re stinking because you’re popular you have
lots of friends what Rajon do you guys play did you set
that up before well she’s not sure if she set that up
already I’ll stick with the newbie new game who knows what’s going on would be
in the Australasian region asia-pacific it should be us trailing by default says
random backup says crying looks like we’re gonna get carried again stinky we
love it when the guys carry us makes us look good so you get our wait for some
instructions from cracks and I random cuz I wouldn’t know how to add them
either yet look at you go you know how to pick up
stuff already so what news everybody they’re being all quiet about the the
new yeah we survived stinky our channel didn’t didn’t get removed after the
update on the 1st of January oh okay you happy with that – advocated the social
tables says random say might have to do that after this round ADF to play for
very long before you can add people that you can do it straight away and get a
pro out of crow X the prog tab sorry table not table tab if you figured out what’s going on their
stinky already it looks like you’re running around okay I don’t know where
is the area that I supposed to go it’s say it’s drinking but where I’m going
guy – a crow XS back accidentally and hunt takes account some like this dream
heaven he gets this random have we appreciate every single one of those
likes I got a day off and for all of the views and watch time we should I be
announcing it there’s only one person here there’s one person in this stream
right now that knows no one else does well maybe – you’re not interested at
all I you stink pants I okay Shaw says coax so don’t know if they’re saying why
you change to Australia soap legends here hello it’s good to see you again
we’ve got all of the dlg gang in a special celebratory stream to start the
new year there’s a request by many looks like we’ll be playing live with some
people shortly well that’s all too exciting you like in the country
stinking look at stinky guy running around in circles might be a little bit late to the stream
because I’m watching another string kinds of trade up that’s nemesis trader
is watching another stream Danny any no and he’s evil musics on as well how can
he do that I was doing discord stuff thumbs up awesome
after the match stay on the lobby he says cracks got that stinky after the
match stay on the love Lobby and then he he will add you and then you’ll get some
live game action but again hopefully be able to give you some tips while he’s
playing with you that’s nemesis indeed pretty dot says
Kane is everyone as excited as I am I can’t hear it in anyone’s voice
including the stink pants resent that’s as excited as you get for the new
year is it and stinky will that mean says random so that’s what you’re going
to do ah is this another game where the map closes in this is like the whole
fortnight stuff all over again pe BG because we haven’t played
fortnight yet called you are not Call of Duty I don’t think they do that readies
the storm so what is that game it’s called battle battle lands royale is the
name of this game requested by more than one subscriber you download it now you
might be able to get to play live with us but an a how many people you can add
good oh nice one stinky stinky you’re gonna be number one scene look at your
game that can also drop supply drops I know it stinky match stay on the lobby I
think you’re in the lobby at the moment unless that’s a homepage and I know
which ones which wait for a little bit of guidance there to see who ads who
first in the great battle lands real live special to 2020 still nothing
stinking yeah you in space to win the commentary Awards 2019 right it’s like
trying to draw feathers off a chicken that’s actually a goose down doc that’s
how oddities to get commentary out of yet I think that even made sense think
he go to the social tab says random okay alright says that she’s there it’s there
Stinky’s there still nothing from the stink pads you might have to add the buggy or
something something so say from memory randoms diamond something 64 but that’s
another game right and then cracks I believe is also going dad
press Add to battle buddy you need a battle buddy yep and then they can
either scroll up but I don’t know where that one yeah you may miss six no not
that okay maybe it is that see come on boy not the number there I don’t know if
I should be should i he got me there if you want me to read that why 6 9 6 9
I don’t know that’s the one there there boy hang on type 6 9 6 9 hashtag 6 4 6 8
then he said don’t read it and I already read it yeah everyone’s telling me go
ahead read it down rated I’m all cool old uncle blue dots confused say thank
you all but I really ought to make a big announcement but I don’t know if I
should draw our attention I’ve been well looking at to see if there’s any sort of
changes or any any differences in the stream there and I can’t say anything at
the moment I ran him says you’ve added him now say that’s half of them in there
I believe crow X was gonna do it as well welllet’s he could start a battle whilst
waiting for the X my stuff ok so I start the battle now just wait
for confirmation from someone we stopped the battle now I guess say you gotta
keep the stream entertaining stink cuz that’s what today I get some of these
later do i what are you talking about did it beautiful fiction is that arm
saying tell long we thank you food too long we’ve been arch nemesis I we have
stinky he’s gonna trying to bury the hatchet
like Jason from Friday that that ain’t so you have to die I have to kill you oh
you’re so mean and nasty you added me I think you’re gonna be in there with
random right now isn’t it today we’re the Old Crow x-man newbie no
says Brandon who is it too late maybe you started without him
Oh what the these games seemed to go fairly quickly this time you forgot to
invite me to the squad a hardy said I’m downloading the app right now uh look
we’re gonna get more live players safe legends gonna get in on the action if
you can remember to add them to this squad I don’t even know how to do it
your squaw data squad Anna is that a word
what are you gonna do – feed me today that’s almost 14 it what do you want are
you gonna prepare that the microwavable food he cut up a bit of the leftover
turkey the belated techies think is that what you’re gonna do gee the live chats
gone real quiet again today then no one seems to be quite as excited as I am
about jumping out of my seat and that’s the kind of commentary I get
from stink pants isn’t it yep bit of gobbledygook Lee it does get a bit ugly
and neither is particularly did we wanted to strain today bit tired a
little bit lethargic now this time you’ve got to add them you’ve got to add
everyone crow X is saying play again but you’ve got to add random first actually
saying stay there so we’re waiting stinky we’re in the lobby
dude ooodle ooodle waiting your order a drink you want to get a new one to ask
me they ask you something you can’t
remember already when you were in the backroom and you try to ask me so many
questions now you don’t remember anything
oh well I’d say the keeps coming back to the same thing we’re still staying here
by the way it cracks but just waiting for people to tell us what to do at this
point is that the moment it’s a blank screen should I be telling you stinking
should I should I be telling you I’ve been watching to see if there’s any
difference there there isn’t is there really there’s one slight
difference Oh get go gate Whitey’s here hello Lu
and can I join sure you can hey yeah we’re gonna get it someone else into the
party once they tell us how so that means God God goat ytt I’m struggling
with that one just let us know what to do and we’ll we’ll add do you
momentarily oh you can ask well you can add us can
you add me says got go to whitey got goat whitey you say that 10 times fast
just call me gate just calling you don’t know if you’re a RAC by default I
usually say 8 and now they’re saying I will add you say still waiting on
instructions from people do he start adding ad playing a battle where we
still at that in buddy stages for everyone there’s cracks I’m not sure
what they’re doing randoms patiently waiting stink pants is all silent with a
commentary and I am the old Uncle Peter is the excited one at the moment we did it stinky baby 2020 is our yeah
this is what I’m saying finally 2020 be the the double dick
haters can you say that three decades into the 21st century is not correct I
will add you skies we’re gonna have to do something so
we’ve been sitting on the screen doing nothing at the moment
I say do another battle what’s what I invite everyone there that’s a friend of
yours uh Adam first you have to tell me what’s your who did you get random in
there already I got crows I guess well you got comics in there is this one
right yeah that’s one of them yay say you Adam bacon – yeah battle and winner
away we go he’s not online he’s not right okay there we go it’s happening
now well we haven’t had anything from gate yet you still just got the two
there but they might start a battle on your behest stinky and then you’ll be in
it again so a little bit more instructions if possible from the live
chat although I Zelda all that cool Perez just gonna keep mattering on like
he does no matter on no means just talking rubbish you joined my squad says
random savings squad awesome so then what do you do at that point
I already 30 May had addy stuff and I’m a having damn elated a little while ago
that was random anyway corrects I think is played before and guide I’m sure has
if we can get them invited as a friend he was that wasn’t getting ready get
ready Bello why you saying not ready I’m ready okay here we go back into the
action get gate said that they’ve added you as well hold up ah Oh what did they
add I have no idea you gotta go to social
again I think know they they act so it will show here I just have to press teak
that all looks good wait for them to at me how did you pay
says going again ways looking at the red buttons is what I do don’t tell you
everything oh yeah what you’re right but usually in
a game maybe if it’s got a number an exclamation thing there’s something
important click on it ah see you didn’t get stink pants who’s
the master of gaming saying not so yet he’s the legend of gaming ah
come on stinky give me a little bit of gratification man this is all I get just
wasn’t one ISIL ever gets is not lulz invite me what save you on Australia say
they getting it organized say pledge and says happy late 2020 I say it’s not too
late at all happy 2020 to everyone we really appreciate you guys spending your
