Baydardi Episode 6 – 30th April 2018 – ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

doctor please check him well, he was not feeling well for some days but it got worse today. he started to walk but fell unconscious there is a lot of congestion in your chest, looks like a severe infection. take some deep breaths please moreover he is really careless, does not take care of himself at all. his eating habits changed a lot since he went to the hostel. not only eating habits but other habits get worse in the hostel too. yes young man, do you have diarrhea or other infection too? or does your stomach stays upset? it used to get upset in the hostel, it still does sometimes what happened doctor? why are you taking this much history? look, it is important to know the history of any patient before starting the treatment. I wrote some tests and the laboratory names too, you can have him tested from any laboratory mentioned here excuse me doctor, what kind of disease does shafay has that you wrote so many tests for him? its better if you get him tested for these, I can only tell you once the reports are in thank you, come on son okay doctor, any medicine for now? yes I wrote some medicine which you can start for now, keep him on bed rest until the reports will come well, thank you, bye Nasir, do you know I prayed for you all night, I stood by your side the whole night and watched you not knowing when will you open your eyes
Nasir, do you know I prayed for you all night, I stood by your side the whole night and watched you not knowing when will you open your eyes brother you will get well soon Bia, get your brother’s reports from the laboratory. and also concern with doctor yes Nasir. do you know when you were getting operated, I bowed down and insisted to god. to either give back your life or take mine, I swear shafay ahmed yes he is go with him go son excuse me yes can you tell which disease are these reports for, particularly? I am sorry sir, we cant tell you anything at the moment. you can ask your doctor once you get the reports thank you thank God you are back home , brother. the glamour of our house raised on your arrival Bia did you do all of this? Bia did not do it alone, we did it all collectively sister is right, brother. sister brought the idea, I am mostly at the office oh, and the things I got from the market, and these balloons don’t mean anything. wow man I know, all of you really love me. if all of your prayers are with me only then I can be saved brother this is a fact, your office management cared about you a lot, its true mine office management ? yes Nasir, what is the name of that boy Shafay yes Shafay son of Mamoona ma’am, I didn’t meet him yes Nasir you didn’t even meet him, but he still took much care of you. he managed all of the expenses for your treatment, instead he was at the hospital with you when you were going through the operation Nasir brother, that boy didn’t look like your boss. who stays with the patient all day in the hospital? nice people, call and thanks them do call them, Bia is going to the office tomorrow. she will thank him herself, right Bia? yes sister in law Bia . my office ??? let me tell you Nasir. when you got in the accident, the people from the office came to see you. so they said if Nasir has a sibling who is educated, they can give them the job. I told them that Nasir will get upset, he wont let his sister work. instead they convinced me, what would I do then? Shafay asalam alekum mom walekum asalam did you take the medicine? yes I just took them okay, you have fever, you are not feeling good I don’t know mom why is this fever not getting off, my body is paining too I will ask Dr. Hafeez to come over and do a check on you, I will get you treated in the hospital too if needed no mom there is no need to go to the hospital, I just took medicine Iíll get better I’ll ask Tabrez to handle the meetings in the office and I’ll stay at home, I have some important calls which I will attend at home no mom there is no need for this, I will get better you can go no I will handle it. take rest, I am at home with you, take rest shafay didn’t come to the office yet, it’s been so late good morning sir good morning he didn’t even come with sir Tabrez, and Mamoona ma’am didn’t come either excuse me, Sadaf do you know why Mamoona ma’am didn’t come to the office? sir shafay is not feeling well that’s why Mamoona ma’am didn’t come shafay, sir is not feeling well, who told this to you? Mamoona ma’am called me, there was an important meeting today so she called me to cancel the meeting yes sure , thank you yes, yes don’t worry. you will get the consignment as per your demand, it will be like this don’t worry. okay thank you, bye who was on the phone mom? it was Rehman enterprises. this accident of Nasir got us in a hard time, I wouldn’t have appointed this person if I knew he was going to the hospital next day by the way mom I have a suggestion what? look, if we appoint Bia in the place of Nasir. I’m sure she wont disappoint you look shafay, it’s not enough to be