Baydardi Episode 10 – 28th May 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle]

Bia remains cured, if there’s such a treatment or medicine then tell me. I am giving some medicines and precautions. With this, it would be better if you tell your daughter-in-law the truth about Shafay. No no. If Bia finds this out, she will hate Shafay and I. She will take us as criminals She has the right to hate. Yes, maybe, I deserve to be hated. Make sure your daughter-in-law doesn’t get pregnant. You’ll have to explain it your daughter-in-law. For that, take her under your wings as soon as possible. And then bring her to me. I will explain the rest my own way. Okay, alright. I will bring Bia to you as soon as they come back from their honeymoon. Alright. You go now and stay in contact with me. Alright. I am really grateful to you. Thank you very much. You have made me shop so much, I am thinking how will I pack it! Don’t worry about this. I had called that driver, he will pack it as well as take it with him in the car. Shafay, you know what I was thinking? What? I was thinking, if you hadn’t gotten ill, we would have followed our actual plan. The one you made! We would stay at every village, every city and enjoy. We could have enjoyed so much, right? Yes. So what’s the problem in that Bia? We can do it now as well. Let me cancel the seats. Shafay, not now. You are not well now. We will definitely come again. We will definitely plan such a journey. In which we will roam around all of Pakistan by road. “If God wills” By the way Bia, I was wondering you must be thinking what kind of honeymoon was this. You took care of a sick husband all the time. Shafay, I am not that ungrateful. We have enjoyed so much If you got sick, it wasn’t up to you. And anyway, it is my duty to take care of you. Bia, I am really very lucky. That I got you. You know what I was praying to God these days? I was saying may God give me a long life, and to you too. So we spend it together. With love, with health, with happiness. Your conversations will not end and we will miss our flight. Let me pack. What is it, Maimoona? You’re worried since you came back from Doctor Tahira’s. Tabrez, my Shafay’s health is getting worse day by day. Yes, Mimoona. You are right. Actually, as long as the virus to this disease keeps on sleeping, the disease keeps on sleeping as well. But as soon as it becomes HIV AIDS positive, man’s life starts to run towards death. Tabrez, I think about what will happen to my Shafay. What will happen? Maimoona, I think we should tell Shafay. Why do you say the same thing again and again? I don’t have that much courage. So let me have the courage, let me tell him. If you want to kill Shafay before his time, tell him indeed. Maimoona, I want to save him from dying before time. Try to understand! It’s true that it’ll shock him a great deal when we tell him, but we can get him properly treated after that! Yes but Doctor Tahira keeps on repeating that there’s no cure for the disease. Indeed. Neither can Aids be prevented from forming, nor does it end with cure. But there are such medicines now, which let’s a person spend a better life! His pain gets lessened! I don’t know. But he is coming back happily right now. Not now. I will look for a chance and try to talk to him. But, how will I tell my Shafay? How will I show my son the path to death? Doctor Tahira’s call? Oh God; goodness! Peace be unto you, Maimoona. I couldn’t talk to you about some things. I was searching a website, which was about Aids. I thought let’s discuss with you. Really? What, is there a cure for Aids? Is there such a website? No. There is no such cure for now. Observe this time Shafay comes back, if there’s an infection in his mouth. I mean, has white pustules started to appear in his mouth? White pustules in the mouth? And if rashes are forming on his skin What kind of rashes? These rashes will appear on any part of the body like allergies. Like the kinds of scars left behind by scratching with sharp nails. Or red small pimples in one spot. Oh God, may my son not show such symptoms. Anyway, bring him to me as soon as he starts showing these symptoms. Okay, I will bring him. “May God protect you.” Okay, “May God protect you.” Didn’t Bia have to return today? Her flight was in the morning, she must be about to reach. Go tomorrow to take her. Yes. I will go with an excuse to meet them and bring her with me. Yes. Oh, baji. Do this, keep her with you for two three days. When she’d be with you, hidden from the sight ofMaimoona ma’am. Tell her Bia is really upset. She said why is the car you’ve given us is in her name and not bhai jee’s? You understood me carefully, right? Yes, you are right. Upon hearing of Bia being upset, she will herself get the car in Nasir’s name. How is it then? How is the plan I made? Does your brother’s mind not work? By the way, you have become very wise now. Come Thank God my kids have returned home. My heart didn’t get into anything, didn’t like