Sundays with us it’s an enjoyable now you instantly get into a day me
stinky some mornings there a little bit I’m too tired I want I don’t want to do
is string today but then you get into it and you have a chat to the people in the
live chat now makes it all worthwhile doesn’t it stinky huh look at this who’s
who get God look at her costume nice fun it’s very Christmassy sort of it like a
reindeer Oh still changing still changing say happy late or a happy 2020
to the year to say legend happy 1880 from internet explorer I met
Explorer wasn’t around back then bothers you all right there’s no internet back
then think he can pull the wool over old uncle broom his eyes now many Peter yeah
that’s right I’m not admitting to it no admissions say you’ve done your drop
area you got three three people in your team there yeah we just know get good I
don’t know where are the chrome X and the others but anyway we we where we’ll
wait we’ll get there sooner or later and I think soaps gonna join at some
point once he’s got the game downloaded as well so did anyone do anything
exciting for New Year’s Eve we weren’t even awake where we stinking what are
you talking about you didn’t even stay up till midnight I’m working you weren’t
working earlier that day making the mega box double P that’s not too bad is it
the back the worst thing is I haven’t got patient yeah says double pay double
zero is still zero matches are too bad he’s in a two time zero nada nothing at
NIEHS I slipped at 2:30 a.m. says random that’s a late news Eve isn’t it when you
used a few years too fast too long past your grandma’s bedtime stinking parties
bedtime should I say yeah hanging around with the rest of you tame there is life
our two of us and dead already um it’s a in the screen that your friend
need help and I’m just running towards the arrow whatever it points to and
and then the area is gonna shrink right soaps is not good that they have to go
back to school on Monday you guys going back to school already but I didn’t do
that here they got like what another three months off still you tell me well
actually not yet no our lawyer might be a month and a bit they’ll have all of
January off the shore I think they go back in February and then the University
students go back one March so I think same might you started the match I don’t
think stink bad started it yes I’m one press I’m just like okay I’m ready mmm
so I think someone else started this particular match here to defund it I did
say what your little dudes doing there is it easy enough suck a little Lance
they miss me running around to that Yogi Bear picnic nice shooting Tex
Oh awesome shot Texas saying what year well you don’t have to answer this bill
the year in school or generally speaking what level things they have freshmen and
seniors and whatnot in America we have nothing like that yeah that stinky have
like seniors and freshmen we just call year 1 year 2 year 3 year 4 yes I keep
it nice and simple just whatever year you’re in that’s the year in isn’t it
stinky well a we had three versions of that yes
form one you’re eight for them to understand that one the old stink why
start now this time you gotta wait for your team mates alright one who just say
okay ready says now we’re all ready again for some more action battlegrounds
Royale here we go good good game says go say did you win
with Kate then no came close you gotta okay you do have to understand
you got to carry stink pants what ten paid out if he fought he’s we need to be
carried you’re actually not too bad Kane’s being rather quiet today
maybe he’s not sure he’s sleeping already
they might be in the other stream you have to land pretty quick in this one
compared to other games did you fly in me and these time random said they
started the match so they they about was that it I’ve a few already
do you get to race for you still can move when you’re not out right yeah
because I drop like next to my enemy right next to them I want to be a little
bit further away than that stinking I can’t use oh don’t you get to fly
anywhere if you like no all right let’s see if we can get a team of have many
guys did you have cracks yeah didn’t I just say that I I’m not sure
gave module is it jr. what are you going for I can’t choose because I’m just
newbie so see a mod it’s locked here I can’t move
anyway right then can you Amy play with one person yeah that’s where you keep
closing it when it pops up yeah you have to when it’s problem you have to choose
accept or not accept ten did you accept yeah well that means see X key mean
right what I can only get one what before you can have up to 30 or say
people in your team together yeah if you can choose what all right
you’re not there yet I guess you just keep playing till you
get to that point random said they started a match but
that was probably earlier Oh stinky what all right did I get them okay today why
can’t why I’m keep changing hang on let me in why’d you guys maybe it’s better
that way game he can invite start a match maybe
that’s the way to go because they’re not saying too much in
the chat someone’s got to take control here it’s a bit like being the later in
the clan get a tight control why he’s struggling dad random user just here No
ah have you added them is a friend yet already my god random I guess enough
with you thanks they’re random tried to show me tell me I did a fake face reveal
again good save easy may you would want to play nope that’s kind of sad for me
what’s kind of sad for you cry right don’t know what happened me here just
waiting for quite a while people to get organized
was it stinky there you go few people in a male because so you’re in restaurants
now it will random give me another two if I didn’t add anything I mean anyone
else struggle to add other people can you see you don’t even get to move
around when you’re shooting you know I want to land right next year enemy like
the last time I won may the other match well I reckon man there’s a good chance
if we all band together as a team cracks we’ll win again
but even sure if paroxysm this particular battle easy been paying
attention to the name I tried but it’s said he’s not ready or something I can’t
act nope says Craig’s so I think I guess he’s not in this one get organized to
get everyone to join them quickly it’s the system does it not me
but then you get to choose to play with your friends yeah we hold in our H is a
friend of ours wanting to join and battle away with crow X sitting there
with random and goat as well look at it you got an awesome battle going just
amongst some of the DOJ is there friendly fire or no friendly fire may I
call the GD you really can’t shoot your friends but in this one you might be
able to Oh Who at is chasing it down it looks like is that why they chasing you do we give
running away there you know pick up some water who’s that
nice one you got bullets back another one doesn’t help might be sniper whoever
that is is absolutely relentless they’re not running away from you at all you get
up close and personal the nope I’m not there for bazooka and quad Zoo Canaries
all right seed even they want weapon you’ve got all you know is that that
same person chasing you yeah mixing up between looking at the live chat and
watching these live which I don’t do enough stinky should be like water run
away here in the bad area up course I don’t think that we can make it looks
like that person doesn’t really care that much about attacking you anymore do
they well you made it
why did the other person stay on the other side oh well that was fast that
time I can’t our hordes halt DNA you are I know who’s me but I don’t know who’s
my squad I don’t know who’s my enemy and it’s not a battle royale is in like
single single winner takes all in white what made you feel like this is
like these I can’t press anything it’s a sleeping sleeping and they they have the
colors under them I think that was for your weapons is what crow X is saying
but what does think pants supposed to do at this point she can’t seem to play
with the people that want to play with it can’t seem dad crow is a plane the
game so we have to wait I don’t know for the squaddies same so what do we do at
this point crack so we just stay stay where we are again okay invite me well
she’s been tricky if you look there cracks she’s been trying to invite
because this is this sleeping away snoring through the stream it looks like
just like the other two they’re random and gate look at them they’re all
sleeping away is there nowhere else you can press you say Bundy on my only one
we only have one buddy online cracks and it doesn’t look like you can be invited
have you tried tapping on their names none of that works it’s like the grey
button work I know they’re painted grey an old man stink that that we know about
sure we get to celebrate on a snow cold slice
they cold slightly windy day it’s pizza and a bit of happy times no pizza for
you today families all yes please you’re gonna make me something I to you you
don’t have to make it’s already made in the fridge still got to be cut up he
said stay and invite me and we haven’t had anything else since did you manage
to invite no I cannot someone else deep and I just say join let’s see we can’t
sort of wait around forever waiting for the gameplay it’s gotta happen every now
and again doesn’t it stinky you gotta get in there and say yeah diamond girls
skills that’s no skill oh you’re the master you
are the master of gaining stain land next to your enemy there ya know maybe
quite little many kids the woman can pick it cuz you already got full health
maybe you remember where they are they I’m not going back I don’t think it’s
all in a Ford movie when is it because we have to run away from when the area
Sheen’s it’s true isn’t it what do you think of
maps closing in on themselves does it make it more exciting for you yes Nene says thinking I think that’s one of your friends isn’t
it this is my friend really not sorry they’re shooting at our your shitty no
maybe not my shading Tech’s they didn’t put up too much resistance you haven’t
quite finished them all father we’re guessing that weapons not that strong
stink and did you steal the health from them nice one
stinky picks up double weapons cheerio two distinct by star Terry hope you’re
doing quite well there there’s been a sudden change in the mood of the old
live chat because your stat is too late who started a feeling and then what did
you do tell the audience what did you do after they break food up actually stole
my Frankie and then what did you do stole my break day that’s the point