just qualified for the production manager, experience is also needed experience comes by working, mom shafay you are not feeling well, don’t stress over the office. take rest, and why are you roaming around outside? mom I’m fine now, I’m not that sick to not give my opinion on the office situations let me stress on the office matters, I cant stress over your sickness. alright? go take some rest Bia, Bia. I’m fed up of this girl getting discussed, I’m already disturbed off her brother’s problems. and now, this girl is becoming a problem too shafay is really sick, I have to console him. let me text him, no, no I should call him instead. he cared so much of my brother Bia’s call? hello.. who? I am Bia oh Bia you? yes yes, I got to know that you are not feeling well yes I am really sick okay, did you consult to a doctor? yes I consulted the doctor, sorry. yesterday I was busy with the whole day, with doctors, tests and the laboratory stuff test? what kind of test? there were a lot of tests doctor wrote for me and after that he seemed a lot worried too well don’t worry nothing will happen to you, god will get everything better for you Bia pray for me I will definitely do so, and I will console you on the phone time to time will you just console me through the phone like a stranger or will you come to the house too me?? I mean when friends get sick, their friends are the one who console them yes, I will try to come over tomorrow sure Bia, I will expect you tomorrow, bye bye you are giving the name of favor to my feelings and friends help each other friend and you will realize it very soon will you just console me through the phone like a stranger or will you come to the house too I mean when friends get sick, their friends are the one who console them yes Shafay what type of a nephew are you? did you know when I was your age, I used to fly around the whole day. instead, I would not come home until night, and here you are laying in your room what should I do? have you seen the behavior of mom? uncle, her mood sets off whenever I talk about Bia in front of her Mamoona is habitual of this, she never listens anything against her. this happens in the office every time then I make up with her, she agrees then uncle, talk to her then about what ? about Bia look son, the unnecessary importance that you give to Bia, is what your mom doesn’t like at all whats wrong in that? she is my friend, I like her. is that a big deal? do you just like her? I want to marry her okay, so it reached to this point look uncle, I don’t want others to talk nonsense about Bia and I. I want to get her with respect and that is all I want Bia is a very nice girl don’t worry. I will talk to Mamoona, relax really? thank you uncle good now get up and come outside the room, we will have some coffee no uncle I feel too lazy, i can’t go shafay please get up, come on good morning brother, look I brought you some hot soup. you have to take this soup first and then these medicines. come on Bia what more will you do for me what are you saying ? what am I doing for you? just taking some care of you, thatís it you are really nice, Bia. just like Rabia, you take care of me take this soup quickly, it’ll get cold Bia, do you know you were my pride, but I never thought you would become my right hand I’m your pride, what better can I get? Bia what more sacrifices would you give for this house? you left your studies, carried the burden of this house on your shoulders. how can I thank you? so you will thank me now, x you did so many sacrifices for me too. you sacrificed every happiness and needs, worked hard day and night for me. did you ever let us thank you? If I even lose my life for you, it’s still not enough. I can do anything for you. just get better soon, stay happy wow, there is a film between brother and sister early morning, and that also the emotional scene. no sister, it’s not like that. I was just giving brother the soup and medicine afterwards I was just kidding, just for nothing I know. if you won’t take care of your brother than who will? here give me the rest of the soup I will feed him, and get ready for the office so you won’t get late I mean when friends get sick, their friends are the one who console them sure bia, I will expect you tomorrow uncle, Bia will probably come home to meet me today what? she is coming over? why? Cant she come why, why can’t she come. this will be her home in the future then what ? then, the thing is actually if she comes over to meet you and your mom minds and she says something to her out of emotions, it would break the girl’s heart yes uncle of course, I would not want this. what should I do then, should I tell her not to come here? no don’t say this to her, instead go out and meet her somewhere else outside? uncle yes uncle, actually I made a mistake. I cant go out with her because I told her that I am really sick you are really innocent, nephew. during the childhood if we didn’t want to go to the school, we would make up excuses of fever, cough, etc. and the person who one loves, they find excuses