anything. Maimoona is absolutely right. Son, without you she didn’t like me either. And those soaps she watches on TV for hours, she didn’t watch them either. Oh God! Okay, tell me did you guys enjoy? Enjoyed a lot. Bia, did Shafay take you shopping or just took you out? Did a lot of shopping! Shafay, son, you seem a little down? Jet lag maybe, uncle, that’s why. Definitely. Anyway, go get fresh we will talk over lunch then. Hmm, okay? Go, we will meet in a while at the dining table. I will look how the food is going on. What happened, Shafay? Is it spicy? Is it not very spicy today, Maa? Very spicy today. Maa, for some days, Shafay has an infection in the mouth. He is not able to eat anything. Shafay, infection in your mouth? Are there white pustules in your mouth? I don’t know, Maa. It’s a strange infection. I am not able to eat anything. OKay, enough. Leave this. I will have something light made for you. What happened to her? Maa, she is also not well. Whatever she eat, she vomits. She vomits? Since when are you vomiting? Maa, for three four days. It might be food poisoning. You guys have been eating out at hotels too, right? Yes. Maybe that’s why it’s happening. Okay, well, you lie down here and rest. I will send over green tea for you. Hmm? Yes. Khan uncle? Get green tea to Shafay’s room. Okay, ma’am. And you have started smoking again? Bia is sick, right? Yes. She has had anxiety because of fatigue. Maimoona, we should immediately take her to Doctor Tahira! Well, she is not as sick that we take her to the hospital. I asked her to take her but she She must have said no, right? Tabrez, stop doubting me all the time. When she’ll wake up in the evening, I’ll see. If needed, I’ll take her to the doctor. Maimoona? Maimoona, please! What’s wrong with you? This is such a serious matter and you’re taking it so lightly? I feel better because of green tea. Okay, that’s good. You got a smile on your face. Shafay, will you take me to bhaiya’s in the evening? Yes, I absolutely will. Instead, why evening? Let’s go right now? No, Shafay, not now. Maa has asked me to rest. She will be upset. We will go in the evening. Wow Really care about Maa? I don’t only care about Maa. I care about you as well. Really? You care for me? That’s true. Okay, if you care for me, then hurry up and get ready quickly! Where are we going now, Shafay? To your brother’s home. No, Maa will get upset. We won’t go now. Cute. You go get ready , I’ll talk to Maa. Okay? I’ll see you! Man has to tell a thousand lies to hide one. Similarly, man commits crime after crime to hide one. Just like you are doing! Okay! I will take her to a doctor! Not to a doctor! To Doctor Tahira! Okay, I will take her! Remember one thing, Maimoona! If you do not take Bia to Doctor Tahira, then I, myself, will call doctor and ask her to come home and tell Bia and Shafay clearly! What are you saying, uncle? What will you ask Doctor Tahira to tell Bia and I? You ask your mother. What is it, Mama? What are you two hiding from us? No No. Why would Tabrez and I hide something from you? Actually, Bia was sick so Tabrez was asking me to take her to the doctor. You recently got married, you will not understand these things. Maa, I understand if you explain, right? Tell me what is it? Oh, let me confirm it first. Then I will tell you. Maa, I swear I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Okay, forget it. Tell me how is Bia’s health? Bia is better now. She’s only a bit sad. If you say, can I take her to Nasir bhai’s home to meet? Nasir’s house? Yes, take her. Maybe she is sad because she has not been to their home for a few days. But, come before evening. I want to get her a checkup Okay, Maa. Definitely make chaat. Oh I have made it before you asked. Okay. And listen definitely fry Shami kebabs. You know how much Bia likes Shami kebabs. I know, I know. I know Bia’s likes and dislikes and everything. Don’t worry. How do I not worry? My sister is coming after so many days, nothing should fall short. Everything is ready, we are just awaiting them. Peace be unto you, bhaiya! Oh, Bia! Peace be unto you too! You’ve a long life, we were talking about you just now. How are you? Thank God. How are you? Thank God, perfectlly fine. Oh, will you talk about everything standing here? Come inside! Bhabi, what have we talked about so far? Oh, Shafay, leave it. I’ll do it. Bhabi, by the way, it is decided that you make great tea! Good gracious! Thank you so much. That’s your love! Otherwise, Nasir always has a complain against me, that I don’t make good tea. Yes, so, it’s not like I am lying. I agree that you always cook really good. But to make good tea, you’ve learned after my sisters. Did you see, Bia? What is your bhaiya saying. Bhabi, bhaiya has a habit of joking around with you. He is teasing you. We have learned how to cook from you, right? Definitely, bhabi. No matter what Nasir bhai says, my vote is with you. Oh, what is this? You’ve only drank tea? Everything else is as it is? Eat