and after the stolid brekkie alleged incident what did you do what did you do
there Stevie right back to bed that’s right yes but no no yes maybe no but yes
I’m not too sure what any of that matter then why we’re struggling to get games
going quickly I’m like Corina think it was a green I won one of them
you seem to be able to play these squads very very quickly you’re getting there
do your business there stinking fire away pretty accurate with you shading
you know I know yeah you are you like a dead eye Susan if that’s the expression
like a lazy susan that’s no such thing oh no no I can
still do it keep rubbing nice one stinking give the legend of
running out 16 that is a very hesitant agreement to the accolade there was the
state upon you seems like a pretty big bat play at a stinky and if we wrecked
that is everyone Janna me we don’t know not everyone’s picked up another old
thing master you might be number one this time no dye this stink ball right
on the edge of the map kill me oh yeah there’s some did she’s a pretty good
night thank you to end up number one forgave anybody but look at the weapon
there’s god stinky you made that weapon I got that but then I didn’t have a
chance to use it hey maybe use that weapon stink hey he
ranks number four though that’s pretty good that’s not good you should be
number one daddy how many were playing that for ya are we amuse ourselves why
has the chat God say quiet this is testing our abilities to be
entertain is stinky unleash our very first specialist train 2020 to the
museum I haven’t told you the news what now I think a brainwave watching and
waiting watching and waiting to see if there’s
any changes and there isn’t his night changes at the moment oh now guys can we do a live match with
anyone or a year old playing separately at this point no I got crow X and random
no you got to me man I think maybe this is why they say quiet they can’t type
and chat at the same time they somebody did do that and the previous one where
we were playing with people live I was thinking okay guys getting chased or you
to chase her they relentless to e what is with these people not wanting to give
up person is my squat he’s got the green button for this yeah your alloy and red
or something yellow may be found not your alloy yeah I think so
so this one with the yellow is not your friend you’re still alive I think
someone’s trying to heal you know that’s enemy this is all very fast action
fast-paced game fast to die like I can play in chat because my computer is in
front of me say randoms one of the people that can do these do what that
can actually play with you and chat at the same time oh the crack C’s been
pretty quiet gates been pretty quiet and kind we’ve only got a few of the regulars
here today he’s stinking started too late I’m sorry guys but I keep lagging
says crow X no we’re just happy to have you in the game with us he’s an instinct
you know and regardless of how laggy crow X might be oh did you get a bonus
already Kane and the stream so maybe someone can tell us what that bonus box
he is match box nevermind let’s do it again squad it’s gone master up and be
number one okay I think crow it’s have to wait for the
next one because he said he’s slacking so we’re gonna start another one why
waiting came in the stream Oh money available at Asia bought say you have to
be in a different great year in Australia at the moment stinking on the
mouth and cracks is saying ages away to go there only Peter up can you play at
enmity five next stream we may not sure we’ve played identity 5 already so one
day we might have to do a repeat game but Kane comes up with good gaming
suggestions boom beach holy goodness what do I say about that
there are Xavier – Mary’s here hello how are you welcome to the stream it’s great
to see you do you play battle lands Royale if say
we’re playing live with some other people that are in the live chat at the
moment like crow X gave his settings I can’t play so he cracks the saying he’d
probably do after Gate Asia and time just comes and disappears comes and goes
he does what the heck who just help me I didn’t know you can heal me Oh baby
boy yo you just say that are you in the same way so they can see seat you again
why they be says they deeply pedal lands Royale so any tips that you might have
for us would be greatly appreciated because we are noobs at this snack pants
had never seen the game until today add your stinking first time and random was
the one that was healing you yeah random was healing stink pants exists so happy
now if you join us you miss quad Xavier or give us some tips on the how do we
improve the battle lands Royale gameplay okay let’s go say what’s the maximum
number of people he thought does that in then why was I’m sure I heard someone
saying before you can’t have up to 30 people in a group maybe say they’re
preparing fraction again you’re ready stinky
so yeah accurate you are you little sniper maximum people in a squad is five
maximum of people in a game is 32 ah so does that mean so you know nothing
when you get when you gather these map does that mean that there’s five
different teams with a maximum of 32 people in there is that my understanding
that max people even do is to max people in solo as one in the same team but you have to battle
royal with odd ability or something so you do end up battling with more than
one team depending on the mode nightmare mode that’s what we’re after extreme
level you like a women it’s extremely too stinky yeah quite good at picking up
these weapons if everywhere it’s just that no t-that was quick what happened
there is stinky oh yeah we’re totally new Xavier we had never neither of us
had played this game or even really seen it before today so the way the channel
often works is we’ll get recommended to play a whatever game and we’ll just
basically download it and play it live isn’t it stinky there’s not much more
than even more than that stink pants doesn’t even know until she sits down
ready to do the strain that’s when the fan gets handed over to it and say stink
pants don’t show your mastery levels say what a legend you are you gay Miguel are
you doing all right actually stinking granny one I’ve made my place there
night man Lord say they starting to want us to play these games previously that
we haven’t played before and random saying they got an atom I’ve been
watching out to see if there’s been any ads I haven’t seen any so did you get
the add random during this stream like on the actual strain and if so what kind
of AD was it was that the one that’s the clickable one clickable I mean you know
yeah they pop up and you can click it off whether it’s a cut in the accent
because I’m I have to tell you at stinky on my on my fine now the game and yes I
know it’s nothing to do with our channel then is what he’s telling me you know that happened is it in progress
no okay that’s good in fact you can see it right now if you wanted to tell you
I’m a new species idea that’s fine everyone starts somewhere you play
something for the first time I’d do anything for the first time everyone’s a
move it’s like people who used to say that sort of thing when I’d go surfing
well you you went and caught a massive wave the first time you went out did you
rate it all the way into the shore riding the shoulder like there is no
tomorrow Steph in terms there 30 wins for he’s
saying 30 wins nobody help you buddy there could run your stinky you like a
little medic running around during one of the wars isn’t it stink we don’t mind
playing with noobs to Xavier and total needs ourselves and virtually
every game you’ll ever see is play play see does become an expert after a while
I just think he’s still adopting the philosophy I’m just gonna shoot it
everyone review kind of worked out oh yeah get the sniper says Savior yes
because you’re good at sniping you want the cyber is not it’s not good in this
one why not you can’t really do anything how many things you allowed to old at
the same time he’s shooting at something you’re shooting at something nice shit
man takes pranks nah mate that’s not bad stinking legs numb right sticky that’s
pretty good we just want tell them that there is a match right I thought you’re
doing all right stink what happened no I don’t know I’m not very good they be
saying I don’t know and these seems like your kind of game running around in
circles shooting you’re an expert for this game for some reason for me is it
not like brawl stars there are so many game that’s kind of like this I think
the one I like most is the lego pixel gun we’ve been asked to play that again
well that’s actually part of the reason why I chose this is one of the
subscriber requests you can see that it looks kind of different no see
these people it’s just so small ah that’s the enemy pretty small I must
admit I got 1193 cracks said you know what that means points may be points in
the game but I’m guessing that’s very good made distinct pants and six
I think I saw enemy somewhere running around here I mean how do you tell the
difference between an enemy and an ally now I can see that there is no circle no
circle for enemy hmm right whereas if it’s any colored circle all right so you is shooting in your
allies before yeah nice one Barker X is saying they go 1193 wins
we need crow X in the team are they in the team at the moment we know him then
I’d be so cuz I’d be saying stick close to coax you stick to him like glue you
can’t go wrong account back in the stream Oh Z amended now I’m yeah ah say
where we play Cain second second dates we are what second choice to backup
option when the first ones no good Cain tends to us it’s like yeah well I
guess so you know I don’t think I watched that Brad Pitt movie today I
think I understand what’s he talking about instead but then 35 clerics is
that the kar kar 99 is their favorite gun and Xavier is also saying get the
car 99 did you get the KR 99 that’s three people waiting for that
particular gum me and Kane why you’re wanting us to do identity 5 again
where’s the attraction mer you’ve got that we’ve got the granny you he’s got
the pixel gun PU BG they’re wanting some repeats thinking can you do that yeah
you go beyond just streaming in your game the shame that I can’t call you
would leave anymore I’ve got to call you an expert after
that no answer from stinky put out after this strain don’t forget to comment on
my video made no worries don’t advertise yourself modern you should know you
better I don’t mind it’s kind but yeah sorry I’ve been a little bit slack this
last week there’s been lots of stuff happening including I can’t believe
they’re non-eventful lose the new celebration that stink pad should
