Bawali Unlimited | বাওয়ালি আনলিমিটেড | New Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Dev, Joy, Payel Sarkar

“Amidst all confusion and rumpus.” “My heart says that..” “Says that..” “Amidst all confusion and rumpus.” “My heart says that..” “I’m a super star.” “Super star.” “It doesn’t need any restrictions.” “There’s commotion everywhere.” “Everything is out of control.” “Out of control.” “My heart is mischievous.” “I go for carefree rides.” “My heart wants to have fun.” “Fun! Fun! Fun unlimited.” “Fun! Fun! Fun unlimited.” “Fun! Fun! Fun unlimited.” “Fun! Fun! Fun unlimited.” “This heart is heated.” “Girls fall for me.” “I’ll overpower everybody.” “I’ll ride a Mercedes
to the shopping mall.” “Girls are crazy for me.” “My heart is mischievous.” “I go for carefree rides.” “My heart wants to have fun.” “Fun! Fun! Fun unlimited.” “Fun! Fun! Fun unlimited.” “Fun! Fun! Fun unlimited.” “I don’t have money.” “Yet I’m young and carefree.” “The carefree colourful heart
wants to romance.” “I’ll ride the car
and show my prowess.” “I’ll raise a storm in every heart.” “Amidst all confusion and rumpus.” “My heart says that..” “I’m a super star.” “Super star.” “It doesn’t need any restrictions.” “There’s commotion everywhere.” “Everything is out of control.” “Out of control.” “My heart is mischievous.” “I go for carefree rides.” “My heart wants to have fun.” “Fun! Fun! Fun unlimited.” “Fun unlimited!” He’s the super star. Hi! Hi! What’s your name?
– Neha. Here you go. Thanks. Alright. Okay, Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. “There’s no one like Santo.” “I’m super star.” “The rest are buffoons.” “They bite the dust at the box office.” “There’s no one like Santo.” “I’m super star.” “The rest are buffoons.” “They bite the dust at the box office.” “I fly high in the sky.” “All the Indian film stars
look pale before me.” “I fly high in the sky.” “All the Indian film stars
look pale before me.” “Beautiful girls fall for me.” “I’m helpless; what should I do?” “The film producers land in problem.” “Glory to Santo.” “Santo is incredible.” “The others are ordinary.” “The people are crazy for him,
Santo is smart.” “Santo is unique.” “There’s no one like Santo.” “All of you lead ordinary lives.” “But Santo leads a luxurious life.” “Expensive cars, accessories.” “I’m Santo, the super star.” “I’m super star.” “The rest are buffoons.” “They bite the dust at the box office.” “I’m super star.” “The rest are buffoons.” “They bite the dust at the box office.” “There’s no one like Santa.” “Santo is incredible.” “The others are ordinary.” “The people are crazy for him,
Santo is smart.” “Santo is unique.” “Santo is incredible.” “The others are ordinary.” Were you day dreaming? I told you to deliver the televisions
at Mr. Ghosh’s house. Why didn’t you go there? Father, I’ve told you several times
that I’m not meant for these odd jobs. Then what will you do? One day I’ll go to Kolkata and give
all actors run for their money. I’ll rule at the box office. I’ll be a super star. Stop dreaming of becoming an actor. It’s my advice that
you concentrate on business. To hell with your business. Dad, you’ve been doing business
for so many years. How much have you earned
in all these years? You earn a profit of only 300 rupees
on selling a television set. Yes.
– An actor earns 30 lakhs. One day I’ll earn 30 lakhs rupees. Let me see if you can earn 30 rupees
and then you can brag. Hey! I started off in nursery. I became a pro while in half pants. Now when I wear full pants
I’m the boss. How was my acting? Super star! Watch me dance now. You’ll be finished. One day you’ll be finished
because of your crooked dance. Bongs couldn’t achieve anything
because of their pessimism. They’re never optimistic. Look at me.
I’ve see such wonderful dreams. I’ll earn 30 lakhs. I’ll buy a flat in South City
on the 32nd floor. A bright shiny BMW car. Hit after hits.
– Shut up! Oh no! This is reality. You don’t have 32 teeth.. ..and you’re dreaming
of a flat in 32nd floor. So, you don’t think I can achieve this. Dad, life is a toss. If I win I’ll be the boss. Can you see the poster there?
Do you see the poster? The heroine is latching
on to the hero tightly. One day you’ll see me
in a poster like that. Santo, the super star. Your son will adorn the posters. Just wait and watch.
I’ll rise from zero to hero. You always brag.
– Oh no! Utter nonsense!
– Okay, I’ll go. I’ll go away. Nepal, I’m coming to chat with you all.
– Yeah, c’mon. Hey! I told you several times
not to open the door roughly. Come here. Do you know what this logo stands for? It’s a Mercedes. Don’t repeat this mistake again. Go, get in. What happened, driver? Why did the car stop?
– Puncture, sir. You’re ruining the reputation
of Mercedes. What do you think of yourselves? I bought the Mercedes a month back.. ..and the tyre got punctured so soon. Sir, we’ve guarantee for the car
and not for the roads. Anyway,
I’ll send the car to the garage. You’ll get it back in a week. What? One week?
– Hmm.. Do you think I’ll walk for a week? You’ve to get it repaired immediately. That’s not possible. What did you say? It’s not possible? How dare you refuse me? Who’s around? Manager! Manager! Manager!
– What happened? What has happened? Sir, you?
– Yes, it’s me. Will my car be repaired immediately?
– Of course, sir. You’re a big shot. You own so many car showrooms. Why won’t I repair your car? Whose car will I repair then? What are you staring at? Call him quickly. Call the engineer. Repair the car in fifteen minutes.
– No. he doesn’t have to do it. I’ll repair the wheel
of my Mercedes car. Idiot!
– Hey idiot! How long will it take? You wasted so much time since morning. It’s been five hours.
Do you realize that? Get it repaired if you want to
or you can leave. Don’t speak nonsense. Okay, great engineer. Give it back. You can leave.
I know customers like you very well. What’s wrong? What’s the problem? Paresh, please teach your son
to speak decently. How many times will I teach him? He’s not a child anymore. His father bears all his expenses
so he isn’t bothered. Dad, I told you many times
not to taunt me. I shouldn’t taunt you? You’re good for nothing
and you don’t’ want me to taunt you. Okay. I’ll manage my own expenses. You don’t have to worry about me.
– Please do that. You’re good for nothing and you think
you can manage your expenses. I’m good for nothing? Do you think
I got education to repair things here? Keep a pet dog and name him
after me if I fail to open.. ..a Mercedes showroom in Kolkata. What will you open?
– Calm down, brother. Don’t believe him. Empty vessel sounds much. What did you say? Empty vessel? You’ll soon find out how capable I am. My talent will be lapped up
the moment I go to Kolkata. When I come back to
the village in my Mercedes.. ..all the village boys
will run after me. You’ll see everything and get jealous. And puff up with jealousy. Oh no!
– Okay. Then go to Kolkata. Don’t brag. Prove yourself. Useless chap. Why are you still in this village
after getting degrees? Why don’t you go to Kolkata? He’s helpless.
He’s madly in love with Lakshmi. Don’t speak nonsense. Will you please shut up? I’ll definitely go to Kolkata. My name is not Pappu if I don’t open
a Mercedes showroom there. That’s it! You’ll be able to fulfill your dream. You’ve a good physique. Unbutton your shirt
and you’ll get whatever you want. But, I can’t go so easily. How will I get money for travelling? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’ll come to your house
and right in front of your eyes.. ..I’ll take your daughter away. Let me see what you do after that. Great! Lovely! Fantastic! Boss, you’ll definitely be
an actor one day. Carry on.
– You’re right. We can’t applaud
you in empty stomach. Give us a treat. You’re pulling my leg. I can’t give you a treat. Well, I must admit that Santo
is a very good actor. What do you say?
– It’s not just his acting. He has a big heart. After all he’s destined to be a star. You’re right, Rima. You’re right. You’re absolutely right. You’re flattering me.
– Why are you saying that? Don’t you want us
to feel proud for you? You’re going to give us a treat today. Do you know how proud
we feel for you for this? When your film becomes super hit.. ..we can proudly say our
friend super star Santo.. ..gave us a treat here. I hope you’re not pulling my leg. Why will we pull your leg
for a small treat? No. Of course not. If I get one chance. If I get one chance I’ll prove myself. I’ll prove myself . My film will be a super hit. After that you can ask
for any number of treats. He’s flattered. Come to the shop tomorrow morning. The television set is ready. Come and take the television set.
