Baydardi Episode 4 – 16th April 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle]

Mother! “Peace be unto you” “And peace be unto you” My God! Shafay!
My God! Shafay! How are you? I am fine you tell What happened, why are you so weak? Do you not eat anything? This is your condition living here, what will it be when you go abroad? Oh, Maimoona, all conditions will be alright when daughter-in-law will come to this house daughter-in-law? Are you serious? I just came in and he started talking like this, I will go from here What happened, can’t we even joke with you? Don’t talk about leaving, alright? Emotional blackmail Nephew! Come let’s go talk inside Woah! What is this? Have your breakfast! I don’t feel like It’s your first day at office, will you go with empty stomach? You haven’t eaten anything since last night The people at office will look for my skills, not my empty stomach. Alright but at least take this tea Just get me a glass of water I will just bring And listen Take this Good Gracious! You are not eating anything! Nasir didn’t have breakfast He’s leaving for office without eating or drinking You could have made him have breakfast forcefully, sister! What could I have said? He’s not listening to anything I say He’s eating his sister’s grieve, he’s not eating or drinking anything else Bia is not eating or drinking anything either, sister She has a fever since last night She has been crying since you scolded her You very well know she has fever? that she has been crying all night, where you in her room? What are you talking about, sister? I was hungry last night so I went to the kitchen to eat and drink something She was looking for pills there Okay, enough! If Nasir hears it, he will be more upset As you wish Eat Bajo, where have you gone? Why did you leave me all alone? Why did you leave me? I miss you so much! Why did you not take me with you? You could have taken me What the hell are you saying, Bia? Bhaiya, I miss bajo so much! What do I do? I can’t see you worried like this You are all I have! So who do I have? Tell Who do I have but you? Do you also want to leave me? She was so ashamed, bhaiya She got scared of you Forgive her, she was so ashamed of her mistake so ashamed, so scared that she gave her life? Bia, she was my sister She could have asked for forgiveness, I would have forgiven her
Bia, she was my sister Bia, she was my sister my daughter my blood! I had a blood relation with her May it be a thousand grievance. these relations can’t break like this You tell Did she do the right thing by committing suicide like this? Bhaiya! Bajo was not like this Please forgive her! For mother and father’s sake! Bhaiya, your heart will feel a little lighter as well! Please forgive Here you go I am left for this only, I have nothing else to do You don’t go to office you stay idle all day and watch TV nothing will happen to you if you buy groceries Here, eat apples! Let me see what you brought No, I don’t want to eat these Can you can make a cup of tea Go ask Bia, she will make it for you Oh, sister, God forbid. I won’t talk to that arrogant She runs after me whenever I talk to her Make me a cup if you can yourself Enough! You can’t take care of a girl’s temperament? What would you do if you get married to her? What, what, what, what are you saying? Oh I am not gonna marry Bia It was different with Rabia Have you seen how ill-mannered she is? Look, Salman. You don’t have any skills yourself. Neither Rabia was your destiny nor will you get Bia I am not dying for Bia myself! Why have you spread ominous in the house by crying so much? Bhabi, that That., me, what? Fear God! Are you not done with mourning your sister now that you’re after brother? Bhabi, what are you saying? God forbid if something happens to my brother! God forbid if something ever happens to Nasir! May God keep my husband away from you, from your ominous! Okay go, bring two cups of tea Bhaiya’s call Yes, bhaiya! Look, we are so sorry to tell you that your bother was in an accent a while ago He is in the emergency ward, get to the hospital as soon as you can What? What happened, Bia? Bhabi, bhaiya was in an accident! Oh My God!! Brother, where is the emergency ward? Oh My God! Where is Nasir? Nasir, my husband? Excuse me? Tell me who you are asking for? We are asking about my brother. He got into accident a while ago. His name is Nasir. Nasir? He was pretty serious We have just shifted him to the operation theater “Let me die!” His condition was serious, and you sent him to the OR, didn’t even wait for us? Look, madam, saving a patient’s life is more important to us than waiting for his family It’s better if you pray for him Do you have a man along with you? Yes. My brother. Come with me, all of you. God! Look, Tabrez. God willed it, my son looks so good sitting in this chair. “Praise to God!” Nephew, this seat was awaiting you for so long. Bu, uncle, this is not only a chair you’re making me sit in. but a big responsibility you’re bestowing on my shoulders So what, nephew? Your mother has taken care of this responsibility all life Now its your turn Now give her a relief so she spends a few days peacefully yes, uncle, if God wills, I will try my best to not let mother be in misery Good, nephew! Wow Ma’am, should I send coffee over for you? Yes, send coffee over, Sadaf, and some sweet too along with it. Yes, of course. And listen, please send Mr. Nasir in so he could meet Shafay. Who is Mr. Nasir? He’s is our new manager who will work with you. But, Sir, Mr. Nasir hasn’t arrived yet. What? It’s 12 o’clock and he hasn’t arrived yet? What’s that? No, but, he didn’t look like such an irresponsible person. Maybe he got into a problem. Sir, don’t worry. I will call and ask. Yes, call and let me know