advertise I said monetization you’re like yep they came in number 5 not bad
at all okay let’s read that already it’s fun I play it now please play minecraft
well I looked at that earlier today as well because I have a Minecraft but I
don’t have the minecraft just gotta pay pay for that unless you use randoms way
around it but you can play minecraft but it looks like it’s a vertical game but
Aras onto one from memory because I was actually tempted to do that today I
don’t think I’m advertising fair enough Kane I’m gonna say three kids been
getting advert I getting advertising revenues thinking swing like yeah when
is the musical challenge fine xavius says at me so ok I guess random zeiss to the Romans AV is
sorry just bear with us now we will definitely add you as soon as possible
let us know what the profile name is etc when is the musical challenge I’m not so
sure how many more weeks have we got stinky we’ve never got a few more weeks
before we gonna be unavailable for a little bit so I’m not so sure even gonna
get a musical I’d really like to do one the musical challenge before we’re
unavailable or a while we can’t do any streaming but that requires a bit of
work on stink pants as part and it was hard enough just to get her out of bed
for the third time this morning that’s right folks counted three times I tried
to get her up but I told Yeti to get it free yes this is true we still might
have to do it what do you think stinky why are you 2022 a Minecraft strain it’s
all the rage they really need some help with that do it next month okay I’m your
new manager my name is Bobby chambers Howie we’ve got a new manager Bobby
chambers awesome go and get us some more subscribers and views it’s all about the
views now isn’t it sting I got a golden gun at me please save your attorney no I
just saw that there is a message there was I had the option to show get the car
99 they’ve said again the best one say put up that profile again and then if
one of the mods can just allow it so then we can add xaviar for the next
battle you’re gonna send I miss and playing with the kids
thinking this character looks like a kid now the guy he shouldn’t be battling
away as opposed to making little sand castles in the sand still my comment
from the stinky you have a great sidekick you are stink pants you know if
we were ever in a movie together it it’d be awesome you know why because
you get paid per line per word per sentence I’ll be making a fortune stinky
you on the other hand that’s right gets nothing
yeah heart is beating 20 20 beats a minute and the big bed 2020 team 2020
the good new 2020 I have no idea what Kane is talking about said me rot said
the word a word I didn’t say yeah where did I what is the a word no such thing
yeah you know yeah I said anything you might just be trying to prank me again
oh man doesn’t mind doing it but you have anyone to find something funny your
enemy number six this time you’re pretty consistent they stink top
now Xavier wants you to add him how can I do that
isn’t that social friends because I’m still at the war at the moment I can’t
move to squat for some reason does this to me only team leaders so I’m not team
leader it’s random and don’t have to act random here we go
my name is phase ninja can you add them now as a friendly phase underscored
ninja like subscribe comment hit notifications we never say that you know
that’s thinking now I have a next stream to look at that he’s playing identity 5
your arch nemesis is now leaving I can’t believe Caine’s doing it again
why he’s leaving our stream for another one because he wants to see identity 5
we got competition now cainy see me well is and the dld stinky
yeah you don’t hopefully picking up new ones and if you try dating phase ninja
2061 stink no it’s not me it has to be random he’s the team leader
Piquet Adam his friends we can yeah we already have enough competition came we
made virtually every deal Gaea that we can get to come and stay in our streams
they give us our little boost competition he says arch-nemesis he says
what have we done what have we done to upset Cain Savior accept me say then ok
so they’re sorting it out between them now look he can have a team of all
players that we know from the stream right say it don’t spray it
amazing how she kept these stranded here what are you gonna tack you me up what’s
happening yeah while we’re waiting for this stuff is what did I have one
sandwich not one not just one less thing yes if everybody was here I’d be all up
and over saying hey Evan II guess they’re at a Vegemite sandwich she’s
always telling you to have a Vegemite sandwich don’t like it you loved it
all right everybody you made it to Bay you’re gonna have to remind me to tell
her the next time she shows up I have any guess they had a Vegemite sandwich
should i press get ready so let us know Xavier or random should
she be accepting to get ready battle now because they were sorting up petting
each other before getting there and then I think he’s saying yes sir he’s not
saying yes oh no I think they’d still are you
trying dad each other are you telling us to stop the guy I think it’s random who
gonna stop the game he’s the leader so good old later random doing a stretch
there are you stinky well what don’t believe me there is the old rat bag here
or not here so I’m still what yeah only I can stop
the game so I’m just basically sitting here waiting at the moment there’s
something to happen Oh Mike you gotta invite Xavier to marry so we’re almost there just waiting for
the crew to get organized super exciting to play people live back in the old days
your old uncle put up couldn’t play games live with people what are you
talking about what planet are you from was all about Atari and Gameboy and play
with you you mate that sits next to you you both got consoles and canes back
again yes we’ve missed he gained okay at the moment I’ve gotten a stink pants
sitting by my side people are being relatively quiet in the chat off trying
to organize the next game while I’m sitting here with a non movable scream
and say again got old Damian right yes I’m pretty sure I just accepted a yes to
that what are we space today now should I be
pressing all of these buttons that’ll put out stink pants that’s twice of
pressed yes get ready Butler came made squats heavy
a knife that’s happened already or not because I’ve had an invite twice and
I’ve said yes both times I guess you can just press up off you don’t see me
Topsy’s another one I do not know what I still there is but I’m about to find out think he’s aiding vegemite she did
absent Vegemite today came literally didn’t you I said they’re all watch it
no it’s better my loved it I don’t like it
nice toffee in the frypan what do you eat
you like olives tell you this salty what do you hope and Chinese I don’t show the
shrimp three depends on what kind fish sauce that’s salty you don’t eat that
fish solder you put it as condiment at least your David with something
something the condiments you have with your fish sauce came saying ate the
whole jar no more than enough she stole my sandwich because she found out after
the fact he said he that that sandwich is yours this one’s mine because I’ve
never eaten it before turns out it was Vegemite so then you stole off my
sandwich didn’t you stink pants sandwich thief and the one who brought it then
gave me that delicious scrumptious delectable fine dining experience
there a Vegemite sandwich like that one I thought that was alright I know one
channel that got swatted two times but it was a nice three policeman yeah it’s
people just shouldn’t do that at all it’s very dangerous
puts people’s lives at risk thing you think stink anything you should SWAT as
a fly for annoying you when you try and eat some food like I’m gonna eat these
soft custom a lotta whatever their heck is is you just pick away take away to
get something banana yeah I know no flavor his ad is
saying next game invite me I think it’s randoms the one that’s in
control of all of this at the moment whoever’s got the squatter happening if
they stinky knows how to get a squat happening then you could do it as well
gamers have been swatted – Peter don’t worry I don’t think I don’t think they
can to be perfectly honest because what are we we don’t have a SWAT and I’m
thinking that the closest thing to that would be the tactical emergency response
team squad something like that and they’re not going to I had to be careful
about how I was going to suck you that still have to be careful I would find a
very strange if Australian government or law enforcement would take us what
seriously unless they had some real evidence of ongoing criminal activity
that’s just my opinion though who knows maybe someone will gets what at any one
day hope not how do you feel pretty good very soft very Manari they need paid out surgery well that’s
true too I don’t know they just I’ve never heard of it happening here have
you you made this wedding in America where some a lot of tame and I’m kind of
sincere because what you’ve got FBI you’ve got CIA you go I’m I can tell
what’s the different they do have different roles I guess within the place
force again it’s not something the way really heavy up with this weddings like
that you know emergency response team they get in there and they blast down
your door they do John which one is this swatting what day someone will ring up
and say there’s been a bomb threat or some kind of you know domestic
disturbance occurring at this address you may descend people now and then it’s
not just sending police officers over they come fully geared up in their riot
gear and heavy weapons and so on and they will do they will they’ll break
down your door and say this is SWAT we’ve been called
how about FBI if I be Oh whatever FBI so that’s like a my understanding uses the
step above like the normal police in America and I don’t know if they have a
federal police system as well or if the FBI is the federal police system because
for us we just have you know the feds Australian Federal Police so we don’t
have that maybe that’s it out on a it’s again showing my ignorance with the law
and order system in America are you gonna after let it say when we can stop
battling again guys I used to be quite a white there say I don’t know it all of those I and a
troll kept putting right so that happened to us before as well kami if
you can remember I think you’re in that stream so vo do you know what is his
name no but random keeps things a B is
offline so they Eddie expect this to invite you
if you’re not online who’s there Luke Luke who loop through the peephole and