– Okay. Twenty five. Twenty six.
Twenty seven. Twenty two. Where are you going?
– Kolkata. For what?
– To become an ac.. What?
– To be a player. I’m going to play matches. You’ll play matches? So, you want to be
a cricketer like Saurav? Good for nothing. Go and play for few days. When you’ll finish all the money
you’ll come back. Nonsense!
– Nonsense! What’s this?
Where are the television sets? Did the truck take away
the television sets? Santo! Hey Santo,
where are the television sets? Hey Santo! Hey Santo! Hey Santo! Hey Santo!
What have you done? C’mon, we need to
finish the work today. Keep this properly.
– Okay. Dad is here. Let’s go. C’mon hurry up. Hurry up. Let’s go.
– Hey Pappu! Let’s go.
– Where are you going? Hey! Where are you going?
Where? Hey! Where are you going? Scoundrel! Hey! Brother,
is there any Mercedes showroom nearby? Yes.
There’s one nearby. What? I’ll sit in a cab? How much will be the fare?
– 700 rupees. Why?
– I’ll have to return.. ..after dropping you.
– 700 rupees? Brother, do you want to go
to the Mercedes showroom? Yes.
– That’s the last bus. You won’t get any bus
after this one leaves. C’mon, go.
– Thank you. Thank you.
– Go. Oh no!
– Why did you push me? I’ll break your teeth. Did I push you
or did you act like a fool.. ..and neither let yourself
nor me inside? I missed the bus for you. Hey my bag!
– My bag! He has taken the bag.
I lost my bag because of you. Do you know that
I had expensive goods in the bag? To hell with your expensive goods. I lost the bag
as well as missed the bus. Where will I spend the night? On this ground. It’s clear that you’re used
to sleeping on the open fields. Okay, I may be poor.
But are you in a better condition? These stupid rustic fellows
come from village to the city. What did you say?
I’ve come from village? Yes, you’ve come from village. I’ll kill you.
– I’ll thrash you. What’s the matter? What’s the case?
– Suitcase. Suitcase?
– No, sir. We lost our bags. You’re joking with me?
– No, sir. What are you doing here? We’re killing mosquitoes here.
We missed the bus. So, you’re planning
to spend the night on field? No, sir.
– hey! Give me 200 rupees.
– 200? Give me 200 rupees. C’mon, give me. You’ll have to pay 500 rupees
if you’re taken to the police station. You’ll have to face
many other problems there. Got it? What are you doing ? What are you doing? Sir, he ran away. He ran away. Oh no! I’ve missed again. Ladies and gentlemen.. ..welcome to the most beautiful
evening of the year. All of you know that in
this palatial house in Raichowk.. ..where the two owners
and best friends of.. ..renowned multi-national organization
Double Moon international reside. The friends who deal
in diamonds and luxury cars.. ..have got into the business
of film production. Let’s welcome
the bright stars of Bengal. So, please welcome
Mr. Chandramohan Rudra. And now please welcome the other gem
of the paradise Mr. Rudradaman Chandra. But there’re not the main attraction
of today’s party. You all are aware that
they became the fathers to.. ..a beautiful daughter
two decades ago. Chandradaman
and Rudradaman’s only daughter. The sole successor
to Double Moon International. Munmun Rudra Chandra has passed
her higher secondary exam this year. Sir, how do you feel? You would know
if you were a father. Oh! sorry. Sir, please say something. My chest size has increased
from 32 to 42. Of course that’s because
I’m proud of my daughter. Sir, what do you plan to do next
for your daughter ? My daughter will start going
to college this year. I wish hundreds
of boys queue up for her. That’s why I want her to learn
Katthak dance besides academics. It’ll improve her gait
and she’ll be more graceful. Sir, what do you’ve to say about this? I don’t support this. My daughter should learn karate
to protect herself from the boys. She’ll learn katthak.
– My daughter will learn karate. She’ll learn katthak.
– My daughter will learn karate. She’ll learn katthak.
– My daughter will learn karate. Munmun is my daughter.
She’ll learn katthak. She’ll learn karate.
– She’ll learn katthak. Karate.
– Katthak. Karate.
– Katthak. Karate.
– Katthak. Stop it! I’ve one problem. I’ve two fathers. All of you know that their differences
will never be resolved . They’re best friends
because they fight so much. They can’t live without each other
even for a day. To make both my dads happy.. ..I eat both chicken
and mutton since childhood. I have both milk and cheese. I’ve passed higher secondary
exam from both.. ..English and Bengali medium. Now I’ll learn both Katthak and Karate. That’s like my girl.
– That’s my girl. Hey! What are you doing here? Can’t I come here? Is this your father’s property? Yes, I’ve a property
in Birbhum and here. Well, I too have properties
in Medinipur. Let me see if I can buy this one. Oh! So it’s the battle of titans. Why have you come here? To make films.
– Films? You mean cinema? Yes. I’ve signed Faraj Chakroborty’s
film as a hero. Hero? And you? That’s funny. Look at your face. In which world do you reside His is a big banner. Big, big, big banner. Well, I’m not interested
in these things. I deal in cars.
– So, you’re a driver. Right? I’ll slap you hard. I’m going to start working
as the manager of Mercedes company. Wow! That’s great. I need to buy a car. Come to me. I’ll give you 50% discount. Why? Is it your father-in-law’s shop? Why should you bother?
– Right, why will I bother. The son-in-law is enjoying the fruits.. ..of his father-in-law’s
hard earned money. Where are you staying?
At your father-in-law’s place? I’m staying at The grand. After all I’m the manager
of Mercedes company It has a big air conditioned room. I’ve servants at my service. After all I’m the manager
of Mercedes company. Don’t you realize my importance?
– I’m staying at South City. The actors reside in that region. Then what are you doing here? I’ve come to enjoy the cool breeze
of the Ganges. After all I’ve a landlord’s blood. Forget it. it’s late in the night. I’ll go to bed now.
I’ve shooting tomorrow morning. Bye. I’m expecting clients
from America tomorrow. I’ll go to sleep now. He has clients from America. Liar! Darling! What’s wrong? Are you sad? Flowers for you. What will she do with flowers? She needs chocolates. Isn’t it? No, she doesn’t need chocolates.
Play with this soft toy now. Why will she play with toys?
She wants popcorn. Look, I’ve brought popcorn for you. You’re only concerned about her food. She’ll play now.
– Sir! Sir! No , she won’t eat the doll,
she’ll play with popcorn. Sir! Sir!
– What happened? She’s the new governess for madam. Mario Agnes. Hello.
– Hello. Look, your new governess is here. Say good morning. Good morning, ma’am.
– Good morning. God bless you, my child.
– Okay. Go with them. They’ll show you your room.
We’ll speak to you later. Yes, sir.
– Alright, sir. Why are you so sad? We’ve given an advertisement
in the newspapers. Again?
– What do you mean? You thought we gave
a matrimonial ad? No. You’ll have a dance teacher.
– And karate teacher. Talking about your marriage,
I’ve chosen a very good groom for you. He’s very handsome.
He’s the hero of my film. He’ll come riding a horse
to get married to you. He’s very back dated.
– What? He’ll come on Rolls Royce. I’ll get 200 crowns
of diamonds for you. What is that? You’re confusing me. Shut up! I’ll make a crown for you
that’ll have 200 diamonds in it. Parijat (diamond) will be
embedded in the center. Parijat! Jugnu! Yes, boss. Why is this empty, Jugnu? We’ll keep the Parijat there. Parijat is the best diamond. Jugnu, who am I?
– Our boss. What’s my name?
– Fakir Sardar. Why have I been named Fakir (pauper)
when I own so many diamonds? What are you saying, sir? Anyone who interacts
with you becomes a pauper. You’re in the same dress
since you came here. It has become your protective covering. You turn rich men into paupers. That’s why you’re called Fakir Sardar. Very good. Very good. What’s on the walls, Jugnu? It’s your doing. When you kill somebody
you click their photos. I was involved in so many cases
of abduction, bank robbery, Murders, yet I’m not happy. I want diamond. I’ve all the expensive
diamonds of India. But, I don’t own Parijat. Jugnu! Jugnu!
– Yes, sir. I want Parijat.
– You’ll get it. Jugnu..
