Baydardi Episode 9 – 21st May 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle]

Medical reports? Son, why are you checking my medical reports? Look at the card! Your medical reports? What happened to you, and when did you get these tests you didn’t tell me? Lo! Maimoona knows I get myself tested every six months My.. cholesterol level is high as well as uric acid So, uncle, take care of yourself Yes, why not. Okay, its very late. Go rest Oh and take these reception cards and show Bia some design as well You’re fine, right? yes yes Keep this in the safe I just can’t believe it Bia, I am very happy I can’t believe that you’re sitting in my room right in front of me. It’s unbelievable Look at this, this is our reception card’s design and the reception’s venue has also been finalized. Tomorrow I will book the hotels as well Hotel bookings? You said it yourself, that your want to see Pakistan’s mountains and valleys You know we will go by road We will roam about city to city, village to village, street to street and we will enjoy a lot and we will take the trip for a whole month Isn’t that amazing? Shafay is very happy at the moment and if I tell him the bhabi thing, we will be really worried. Bia? What happened? Why are you so quiet? No response? Are your health alright? I am fine Are you sad? I am worried about bhaiya Silly girl We just came from there Don’t worry. I will take you again tomorrow. I am going to change, I will come back. You called? Yes, I called. Bia, why are you hesitatingly standing outside. Come inside. Okay, look at this. these jewelries and these clothes. all of these are for you Now select from these what you’re going to wear on the reception Do you know how much monthly have I made them write in Bia’s month? A whole lac monthly expenses What happened? Did you not like something? No, that’s not it. Everything is very good, maa. If its good then see what you like. Because you have to take care of these now. These are your things. How can I take care? Keep them with you please. I don’t need anything anymore. Your happiness is all the world’s wealth. Thank you, maa. Is that what you called to tell? Yes to say this and I had to tell you one more thing. When she decides what she has to wear then take her to salon I want her to be decorated very nicely. so when she enters the hall, people don’t stop staring at her. Really? And nobody will look at me? My son is already a prince. and you don’t worry either, I have made all the arrangements Your suit is hanging in your wardrobe and I have kept a matching tie with it as well Seriously? When did you have it all kept? I had it all kept when you took Bia to meet her family. Okay now calmly decide what Bia likes I’m going. I will have the things kept in the car, tell me when you’re ready. Bia, did you see? Like me, you’ve made my brother be crazy about you as well She has started to love you so much Come on, let’s choose. Good gracious! Our Bia is so lucky, right? Look, they have had her wear a diamond set. She will be happy “God has willed it” But, Tabinda wife Happiness do not lie diamond sets. True happiness is in the heart’s satisfaction That’s where he finds happiness Oh brother, stay calm now as well. Look at Bia, how she is smiling. Heart is satisfied that is why she is smiling, right? Of course. With rich in laws, loving husband and such caring mother-in-law, if she won’t be happy then what will she be? Let me go there and look at the diamond set from up close. And ask Bia what Shafay gave her for her wedding gift Salman, no matter what happens, your sister will think like a common woman and it can’t change. Brother, it’s clear. My sister has survived with you by eating whatever. this wealth, these shine and dine, these jewelries; she hasn’t seen. her heart also desires. Brother, let’s go to the stage, everybody is waiting. Bye Maimoona, it’s been quite late. The kid’s photo session hasn’t ended yet? Okay let me see, let me call them. Maimoona jee, can we take Bia and Shafay home with us? I mean, it’s a custom and tradition that the bride goes to her father’s home after the reception. Tabinda, what customs and traditions have we followed to carry them now? You know we had the wedding quite simple as well. and anyway, the kids are really tired, they have to go to honeymoon in the morning. They should rest. Okay, as you guys want. We would have been really happy if they had gone home with us Tabinda, leave it. Maimoona jee is right, By the way, when they will return after jaunting then they will stay at our home