find out you get that one stinking but this can eat this entire cake army I’m
I’m not not knock knock who’s this thinking that’s pain who’s there cane Annie Annie who anything you can do I
can do to you anything Annie oh I just think I gotta explain every
Jake Taylor but I might finish the whole thing okay
I’m impressed for that purchase they stink and again we’re waiting like bear
in mind guys we’re doing a livestream see we’ve got a gonna get some sort of
action happening you can’t sit here and do nothing waiting for people for too
long so they’re saying they’re offline to each other
stinky or not I have to say that random is on line cuz we’re in his squat at the
moment so maybe you guys can sort out Xavier why he’s struggling a little bit
there the old soundtrack has ended so just start that again stick here you’ve
disappeared where have you gone bring the old stink of fire back and then let
us know when we’re ready to battle so I can see yes random you’re online I’ll
just go wait for someone to say to me press Start you’re wanting me to press
stop yet or not stay pants I’m waiting for you well no one’s no one’s telling
me to press start yet okay to the gears beside you play name on the top so looks like random is trying to help
Savior there get into the right area again guys like bear in mind it’s a live
stream I can’t have stink pants sitting around for too long doing nothing looks
like you’re in again we’re your buddies you caught up with a few buddies last
night yeah we went to I think it’s more like a Cantonese to be more specific not
just Chinese but they got enemies working there as well the restaurant
duck bacon duck a treat cause back hit him there with a three course nobody’s
tree costs for doc so you start with picking back with rolls yep the wrapping
wrapping and then you will they will use some of the shredded meat you know you
order one whole duck and then later slice the meaty part with the crispy
skin for you to do the wrap first so that you are one the first course and
then they use the rest shredding made for stir-fry noodles hey Dad damn turn
you can choose noodle or AMI yes and then they use the rest including
the bones for make a soup the guy in Cannes asking what’s a duck taste like
he’s never had it what you’re missing some things yeah the fact you gotta
experience all manner of foul you got a duck you got a tacky
you got a goose good a chicken their course is just similar to doc it’s just
because you’re preparing fractionating have you had it mm-hmm have all I had it
I don’t know if I’ve had goose I’d like to try it better than Turkey well it
depends on it’s prepared to pity if you’ve never you gotta have a peek
doc you really do good the sauce is pretty good if you’ve not at a Peking
Duck guys highly recommend it go for the three-course one if you can to course if
you can’t well just go for the meat on rice or just made on rice but try and
try and get the whole works if you can but darn i ileana is yeah la how are you
it’s good to see you in the stream welcome to the the new year as well I
hope you had a good Happy New Year festivities and celebrations and also if
you still they’re very curious to know whether you play this game you know I
was about to say brawl stars which isn’t right at all battle lands royale and
casts that random said that they just won by the enemy too which is not good
we three had our turkey late this here came so I’ve still got some in the
fridge I’ll be eating some of that today I guess cuz stink pants won’t let me
have here comes the e cups again every strain but not like clockwork
just the same step and when it’s ready DAP and he’s a mint stinky you’re a dead
Diggy he’s still doing all right and it looks like you got a more powerful
weapon than before looks like you weapons like this one
yeah you’re getting there stinky yeah use that weapon to its absolute
extremities get it happen in the stink cue me my wife I says idea so they bids
a view is he mad game I thought maybe he using either I’m a bought Wi-Fi
on the pot I don’t understand the bot things these days you know your old
uncle broom is no good at that stuff I mean Peter Mata Bremer defeated where
did you end up number seven pretty good no dad I LA’s I’m just gonna say sorry
because double X said qck it’s like I’m getting an eye test welcome to the
stream it’s good to see or random can copy that faster than I could say it do
you play this game battle lands royale you guys killed me oh oh is he someone
that we’d actually played it in the game so maybe it was someone that was in the
game yeah but maybe your team is winning overall demeaning this game sorry or is
it in a different game you’re talking about because if it’s clash of clans I
can understand that well actually any other game where we
get Terran carried no is you so maybe it was someone in the team very nice that’s
where you get being a battle royale battle ends royale specialist this game
says a be saying there in the lobby again are you already in the game you do
have your team move have many 505 it does seem to take your beautiful eyes a
ssin doesn’t it imagine if you went doing a YouTube livestream marriage
organized to get into a live game with people with your online buddy
he’s think he says I don’t have a clue I’m coming to you say I flee well I’ll
take stink pants would take credit for it if you did the killing him the
previous game but probably wasn’t you was it maybe you can you can shoot ya
like have you worked that out yet to see you random you say main they’re all mine
during this game and does it have like a corner map where you can see where the
enemy areas could go and find them me but he’s here that’s how you play it
stinky running around in circles so you Oh
once you lazy weapon ders become a bit of a fistfight is that our works match
him that number eight out of here mini right again well done stinking what do
you think is that say it’s a pretty fun game it looks like worthwhile of an
extended stream or another cap short stream I don’t like the wheel from this
game as much it’s better when a knife is okay yeah it’s okay
first-person one isn’t it we can like it’s almost like you’re there as a place
to looking down as the crow flies it’s a very important prescient of a cry
but an impression of a crying on the lathe laced let’s uh huh I’ll distinct
us gee I tell you up to whatever that cake was it’s giving me appetite for
more what potatoes Amal you know what kind of fool it does make kind of
forbidden for my friend told me that it’s a lot of egg cake that’s that’s why
he’s called customer I put a lot of aching they didn’t have any eggs were
they put in a cake that size G I don’t think she know exactly you asked me how
much I’d be curious tonight they have other flavor as well you like it I like
he now I’m a big concern he is thinking I’ve not seen a single ad if he seemed
too biased rain and everyone’s to pour tea uses super chat and the super stick
is it’s just because they aren’t saying anything you pick up some weapon there I’d like
to see if this the problem is I can’t test it let’s see what happens if I do
that ah that’s done Herod today they’re
stinking Oh area gonna shrink nothing happened I’m gonna have to
refresh the page again how you doing there stinky found someone
this baby is back in the lobby again but you’re in the game
I mean there it’s ran concentrating – yeah she’s artists
thinking Xavier died they said but you’re still in there right numb by it
again well done you’re in the top ten I’m so persistent at the number eight I
don’t want to be this consistent that was me against is sorry say I’m not too
sure he’s killing are you in that but given that you’re the one that’s dying
maybe it’s not you doing that taking you out of the enemy
you’re not smiting anyone’s thinking you know again let’s see if we can be eighth
place Adam eight nine four seven you can do it sticky I’m a firm believer
then you were seventh place getting capabilities
I killed phase ninja say did they must be something you must be able to work
out here yeah either on the enemy or the friends team or we both look I have a
feeling that sorry I don’t know I begin with did I tell you that came up in the
search terms for a channel so he got that much is that I don’t know why doing
the commentary causes it cuz I can talk to you and I need up that much you sure
why don’t talk to you that much isn’t it a little statue going in again
getting their stinky seventh place that’ll be the manchild ah he got in
second place before my kills phase needs their on our team are more confused now
tinsel is pressing the dollies Alexandre Mendoza
all that comest I think that’s Portuguese we’ll find out all that
comment start we’ll find out Spanish please bear with me you have custom
rooms yes we have how do I say that yes we have just bear with me
look at this guy when he walked there as a dice what happenes an ELC didn’t get
to say anything I’m going with the group’s yeah why are
you guys going I’m going that’s what you do you use them is mate
shields then it makes you look good at the end if you let’s turn I’m actually
the meteor for him that’s what I believe that’s why I’m not always number eight
because you’re the made shield oh he ain’t comes what’s that the big wall
right now you don’t have big boss in this thing all day stinking ass no big
boss in this game why is that cutting you out so much not sure what’s
happening with the the soundtrack at the moment they’re stinky you know cutting
in and out like stinky running in and out of the enemy that’s what she does
and random is back again what what foot panama’s in these guys yeah he’s in here
growling look at you guys stinky getting your
aims gotten better over there the top course of time that looks like it you
smite your enemy like crazy that time that’s it
wait you’re not gonna be my Firefox crashes yeah I’m not too sure if we’re
having an issue here as well it seems like there things aren’t running run
team revive me says random Leia gay ah she died trying to revive you random
what a heavy not time Daniel afraid look at you top three stinking he becoming
that absolute aficionado master mastery of the gloves of this game I was wrong I
might say what’s the moral of the story do you do you leave your teammates
behind but do you try and revive them and die in the process why not I can
make it I never leave you vine in Call of Gd because you can’t win by everybody that’s what happens I’ve revived you and
that’s how ax and Xavier says so no they need to get his sleep well thank you for
staying as long as you did it was great playing live with you as well awesome to
see mid-afternoon for us at the moment what’s your ID the four digit tag