– Sir.. Wish your words come true, Jugnu. Yes! Yes! Let’s go, Brother.. who is Panku?
– I don’t know. Who is Panku?
– I don’t know. Go. Brother, who is Panku? I got 100,000 rupees less. Brother, who is Panku?
– You may go now Okay. What do you want? So, you’re Panku? It’s okay. Be prosperous in life. Excuse me. Hello. Yes Jeet.
– Jeet! Have you left for shooting? Do the dance properly. Have eggs. Okay. Bye. Do you know Jeet?
– Jeet? Bumba and I have dinner
together on every Sunday. Bumba! You mean Prasenjit Chatterjee? Yes. Hello. Bumba, listen.. Arpita had sent me prawn
coconut curry for me yesterday. . It was awesome. Fantastic! Please convey my gratitude to her. Please give her my message. Okay. Okay. Best of luck. One day Khokababu had come to me
from Bombay just like you. Who is Khokababu?
– Dev. Dev!
– He’ll soon be here. He has a shooting on floor four. I’ve reached the right place. Will he come here?
– Yes. Excuse me.
Dev, where are you? When is the call take?
What’s the time now? You can’t stay with the car there. Come quickly. Panku please do something for me. Do you want to act? I’ll elope with your daughter right
in front of you.. ..and you won’t be able
to do anything, Panku. What did you say?
– Hey! I started off in nursery. I became a pro while in half pants. Now when I wear full pants
I’m the boss. How was my acting, Panku? Fantastic! You’ll be able to make
a name for yourself. Fill up a form and you’ll get a role.
– Really? Do you have money?
– How much money do you want? 5322.25.
– 5322.25? Panku, I’m short by 34 rupees. Okay. Give it to me.
– Just a minute. Take this. You’re short of 34 rupees. Right?
– Yes. Rustic guys like
you keep money anywhere. Am I a thief that.. ..I’ll steal your money?
– No, Panku. Okay. Do something. Can you see the man in red t-shirt?
– Yes. Over there. Tell him my name
and ask him to give you a form. I’ll be right back, Panku.
– Go. Brother,
Panku asked you to give a form. Who is Panku?
– There he is. Where? Panku! Where did Panku vanish? Where did he disappear? Panku! Panku! Panku! Send the red car
to Sujit Mondol’s house. Repair the rest.
– Okay, sir. Please check the other car too.
– Okay, sir. Okay?
– Yes, sir. Get this done quickly.
– Okay, sir. Brother, are you looking for somebody? Yes, the owner of the showroom. Why? do you’ve anything to say?
– Yes. I want to work as a manager here. Did anyone call you? Do you’ve an appointment? No. I’ve come on my own.
– Oh! Any work experience?
– What are you asking? I’ve made hundred
cow-cart wheels till date. Hundred cow carts? Would you say this to my boss?
– Of course. My boss has heart problem. His heart runs on batteries. It’ll stop working
the moment you say this. Listen..
I’ve understood everything you said. You’ve come from a village. Right? You repair the wooden wheels
of cow-carts. Right? The cars have rubber tyres. You won’t be able to mend them.
Do something. Go there.
You’ll find some work there. Go. Go. What happened?
Why are you taking so much time? Have you supplied the goods or not? Hi!
– Hi! May I help you You’re looking for a job here. Right?
– yes. Very good. You need to fill a registration form
before you apply for job here. Oh! registration form? Will signing a registration
form be enough? Sir can’t refuse if I recommend you. Do you know the owner?
– Yes. Actually I supply the cells
on which his heart works. – Oh! Where will I get the form?
– You’ll get it here. You need to pay 3333 rupees for it. Do you have the amount? Today is the last date. I’ve only 3300 rupees. Okay. I’ll pay the remaining 33 rupees. Oh! This is all I have.
– Okay. Wait here, I’ll get the form.
Okay? Wait for some time. Yes! C’mon, ride fast.
– Madam! Madam! Hey! Hey! Madam! Oh no! Oh no! I’m so hungry. Again? What about South City? What shall I tell you?
It’s all matter of fate. It’s a wonderful place,
just like a five star hotel. You’re right. I also want to live-in expensive places. So, I thought of enjoying
he air near the Ganges. Few more hours to go. I’ve a photo-shoot
with the heroine tomorrow. Just awesome! My boss will give me
a Mercedes car tomorrow. I’ll take the car and offer prayers
at Dakshineswar Temple. Got it? Stop bragging.
You’ve been lying for long.. ..stop lying now. Did you eat anything? I had dinner at The Grand. I’m full.
Sweets, non-vegetarian food everything. Snack-seller, come here. So, you had sweets,
savories and what not. Would you like to have some?
– Yes. Oh! So you’re hungry. Give me your hand. C’mon, eat this. C’mon, eat. Next. Next. Next.
– There’s no one else. He’s the last one. Cappuccino. Luchi.
– Luchi. Everything has progressed a lot
Everything has improved. What’s your name?
– Papogasha Purakayashtha. What Purokayashtha.
– Papogasha. Who named you?
Your mother or father? The Japanese Government. Everything has improved so much. C’mon start breaking.
What do you want to break? I can break Great Wall
of China if I want. You want your daughter
to learn karate for self-defense. All of them showed you
how to break things. That’s not self-defense. I’ll teach you self-defense. You want me to beat you?
– Yes. You’ll try to hit me
but I’ll protect myself. Go and hit him. Stop it. Wonderful! You’re selected. Cappuccino. Luchi.
– Luchi. Anybody else? Next. Sonia Sanyal! Shall I dance?
– No. no need to dance. Sonia. Hmm.. Sonia.. Sanyal. Selected. Naughty boy! Munmun, he’s your karate teacher.
– Oh! He’s some Purakayastha.
Greet him. Hello.
– Cappuccino. Maka Luchi. Luchi. Cappuccino. Maka Luchi. Dear, she’s Sonia Sanyal,
your dance teacher. She’ll start giving you dance lessons
from tomorrow. Take her blessings.
– No, dear. Don’t touch my feet. Let me embrace you.
– Okay. Enough. Let’s finalize all the details. He’ll come at 9 in the morning
to teach you karate. Okay.
– Okay. You’ll come at 10 in the morning
to teach her. I can’t come at 10,
I’ll come around 1 p.m. Why? I stay in Birbhum. It takes me half an hour
to reach the bus stand. It takes me two and half hours
to reach the station by bus. I have to push through
the crowd to buy tickets. I’ve to walk across
an over-bridge to reach the platform. After crossing the over bridge
comes a huge goods’ train. Do you know that it..
– Enough! You don’t have to come from so far.
You’ll stay here. Pintu.
– Yes, sir. Make arrangements
for her stay at north guest house. Okay, sir. Thank you.
– Chintu.. Mr. Purokayashtha..
– Papogasha.. Whatever. He’ll stay in the south guest house.
– Okay, sir. Give two months advance to Papogasha.
– Yes, sir. Give this to Sonia madam.
– Yes, sir. Tell her that it’s three months’
salary in advance. Okay, sir. Sonia aunty.
– Papogasha. “My heart is mischievous.” “I go for carefree rides.” “My heart wants to have fun.” “Fun! Fun! Fun unlimited.” “Fun! Fun! Fun unlimited.” “Fun! Fun! Fun unlimited.” “Fun! Fun! Fun unlimited.” Cappuccino. Maka Luchi. Now you repeat after me. Cappuccino.
– No. No. Cappuccino. Maka Luchi. Cappuccino. Maka Luchi. That’s absolutely right. Very good.
– Thank you, sir. What shall we do next? I’ll do it. look at me. Chintu..
– Yes, sir. When I got black belt
we were taught in a different way. Everything has improved a lot now.
– Right, sir. Bravo! Bravo! This is enough for today. You can go now.
– Okay. I’ve escaped narrowly today.
– Madam.. Wonderful!
– Cappuccino. Make improve. No, dear. Not like that. One. Two. Three. Seek blessings. Yes. Look at me. That’s all, Munmun.
That’s all for today. Okay?
– Okay. No, dear. Don’t touch my feet.
Embrace me. Bye. Bye. Yes! Yes! Sonia. Sonia. Whose ball is this?
– Mine. Your ball? What do you do with balls?
– I play. I love playing with balls.
– Me too. What? I like you.
– Thank you. Don’t thank someone
who is close to you. You can tell me
if you need anything. I’ll get it for you.
– Okay. Do you need more balls? No. Hey Sonia,
we’ll play catch-catch with ball. No.