Okay, I have arranged a car outside. There’s a driver too. By the way, can Salman drive? What? Salman and driving? Yes yes. What’s the problem with driving? I will drive Okay that’s good. Now Nasir will in easily in his own car wherever he wants to go. Our car? Yes. It was difficult for you guys to travel back and forth, right? Now this car still stay with you guys. Car? Mine? But, Maimoona jee, I don’t need any car. Oh, Nasir, you are our employee. Our manager. I had to give you a car anyway. Just take care of your health and don’t take any tension. Okay, Tabinda, you guys leave. It’s really late. We will also take the kids home. Yes yes. Maimoona jee, how should I thank you? No need to thank me, just go home easily. We also take the kids and leave. Maimoona, look at them. Call these two, let’s go now. Hmm, alright. Let’s go. “May God be your Guardian” “May God be your Guardian” Alright, Nasir? “May God be your Guardian Maimoona, you here? Maimoona, you married Shafay off? Yes, actually everything happened so fast I couldn’t invite you And, young man, how is your health now? That flue, fever and the rashes you used to have on your skin. How are they now? yes I am a lot better, doctor, don’t worry. Thank you. Maimoona I am really upset with you. You will have to come to my hospital tomorrow. To make it up to me. You didn’t call me at the wedding nor reception. Yes yes. Of course I will come. Thank you very much Come, Bia, let’s go home. Come Shafay. Let’s go home. I am very disappointed in you, tabrez. Educated and wise people like you are behaving like illiterate. You people do not value anybody’s life more than your own happiness. Let’s go, wife. Khan uncle? Khan uncle? Give me coffee quickly. My head is pounding with pain. I don’t understand why all of these accidents and coincidences happen with me only. Now, look. How Doctor Tahira and Asif came across us? You are worried about coming across Doctor Asif and Doctor Tahira or are you worried about them finding out Shafay’s wedding. Tabrez don’t joke with me. I am really worried. Maimoona? You got worried over such a little thing? Very big obstacles will come now, bring about patience and courage in yourself. You know very well. I have been dealing with obstacles and ordeal with great patience and courage. I haven’t failed before and neither will I now Can I say something? Take Bia under your wing and tell her everything as soon as possible. Are you in your right mind, Tabrez? Use your wits a little. I’m saying this with all senses being active Bia has to find out tomorrow if not today. and if she finds out herself, then not only will she lose her trust in you but Shafay’s image will be ruined. and remember one thing, Maimoona. She will not stay with Shafay then. For God’s sake Tabrez, at least don’t scare me like this. How many days has it been since their wedding and what are you talking about? Doctor Tahira has called tomorrow. I wonder what she will say. I am really nervous. But Tabrez, I beg you. For God’s sake let these children be happy. They are going to honeymoon tomorrow, don’t put hurdles in their way now. What are you talking about, Maimoona? May God keeps their couple well May nature does not do bad to them Who am I to cause hurdles in their happiness? Let’s go, I am ready. What go, man! I so excitedly planned to travel by road with you It would have been a beautiful and long journey, we could have stayed out as we wished,enjoyed while traveling But Maa changes all plans as she wishes. Now look, without telling us she booked out tickets. Now these plane rides seem very boring to me, I swear to God. But this time traveling won’t be boring for you with me It will not seem boring, but the journey will be short. Islamabad will come so quickly. But the driving will be waiting for us as soon as we reach Islamabad. Driver? What does it mean? Maa departed the driver with the car yesterday Maa…. I mean how sweet and caring she is What, what, what? What did you say about Maa a while ago? Uh.. I praised Maa, I said how sweet and caring she is You were praising? I will go tell Maa right now Tabrez I am very happy Obviously, because your son is happy Why? You are also his uncle, are you not happy in his happiness? Maimoona, this happiness of Shafay’s is not permanent. It’s temporary. And you know this thing very well. I, think about that child Bia. For Shafay’s temporary happiness, she is putting her whole life in line. Tabrez, for God’s sake do not talk like with me right now. You are very good. Do you know, seeing a smile on your