something. Bhabi, we will go now. Give permission, bhaiya. Oh, Bia. So soon? I was thinking you’d stay here tonight. Nasir bhai, we will get here again. Actually Bia is not well. Maa has to take her to the doctor. Good gracious! What happpened to Bia’s health? Nothing, bhabi. Only jet lag. Okay, alright. I won’t let you go when you come next time. You’ll have to stay for a day or two at least. Yes, yes. Don’t worry at all. We will definitely come. I will definitely come. Always stay happy. Permission. Let’s go. I am upset with you two. How is your arrival coming? You talk about leaving as soon as you come. Bhabi, I have to go now. I will come again to stay. Shafay, let’s go. Come, let’s go. What happened to you? Bia is actually sick. No, bhabi. I am fine. No, man, no. I can’t let you go in this condition. Take her inside and lie her down. There’s a very nice doctor in the neighborhood. I will bring her. Bhabi, I am fine. Shafay let’s go home. Shut up and go lie down inside. I will call the doctor and be right back. Take her. Get up, get up. Carefully. You’re fine, right? Are you alright? Take extra care that your daughter-in-law doesn’t get pregnant. You’ll have to explain it to your daughter-in-law. For that, take her under your wings as soon as possible. Then bring her to me. I will explain the rest my own way. If I take Bia to Doctor Tahira and she tells her she is pregnant. She will tell her everything then. No, no. Bia should not find out everything. I won’t let her find anything. Oh God, what do I do? Tabrez knows everything. He keeps a sharp eye on me. What do I do? Lest Bia becomes a mother. I can’t say it with full surety, but I think she’s going to be a mother. What? Yes. Still, get her a pregnancy test. Her mother-in-law will get it. Write down some medicines for her. She was vomiting and fainting. For now, she doesn’t need any medicines. She should only rest. Okay? So you sit. I will bring you tea. You don’t have to. You know I left my patients and came here. Let me go now. Drink a cup of tea? I will just bring it. I am your neighbor. I will come and drink it some other day? Okay, come. I will drop you to the door. Shafay, Sir. Order sweets. “God has willed it,” you’re going to become a father. I will just order sweets, bhabi. Can I meet Bia first? I will give the good news to Maimoona jee myself. And I won’t let Bia go anywhere now. Bhabi, as you wish. Let me meet Bia. God is so merciful to us, right? He keeps on filling me with happiness. First in the form of your love and now this. If God is merciful to you, then you should be thankful to Him, right? Bia, I don’t understand how I do I say thanks to Him. God has made you His, You become His. Wow. You’re talking deep today. Shafay, let’s go home? Maa must be waiting for us. Bhabi has stopped us. She said she will talk to Maa herself. No, I won’t stay here. I want to go home. Bia, can I come in? Yes, yes. Nasir bhai please come. How are you? I am fine. Congratulations to you! Congratulations? What for? Because you’re going to become a grandmother. Who told you? The lady doctor just left after giving the good news! Which lady doctor? Who came? Where are you? Did you take Bia to some clinic? Maimoona jee, is everything alright? Why are you getting worried? Bia got sick, so i called the doctor here at home. Why did you need to call a doctor for? Did Shafay not tell you that I have already talked to a doctor. Where is he? Let me talk to Shafay. Shafay is inside with Bia. I will ask him to talk to you. Tell Shafay to bring Bia home immediately. Yes, the doctor asked for a test. Test? Which tests? Send Bia home immediately. Bia is my daughter-in-law. I know better where to take here and tests to get her. Both of them are my responsibility. Tell Shafay to bring Bia home immediately! Maimoona jee, what have I said to you, I gave you a good news. You are getting mad at me over nothing. Okay fine. I will send them now. What is it, Maimoona? Has Shafay and Bia not arrived yet? Yes. I asked them to come early but see. It’s almost night and they haven’t arrived yet. By the way, Maimoona, have you taken Doctor Tahira’s appointment for Bia? Do you remember? Yes, I remember. Can I forget anything while you’re here? “Peace be unto you” “and peace be unto you, And… many many congratulations to both of you. Congratulations for what, nephew? Uncle, you’re going to become a grandfather! What?! And Maa you’re going to become a grandmother! I am so happy right now. Maa, thank you so much for getting me married to Bia. I can’t tell you how happy I am. Congratulations, my love. May God gives you a lot of happiness. Oh, I forgot to get the sweets. Khan Uncle! Okay,wait. I have to call Khan uncle. Khan uncle! Go bring the sweets from the car quickly! Quickly quickly! I will bring it, Sir. What’ wrong Shafay? Let’s go inside then we will eat sweets. Okay Come, let;s go inside. Come, let’s go. Why are you standing like this? What happened? I brought your favorite sweets. Come with