– Why? Don’t you feel shy, sir?
– Sir? What sir? Don’t call me sir. Call me Mohan. Mohan, just Mohan. Before everybody.
– No, naughty girl. Call me Mohan when we’re alone. Okay. You can leave now. I mean please go. I’ll change.
– Change what? Naughty boy! Okay. You’ll change. Change your clothes. Take rest. I’ll come later. Bye. Sonia. Catch. Now I’m relieved. You’re looking beautiful.
– Thank you. Aunty, I’m very happy.
– Why? I’m enjoying dance and karate classes. Munmun, respect your teachers. Learn whatever they try to teach you. Of course I will. Aunty, after so many years
I feel as if I’ve discovered myself. It’s so.. aunty, come here quickly. Look there. He’s my karate teacher.
Papogasha Purokayashtha. Have you got introduced
to your teachers properly? Yes, I’ve been introduced
to them but not properly. Not properly? They’re very learned. Whenever you get time try
to learn something from them. What’s the matter?
what are you doing here? Why did you enter without knocking? I came here to enquire about your photo
session with the heroine. Santo aka Sonia Sanyal. Pappu! So, you’re Papogasha. This is great. I went for the photo shoot
in your Mercedes car. Stop bragging. Get lost from here right now.
– You get lost. You can’t even fist fight with anybody
and here you’re teaching karate. Do you know how you look like a woman? You look like the circus bear
who has applied lipstick. You think you look very handsome. You look like a Chinese monkey
in this beard and moustache. Beware! Let me tell you. I started off in nursery. I became a pro while in half pants. Now when I wear full pants
I’m the boss. Sonia aunty! Sonia aunty! Sonia aunty! Sonia aunty! Where is Sonia aunty? Who? Mom? Mom went to.. mom went to market. Oh! so, you’re Sonia auntie’s son?
– Yes. Hi! Munmun.
– Hi! Santo. Mom told me that you’ve beautiful eyes. She also said that
you’ve beautiful earrings. Mom has said that whatever you’ve put
in your hair is beautiful. Mom told me that
your dress is beautiful. Mom told me that
your lips are also beautiful. Come inside.
– No. It’s okay. I’ll speak to aunt later. Tell her that I came to meet her.
– Yes. Will you stay here?
– I? I.. How can I stay here?
My mom will stay here. My aunty.. my mom that
is your aunt will stay here. I won’t stay here.
– Oh! Okay. Bye.
– Bye. Will I stay here? Who am I? Sonia or Santo? Cappuccino. Maka Luchi. How is my daughter doing?
– Good. Very good. But, I can’t come from tomorrow. Why?
– My son is returning.. ..from San Francisco. Oh! so, your son lives
in San Francisco. He works in Mercedes company.
– Very good. Where will he stay here? At my house
in my native village Birbhum. Why will he go there? Ask him to come here. He can stay with us.
– You’re right but.. No. Don’t hesitate. Treat yourself
as a family member, Mr. Gasha. Maka Luchi. Listen, you’ll receive your son
at the airport. I’ll tell my driver to take you. Chintu..
– Yes, sir. What’s this?
– Stop the car. A child in the middle of the road? What’s this? What’s the matter? A child has been left alone
on the road. What’s your name, dear?
– She’ll meet with an accident. Where are her parents? You’re right.
– Strange! Strange! How could they..
– Leave the child alone on the road. Please come.
It’s time for the wedding. Yes, we’re late.
– Give the baby to somebody. That’s not possible.
– Whose child is this? Ours.
– What do you mean? We found the child on the streets. We’ve decided to raise her
as our daughter. What about your wedding? You’re right, Jatindra. We won’t insult you by getting married. Get your sisters married
to somebody else. We’ll bear all the expenses. Please pardon us. Thank you. Mohan, let’s go. Let’s go, dear. You’ve two fathers from today. Two boys went to Double Moon House. Why did they come? Why did they come? Who are they? Who are these boys? Boss, they may be able to help you. Who are they, Jugnu? He’s Chintu and he’s Pintu. They’re men Friday of Double Moon. Jugnu, I want them. I’ll hand them over to you. They’re going to help us, boss. What if they don’t help me? One who is scared is dead. If you help me you’ll be awarded
with diamonds or else.. Or else you’ll be dead. They’ll be tuned into skeletons, boss. What will we have to do, boss? Murder. Kill Munmun. Parijat will be mine if Munmun dies. Who will own Parijat?
– You. You’re good boys. Jugnu..
– Yes, boss. Help them with everything
they need to kill Munmun. They shouldn’t face any problem.
– Oh! Sir! Sir! Good afternoon, sir.
– Good afternoon. May I meet my dad,
Mr. Papogasha Purokayashtha? Got it! You’re form san Francisco.
– Yes, uncle. I’m Paps. Paps half Kayastha. Half Kayastha?
– Of course. Father is double my age,
so he’s Puro (full) Kayastha. And I’m Half Kayastha.
– How funny! I’m Rudra Daman Chandra. Nice to meet you,
Mr. Chandra Daman Rudra. Well..
– Father told me a lot about you. Really?
– You’re such a nice person Thank you. Charming. Handsome,
Nice t-shirt. Nice jeans. Thank you. I’m already impressed. Where is dad? He has gone out.
Please wait for him. He’ll soon be back.
– Okay. Good morning, dad.
– Good morning, dear. Look who has come. He’s the son of your sir Papogasha.
– Oh! Hi! Munmun.
– Hi! Paps from Sansui.. San Francisco?
– Yes. You live in San Francisco?
– Yes. Nice to meet you.
– He works for Mercedes company. Oh!
– Who is he? Mohan is also here. That’s great. He’s Pepo,
Papogasha Puro Kayastha’s son. Pepo, he’s Chandra Mohan Rudra.
– Oh yes! Dad told me a lot about you too.
– Okay. Glad to meet you, sir.
– Okay. Here she is.
Let me introduce her . She’s Sonia Sanyal. She is Munmun’s dance teacher. Dance? Such a dirty thing. I can’t dance. I hate dance. He’s just like me.
– Shut up! You’re modern guys. You don’t understand
the importance of dance. Indian classical dance.. ..forms like katthak makes
a woman graceful. I want my daughter to be very graceful. C’mon, uncle. People always blame others
for our shortcomings. Your dance teacher seems
to be like that. Your phone is ringing. Okay. You’ve taken the car for two hours
and it’s already four hours. Send it back soon. The customer is waiting.
– Yes. London. I’ll be forced to put you behind bars
if you don’t. Yes. Okay. Okay. Ten Mercedes. I’ll sell off your house and property.
The customer is waiting. Send the car quickly.
– You’ll get it tomorrow. Yes. They’re always in hurry. It was a deal worth 4 crores. But anyway,
Munmun I’ll share all my experiences.. San Francisco with you.
– Sure. You’re very beautiful. Dad told me that
your eyes are beautiful. He’s showing off.
– Dad told me.. Munmun baby, it’s breakfast time. Munmun, it’s time for your dance class. Go and have breakfast.
– Okay, aunty. Please join us. Please come.
– Oh yes! You all carry on, I’ll join you
after sending the mail. – Sure. He’s a very nice boy.
– He’s over smart. Where do you live
in san Francisco, Pepo? Thames. Thames? Thames is in London. Hey!
Do you remember that you resided.. Ganges has become Thames. Pepo, didn’t you father
ever go to San Francisco? No, uncle. I told father to come several times
but he never went there. I told him several times that
there’s nothing left here. The attraction to motherland,
the attraction to nation.. Attraction.. Mohan uncle, have you
ever been to San Francisco? I? why are you asking? You look familiar. Yes, my fathers often visit
san Francisco for business. Oh! that’s why you look familiar The next time you go to san Francisco
you must stay in my flat. Right?
– Yes. besides river Thames. That slipped out
of his tongue by mistake. He’s a hospitable NRI. People like him are rare. How many people have you seen
who are like him? You’re right. That’s evident. Baby’s favourite dish is here.
Ferry Salad! Great!
– That’s for dance and karate. I like Ferry salads. I always ate it
when I was in San Francisco. Oh really! Okay. You’re our guest. You’ll have this today.
– Oh no! Thank you.
Have a seat. No, sir. This is female preparation,
only for women. Listen, I also love Ferry salad. Then you can have it. Have a seat.
– Okay. Let Sonia have the salad.