face gives me such an energy that gives me hope. You know the whole world says that our mother is the best but I can vouch for this that my mother is the best mother in the world. See, Bia, what did he say? Is he right? Maa, you are very good Let me put your things in the car, it’s time for your flight. Hurry up, son. Come quickly. Let’s go! Go well, and yes, listen. Let mny daughter have lots of fun and do a lot of shopping. You also take care of him, he is very sensitive. He gets sick if the weather changes slightly. Yes, Maa. Go. Come now. Getting the car has made your brother the happiest. He is also happy for you. It will be easier for you to travel back and forth. It’s not like he is going to stroll You will have to go to the hospital for physiotherapy everyday it will be easier in this by the way, Maimoona ma’am is really nice. She cares about us so much, right? Don’t forget, Tabindaw wife. Now they are my sister’s in laws. It doesn’t look good on me to take more favors from her. Your sister’s mother-in-law did not send you this car. It was from your company Nobody has favored you. It’s your right. When do I go to office for this car to be my right? Whatever Maimoona ma’am is doing, she is doing it because of Bia. and God forbid if she ever counts the favors to me. Tabinda, wife, what will I do? I will lose my face! Stop it, Nasir. You don’t get happy at anything. Neither can you see others happy. Change this optimistic approach of yours. Okay, if Maimoona ma’am is doing everything because of Bia, then who fixed Bia up? You were not agreeing. I thought about her good future. Otherwise she would never been a daughter-in-law of such a rich family. There’s bia who can’t take care of happiness. then there’s you, who can’t see our four days of happiness Wear this white shirt. White color looks very good on you anyway. If you say so I will wear Can’t believe at all, right? and don’t know having you has given me a feeling of happiness, Bia. and this feeling has changed my world, my life, my surrounding everything Really? But how can somebody’s life change in two days? What did you say? Life can change in a moment two days, is anyway, a long time. Really? Okay can I tell you something funny? You know when I first saw you in the bus. When you also gave my ticket. You know I fell in love with you at the first sight. But Shafay, love at first sight is either emotional or young. Because I also used to judge people a lot. But when I fell in love at the first sight, then I realized it’s not that emotional. and its not important that its short-lived. and if God wills, it will have. It can also have a long life.
and if God wills, it will have. and if God wills, it will have. Now I am going to change, you get ready too. This Maimoona ma’am does not only has a big heart, but also a big mind. What does it mean? It means this car she has given us, it’s on Bia’s name. It’s neither on your name nor Bhai jee’s. Really? It’s on Bia’s name? So we were only borrowing? Yes, and I also doubt that they will take the car back once bhai jee’s health is fine. . Good gracious! Salman, talk good too sometimes. Want to hear something good, baji? Listen then. Get the car’s documents in your name as fast as you can. The thing in your name in the only thing you have. Well, she will never change them into my name. and anyway, Nasir will feel bad if the car will be in my name. So what’s the problem in it? Get it in my name. So what logs do you want the car in your name? Baji, you have taken so many things in Bia’s name. I am your brother, your partner in crime. I should also get some benefits, right? You’re enjoying everything with us. and anyway, I wouldn’t be able to tolerate if the car will be in Bia’s name anyway. Look, baji. Think something. Get the car in bhai jee’s name. Look, it’s comforting to have your thing in your own hand. You are right. Let Bia come. I will talk to her. Oh no no no. Don’t do this stupidity. Bia shouldn’t even hear about this. You talk to Maimoona ma’am directly. Oh! How will I talk to her? She will start thinking of me as greedy. Baji, stop letting people walk over you. And talk to her with full confidence. Bring Bia home when she comes back from honeymoon. What will happened with that? With this, the more Bia stays on your side, the more Maimoona ma’am will listen to you. I am telling. I’m getting what you’re saying. Alright, let her come. I will bring her home. and the matter of car’s documents? This I will talk to her about tomorrow. Okay, I complied one of Maa’s wishes. What does