I was with y’all well we’ll do it again we’ve still got we tend to make the
streams around the two-hour mark play the last two
the air and a half mark there yeah but they were cut short hopefully we’ll see
you again Xavier he played lots of new games as noobs and always enjoy getting
instructions from people that actually know how to play so and I never say this
insane should I get into the habit of saying hey don’t you forget to press
that like get that subscriber notification bell with all the
notifications on but you’re ten years a bad luck but if you do it you get twenty
years good luck all right good night guys did you know like the way I slip that in
there finally after an air and a half of straining to say have you get to stay in
touch you bet Subscribe up you need to go to
sleep smash that like button don’t forget to press them you make it I like
them subbed artwork Thank You Xavier much appreciated
I’d like just about every other youtuber out there we never say it and maybe we
should say it more and another one thank you sorry
well maybe we should say it more well that night I’m gonna say hey have you
guys noticed that we’ve got super chat enabled now have you seen that see if
see that dollar sign there press that dollar sign if you press that dollar
sign in the live chat you can send the sticker or you can do the super chat now
I’m not gonna do it cuz I’ve tried twice already
and it won’t plane let me do anything after that then super chat like
highlights messages there so yeah you can write a message boutots
stinks ah and stink pants pees and then it’s true yeah like him denied the
message kind but did he hang on Kenny so I can donate them they hang on it’s
Kazama maybe get out of these part of the chat there
there’s a new supply drop and one you dream again thank you I can donate them
now online ad 600 bucks just tell me your address Kane they’d
raise my hopes there that would be like a month’s worth of pizza that more than
a month’s worth so we’ll be happy to accept the donation Kane is what I’m
saying that’s a lot of pepperoni pizza or getting mad or capriccioso Kapla cosa super chat and you’ll get 1 million v
bucks I don’t even know what these vegan V bucks are who don’t read my comment my
big comment I did deny super chat and you’ll get she’s under bucks just to
tell me your address I’m not gonna what do you call it doc
Doc’s myself but having said that yes we would do welcome any the very first
cyber super chat or stick out that we have again will be a moment I’ll never
forget stinking if it happens just like can I can I go on a little story about
what happens while you’re asleep and when everything I’m not sure which one
you’re talking about their kind there’s a lot of comments up there from you
that’s a sure which ones which maybe just copy and paste it again so I can
read it there and ceasing here is all all about you
know first of January started the year what was gonna happen and we got three
you ever may still haven’t made any money yet you still can’t get the join
button on the channel I thought we qualified turns out we may
not but I gotta look into it oh my god that’s a lot of enemies smiling that’s a
lot o area shrinking and shrinking oh my next-door neighbor comment that
narrows it down my next-door neighbor is so nice that I’m Christmas Eve e Eve she
gave us tamales and the other day she gave us a platter of cooked
what is tamale tamale I think is like that correct me if I’m wrong here is man
are you probably right but I believe it Smiley’s like a fried – burrito I think
so you know yeah we have like out tacos or whatever but they fry it okay or
moppy a fried taco I mean maybe someone can clarify that
for me and say tamale she gave us a platter of cooked to the day before that
she gave his brownies and cookies and popcorn well why don’t we have a
next-door neighbor like that that makes me popcorn and tamale and cookies and
brownies our neighbor delivery’s yeah like that next door
neighbor was get very sweaty goodness but five five nights a week I don’t know
but I think they are better these day I saw them going to like
supermarket more really what we show on bags yeah walk out and walk in with the
shopping back look up tamales it’s a Mexican dish and what after there bein
say quiet in the chat today Oh Mexican beach that’s your face I like the
Mexican you know I like the Mexican you love Mexican I’m not sure it’s like
without it smiley before but that’s the thing there’s so many Mexican dishes I
am yet to try mm-hmm because there’s a lot of stuff that isn’t available here
for a stop I understand Australia is a very far away rural area in the world
yeah so isolate that island continent
whatever this is all true and to bring bring up previous topic did you hear
about that on a bit random said be right back on my hungry okay so I’m going
sorry funny first in that one nice one guys
ah to bring up there did you hear about the bush fires now in Victoria yeah the
hate are we yeah I actually saw that this morning when I wake up but they’re
13 town so far forced evacuation yeah not not really Aires that I’m that
familiar with well there’s the tamales pork tamales Rao’s
my qb8 and some of that I’ll try just to be out anything Mexican I think and I
probably like got a walked oh you can’t go wrong well it looks a little bit like
to fill a yellow your pastry little bit and I wouldn’t say that that’s what I
was thinking it tamale was no we’re gonna have to try one of these one day
stink need to go to Mexico okay and everywhere else where they said sure oh
it’s wrapped with a corn husk and be all up in that they mine things wrapped in
stuff like a Christmas present you know or sticky rice that’s wrapped in
something isn’t it wrapped in a banana leaf some kind of bamboo leaf or even
better yet something that’s been by the pit roasted or you know over the fire
roasted that’s been wrapped in some sort of smoky wood flavor that imparts that
flavor into the meat like a Hickory kid you do hickey Hickory wrapped pork ribs
honor campfire Te’o’s he’s coming up with all kinds of crazy stuff at the
moment I date that but knees think but donate the corn ask take it off enjoy
what’s in them at all what about wrapping it in something that
you can enjoy like a vine leaf and then wrap it in a corn husk no I’m making
myself salivate there’s my delicious delicious meals oh well a we’ve got
another one joining it the stream I am a live I let me hello how are you
it’s nice to meet you I think it may be your first time yeah say D played battle
lands well at the moment we’ve got team move I think maybe half the people that
are in the live chat at the moment actually in the game to you well it
looks like Xavier might be leaving now wait and see he did say that before as
well we are getting closer to the two-hour mark for the stream so Monica a
40 much longer and in my live I says yes they do play the game so it’s up to you
if you want to try and carry us if you want to try and carry stink pants on
your back to a victory if we actually had a victory today
I have no idea five hundred and sixty four wins in our lab eyes God how many
means of you got stanked I don’t think I have any wins okay like zero how do you
shake that I don’t know grant even I had a check how many wins we’ve got maybe
that’s for the best can i play with toys yeah and I’d say
why you can’t but only if you mean can you play with us which you can let me
carry you Ellie yay say have you gotten any better at adding people or getting
and dad you because it has taken a little while to get these things to be
added but just let us say if you want to do that and we’ll do that as well and
now with Shandra Mendoza’s back hang on I’ve gotta do the Google Translate just
bear with me let’s go for the English there maybe you gravel I think that
means leave it’s probably just that the translation
is not great but let’s see if that works it’s like I’m talking ah yeah you’re
right cana was Spanish and I think they were asking where do we live but it said
where do you grapple and m/l live I said that they’ve added you as well you’re a
team that game or um in the solo mode at the moment um random set it up before M
our lever and I believe they’re in the Australia region server
Australian server unless that’s changed but there is actually one of the other
people in the live stream that’s well there you go randoms back so he might be
able to tell you what’s over there in yeah it’s Tralee at ego what do you say
to that stinky what I’m saying I have to run away from the area shrinking you run
away there they came after this game except mine
right and invite me so they got another one
they like these multiplayer games stinky getting their play life with people it’s
enjoyable mm-hmm adds to the old interactive live interactive experience
oh that you already yep but you warned them our live oh you
got some carrying today you better have some strong shoulders tough little tree
trunk legs stink pants are you saying you know I hope you win I can be a meet
you I run in front you guys at the back but don’t I have any mods I have keys in
some channels I have mine too sure what you mean there I’m done with playing
I’ll watch now okay accept my request and invite me I killed you again see
sorry sorry not sorry sorry not sorry okay so I think you’re at the point em
I’ll live I at the accept request hood I don’t question with had the body and
your old buddy system ah Kane said he’s gonna go do a cwl I
gotta do my CW our legs start obey me at clash of clans ease em I’ll live ice is
white yeah deep towards the end of the last season I had enough you just get to
the point if you’re gonna get forced to play something too much you don’t want
to do it anymore hey my liver is still saying wait looks
like you’re in from the sorry sorry not sorry
JJ I’m killing all these teammates we couldn’t do that is that the story can
we count friendly fire I’m not so sure what I’m doing
looks like okay social yep already accepted already except that it looks
like a mile away what finally yeah what happened to your plan is sticking around
everyone else I thought those you planned that you
just can all hide behind everyone else oh I can sacrifice elf as a me to you
paint shield mate shield who wants you to get better the ninth place or seventh
even that same for the almighty six I was number two before I don’t know how
always the first game that I play solo what and then I never get that high ever
I did you’re a silver medalist all right guys we ready to go no Aris nightmare
can mean I dress in white hey you’re the one doing all the invites now oh because