– Sorry, sir. Actually sir she didn’t
eat anything since morning. Her stomach is completely empty. She has dance class and karate class. She requires a proper diet.
She must eat this. Munmun..
– Let him eat. Yes, have it. Mun wants you to eat it. Go ahead. No. This is a female preparation. Sonia will eat it.
– I’m sorry, sir. This is for Munmun. Strange! Why are you doing this? You’ll have to do what I say. None of us will eat this. The ones who have prepared
this must eat it. “My heart flies to
the distant blue sky.” “My heart flies
to the distant blue sky.” “It wants to set afloat
on the river of love.” “I’ve secretly sent
a love letter through my song.” “My heart flies
to the distant blue sky.” “It wants to set afloat
on the river of love.” “Holding your hands
on a foggy morning..” “..nothing seems hazy
when you’re with me.” “In the distant dream land..” “..two hearts merge together.” “Melodies of love fill
the heart and soul.” “The blue sky calls to me, let’s fly.” “Let’s break free
and fly to the distant lands.” “My heart flies
to the distant blue sky.” “My heart flies
to the distant blue sky.” “It wants to set afloat
on the river of love.” “I’ve secretly sent
a love letter through my song.” “My heart flies
to the distant blue sky.” “My heart floats away.” “It pierces through the waves
to reach your shores.” “In the world,
after the showers of love..” “..rainbow of my feelings
appear in your sky.” “You’ll be mine, only mine.” “Let’s hold hands.” “Let’s hold hands today.’ “My heart flies
to the distant blue sky.” “It wants to set afloat
on the river of love.” “I’ve secretly sent
a love letter through my song.” “My heart flies
to the distant blue sky.” “My heart flies
to the distant blue sky.” Excellent! Agnes, take her to her room. Let her freshen up.
– Sure, sir. Come, baby. Come.
– Let’s go. Sonia.. Sonia.. what happened?
– Nothing. Why are you speaking like this? You know how much I love you. You don’t love me at all. He insulted me so much before you.. ..but you didn’t say
a word in my support. After all he’s our guest. He’s Papogasha’s son. I mean.. I knew..
I knew you’re good for nothing. I’ll go back to my son. Sonia! Whose son?
– My son, Santo. Santo? Your son?
– Yes. All problems are resolved now. Bring him here.
He’ll stay here. What if anybody says something? What will they say? Your son is my son. If they tell him anything,
I’ll make their life hell. I’m Chandra Mohan Rudra. Really?
– Yes. I swear.
– Naughty boy! You messed up.
You messed up everything. I want to teach them a good lesson. What could we do?
They forced us to eat it. Are you small children? Boss, they are taking away everything. They’ve digested poison too. I’ll pull out their teeth.
– Shut up! Boss.. No use of reasoning with fools. Hey lost. Go. Boss, they said that
they’ll be able to do the job. What if they fail?
– If they fail, they’ll shed tears. They’ll cry incessantly. Mom! Mom! Hey mom! Mom! You must be Sonia’s son.
– Right. I’m Santo. By the way uncle,
I can’t see my mother around. Your mother has gone out for some work. Who is he?
– Daman, let me introduce him. He’s Santo, my son.
– Your son? If we had a son
he would have been his age. Look at him. He looks like a hero. Munmun. Munmun. Munmun. Where is Munmun? She’s getting late for karate class. I’ve been waiting for long.
– She’ll soon be here. There she is. Munmun, meet him.
Let me introduce him. He’s Sonia’s son.
He’s a very nice boy. By the way, Mr. Daman it’s evident
from your daughter’s gait.. ..that she can be a good dancer. She not only learns dance
but also takes karate lessons. Karate? You mean fighting and all?
– Yes. This will lead to hooliganism,
police, jail and other problems. Oh no! Disgusting! Why are you teaching
a delicate girl like her to wrestle? How dare you? It’s not wrestling,
it’s karate. Karate. That’s the same thing. Madam. Madam. Your new dress. You must try it out immediately. The tailor is waiting.
– Okay. Give it to me. My decision will be the final one. Anyone is entering my house. My daughter is being given any dress. This dress is awful.
– Hey! Munmun, we’re already very late. Let’s go now.
– Uncle.. No, no, she won’t go
for karate classes now. You can take her where she was going. You can leave.
– Yeah, sure. Let’s go. Bye.
– Bye. Bye.
– Bye. He’s a very nice boy. He has so much attitude. Munmun tries out her new clothes. Munmun must be going towards
her room with the dress. She must’ve entered the room now. I’ll press the switch
after she wears the dress. – Yes. A gas will be emitted.. ..her eyes will burn,
she’ll lose consciousness. We’ll steal everything and go. Munmun is wearing the dress. She has already worn the dress. Shall I press the button?
– Yes, press it. Hello.
– Hi! Jugnu..
– Boss. How many hands do we have? Two hands. Right hand and left hand. Our aides have an extra hand. Where’s it?
– It’s excuse. One more chance. This will be your last chance.
– Okay. If they fail this time, Jugnu.. They’ll turn into skeletons, boss. Jugnu!
– Boss. Give them the real thing. Boss, this is a bomb. Bomb. An explosive. “O my strawberry! Oh my sparkler!’ “Come, let me touch you
and romance you, my dear.” “Say that you love me.” “Don’t think too much.” “I won’t get this night back.” “Baby, I’m the moon
and you’re moonlight.” “Why don’t you understand this?” “Baby, I’m the moon
and you’re moonlight.” “Why don’t you understand this?” “O my strawberry! Oh my sparkler!’ “Come, let me touch you
and romance you, my dear.” “The body plays like
a musical instrument.” “The love thermometer.” “My body burns
with the fever of love.” “You’re my darling,
I’ll stand as a scare crow..” “ your plough my heart.” “Say that you love me.” “Don’t think too much.” “I won’t get this night back.” “Baby, I’m the moon
and you’re moonlight.” “Why don’t you understand this?” “Baby, I’m the moon
and you’re moonlight.” “Why don’t you understand this?” “O my strawberry!
– Oh my sparkler!’ “Come, let me touch you
and romance you, my dear.” “You’re an ice-cream and I’m the cone.” “Your cold touch soothes my heart.” “I’m a red rose
and you’re a white jasmine.” “I can do anything for you.” “Say that you love me.” “Don’t think too much.” “I won’t get this night back.” “Baby, I’m the moon
and you’re moonlight.” “Why don’t you understand this?” “Baby, I’m the moon
and you’re moonlight.” “Why don’t you understand this?” “O my strawberry! Oh my sparkler!’ “Come, let me touch you
and romance you, my dear.” “Say that you love me.” “Don’t think too much.” “I won’t get this night back.” “Baby, I’m the moon
and you’re moonlight.” “Why don’t you understand this?” “Baby, I’m the moon
and you’re moonlight.” “Why don’t you understand this?” Hey! Wake up. What happened?
– Softly. Who is singing?
– Why ? Isn’t it Munmun’s voice? I’ve put bombs in the entire house.
– Done? We failed the last two times. Listen.. let’s test one
of the bombs here. Yes.
– After that.. ..we’ll explode the other bombs
one by one. Don’t worry. What’s the news, doctor? Don’t worry about Chintu and Pintu. They’ll be fine after they get well.
– Thank god Sonia.. Sonia.. please listen to me. I saw a dream last night. I was dancing with you. And the lyrics of the song were.. “O my strawberry! Oh my sparkler!’ “Come, let me touch you
and romance you, my dear.” Hi! What is your opinion about me?
– You’re very nice. I also like you. I feel as if I’ve known you
for a long time. How is your work going on? Everything’s is going on great. I’m planning to settle down in Kolkata. That’ll be great. It’ll help you.
– Yes. Moreover, you’ll always be close to me. I’m always with you. I just want you to be with me,
I don’t want anything else. Munmun, I hope you won’t forget me. I never forget the person I like. Do you like me? What do you think? I think you don’t dislike me
or you wouldn’t have befriended me. Oh my god! Santo! What happened? Santo! Help! Help! Help! Help! Oh no! Oh my god! Oh my god! Dad! Help! Help! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!
– What happened? Santo..
– Santo? Call the doctor immediately.
– Doctor? Santo..
– Wait. No. No one needs to go anywhere. Pepo is here. Pepo, the all-rounder. Pepo, come here. Pepo was a medical student
in San Francisco. He’ll give him an injection
and he’ll be fine. Go. Get up.
– Who am I? Why am I here? Already…
– Where am I? How did I reach here?