immediately. yes, of course. I think Shafay you need a personal assistant for yourself. PA. Definitely, and you’ll have to select for it yourself. I already knew about this ominousness, I used to explain a lot, prohibited to stop crying over Rabia at my home. Did you see? Are satisfied now? Your brother is lying in the operation theater because of your ominousness. Oh God, save my husband and protect him from these ominous’ evil. Look, your patient is out of danger now. We will have to keep him in I.C.U. because of the deep injuries to the head We are shift them there But only one of you will be able to go to him Okay, I am his wife, I will go to him. He doesn’t have anybody but me. Alright, we will shift him to the I.C.U. in a while. Please arrange these medicines. Salman, I don’t have a lot of money. I have poured all money down the drain since morning I can’t understand how will my husband get treated? I used to advise him all the time to save some money for times like this but that God’s man whatever he would earn, he would spend on these sinister Okay, baji, forget these things. Give me money so I bring the medicines quickly Don’t waste time, hurry up I will do Yes, yes. This is Nasir’s wife talking So bad! It was Mr. Nasir’s joining day at office and he got into an accident. Very sad yes and that too so bad he’s in the operation theater Maimoona, that’s life. You never know if you can reach your destination or not Somebody here was telling that they also have some financial issues there’s nobody else to earn for his home Then, mom, we should do something for them? Yes, son, I will send Mr. Siddiq so he looks at the position at the hospital and if there’s a problem he will look into it Nephew, your first day and your double duty has started Give an advertisement for your personal secretary as well as a project manager So, will Mr. Nasir not join us again? No no, may God give him heath We will adjust him somewhere when he comes but we can’t put the project on hold, right? Absolutely Alright, Sadaf. You may go. Thank you. I was looking at my brother. So go inside to your brother Staff has prohibited They said only one can stay Alright Come here with me Why have you come here? Did you not hear what staff said? Only one person can stay here Let me look at my brother for two minutes, I will go then. Did he gain consciousness? Yes, Sir. Only for two minutes. Did he recognize anyone? Did he respond? No, Sir. He just asked for Bia and then passed out again. Yes, sir. Go from here. you stay You are Miss Bia, right? and you are Mr. Nasir’s Mrs.? Please kindly sit outside for a while and let her sit here now. Maybe the patient will be up again and call out her name I stay with Nasir all the time at home and he calls out only my name at home Look, madam. this is not home, this is an I.C.U. And after such a major accident, it is very important for us to observe the patient’s state of mind Kindly, cooperate with us. Please? Baji, you did great! Doctor asked you to go out of the I.C.U., you came straight home. Yes, so what could I have done sitting there? Nasir was lying unconsciousness calling out Bia’s name. Yeah? What will the doctor think? Nice wife, couldn’t stay up one night for her husband. Came home to rest Shut the hell up! Baji, listen. I was saying if bhai gains conscious at night and asks for you, then? he will say my wife doesn’t care about me, my sister does more Good Gracious! Why did I not think of this? What do I do now? Bia is already Nasir’s favorite. I diverted Nasir’s mind from his sisters by praying I make a lot of mistakes without thinking Now that Nasir gains conscious, Bia will again become important for him May Nasir doesn’t gain conscious tonight Oh, what are you saying baji? What are you saying? Okay, don’t take tension now, he will be fine. By the way, it feels really look to walk I couldn’t make my routine Even though doctors have strictly advised me to walk Wow wow. Something to be proud of. Why do you not walk? Your uncle doesn’t wake up in the morning and then his time, late sometimes early. What do I do? I don’t like coming alone Okay, this problem is solved I have come, right? You and I now will walk regularly. Alright? Because, maa, your health is very precious to me as well as you Shafay, tell me something. What kind of girls do you like? You can’t start on this topic again Shafay, I want your wedding to happen I am thinking about talking to Mrs. Bukhari. Why Mrs. Bukhari? Do you know she has a niece, she’s very beautiful! I really like her Maa, I am sorry but I don’t want to get married right now. Okay if you don’t want to marry someone I like then alright If you like someone yourself, give me her name and address You know very well, I am not a cruel mother It’s not like that By the way, its a wonder you didn’t even like anybody at university Shafay, what should I take this smile as? Froget it for now, let’s go with me. Is it hurting somewhere? Should I call a doctor? Tell me, is it hurting somewhere? I will call the doctor right now No, Bia… just… stay with me. I am with you. Please get well soon quickly. You are not upset with me, right? No, bhaiya. Why would I be upset with you? I am not upset My sister Rabia left this world because of my anger. Bia, never leave me. Never. I will not go anywhere Will not go anywhere, just get well soon. What’s happening to you?! Nurse, please come here! Please get to a side. What happened to Nasir? Look, his blood pressure is getting very low. Please go outside. Bhai was perfectly alright , bhabi. I just talked to him. Go from here Please go out both of you But, doctor, so much cost suddenly? We can’t tolerate We are already new in this city And Nasir, went out for his new job and he got into the accident Look, I can