to meet them. think about it nephew, think about it. and yeah, after meeting with her today, express your love to her as well. she would be oversensitive towards you today because you told her that you are sick, that’s it then express your love to her express my love? but uncle I want to marry her you will express love to her first, then go on with it and tell her that you want to marry her as well makes sense and mom first talk to her, I will convince mom too. move, I am getting late to the office too but uncle tell me the way I tell a way? is this your love or mine? think of it yourself no uncle no not at all this is not fair, tell me any excuse thank God shafay looks better today yes he is looking better when will his reports come? the time is for tomorrow in the evening but don’t you worry, I will collect them hmm Hajra’s call? hello Hajra, is everything alright? what? oh inallilah he wainal illahe rajaon why are you crying so much, I’m coming over. have some patience I’m coming, yes I’m coming okay what happen ? Hajra’s young nephew died oh God, what was the cause? he was diagnosed with cancer all of a sudden Mamoona, cancer is the disease that when it is on the last stage, then we got to know it. may God safe us all, weren’t they in America? yeah he died in America but Hajra is here alone, she is really upset okay then, you may take care of the meetings in the office and I will go to Hajra’s place, I’ll come back then okay well I’ll ask Sadaf for a short leave, visit Shafay and then head home Bia, I’m at the hospital for my medical reports, I’m really worried. I need someone, can you come here I will feel better, please Oh GOD shafay is really very sick oh god please save me, this is my first ever lie. just save me please I don’t get caught here, brother take the money asalam alekum walekum asalam shall we go ? the tests for me are done and the doctor said the reports will come after 4 days, I was feeling uneasy inside so I thought I would come outside and also wait for you here hmm where are ma’am Mamoona and sir Tabraiz ? they went to an important meeting, should we go somewhere? where ? somewhere we can sit and I will feel better too you seem completely fine to me no, no I’m really sick, come in I will tell you. see I can’t even stand, quick my nephew Imran, what was his age? only 24 years, and God called him really soon. death seemed to have no mercy on him it’s shocking that he had blood cancer, and the family members got to know that so late no one even thought of cancer, neither was he even seriously sick. just sometimes flue, fever, diarrhea what ? flue, fever, diarrhea, were these the only symptom? my elder sister only told this to me, that his condition often used to be low. and look at our unluckiness, when he got tested, he got blood cancer and that too on the advanced stage blood cancer Bia, honestly I never thought that I would develop feelings for you and I would only think about you deeply. honestly I never thought that love would get me so helpless no one loves anyone here, everyone is trading the emotions. sometimes they send their emotions with beautiful words, and sometimes buy the other ones I didn’t find love reliable, I found it ferocious. love is a killer, and responsible for the death of my sister as well but I’m not Rohail, I’m Shafay. I can be the cure for someone’s pain but, I cant give pain to anyone I am not ready to trust love, and nor would I like to risk my brother’s image by arranging these meet ups. it would be better if you don’t meet up with me like this again Bia if I send a proposal to your house, you will get married with the concern of family members my brother is on the bed, I canst even think of getting married okay friendship for now it’s getting late, I have to go home I will drop you off shafay please, I will take a taxi Bia don’t insist, I will drop you off after all why are you guys not clarifying me on what the reports of my son say? I am trying to say for so long is that you can take these reports to your doctor who wrote these tests for you, he can explain you better at least you can tell this, are you all are illiterate ? ma’am we are here to conduct the test, we cant tell you the results as we are not allowed you guys are out of my mind sometimes flue, fever, diarrhea. no one even thought of cancer when he got tested, he got blood cancer and that too on the advanced stage so it reached this point. I wont let this girl stay in my office for long, I will make up any excuse and fire her have you ever noted your son’s lifestyle other than dieting what do you mean? I mean who his friends are, how many girls and boys are in his list. and how is his relation with them? doctor I am here to find out the medical reports of my son, not to get his character certificate after looking at your son’s medical reports, it’s important to take a look at his character what do you mean? what are you trying to say about my son? look, I have to say this with a heavy heart, that your son has AIDS what?


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