– There he is. He has regained consciousness.
We need not worry now. Munmun, take him to his room.
– Okay. Munmun, leave him in his room
and come back immediately. Don’t stay back in his room. How will I stay alone in the room?
– Faint hearted! You’ll stay the way
you stayed till now. I could see earlier
but now I can’t see. Oh my god! Can’t you see?
– No. Are you blind?
– Yes. I’ve treated many patients like him. He’ll be fine
after I give him this injection. Here he goes. I won’t allow you to inject me
with such a big syringe. No, I won’t. I think he can see.. ..or how would he know
that the syringe was big. Here comes the detective. How dare you disbelieve Santo? Oh no! please keep quite. Santo, I’m with you. Please take the injection
and you’ll be fine. No, Munmun. You don’t know. It’ll hurt a lot.
– Doesn’t matter if it hurts. Mun, get up. I’ll hold him tightly. Give him the injection.
– Hold on! What happened?
– Hold on! I can see everything . What? You can see.
– Yes, Munmun. I can see only you and no one else. You’ll be able to see others
the moment you get injected. Oh no!
– Stop! Why are you scaring him? My son Santo..
– Yes. Can you see me?
– Yes, your face. You can see my face?
– Yes, only your face. If Munmun caresses me
I’ll be able to see the rest. Is it?
– Yes. Munmun, caress me. Here is Munmun. Your touch is helping me
get back my sight. I can see everything.
I can see. Now that you can see walk
back to your room. Go. Okay. Let’s go. Where are you taking Munmun? Oh no!
– What happened? Lost it.
– Lost what? I was getting my eye sight back.. ..but you shouted so roughly
that I lost my sight again. I told you not to scare him. Munmun, take him to his room.
– Okay. Stay with him as long as
he doesn’t get well. Stay with him as long as
he doesn’t get well. Keep caressing him. Go. Let’s go.
– Munmun, keep caressing me.. ..and I’ll get back my eyesight. Oh no! he hurt me. Sorry, Daman uncle. I’m very sorry. I can’t see right now.
Please forgive me. No, you’ve done the right thing.
You may go now. Go. Go. Munmun, take him.
– Yes, let’s go. Please caress me. He purposely hit him.
What was that? That was fun.
– What? Mohan, if I don’t inject you, Santo
and Sonia one after the other.. ..then my name is not Daman. Go and get yourself injected
on your legs. Sorry, go and apply ice pack. Ill-mannered man. Why did you have to get a big syringe
for that young boy? How would’ve Sonia felt?
– Mind your language. Who is ill-mannered? A man can’t remain decent
if he’s under the influence.. ..of an uncivilized woman. Who is uncivilized?
Whom did you call uncivilized? You think Sonia is uncivilized?
– Guess the name. I know how civilized you are. Papogasha pretends to be
a gentleman but is planning.. get Munmun and his son hitched. Papogasha is not
a person with evil intentions. You know better
who has evil intentions. What? What do you want to say? You’re saying that
Sonia has evil intentions? Then let me tell you clearly
that I’ve decided.. get Munmun married to Santo. What? You want that beggar
to be the owner of Parijat? Whom did you call a beggar? Santo? Pepo is a beggar. Pepo lives in san Francisco.
He works for Mercedes. I’ll make him my son-in-law.. ..and give him the ownership
of our car company. Santo is a pauper. Munmun’s dad is a beggar. Sorry. Santo is a good actor. I’ll make him the hero of my films. Your dreams will never come true. Pepo will be the owner of Parijat. Santo will be the owner of Parijat. Parijat belongs to Pepo.
– No, it belongs to Santo. It belong to Pepo.
– No, Santo. Pepo!
– I want Parijat. I want Parijat. You’ll die. You’ll die.
You’ll die. You’ll die. You’ll die. What are you saying, boss? How can so many people die? There are more people
than your bullets. You’ll also die. What are you saying, boss?
You want to kill me? I’ve eaten your tobacco and even salt. And you want to kill me?
Give me one chance. I’ll fly to their place,
get Parijat and come back. Munmun won’t die
and Parijat will be yours. Really?
– Yes. Yes. I’ve got Parijat. I’ve got Parijat. Parijat! I’ll teach you a good lesson. I’ll teach you a good lesson. Leave me or you’ll pull out my hands. Oh God! Jugnu.. Jugnu, Parijat. I couldn’t bring the Parijat.
– Jugnu! Boss, I somehow managed
to save my life.. ..or they would’ve killed me. Jugnu! How is my son?
– Very good. He was saying you’ve beautiful eyes.
– Really? Paps was praising you a lot. You can travel around
the world with him. Spend more time with my son. Speak sweetly with him. He’s very strong. He’ll be able to protect you. Paps is strong but he can’t dance.
He’s stupid. Santo is very sweet. He’s a fantastic dancer. Don’t interact with Sonia’s son. I don’t like it. How dare you wish
to marry our daughter.. ..when you know that
you’re a homeless orphan? Munmun wanted us
to meet you so we allowed you. You shouldn’t see you around again. Now get lost before I throw you out. My child.. ..are you reminiscing the past. Go and relive the old memories. Go. Run away from the world
of dance and karate. Don’t you wish to live
on your terms for a day? You’ll feel great. Go. Go. Go. Dear, I’ve chosen a nice boy for you. Don’t listen to him. You’ll marry the boy of my choice. Dad, I want to..
– I know that you love Paps. Impossible! Munmun loves Santo.
Isn’t it, Munmun? He’s trying to mislead Munmun. Talk respectfully. Is she a man?
She’s a woman. I’ll break your teeth.
Mind your language. I’ll poke your eyes. Tell your lady to control herself.
– What do you mean? I didn’t do anything. Karate sir is plotting.
– Shut up! How dare the dancer brag so much? Their sons are better
than their parents. You’re right. Where’s your son? Call him.
– I’ll call him. You also call your son. C’mon call him. Santo, look what
they’re telling your mom. Where are you?
– Paps! I’ll send him. Santo, come quickly.
– Paps! Here he is. Let’s go for a dance. Dad, shall I go? You may go but hold pas’ hands. You can hold him but dance with Santo.
– Okay. Let’s go.
– Let’s go. Fakir thought that
he would always be alone. He would spend his life as a loner. When a husband gifts a diamond ring
to his wife on their wedding night.. ..he’ll warn her to keep
the diamond ring safely.. ..or Fakir will take it. The scoundrels have
ruined my reputation. You’ll be punished.
You’ll definitely be punished. Boss, I’ve bought salt
with your money. Now enjoy the wedding feast. Wedding feast? Yes, my wedding with Munmun. Munmun will be your madam. Fakir will do what Gabbar couldn’t. But boss, will Munmun
agree to marry you? Even her dad will agree.
– Dad? But she has not one
but two fathers, boss. Even his dad has a dad. Jugnu..
– Yes, boss. Make arrangements for the wedding. Cappuccino. Maka Luchi. Mr. Gasha.. ..tell me. If you don’t mind can I ask something? Yes. Has cracks appeared in your friendship? Differences. An unknown woman has destroyed
your friendship of 30 years. Have you thought what can happen next. The woman will marry your friend
and become family. Mr. Mohan will marry Sonia.. ..and he’ll get Sonia’s son
married to Munmun. You’ll be thrown out. Munmun palace will become Sonia palace. Japanese people are very humble
but if anyone hurts their respect.. ..they also become violent. You’re still sitting here? Hey!
– You? What do you think? What are you doing in this house? What have I done? I teach Munmun dance with great care. That’s an excuse. Your main intention
is to trap my friend.. ..and take advantage of the situation. Please speak decently with me. Don’t forget that
you’re speaking to a lady. Lady! Listen to me carefully. My decision is the final decision
or I’ll throw you out of the house.. ..together with your son. I don’t care if you throw me out. But, don’t throw my son out. Okay. I won’t. I’ve a condition. Condition? What condition?
– You must stop eyeing Munmun. You must spend time with me too. Only Mohan shouldn’t be allowed
to spend time with you. I also desire your company. Really? Papogasha, is your karate class over? I’ll disfigure your face in such a way
that Munmun won’t recognize you. Munmun won’t recognize me? I’ll get married to Munmun and then.. Romantic scene. Great fun! Stop dreaming. Wait and watch what I do. Get jealous. Hey! So, you’re playing with balls?
Don’t you’ve anything to study? Where’s your mom?
I need to talk to her. Where is she?