I already at Levi’s that’s what you wanted to do
so you do have more teammates in there at the moment
oh I already in white sorry but I don’t know what’s going on I’m a levy said I
added you again I already have Emma here as the bodies I just can’t put Emma in
here I can invite for some reason this is a limited numbers no it’s the squat
can you get more than one for sure what’s these news no need press the tick
him I’ll live he said maybe she maybe she’s I’m not sure I’m
not sure maybe they try to invite me instead say we’re getting into the next
guy now he’s a guys or because I’m not too sure I didn’t say it tick there
either for em I’ll live I gets the man you do
this thing oh you’re getting sleepy already atcha make it tear a little bit
everyone just go offline or maybe they play already it does seem a little bit
hard to organize doesn’t mean you get there it’s not that difficult but it
just does seem a bit odd compared to some of these other multiplayer games it
just seemed really easy online so where is everybody that’s from the chat that’s
wanting to play well none of them is showing online
all right Stinky’s gonna say I’ll close the game then open it again I’ll live he
was saying oh no we can’t sort of close the game and open it mid mid stream
though I don’t think ok because if you do that it’s gonna you might end up
cutting this stream that own a fur said me you know ain’t you gotta delete swipe
up the game then enter it again okay so don’t know if that would be a good thing
to do because I can’t see you restart your game well that’s the problem of our
levee that if we restart the game we might lose this stream I’m not too sure
a date doesn’t look like that it’s problem in your end is it stinky
I don’t know I think we are fine I can see sorry here already but he’s out
already in oh I can invite Emma whoa hey you guy you’re in that look like we’re
all good Belle I know I kind of find sorry but I think we have to go now all
right we’re in and looks like we’re gonna do it
and Kane got a t-star and he’s right it’s is still pretty good I think that’s
good better than a 1 star or a nice day I need one star last time I did a nice
die from not attacking which is not good that’s the worst the Westers yeah why
why poor dog need an attack because I was waiting waiting for everyone else to
attack my cake telling them to get in there Ellie and late I do it not wait
I’m not anymore just get it out of the right straight off to the stream I’m
gonna get Milan out of the ride EW stinky no they come in haven’t decided
nothing anything double negatives just say bad you doing all right they stink
he he get into seventh place this time but ste better than eight out of eight I
don’t know yeah I bind you find your buddies and I bind them that’s the
objective of the game and then shoot him in the back if it’s a battle royale for
a single win player and keep your hi-hat you got to keep you eye out for sorry
not sorry is I’ll show you in the back no problem we found eating mates yet nope you’re
running around in circles on your own collecting loot items that’s not a bad
thing either so you just walk past one I’m looking at the oldest screen there that looks like the knighthood gets back
again should I be brushing him away with a big
dream saying get out of here you no longer welcome is a little rat bags
boyfriend well he’s not the boyfriend anymore and damn tootin the way they
fight they like an old married nemesis couple we wouldn’t know anything about
that would we stink what what happened to you lice again I
can’t even find my teammate just yet I said what they separate us and I can’t
find anyone near me where’s the wrapping you know I’ll be back you stay there
not even fast by the sound of it yes he’s fast by the sound of the
neighborhood jet chasing down though you sting me like you did did you get the
broom this morning or you didn’t you did I don’t I’m just like running to us go
away go away go away and did he jump the fence so the objective is to get him
over that fence there Robin come the driveway why this must be
friend it’s gonna be outta to getting back up the driveway well ideally you
probably do want to do that to say ma’am this is not your territory
what if McClellan’s here as well how I tell you they’re also asking can we play
say that’s Eve fine if you can get this organized quickly cuz we’ve been
struggling a little bit to get players online but just either invite us or have
us invite you you’re quite well-versed at that now
aren’t you stinky I think it might be the first time in the stream for Ted
McClellan so welcome to this dream don’t forget to like subscribe comment
what’s all of the other stuff they all say smack smack but my bike kiss the
like button smooch up to the subscribe button
keep the subscribe if the notifications bell a big fat argue with all
notifications on don’t forget the match when we get that no one’s done the super
chat order the stickers yet I guess that’ll be a long time coming sorry my
phone turned off let’s do G ways well Ted I think wants to join us as well if
they’re still there so it might be another request me send me a quick
friend requests and I can just accept and at you in if you want
Oh looks like sorry want to be a leader no I don’t know what’s going on anyway says someone else’s squad later that’s
organizing this particular girl at least they have to add me or send me some ID Wallis again I have no idea what
happened on that last one hahaha miss a title noobs well it’s almost ours so
okay alright say my kid what one or two Maureen metal Derrick tears pretty good
today’s and it maybe stretch it out too much not anymore we don’t need to
stretch out our watch time arrows anymore still have to because you won
more money know how to get to 4,000 watch ads yeah they’re edible it took
ages to do that then you lose them every month pick more
up every month it’s a very high you need the target before there was 10,000 views
there is a lot no we’ve got to get monetized he just needed 10,000 views
we’ve got almost 200,000 on our stinky let me just get monetized but thank you
YouTube much appreciated you did it that quick hey it only took them five days
there’s been people waited months if not years so now you’re just gonna ramp it
all up a little bit take it to the next level see if anyone will buy our
rubbishy merchandise cuz that’s where the big bucks are with the boot up and
the stink pants God and all safe to check out the copyright infringement
stuff too stinky kids I got a message saying that people have been using our
material yes your gameplay is masterful people online take one look at that Bell
say look there stink pants playing well made the gamer girl stink pants she’s
world famous ahh world famous for being able to put on a
performance we a brand new game that she’s never seen
before shoved in front of her face for a live stream
how many game the girls on the planet do that and I’m tweeting the stink pants
not that Benny I think they chat list because they when they’re playing live
with you that must be out of the chat but there makes my main I come into
general I may be coming to you whether we daughter and you just talk rubbish
anyway good IFC because I can barely get away it out of you stink aid because
that’s what the story is and congratulations you’ve made it to the
two-hour mark now and you’re still alive and still in eighth place huh it was
seventh place possibly also didn’t tell you saying is I’m basically talking to
myself at this point that one of our videos was what do you call it
restricting the monetization what you wanna have a guess which one restrict it
yeah why is that but the the material is deemed not
suitable for all that vert eise’s Oh which one yeah that’s what I’m saying do
you name each one I have no idea so I’m just gonna straight-out tell ya uh-huh
Friday the 13th that really because you didn’t even set the goal Italy to that
was it he said it to mature or something it wasn’t the really bad one sir might
find to I read that already I young a young to a couple are you two a couple I
think that’s what sorry is asking we’re a couple of arch-nemesis now he she’s my
mortal enemy stink dances put up wake up one day and realize that
you have friends in this world you have sidekicks in this world and then you
have enemies your arts nemesis that series an extinct pants still no answer
from the stink cancer concentrating yes I was asking that say hopefully that
answered the question you could probably tell just from the way we speak to each
other complete not our arch-nemesis that’s his
stinky and randoms back again welcome back random I want to show you how long
this stream will go on for at this point though because we are past the two-hour
mark and I’ll plead out he’s means he’s afternoon not these days he’s getting
better hold my team it’s still there but I’m dead
so you are made shield this time what if I’m free number two well it’s pretty awesome lucky lucky nothing look at the skills
of the P don’t stink pants dlg and everyone else that seen your little team
there what do you say stinking good teammate good teammates indeed high five high five say they can hear it
ha ah Vania guy hey zi for owl there’s a high
five for yeah you did slap happy slap what’s that mean they just waiting for
waiting for your buddies oh you’ll be white no long
isn’t it stinky lulz again it’s pain laws all these strengths today that
happened I got up so early this morning yeah did all of that background work
right to try and get the you know she be checked and everything set up for the
bike check and no one’s used it good not money I had him safe before Kate and
random void ah they got safe of chatting I you know I don’t know if was kinda
random but there’s two of them anyway yeah they got to all of these they’re
monetizing awesome they got the secret chatter awesome kitty I don’t have any
money yeah me too that makes three for me
we’re all break leave that says M our live a so I guess you got to get out of
that your phrasing what again think that’s what he’s saying leave that okay
I was just in white these two are you doing the invites now again this
might be the last time this is kind you are excused and pardoned with my
blessing okay forth and conquer battle up your
now battle lands extremely you wonder on this answer nod and I people say you’re
pretty good at you gaming I depends on what kind of games this one not so much
poppin means popping me sir you just can’t push away your British lady is
that a quite for me my view is the Queen of England speaking
to someone lining up tomato you cannot push a English lady away like that I was