me. Mama, come come. By the way, Maimoona ma’am is a strange woman. She keeps Bia by her side all the time. Today, when I gave her the good news, she started getting mad at me. Look. Has our Bia committed a crime? Tabinda, what are you saying? This is definitely your imagination. Otherwise, how could Maimoona ma’am react like that after listening to such a big good news? It’s not my imagination, Nasir. She was really getting angry at me. I think Maimoona ma’am doesn’t want Bia to become a mother so quickly. Keep your useless thoughts to yourself! Shafay went home so happy from here. And Maimoona ma’am must definitely be happy as well. Maybe she got upset at why did she not get such a great news first. There’s a thing called jealousy between in-laws. it might be that as well. Okay, maybe. What is it to us? Our Bia is happy, what do we need from anything? Take this, eat sweets. Tabrez, you’re so hardhearted. What could have happened if we didn’t take Bia to doctor’s today? My Shafay was so happy. Even today you.. I am not hardhearted, you are! You are only after Shafay’s happiness. Did you ever think? Do you care? If we do not take Bia to the doctor’s even now, I don’t know what will happen. What will she go through? Shafay, son, it is very hard to get the doctor’s appointment. Hurry up! yes, yes, uncle. We are here. Son, you come. I will take out the car. Let’s go? Let’s go. There is a big rush. Yes, son. But I had already talked to Doctor Tahira for you. You guys stay here, I will talk to her and come back, okay? You look nervous to me. Nothing will happen. What condition have you made of yourself? I got a little sick, Shafay. A little sick? You look like you’re going to die, man! I have very little time, Shafay. You and Bia got married? Come, let me make you meet Bia. Leave it, Shafay. I know Bia will not talk to me. Yes? Come with me, I have to check your weight and BP. Look, I know I made a huge mistake. But please don’t talk about anything in front of daughter-in-law. Maimoona ma’am, I don’t feel pity for you. I feel anger. If it was one mistake, I would have hidden it. But you keep on making mistakes! Get mad at me as much as you want! Punish me! But please, start treating Bia. and this pregnancy? If you want, you can abort the pregnancy. Bia’s life is more precious to me than the child’s life. Look, Maimoona ma’am, don’t teach me what to do and what not to? Let me take Bia’s HIV test. Come. daughter, come inside. Sit. Doctor, her weight and BP are both normal. And her pregnancy report is also positive. But she has a little fever. This was what I was scared of. Did you take Bia’s blood for test? Yes, I have taken her blood. Okay, I am writing another test. get this done as well. Okay, alright. How is Shafay’s health now? He also had a checkup today. Yes, he’s outside. Let me call him. Till then, take Bia’s test. No. I am very busy today. Ask him to get it done by Doctor Asif. I have given him all of Shafay’s updates. Okay, alright. Let me message him. Maa messaged. What? She asked us to meet Doctor Asif. Yes. Come. Bia, tell me what could I have done? He suddenly met me there. He met you suddenly? And you hugged him as soon as you saw him? Shafay, you could have also ignored him? Bia, he is my friend. How much should I ignore him? Friend? He is still your friend? No, Bia. It’s not like that. I swear to God I haven’t been in contact with him since I came back from Lahore. He suddenly met me there, what could I.. He is my sister’s murderer. I even hate his name. Shafay, I can’t tolerate. Bia, I can understand your sadness. But look. Rohail was a flirt, he used to tease Rabia as well but he really loved her. You know Rabia’s death has him guilty, he.. He was not a flirt, he was dishonest. And Shafay you’re hurting me by talking in his favor. I can’t tolerate this! Sit, I will bring water.. How many times have I asked you not to. Drink water. Water. I have been asking you to see a doctor, you’ve been sick for so many days. Take some medicine. But you don’t listen to anything I say. I showed it to doctor today. What did the doctor say? Shafay, what did the doctor say? Should I tell? Tell me, what did he say?! Doctor said, if your wife takes care of you and doesn’t tease you at all there’s chances you might get well otherwise it is difficult. You really know how to make words. I am going to Maa. The doctor has given you medicines, right? I will bring them. Shafay’s mouth infection hsa reached his throat. And the thick white layer on his tongue Is such a bad sign. Do you know, Maimoona? The rashes on his skin Doctors said, these rashes will turn into wounds in a few days. Don’t tell me Tabrez, I know everything. My son is going through such a test! This test is death’s journey. This disease will eat Shafay like termites. Did Bia’s HIV reports came? Doctor Tahira just called. She said Bia,too, is HIV positive. Tabrez, both are children are alike now. Both with HIV Aids.


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