– In the bathroom. I’ll speak to your mom. You can go back and study. A for Amar Sangi. B for Bolo na Tumi Amar. C for Chirodini Tumi Je Amar.
D for Dujona.. Listen.. it’s late. go to bed.
You’re a young boy. You shouldn’t stay awake
till late hours. I need to speak to your mom. Go. Go! Close the door
from outside when you leave. Sonia.. Sonia.. Hey Sonia.. are you inside?
– Yes. Are you inside?
– Yes. Please come out. I can’t come out like this. I don’t want to listen to any excuse.
I won’t go without kissing you. Naughty fellow! I’m feeling shy. Don’t feel shy.
Why should you feel shy? It’s between us.
Please come out. Sonia, will you open the door
or shall I break it? Please don’t break it.
Have patience, I’m coming. Open the door.
– Yes. I can’t see anything. What do you want to see?
– Please open the door. You’re very strong. Sonia, please come out.
– I won’t I’ll put my hand out. You can do whatever you like with it.
– Okay. Sonia.. Sonia! Sonia! What are you doing?
You’re tickling me? Leave me. Sonia! Yes! yes!
– Sonia! Yes! yes! What’s in your mouth? “Painful disco.” Yes, uncle.
– Why did Daman come here? Daman uncle?
– Yes. He was praising mother’s
dancing skills. Oh! Is it?
– Yes. Did he speak to your mom?
– No. He didn’t speak to mom. Mother went to bed a long time back. That is it. It’s not easy to deceive Chandra Mohan. Isn’t it?
– Yes. but he is not ready to accept. Let your mother sleep. Tel her that I’ll meet her later.
– Okay, uncle. Is there anything in your hands?
– Yes.. No! nothing. Oh! Nothing. Okay. Sweet boy. Go to bed. Goodnight.
– Okay, uncle. Go.
– Bye. Bye, uncle. What is this, Mohan?
– What? We meet our daughter
every night before going to bed. She lovingly waits for us. But she didn’t respond today. I think our daughter has grown up. We were so busy arguing
that we didn’t notice it. He needs man in her life. Yes. Why will she prefer us
now that we’re aged. No. I don’t mean that. Don’t feel sad. I want to say.. ..that she has grown up.
We need to think about her marriage. How about getting her married to Pepo? Papogasha’s son. No. I think we should get her married
to Santo, Sonia’s son. I think that Pepo
would be better for her. He’s strong
and will be able to protect her. In comparison.. You’re not understanding. Santo and Munmun
will be a perfect pair. They’ll look like film’s hero heroine. Our decision shouldn’t be
the last decision. We must also know whom she prefers. They need to interact for that. They must meet separately. Let them go out tomorrow. They must spend some time alone.
– Okay. So it’s decided that
they would go out tomorrow.. Interact and spend time
with each other. Don’t refuse. I hope you remember my tips.
– Yes. You must come back victorious.
– Absolutely. Pepo, my daughter is sad today. Take her for an outing.
– Yeah. Sure, uncle. Munmun, where do you want to go? I’ll take you to your most favourite
place today. Really?
– Yes. Bye, my child.
– Bye. Bye.
– Bye, uncle. Have fun. Where are you going, baby? Aunty, I’m going out with Paps. Madam, let them go and enjoy outside.
– No. I want to talk to Mr. Papogasha
before they go. I want to talk about Paps. You can talk to him later, madam.
– No. I won’t speak to him later.
I want to talk to him now. But Mr. Papogasha
has taken leave.. ..and gone to his native place
for few days.. spray pesticides
in his native house. Rascal! I’ll teach him a lesson. Aunty, please give me leave today. Okay.
– Thank you. Bye. Go.
– Okay. The house is empty now.
– So? What should one do in an empty house?
– What should one do? Come with me. I’ll show you.
– No. No. Don’t I have land in my native place? Aren’t there pests in my land?
I’ll go. I’ll go. Sonia, I’ll kill the pest
in your land one by one. Sonia, what made you angry
that you’re going away? I’m not angry with anyone. I’ve some work. When will you come back?
– I don’t know. Tomorrow is your daughter’s birthday.
Hope you remember. I don’t have any daughter. Don’t say that. Your daughter will feel bad. We’ve a party tomorrow.
– But my property is in danger. The locusts are destroying my crops. I’ll pull out their wings.
– Okay. I’ll ruin their family.
– Do that. But please come back tomorrow.
– Okay. Promise me. Touch me and make a promise.
– I promise. Sweetie, you can go. “I fly away across
the distant blue sky.” “I fly away.” “Yes, it’s a fact.” “Life is really fun.” “My heart has escaped from home.” ‘It has escaped again.” “Towards the twisted lanes.” “Far away in the distant lands
I wish to escape.” “I want to get lost afar.” “I want to wander in cities and towns.” “The heart doesn’t follow
any restriction.” “It just wants to fly high.” “I fly away across
the distant blue sky.” “I fly away.” “Yes, it’s a fact.” “Life is really fun.” Munmun.. Munmun! Munmun! Move. Munmun loves me. I love Munmun. You’ve to defeat me
if you want to reach her. Only one of us will go to Munmun today. Munmun is mine. Munmun is mine. Munmun is mine. Munmun is mine. Munmun is mine. Munmun is mine.
– Munmun is mine. What’s going on?
Leave each other. What are you doing?
– Munmun, leave us. Leave him.
– Oh no! Munmun!
– Munmun! Munmun!
– Munmun! Munmun!
– Munmun! Munmun! Oh no!
– I’m here. Why are you looking there? There she is.
Munmun! Munmun!
– Munmun! Munmun, come up! Come up, Munmun. Come up. For me.. you’re fighting
in order to get me? Shame on you! It’s my mistake. I interacted with as a friend.
– No, Munmun. Don’t say that. We’re guilty. I loved you like crazy. It was one-sided love. I never tried to find out
if you loved me or not. I became blind in love
so I never hesitated to speak lies. I’m a liar. The person who is standing
before you is Santu and not Santo. I’m not Pepe, I’m Pappu. I don’t live in San Francisco
or work for Mercedes. It was a lie. But everything is not a lie. Our dreams are real. We noticed an advertisement. We came to the house of the owners
of Double Moon International.. ..for an innocent young girl. I became the dance teacher
even when I didn’t know dance. I’m Santo.. ..and I’m Sonia Sanyal.. ..your dance teacher. I’m Paps.. ..and I’m Papogasha Purokayashtha. Cappuccino Maka Luchi,
Japan, karate are all lies. We did not have the option to go back. If we spoke the truth
your dads would’ve thrown us out. Our free lodging..
– And free food together with.. ..the love and affection
of your dads and our dreams. We may be lairs
but we’re not greedy. We don’t get proper meals at home. The Parijat could’ve been ours
but we couldn’t steal it. Only because of you, Munmun. I don’t know when I madly
fell in love with you. Love and dreams merged together. You’ve opened our eyes. We’ve wronged you and your family. We won’t be able to face your dads. We can’t even go back to our village. We’ve just one option. Statue! If you really love me and think
that I’m close to you then.. ..give me a day’s time. Your dreams will come true. I promise. “I thought you were mine.” “I loved you.” “I thought you were mine.” “I loved you.” “Tears have made my vision hazy.” “The lights of revelry seem unknown.” “I made the mistake of loving you.” “There was a smile on my face
even when my heart was sad.” “I thought you were mine.” “I loved you.” “I can’t even imagine
that you’re not mine.” “No, I can’t imagine it.” “I hide my tears.” “I can’t forget it.” “No, I can’t forget.” “Stay happy, stay well,
that’s what I wish.” “I made the mistake of loving you.” “There was a smile on my face
even when my heart was sad.” “I thought you were mine.” “I loved you.” “I’ll erase your memories
from my mind.” “I’ll not remember you.” “Your memories are black and white.” “They aren’t colorful.” “Stay happy, stay well,
that’s what I wish.” “Oh my sweet princess,
we’re very happy today.” “We’ll wipe our tears and enjoy.” “We’ll revel in the joys.” “I made the mistake of loving you.” “There was a smile on my face
even when my heart was sad.” “I thought you were mine.” “I loved you.” Munmun! Munmun is missing. What?
– She’s missing. I beg of you. Please bring back my Munmun
from wherever you can. I beg of you, sir.
– What are you doing? We know that you love Munmun a lot. But, we’re her dads. You can’t love her more than us. Please calm down.