it mean? Maa asked you to take me shopping? Of course, Maa said it. Shafay, I thought you liked and wanted to take me. Look, listen to me. Along with like and want, it is important to have money in the pocket. You have already started to signify. To signify, I.. I only have love. I will signify it all life. I am going inside, I will also order coffee for you. Warm and fuzzy. Come. The moon look so beautiful, right? Shafay, when we used to live in Lahore Bajo and I used to sit all night on the roof and talk You are missing Rabia a lot? We miss the people we forget. I don’t forget bajo for even a second. I wish he hadn’t loved Rohail. Bajo was crazy in love with Rohail. She couldn’t tolerate his insincerity. and she.. she gave up her life. Rohail was very unlucky that he was not sincere with Rabia. It is very difficult to redeem love all our lives with loyalty. But those who take love as life. they can’t be insincere. Love is the name of test. But you can test me every moment. Loyalty takes very difficult tests. I will pass everything test. People who talk big usually change their paths on little things. But we.. have to walk together all our lives now. On the same path. By becoming partners. It’s very cold. I am also feeling it. Let’s go inside? You also have a fever. I don’t know, it’s a strange allergy, Bia. A slight change in the weather and I get flu and run a fever. It’s such a bad allergy. Why are you not getting it treated properly? I am getting a treatment. My medicines that are there, please bring them. I will take them and be better in the morning if God wills. Okay, I will bring them right away. Maa’s calling. I was amazed as to why sh hasn’t called me today. She calls 10 10 times otherwise to check up on me. Peace be unto you, Shafay. Peace be unto you, Maa. How are you? I am fine, son. How are you? How is your honeymoon going? Yes, Maa. Honeymoon is going great, only a bit tired. What happened? Maa, that flu. I wonder when will I rid of this flu. It’s really cold in Murree. Okay, are you taking the medicines the doctor gave you here? Yes, Maa. I was about to take them. Okay, okay. Where is Bia? Let me talk to her. I will right now Peace be unto you, aunty. Aunty? How many times have I told you I am mother, don’t call me aunty. Okay, look. Shafay seems really bad I don’t know what happened to Shafay! He was tired but now he has a fever and flu as well. Daughter, take care of him And yes, the medicines he has taken from the doctor here, give him those only. Don’t go to doctors there pointlessly. Okay, Maa. Alright. Okay that’s alright then. Enjoy! “May God be your Guardian” I will bring water for you. You go home now. I will get there and see in the morning. Okay, bye. What is it, Maimoona? You look a little disturbed. All good? I am not disturbed, only sad for Shafay. I don’t feel good. Did you talk to Shafay? How are they? Yes, they are fine. They are very happy. They jaunt around all day. But Shafay isn’t well there. He has caught cold there maybe. He has flu. This is not a good thing. I will call Shafay myself in the morning. And I will advise him not to go out late at night. It’s very cold there. Oh, Maimoona, you had to go to Doctor Tahira today. Did you go? No, I couldn’t go. I wasn’t well. But Maimoona, Doctor Tahira called you today. Yes, so I will go tomorrow. What emergency was it which had to happen today and can’t happen tomorrow? Maybe she wanted to advise something about Shafay, tell some precautions! I said I will go tomorrow! I wasn’t well today. You get stuck on one thing. The mistake you made knowingly, Maimoona ma’am, has a very strict punishment. If I want, I take immediately take action against you! I am also a mother. I, too, have a son. Your sadness, and tears are making me helpless. Thank God, you felt my agonizing motherhood. Your agonizing motherhood has your selfishness added in it Our occupation teaches us to save others’ lives. We can’t be helpful to someone in taking somebody’s life. Doctor, Shafay is sick and have a fever since last night. Is this a side effect of marriage? Will he get more sick? This marriage won’t have a side-effect on Shafay, but it will on the innocent girl who’s life you have endangered. That’s what I am angry about. That you knowingly pushed an innocent into hell! Bia remains cured, if there’s such a treatment or medicine then tell me. I am telling some medicines and precautions. With this, it would be better if you tell your daughter-in-law the truth about Shafay.


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