thinking of doing my female like saying you know what I’ve come to realize what
you don’t have female accent oh that’s like granny that’s all right like a
granny oh I can’t do a young like my old woman voice I am the queen says cane
indeed sir indeed how you finding that new hero does anyone think it’s awesome
not awesome okay it’s pretty good FIFA Knight is here from the clan like
Cohen from the sting pants welcome Ethan ADA we’re probably not going to be
streaming for that much longer unfortunately
but remain at it for a couple of hours already
you sound like an evil witch says Kane Ethan ated giblet says they came and
nothing from the sting pants say thank you for joining Ethan ater it’s a
special strain for us he says why do I keep for painting things partly because
I’m tired but partly because I’m proud am I allowed to be proud of these
moments think pants not every channel gets monetized
well actually I really made the check the statistics after 28 days just see if
they’ve allowed us to make any any money yeah I had to bring the parents to buy
so you hear the designated driver a tornado I wanted to go and have a few
drinks today but made it a taxi stink pants knows all about that don’t you hi
after work you’re looking for a taxi come pick me up from here there and
everywhere I watched the video and these guys I got punched in the giblets and he
spent seven minutes on the floor and don’t is back welcome back go and they
had seemed to come and go if we stream long enough the people that were there
at the start will come back sometimes sometime but it’s good for views it
means it you know if they come gay come go but then again if they come and stay
and then that’s better for watch time so who knows got a 90% one star of my
attack the Queen’s oh I hear ya you’re on a year Ethan eight is war story
because you had one the other day I got 90 percent one star on my attack because
my Queen had to go around and not in isn’t that typical of the Queen and the
king and every other euro they all do it but glad that you attacked and also
sorry for not using my first ah there a dirt you’re gonna make it you
get there here we go come on team it G feel like a pop to blood vessel trying
to put on that voice but I came back to say good night they can I pray I was a
pleasure parley with today are we one number one
we don’t win a chicken dinner stinky Oh finally we wean nice Swami
after how many times today for two hours hey you’re a noob that’s the way I say
say everything your and they’ve been looking here we know there’s an urban
big game said sorry well done look at you you’re champion now everyone’s saying good game to you
stinking you monster game Miguel lunch oh yes that’s it should we let them in
on the sacred now don’t in the high note keep going Suzie tomato what you’re a
guy do you guys wanna good these guys already for sure say did you one always
saying playing invite again Oh still offline you’re all offline and we can’t
invite you because they they were so disturbed at the fact that stink pants
came number one didn’t you know three more helpers play these more please
we’ll play a little bit more bid again you guys I have to get organized
yeah well so it stink pants has to get organized it looks like make the stream
three hours I’ll make it seeks like not if my action Vince if you can convince
tink you to save for six hours while I have a little nap I don’t have a problem
with any of that it to be honest some quite time today isn’t it Robina since
some wee hours of the morning say we will do a marathon stream one day yeah
do one of these charity marathon streams one day nah that’s not healthy at all
play DeRose with Levi says sorry oh okay ain’t taking that just have a drink well
I’ve had probably at least half a dozen cup of coffees today or any maybe more
just to be able to do this stream today you say as much as we would love to team
sit and chat and try and entertain as best as we can there is a bit of a limit
stinky also got stuff to do today and that is whatever who died asking no yes
that’s is that clean there was watching the poodle
all right what you talking about the dishes are you talking about doing
everything in my pants anything at my beck and call that’s what you here for
isn’t it stinky where are you were bouncing up and down in your seat is
that the is that the character that I was looking at or he can actually hear
me bouncing up and down because I’m excited don’t destroy the floor pulled
up yeah that’s right I’ll go through the floor and then up in the garret heyyyyy
now you played these games Simon Says but instead Pradhan says yeah we’re
playing pirate says stinky see if pirate says you have to make him a cup of tea
then you got to make him a cup of tea if I just say make a cup of tea and
Peter I didn’t say that and you don’t do it got it Pete up
I mean stink pants know the rule today’s you do whatever I asked for you know we
don’t we had a chicken dinner now do you feed loser loser
I’m Apuzzo after you dozen and a half cups of coffee yeah you’d be hansung up
and down in your chair I don’t really get that way anymore unless the the one
time that happened to me was when I was working in a cafe he’s hot do it again
and they kept getting the what is wrong or people in happy with their drinks so
they’d send them back and I just drink the coffee’s as they’d come back cuz I
can’t ignore that no they haven’t actually drunk it they’re like no I
didn’t order that so then it comes back to the kitchen
what so then I drink it many times you imagine on a busy Saturday morning where
you’ve got a hundreds if not thousands of people coming through in the course
of a few hours to have a coffee and maybe a breakfast it’s a lot of people
say yeah you’ll get stuff sent back all the time yeah but you can resend it to
someone else all the – you can but they don’t say
that right well no way then just throw it out nobody you what this is so
because it’s it cost like five cents assign make coffee still if you said if
you got like twenty fifty you sent back but those people are still gonna pay for
a coffee so yeah the person didn’t eat if you
have a guy orders a coffee for box sends a back saying that’s not good enough
make him another one and they cost five cents each to make that’s ten cents
if it’s not good enough then fair enough you don’t serve to add a customer
because it’s not good enough but not the person’s gonna say the same thing but if
it’s like okay i order latte but I got cappuccino and I send it back so I got
my latte you can use that cappuccino serve to someone else
or the cappuccino is just chuck it out and I’m like don’t chuck it out I’ll
drink it after 10 15 20 of these cups in a six-hour shift year you’re jumping up
and down I on the walls people I didn’t notice the difference myself like I
thought I was being normal but everyone around me was like 9 you’re jumping all
over the walls and yes free coffee is a tomato pointed
out there’s a lot of free coffee saved myself maybe on a box that David do you
have Starbucks there and he say what do you think about it we have Starbucks
here indeed it’s is it as prevalent as 7-eleven probably not say not on every
street corner in the city or anything like that so we do you have him what do
I think about it it’s not good coffee wanting to my friend and this is you’ve
got me on a coffee rant to Ethan ater here we go why 7-eleven
that’s what I got to say for three dollars you can get a coffee that’s
pretty much bigger than any other coffee you can get in a cafe pretty much you
won’t get coffees that big you know Cafe three bucks
hot filled to the brim or you can fill it to the brim yourself convenient quick
they rip you off with everything last week now I did there’s a there’s a cure
it’s not good but he compare that to paying twice the
price for something that might not even be hot I’m all about the 7-eleven coffee
and anything that’s a chain I’m not a supporter of because we’ve got quite a
few of them here and then there’s nothing special pick up again so that
was my long rant about not not even Starbucks in particular just about any
coffee chain restaurant cafe coffee chain cafe cafe chain chain cafe owner
mayonnaise what about you guys you have any views on the Starbucks coffee some
of my friend likes long and they have good merchandise I suppose they do have
good variety know what merchandise they sail’d the cups anything that you guys
don’t want a Starbucks cup wanna put on stink pants mine support the channel when we get the at the mansion by set
operable we just like the secret chat dead dead no one using it one day it’s
still early days yet isn’t it stinky we’ve only been monetized for about five
hours yeah we might be stopping very soon sorry to say we’ve been at it for
almost two and a half hours yes Peter cup he would try one yeah who
would borrow well you buy a pair not stink pants you know merchandise cup
because I’d be awesome but Starbucks cup looks like what do you call this son
maybe somebody lady Medusa ladies what is whatever lovely good motion dies sign
I think Oh and who wouldn’t fall in love with Peter
on the steam pants sorry I was easy no I had I play these play this game more
please say they’re wanting another one can you squeeze one more out stinky not
Yan enough unfortunately we won’t have to stop at this point guys but there’s
streams gone for a good two hours 20 minutes take this moment to thank all of
you for staying as long as you did what else you get like he cut me coughing I’m
freezing I get a tickly thread as well but just like to take this personal
moment to thank you for all of your support and ongoing supporting the
streams we quite simply would not have been monetized if it wasn’t for
everyone’s help and true support of the channel say thank you for that yeah
thank you glory days we’re very very happy you say
great start to the year we hope if you’re battling so you st. play more
more please sorry what is the battle plan yeah you’re in
battle ends at the moment next time sorry next time so don’t forget to eat
that like subscribe like Apple Eve I’ve done that many times in one stream then
we never say it in any any streams yeah kiss the light hits the like smashed the
subscribe and so then you know you sit on the notification bill all
notifications I thank you all sorry for the late comers to today’s
stream that will be she imbued early but I flee we’ll see in
the next one okay happy new year everyone
yeah that’s it I hope you have a fantastic week and may all the merriment
and joy for this year be bestowed upon you okay bye-bye
all right say guys bye


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