Let’s see what we can do. Chintu-Pintu.
– Pintui-Chintu. Yes, sir. Go and look for her inside the house.
– Okay, sir. Look for her inside the house.
– Okay, sir. Let’s go. We’ve got it. What’s this? Give us Parijat
and take Munmun back. Fakir. Where is this Fakir?
– Who is Fakir? How do you know him?
– Where does Fakir live? Tell us the where his den is.
– We’ll tell you everything. You don’t know how Fakir is. He won’t leave Munmun
unless he gets Parijat. What? We’ll give him all the diamonds
but we want Munmun back. I’ll get the diamond.
You take out the car. Yes. Jugnu.. Jugnu..
– Boss, they’ve arrived. Boss, let’s go. Jugnu, where are they? Hey!
– Dad! What’s going to happen to Fakir today? You’re going to get married, boss. Marriage. Are you ready with the mantras?
– Yes, I’m. Has the auspicious time started. There’s no auspicious
time for emergency cases. No. This is not acceptable.
Mantras should be chanted. The rituals must be observed. I’ll put vermilion on her forehead. And finally I’ll enjoy
my wedding night. Disgusting! Yuck! You can never marry me. It’ll be proved today. Fakir, let our daughter free. I’ll leave her. Okay. Give and take. Give me Parijat
and then I’ll leave Munmun. First set Munmun free
and then you’ll get Parijat. No, sir. My name maybe Fakir. But, I’m not naïve. Where’s Parijat? Give it to him. Jugnu, go. Go. Go. I’ll go.
– Go! Who is he? What’s this? Come. Come. Parijat! Parijat is the most expensive
diamond in the world. Jugnu!
– Boss. Jugnu, what happens to
people who betray Fakir? Boss turns them into skeletons. Right. Right you are. Please forgive me, fathers-in-law.
My two dads. Jugnu..
– Yes, boss. Tie them up. Sorry. Sorry, father-sin-law. Who will save you now? Hope you’re ready
to turn into skeletons. Oh no! they’ve been
starving for so long. C’mon take the money.
– Here you go. Look at your clothes. Eat something. C’mon, keep the money.
– Take this. Please eat something.
– Gopal, look at your condition. Paps, Gopal is a very nice person. Fakir doesn’t give them food. Keep the money.
– Take this. He’s so strong but Fakir
doesn’t give them food. Take the money.
– Take the money. Paps, who is this beggar
in Fakir’s den? You’re right.
– Brother, what is your name? Why are you asking him his name? Give him two rupees.
– You’re right. Here’s ten rupees for you. Look at your condition.
Please eat something. Your condition is very poor.
– Yes. let’s go. I’ve got alms after a long time. What would I tell people
when they gave me alms? I would bless them
with health and long life. Hey you green beggar, alms for you. Cappuccino Maka Luchi.
– What is he saying? You won’t understand.
– Okay. It’s beyond your understanding.
– Oh! Keep trying
and you’ll understand one day. Okay.
– More alms for you. Oh no! what a problem! They’ve tied up all of you.
Scoundrel Fakir! Hey! Okay. Okay. So, you’re the sycophants
of Daman and Mohan. Hey! Don’t act smart at fakir’s den
or you’ll be held captive. I’ll take away Munmun
from your den and.. won’t be able
to do anything, Fakir. You won’t be able to do anything. Who is Munmun?
– Hey! I started off in nursery. I became a pro while in half pants. Now when I wear full
pants I’m the boss. You’ve seen my dialogue delivery now
it’s time to see me dance. Beggars, your boss Fakir
will be beaten today. C’mon dance all of you. Hands up! Pappu, you? Beggars, put down the guns. Put down the guns. Pappu, why are you putting the gun down?
Pick it up. Santu, there’s not
a single bullet inside this. So what? You at least have a gun. No bullets? Jugnu! Hey Jugnu!
– Boss. Drown them in acid. Boss, your smile is so beautiful. Skeleton! Fakir, don’t you want the Parijat? Parijat? Do you’ve it? Pappu, give him Parijat. Give it to him. Parijat!
– Parijat. A diamond worth billions. The beggars will be rich
if they get one diamond each. Pappu, put out your hands. C’mon. So many diamonds. So many diamonds. Pappu, don’t shiver. We’ll be in trouble
if the diamonds fall down. Pappu, don’t shiver.
Pappu, don’t shiver. Fakir Boss..
– Jugnu.. We were friends. We were greedy. Today there’s sin too. Jugnu, you? Boss, I’m going. Whoever has got diamonds,
come with me. The ones who didn’t get diamonds
should go to Fakir. Let’s go. Hey! Tie these two. I want to turn them into skeletons. Go! Oh God! “Amidst all confusion and rumpus.” “Amidst all confusion and rumpus.” Oh god! “Amidst confusion..” “Amidst confusion..” “Fun. Fun. Fun unlimited.” “Fun. Fun. Fun unlimited.” “Fun. Fun. Fun unlimited.” “Fun. Fun. Fun unlimited.” C’mon kill him. kill the scoundrel. Kill him. Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh god! What shall I eat? Stop! Joy. Inspector Joy Banerjee. The person who had
no identity a year back. Actually you were right at that time. If I want to love
the only daughter of the owners of.. ..Double Moon International
I should be worthy enough. You’re right, sir. I didn’t have an answer. I didn’t have a job.
I was on training. I had no goal in life. And I couldn’t afford
to take care of the only heir.. ..of such a huge property. I tried to attain the impossible. I made a mistake. You had opened my eyes
when you threw me out.. ..of Munmun’s birthday party. I had vowed that the day
I achieve something in life.. ..I’ll come back and proudly say
that Munmun is mine. She’s only mine. To get her love I went to China
and learned karate.. ..I also learned dance in America. Sir, you wanted someone
like him for Munmun. A handsome and smart man.. ..who would love Munmun madly. Joy is a real man. He’ll be able to protect Munmun. Joy is perfect for Munmun, sir. Yes, he’s perfect for Munmun. Go, Munmun. Go. Where are you going, Santu and Pappu? I promised to fulfill all your dreams. Dads, you loved Papogasha
and Sonia auntie’s son a lot. You wanted me to marry one of them. You fought a lot amongst
yourselves for this. Munmun, they’ve another identity. They’re real humans
who dream of a bright future. They may be poor.. ..but when they get
the most expensive diamond.. ..they return it unhesitatingly. They had the opportunity
but they never misbehaved with Munmun. Thank you, Santu. Thank you, Pappu. Santu wants to be an actor.. ..and Pappu the manager
of Mercedes cars. You must fulfill their dreams. Please. Okay. Santu will be the hero of the next film
produced by my company. What?
– Yes! Thank you, uncle. Pappu will be the manager
of my car company. But, I’ve a condition. Sonia aunty must give you
dance lessons daily. I also have a condition. Papogasha must come daily
to teach you karate. I’m a beggar again.
I’ve lost everything. Oh god! Skeleton soup, boss. Dad, can you recognize me? I’m Santo. Can’t you recognize me? I promised you that I’ll be a hero
and a super star. Look, I’ve become one. Can’t you recognize me?
Look at my poster there. “Dheel Mari Tor Tineer Chaale’. You still can’t recognize me?
Look at me. Do you recognize me now? Dad! Dad! Oh no! My dad is dead. What are you doing?
– Look at me. Keep your hand straight.
Keep it straight. Yes. “Amidst all confusion and rumpus.” “My heart says that..” “Says that..” “Amidst all confusion and rumpus.” “My heart says that..” “I’m a super star.” “Super star.” “It doesn’t need any restrictions.” “There’s commotion everywhere.” “Everything is out of control.” “Out of control.” “My heart is mischievous.” “I go for carefree rides.” “My heart wants to have fun.” “Fun. Fun. Fun unlimited.” “Fun. Fun. Fun unlimited.” “Fun. Fun. Fun unlimited.” “Fun. Fun. Fun unlimited.” Fun unlimited. “Fun. Fun. Fun unlimited.” “Fun. Fun. Fun unlimited.” “Fun. Fun. Fun unlimited.” Fun unlimited. Cheating! I’ll tell Munmun that you’ve taken
the disguise of a woman.. ..and are taking advantage
of this disguise. What will you tell her? What will you say? A farmer from Medinipur
has changed his name tp.. ..Japanese Papogasha. Medinipur’s Santo has become
a dancer in Kolkata. I’ll teach you a lesson.


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