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Hello, hello! So form today on this is the channel that you will want to subscribe too if you like BE MORE CHILL the musical. Because I am part of the Be More Chill Squip Squad. The is wild! Ok let’s start from the top. Be More Chill is a new musical that’s coming to London In February. It’s coming to The Other Palace And it’s been on Broadway for six months. And off Broadway. And it was a big hit. It’s got a massive social media following and people LOVE it. And it’s coming to London next month. And Be More Chill have picked five people to be their SQUIP SQUAD. They’re social media ambassadors to take you guys along backstage and tell you everything that’s going on with Be More Chill. And I’m one of those people. So if you like Be More Chill make sure to subscribe and follow me on instagram because that’s where you’ll get all the exclusive backstage stuff. So if you don’t know Be More Chill, I’m going to be honest I didn’t really know it. I’d heard a couple of songs. The Cellphone Song???? And Michael in the Bathroom, which are very cool. It’s kind of a contemporary musical about Jeremy who’s got social anxiety and he’s kind of a geek or a loser And he’s just got one friend. But he wants to be more popular so he finds this Japanese super pill online that will help him cope with social interaction and be more popular and basically be more chill In social interactions. And he gets it and then his brain develops this kind of squip character that tells him how to behave with other people around. So it’s a mix of a young adult coming of age story and sci-fi and technology. I’m here for the press launch Be More Chill has been in rehearsals in London for two weeks and today they will be performing a couple of songs for us and we’ll get to see the choreography and we’ll get to meet the cast And I can tell you everything that’s going on with Be More Chill in London! This is just wild because it’s a major musical and I’m one of five people picked to tell you about it. To tell the whole world about it. Musical theatre is my dream. Being backstage, getting to go on stage that is my dream. And even though not as an actor or performer but I will get to do all that as part of the Squip Squad! I will try to see if I can catch some of the cast today and have a little chat with them! Now we are here in London and the most perfect place for us to bring this piece is THE OTHER PALACE. It supports new artists. It supports new composers and new voices in theatre and that is what this show is all about. As an adult man I have voices that are like,”You can’t do that” “You’re gonna screw it up” Right? Or “Don’t get in the way” Those are voices that if we let overtake our brains can really really get in our way. And what this musical does is, you know, that’s what part of being a human is. That’s what part of being alive is. This is a piece with a real profound sense of joy to it. It tells a story and honours the pain that we go through in our everyday life, but spins it with a real sense of optimism. Please enjoy “More than Survice” ♪ “More Than Survive” ♪ ♪ “I Love Play Rehearsal” ♪ ♪ “The Pitiful Children” ♪ So the cast just performed three songs and I’m so excited I get to show them to you I had listened to the music a little bit, but those were SO good! It was great! I love how young the actors are Actually… I feel bad, because every time the actors are really young I feel very old! Music was great, the choreography was amazing! And I love that this show tackles things like anxiety and social anxiety your status in school and stuff like that, all very current themes. Ok let me see if I can grab some of the actors and ask them a couple of questions because they are just hanging out here. Oh my god that would be so cool. That’s Millie O’Connell. She was ANNE BOELYN in SIX. The original Anne Boelyn. Hi! This is Millie. Just to let you know about me. I have a YouTube channel called SHE LIVES HER DREAM Oh my god, yes, she lives her dream! Yes she does! And you are this feminist queen so I admire you. And I hope that we’re going to have the chance to have a proper chat at some point because you are… wow! It’s all about me going to drama school and living my dream So tell me about your dream and how did you get here? Oh my gosh! I love what I do!
I love what I do so much! I’ve just purely been immersed in my passion. So just work hard, don’t conform,
still be yourself, but then be a chameleon, whilst doing
different genres of musical theatre, and dance and acting and singing,
but always, deep down, be yourself. I think that’s the most important thing,
because you go through obstacles and people try and change you
to make you conform. And you just got to be powerful in yourself
to know: no, I’m gonna make it as me. And stay weird, stay fun,
and stay cool! And one day you’re gonna have people
like you come up to me and go… I’m just a big weirdo, baby!
Do you know what I mean? I love it! That’s so good! So what’s your favourite thing about Be More Chill? Oh my gosh! My favourite thing about
Be More Chill… Okay, first, the people, literally.
The people, they are beautiful souls with beautiful hearts, talented people!
I’m so happy to be rehearsing with them everyday. I love coming into work and seeing everyone,
because we have already created such a cute family. There is only twelve of us.
And that’s what’s beautiful about it. So what do you think? What can people expect from Be More Chill? Oh my goodness, you can expect
so much from Be More Chill! So we got lots of really fun music, some rocky,
some poppy, there’s a massive variety. We got really awesome, really quite current themes.
Things that people can relate to in this show. But it’s also got this really awesome sci-fi twist,
which gives it that edge, you know! Oh my god, what a day! Look at my little pin badge! “I love play rehearsals” because Jeremy, the main character in Be More Chill gets into a play What should I say? This is gonna be great! I can’t wait to be part of the Squip Squad! I can’t wait to do all the backstage stuff, join rehearsals, join the sitzprobe. Get to interview people. Get to possibly see what’s happening in hair, make up and costume. Be there for the opening night! What an opportunity! My channel’s called She Lives Her Dream and right now I’m one of five social media ambassadors for a major show in London. And going to Drama school. And acting myself. I’m living my dream! Ok no. My dream would be to be on that stage myself. But maybe I’ll get to do that for a YouTube video. I’ll ask them! So I guess that’s it from me today. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my channel for LOTS of BE MORE CHILL content. And actually follow me on instagram for much faster content
Because I do a lot of insta stories! So I’m called She Lives Her Dream there as well. And I can’t wait for the month to come! If you have any requests of what to show you – because I will have access to everything and everywhere backstage. Let me know because I will take care of it. Leave your ideas in the comments below. I’m so excited! I hope that I will get to try life as a Be More Chill actor as well. I’m going to ask them! I’m excited. I’m going to see you soon on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. BYE!


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