understand your problems but it has become very important for us to operate on the patient as soon as possible Look, because of the deep injuries on the patient’s head, he has developed a blood clot on his brain You are lucky he gained consciousness and recognized her and even talked to her otherwise, in such cases, patients can slip into coma Good Gracious! Coma?! but Miss Bia, danger has not passed yet anything can happen with your brother with these blood clots Oh My God! What can happen? Look, he can lose his memory, he can slip into a coma and a part of his body can also paralyze or he could also die Good Gracious! When do you have to operate? We want to operate today, it will be good for your patient Go pay the fees at the counter, let’s prepare for the operation I had to see this day as well I have these two light bangles and this, set of 1 or 1.5 tola and this is my chain this is all I have Why are you standing there staring at me? Come here! and take this! and yes, take this as well. Bhabi what are you doing? leave this at least! what else do I do? that’s all I have That’s all I could make with your brother’s salary since I got married If bhai jee had a house of his own, we could have sold it for his treatment At least his life could be saved Nothing will happen to Bhaiya! Really? Then take this, sell it and reach hospital with 3 lac Bhabi what are you saying? How can I sell this? What are you talking about? Who will give 2, 2.5 lac for this? I will do something What will you do? Do you have something? Oh, maybe you have your mother’s jewelries which you might have hidden from us Bhabi, what are you saying? Why would I hide something from you? All I have is my education and nothing else Ha! Where will we go and sell your certificates and degrees? I can do a job, at least! Leave it! I can’t leave your brother to die to wait for your job I will do something Baji, I have an idea The company which hired Bhai jee, if Bia goes there and tell them everything, maybe it will work What do you think? Who will give her a job? We can at least try! Do whatever you want to I am going. Salman, come with me. What’s the harm in trying? Sadaf, is the interview list ready? Yes, sir. A lot of candidates have arrived. And Shafay? He hasn’t arrived yet Okay and is Maimoona inside? Yes, she’s waiting for you How are you, Rohail? Where are you gone? You are not in contact after that I feel sick all the time. I’, in no contact with anyone What happened to your health? Have you gone into Rabia’s guilt? She has slipped into my veins like pain Her death will kill me in suffer Very soon you will get the news of my death Rohail, what are you talking about? Are you gone mad? Go to Rabia’s house and apologize to her family I went to apologize There was lock at the door, I asked for them and found out they have left the city They have gone? Where have they gone? I have heard.. they have shifted to Karachi Rohail? Rohail I will call you in a while, alright? Maybe it’s my imagination “Peace be unto you” and peace be unto you, at last the boss has arrived Uncle, come on, you will call me boss now? Hey, take your seat, come on and start the interviews by the way, maa, I was thinking how fast everything is. the ad was just given yesterday and see how many girls have come outside Yes, so, unemployment rate has risen in the country I think, without further ado, let’s start the interviews Yes, Miss Sadaf. Can I tell you something? these goldsmiths are very dishonest people. I am pretty sure they haven’t given you the right amount for all of your things Obviously, where did he give the right amount? Dishonest man! If we go here to buy, they will ask for thousands of rupees and if we give a box full of jewelries, they say it has no weight, its stitched. They say a million things. You are right. He took all the things, everything from you and what did he give? 1 lac rupees? that too by asking so much that’s fine but we need 2,3 lac rupees for bhai jee’s operation Think about where the rest of the money will come from Look, Salman. Whatever I had, I put it out there for my husband. Bia do the rest she too has some responsibilities What are you talking about? Even if Bia gets the job, they won’t hand 2 lac over to her quickly Shut up, Salman. I am already so worried. Bhai, please drive fast, We have to reach quickly. Bhai, change the gear! Have you also come in for the interview? Interview? But you are very late, give me your CV Please have a seat Come Excuse me, which vacancy are you here for? Do you not know? They are taking interview for a PA This is a very hard work You are already fed up Maa, do these interviews. I don’t understand anything Shafay, how can I decide how your personal secretary should be? by the way, tell me something? All these girls who came in for the interviews, do you think that’s what thy came in for? Why? What do you think? Maa, check out their looks. I thought they came in to attend a fashion show. Did you see their makeup? and so overconfident? I am so sorry I can’t have a girl like that as my personal secretary. Shafay, at least interview the girls sitting outside. That’s abd. Uncle, they must be like this as well Shafay, that’s bad One minute yes, Miss Sadaf. If there’s a simple looking decent girl sitting outside who also deserve the job, please send her in. Miss Bia? Yes? Please come in. Me? Yes, you. It was my turn, why does she go? Miss Bia, please get inside. Please sit down for now. I will send you after her. She might be here with a reference, that’s why she went in first. Who keeps a simple and decent girl as secretary these days? Tabrez, Shafay is my son. He has a different mindset than the rest of the world. Bia, you?


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